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About the Chad Valley Wooden Mud Kitchen

Stimulate the imagination of little ones with Chad Valley Wooden Mud Kitchen; get stuck in at playtime with some fantastic roleplay fun! The set includes a hob, two (2) sinks, an oven and play utensils so your most cherished can get creative, boosting social and communication skills as they create their own kitchen related scenarios. Size H105, W93.5, D52.5cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Wooden Mud Kitchen Reviews

5/5   'We bought this for my nieces 2nd birthday. She was absolutely delighted with it, her little face lit up. Only small negative (but to be expected) is the wood is bare from what I can tell, so will need to be treated to weather proof it a bit, but doesn't take away from the item.'

5/5  Eliz 'This product ticked all the boxes and will provide hours of fun for the recipients. Great value for money and perfect for one or more children to share. As well as keepimg little ones entertained it is a good socialisation tool.'

5/5  Frank 'Easy assembly well made and great design'

4/5  Teresa 'Once you get it together it looks well, if my partner wasn’t a joiner it probably wouldn’t be together. This holes don’t always line up. But my son loves it and it has good storage bits'

4/5  David 'Be aware if you want to use this product outside the wood needs to be treated to make it last. On the building a lot of the screw holes are a little to big which means the screws are left turning not tight. While building the frame feels very insecure however when finished it appears quite sturdy it remains to be sturdy how sturdy it actually is after a 3/4 year old us playing with it. It is a good design just a shame more care wasn't taken in the actual preparation.'

5/5  Jo 'My 7 year old son loves this! I gave it to him for Christmas as he practically lives outside (he doesn't really)I don't think I'm ready for all the mud pies he going to make though'

3/5  Wildflower 'I searched the Internet for a mud kitchen for my 4 year old off father Christmas and decided on this one. Love the design of it. Unfortunately after putting it up we came to realise that the wood is quite soft, I'm not convinced it will survive long outside and will constantly need to be covered when not in use. The wood hasn't been treated so another job for us to do. It's a mud kitchen that is for outdoor use so l would expect it to be treated and withstand outdoor weather. Regret it now.'

5/5  Jadek2017 'Easy to put together, simple instructions and easy to follow. Fab play kitchen, durable and great quality. My 2 year old loves it. Easy to play with and reach, bought in the sale for christmas but couldnt resist getting it out before. Well worth the money! If your indecisive, dont be, it's so worth it!'

4/5  Ward 'My child loves playing with the kitchen, mixing and making things. what a fab resource to have in the garden.'

5/5  Verity 'Just love the mud kitchen, sure the little-ones will have fun throughout the year. Money well spent.'

5/5  Debs 'Well made and should stand up well when used by three young people in the garden'

5/5  Cazza 'Don’t know what it’s like yet as it’s a Christmas present'

5/5  Loublou 'Purchased for my little people for Xmas. Great gift for them as it can be used all year round - great addition to the garden. Hours of playtime, dirty, fun, laughing and smiling. Great gift for my toddlers that will last a few years.'

5/5  Saker22 'Strong, sturdy kitchen. Fantastic for hours of messy outdoor fun.'

5/5  JAG 'The kitchens are for Reception children in a Primary school. They are well made, relatively easy to construct and good value for money. After buying these I would recommend to any parents for their garden or play area at home.'

5/5  Jackie 'Great fun with this well built and sturdy kitchen'

4/5  McT 'Great buy my 4 and 7 year old love it flimsy to put together but once built very sturdy.'

5/5  Emma 'Really nice product, kids love it. Pre drilled holes, some of them were the wrong size and screws didn't fit so partner had to use other tools to put it together'

4/5  Smudge 'Annoying to build and not overly easy. Grandchildren love it so good enough.'

4/5  Anna 'Fantastic product. Its a brilliant size, perfect for two children to play together. The utensils and pans that it comes with are of good quality. My daughter loves it. This kitchen will enhance her creative development along with her communication and language, physical and maths. It has a blackboard on the kitchen to to enhance childrens literacy skills. Would definitely recommend this product.'

5/5  Yvy 'Preserve yourself for longer life'

5/5  Kpott87 'Absolutely fantastic product perfect for our little boy very robust and has fantastic features. quality is good enough to be inside if you have the room (luckily we do) but perfect outside too... has given hours of entertainment so far and the second one going in the garden this weekend.!.'

5/5  Smith 'Well made item the kids love playing with it hours of fun.'

5/5  Fi 'Easy to put together and very sturdy'

5/5  Lins 'The children love it, it looks like it’s going to last too and good price'

5/5  Gillyliz 'My grand-daughter of four loves this mud kitchen. It was easy to put together. Is is solid and well made. She has played with it endlessly since it arrived, even in the rain !'

