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About the Chad Valley Wooden Crocodile Trolley

Teach your child their ABC's with the enjoyable interactional Chad Valley Wooden Crocodile Trolley and Block set. Thirty (30) vibrantly hued blocks ( twenty-six (26) alphabet blocks and four (4) shape blocks) and a sturdy pull-along four-wheeled trolley are great for short journeys and improving the balance and coordination of little ones as they learn to walk for on the go fun, plus blocks can be arranged within the trolley in alphabetical order.

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Chad Valley Wooden Crocodile Trolley Reviews

4/5   'Amazing, love it but not firm enough to help Walk as the baby can easily lift it up. Happy with everything else.'

5/5  Trixie 'Love the fact it's made of wood, no plastic tat here, when we first built it up we thought it looked small but it's actually fine for our 1 yr old grandson, it was easy to build, our grandson loves pushing it around now he's walking, he loves filling it with the bricks and then tipping them all out again.'

4/5  Leannet 'The only issue is when the handle was put together the wood split a tiny bit but other than that it's brilliant'

5/5  Sammie 'My son is going to live it very strong and sturdy'

1/5  Ellis 'I bought this as a gift and the baby can’t even walk with it because it tips over! Not supportive enough at all and I bought this wooden over plastic and she has now had to buy a plastic one that actually does what it’s supposed to! Cute colourful design but not fit for purpose at all!'

1/5  Rq 'After putting everything together I was very disappointed with this item. My baby is 10 months old and has started walking and this was to small for him to push along, It's very small and very weak there's no fun in it all. My baby actually got hurt a couple of times with it, kept falling on him. Now it's just locked away ,I tried to take it back Argos unfortunately refused to return as it had been already put together. I think it's suitable for dolls and not babies if any age group.'

5/5  Chonny 'Love it amazing thank you'

5/5  Andy 'Bought for grandson learning to walk. Good quality, sturdy and stable walking aid. Would recommend.'

5/5  Suki 'Excellent quality was just what I was looking for. My grandson will love it'

5/5  Eleanor443 'A classic push along toy, bricks could be bigger but all in all a fab toy for the price'

5/5  Stella 'Brought for my grandson for Christmas'

5/5  Shopper 'Great service but too many emails about a review'

5/5  Mamabear 'Got crocodile trolley for my 1year old grandaughter. She holds on to our hands to walk. She puts one foot on the trolley and pushed it with the other foot.she also likes the bricks we build them up and she kicks them down. I got one when my kids were small but it was not as good as this one.'

4/5  TheInspector22 'This is simple, somewhat traditional toy that my son really enjoys (1 year old). Only issue we have is that he is learning to walk and tries to use this to lean and push but it is too light and flips backwards. May reintroduce it in a few months when he has a bit more confidence walking.'

4/5  Lj 'Great little toy for my one year old'

4/5  Andie 'Baby loves walking with it but he has held on too tightly at times and tipped it over that’s the only issue. Blocks are good sizes so baby won’t choke on them.'

5/5  Bungle 'Top quality and very good prices my Child loves them and will be getting a lot more for him and other family and friends'

5/5  Megan 'My son has started walking with it, this has helped him, its better than spending 40 pounds on a walker what theyll only use for a few months, would definitley recommend'

5/5  Atkin 'Child friendly and good value for money. always ideal for birthdays and christmas.'

5/5  Lozz 'Bought for my Granddaughter she loves it and has helped her with her first steps'

1/5  Concerned 'Very flimsy, would not hold one year olds weight to enable them to stand up'

5/5  Tina24 'My granddaughter is just starting to walk so this is great for her, lts really sterdy as she is abit wobble at the moment.'

5/5  Mmbsi 'Quite nice wooden toy, little one likes to play with it, so it does its' job. It could be little higher, but apart from that it's worth the money.'

5/5  Sue 'Lovely 1st birthday gift for little one about to take their first steps.'

4/5  Km 'Great toy for those children who are just learning to walk'

4/5  Marg 'Just the ideal help for my granddaughter the bricks she loves & it helps her stand up'

5/5  Trublu 'My 3 year old grandson enjoys pushing his wooden cart around and his sister is teaching him about the bricks inside it..'

4/5  Kiwijane 'The gift arrived at the correct time and all parts were intact. You even provided batteries which was a bonus.'

5/5  Finominal '1st birthday present for my granddaughter. Assembled it evening & following morning she crawled straight over to it, pulled herself up on it & walked, pushing it the full length of the room...1st real steps she'd taken. 100% hit & success.'

4/5  Zee 'Great toy but didn’t last long Wheels have fallen off as screw holes were just too big.'

3/5  Coops 'This was bought for my grand child who is standing and beginning to try and walk. The trolley is far too light weight for any stability as a child tries to pull up using the handles. It easily tips, the only consolation was that she enjoyed taking the bricks in and out of the trolley base.'

1/5  Snapdragon 'I bought the crocodile trolley for my babies first birthday.very disappointed it is not at all sturdy,an is more like a dolls toy rather than being suitable for babies 9months + as stated. Definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to buy'

4/5  Lilyrose 'About the right size for a young toddler. Not very strong & not very heavy so it tips when leant on. Not suitable if your toddler needs to hold on to toddle still. Also the bricks arent square all round. The depth is less than the width & length. On the whole I'm rather disappointed, however the child it was bought for seems to enjoy throwing the bricks over her shoulder, so it keeps her entertained but from an educational point of view, I dont think it is great.'

5/5  Hannah 'Perfect Easter present for my son he loves it'

5/5  Jim 'My 1 year old loved it. Perfect classic style toy for my 1 year old boy just what we wanted. Good quality too!'

5/5  Lynniebug59 'Great value. Bright colours and lots of fun'

2/5  IAC 'Bought this for my eleven month granddaughter who is trying to walk. This product is possibly aimed at an older child who is already quite steady on their feet but we found it very unstable, particularly as the handle is behind, not over, the 'load' ( a trolley of thin blocks) thus giving a levering effect. I returned the item. .'

4/5  Persephone 'A lovely trolley that'll help pre-walkers develop moving skills, and walkers transport their toys and other wares all about. Not very weighted/heavy so for pre- and new-walkers, you'll need to weigh it down with cans or something heavy but not dangerous (i.e. something baby can't lift out themselves). I'd contest that the blocks included aren't "blocks", they're very flat and although bright and jolly, not what I was expecting. The crocodile design is cute and the wheels turn well.'

2/5  Lori 'I bought this for my grandson who is 1 year old and learning to walk, unfortunately the trolley is very light and he kept tipping it and falling over. The bricks are very small, I expected them to be proper 'building'bricks. I had bought a trolley previously from John Lewis for another grandchild and it was much more robust and stable. I should have gone back to John Lewis.'

4/5  Grumpygranny 'Present so not tried yet but nowhere near as sturdy as one hisband made 30years ago!'

5/5  Mellan 'Got it as a Christmas present for my soon to be 1 year old grandson. He loved it right off, playing with the coloured blocks and standing up holding the handle of the trolley. His 2 year old sister soon joined in! She liked it much better than all her own toys! What is it about blocks? Young kids just love them! It is an ideal developmental, learning and fun toy. A great value, quality product.'

4/5  Alana 'Practical toy as described. Could be a little sturdier. Great for learning.'

5/5  Toria 'I bought this for my grandsons first birthday, he loves it and is helping him walk with ease and doesn’t tip backwards.. even though he’s a big lad for his age!..) he’s never stopped playing with it'

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