5/5  Postie 'My 5yr old Grandaughter loves her mud kitchen its really sturdy & the utensils are great. Easily hosed down after play. Would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Dannii24 'Good quality easy to put together after reading previous reviews we made sure to buy wood treatment all tho we planned on painting it to how we wanted it and it’s turned out brilliant and are little one loves it !'

5/5  Wend 'The kids love this kitchen. I did treat the wood before putting it in the garden, hoping this will help it last a bit longer'

4/5  Leeroy 'The first we got had a crack going all the way along the width of the stove and metal bowls counter top, took it back and got a replacement with no questions asked. Second one was ok, took a couple of hours to put together at a relaxed pace. My kid loves it, and has spent hours playing.'

4/5  Dandan 'Very nice when together, but takes a good hour to assemble. Would recommend varnishing the wood for it to last longer.'

5/5  Nothappy 'The 1st kitchen the wood was split on the top at the thin part where the bowls fit. I offered Argos that I would repair the damage and keep the kitchen for a part refund but they would only refund or replace. I agreed the replacement and the 2nd kitchen delivered had splits down the full length of the top piece alongside where the bowls sit. Argos customer service were good but did not apologise once for the replacement being in worse state than the 1st delivery. Poor/cheap wood used. refunded.'

1/5  Corinne 'There were no instructions and parts t and u were missing'

1/5  Judy 'Bought for grand daughters 2. Husband had to readjust holes for screws erc as parts didn't line up while putting it together.. Although we treated it immediately when left in rain overnight mould marks appeared. Hubbie wanted to return it but on the plus side the grand children love it so if you purchase make sure to treat with a few coats of wood protector.'

3/5  Dlasson 'Price is a bit steep compared with the quality of this item. I would of thought the wood would have been treated for outside use.'

5/5  Jan 'Mg grandsons were beside themselves so very happy'

5/5  Lou 'I would warn childcare practitioners and parents to be very wary of this poorly-designed product. We treated the wood upon purchase and expected it to last a few years. After just a few months with light use, the wood has multiple large cracks and the door has blown off its rusty hinges. On contacting Argos, I have been told that I should have read the questions and answers section which states that this product should be moved into a DRY place and only used outdoors on DRY days.'

5/5  Andy 'Easy to assemble and very sturdy and good quality For the money'

1/5  Linny 'Excellent item.great for child developement.easy assembly.good quality hardwearing easy collection good availability thank you argo s grandson loves it'

4/5  Tash 'All nice, definitely worth the price . Shame it's untreated wood! If you don't paint it with wood paint and keep it outside it won't last long. We have painted it blue and it looks brilliant! Great alternative for plastic kitchens to your kids bedrooms if you don't want to paint it.'

5/5  MesMEG 'This is a great miniature kitchen for our 17 month old. It’s indoors rather than outside, but we’ll probably paint the wood to waterproof it..'

4/5  Daffodiltoo 'This mud kitchen was much sturdier than I expected and larger. It is being used in a school by children age 6-7 and is great for imaginative play.'

5/5  Tuck 'The top of the unit was damaged and the instructions are not really helpful looking at the box it came in was easier to use'

5/5  Bec 'Bought this mud kitchen after reading mixed reviews. Husband had no problem putting it together. I painted it to avoid weather damage. It looks good but wood is a bit flimsy. Children loved it and play with it regularly. Unfortunately it succumbed to weather damage by the second day whereby one of the hobs became distorted and then snapped in half. Waiting for others to do the same over time which is a shame. I wouldn’t pay full price for this product.'

2/5  Em 'Easy to follow instructions, sturdy and good quality wood , my niece loved it'

3/5  Zozzle11 'My son absolutely adores this kitchen but I will say that as a flat pack pro, I actually found this quite hard to put together. It all came together well in the end but not before putting a hairline split in one of the slats (luckily not a supporting one and hidden from tiny hands). If you are a novice at flat packs I’d advise getting some help from a friend. Now that it’s up and in the garden it feels strong and has withstood 3 boisterous children using it on a daily basis!'

4/5  Mill 'The product has spits in wood and I have had to paint it for it to be weather proof otherwise it just damages. The hooks were on the wrong side so I have got to fit parts backwards to make it useable.'

5/5  AverageDad 'The mud kitchen I purchased suffered from the same problem as others who have also reviewed it here - the top section was split between the two holes in which mixing bowls can sit and there was a further split at the edge. Along with a very noticeable warping of the top, the whole play surface would not have lasted long outside in the elements, which after all is what this item is supposed to be used for! Returned to store after online chat with customer service who were very helpful.'

3/5  SP 'Poor quality wood, not easy to assemble. Screws didn’t line up properly. Ok once I substituted my own screws. My grandchildren love it though!'

1/5  CR 'First box had a piece missing. Was given the required part out of another box. Got it home to find it didn't fit - was too small. Cheap wood which was not treated and had various cracks in it. None of the pre-drilled holes matched up. Item being returned. Very disappointed with a cheap and nasty product made by a very long standing company'

3/5  Shezza 'Ideal present for young kids hours of fun'

1/5  JB 'My son loves his mud kitchen but if we hadn't been given vouchers specifically to buy this for him I would have taken it back for a refund. It's a poor quality product for the money. It's made from a very low density wood that won't last long outdoors. We had to fix a few of the screw holes that didn't align or bite properly. Lastly the top wood panel for the sink, hob etc. had obviously split during manufacturing and they chose to wood glue it together badly instead of replacing.'

5/5  Les55 'Very safe & solid for little people good value for money'

3/5  EG 'Great buy for my little girls 2nd birthday she loves her mud kitchen so much already it looks great in our garden and will bring her lots of fun for imaginative play!'

5/5  Nat 'This is a great mud kitchen for my daughter she was super excited to receive this for her birthday.. It took a while to put together but seems really good quality and looks really nice. The chalkboard is a nice touch. Hopefully it will survive a heavy handed toddler and weather well in the garden.'

5/5  Amy 'Great outdoor mud kitchen for my two girls (aged 5 & 2) great quality but would benefit from a coat of varnish once assembled. Service was great and item was ready to collect immediately, thanks Argos!'

5/5  Lorraine 'Fabulous fun imaginative play durable enough to last for years'

5/5  Sperrj 'The quality isn't great, the wood is really soft which is actually just as well as some of the screws didnt align so was able to screw into the wood without drilling. I am also going to stain it so that it'll last more than one winter. My 3 year absolutely loves it. If I had the money I probably would have gone for a better quality one'


3/5  JK 'Unfortunately product was broken. Argos helpline were not helpful!'

1/5  Bean 'The children absolutely love the mud kitchen, play for hours.'

3/5  Granny 'My granddaughter loves playing with her new mud kitchen,good quality'

5/5  Victoria1 'The kitchen never fitted it was all crocked holes in places there wasn't a need for one it never lined up and was not balanced. This was not worth the money took it back the next day.'

5/5  Mummyof2 'We had wanted to get our 2 and 3 year old children a mud kitchen for a while but they always seemed to be expensive. Saw this one at an affordable price and I am so glad we bought it. The children absolutely love it! Didn’t take my husband too long to put it together though the wood did need to be varnished. It’s good quality so hopefully should last years so a good investment!'

1/5  Sully 'Got box home and had to construct late at night for a birthday next morning - kit had multiple parts missing, wrongly labelled or rubbish quality. I had to get creative and cut some old cupboards apart to get wood to finish it off. Terrible instructions, and horrifically cheap wood used for the kit. The finished item is great for play, as is any mud kitchen. I would strongly advise to get a different kit, as this one was a real waste of money.'

5/5  SW 'Well made product ideal for messy play in the garden. We are adding some wood to the legs to make it tall enough for my 10 year old to use.'

1/5  Chris75 'The children absolutely love the mud kitchen. It is the most popular thing in the outdoor area.'

5/5  Rebecca 'Good product, solid sturdy and looks good. A bit fiddly to put together but worth it I’m sure with years ahead of play and fun to be had!'

5/5  Hex34 'This mud kitchen comes flat packed. My husband found the instructions to make this a little confusing but was able to put it together easily regardless. We were both really impressed with how sturdy and durable it is once made. It is larger than expected meaning more than one child can play at once, which is great. My children (5 & 2 years old) have both loved playing with the mud kitchen even making the most out of it during the snow. I would totally recommend this product.'

5/5  Mummy24seven 'The Mud kitchen was easy to build, but it still took a while, with two people doing the work. There were a lot of screws! The kitchen itself is very sturdy, and looks amazing, especially with the included utensils. The six year old, and her friends think it is fantastic, and it is lovely to see them wanting to play outside instead of staying in. My daughter is quite tall for her age, and the kitchen is perfect for her. I would highly recommend this product, it is fab!'

5/5  Charli 'My toddler absolutely loves this mud kitchen. It's very sturdy and looks lovely when built. The little chalkboard is a sweet addition. It was a little tricky to build but nothing too difficult. Sometimes needed an extra pair of hands. Cannot wait to put it in our new garden for lots of messy play.'

5/5  Vicki 'My daughter loves it, really good for imaginative play, especially when we are out the kitchen together, makes us and the animals food, so lovely to see. Little bit tricky to build, I need have an extra person to hold the legs etc. Can't wait for the weather to warm up to be able to take it outside, and add the mud!!'

5/5  Helsbels85 'My husband put this together and his complaint would be that some of the holes didn’t quite line up and ended up missing out one of the screws. One of the holes was on a knot which had cause the wood to split. Overall it looks fab and the kids have fun playing with it. Would recommend coating it if you are putting it outside. Decent size and has a chalk board too. Lots of fun just annoying to put together.'

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