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Chad Valley Zoomies Tri Scooter - Giraffe

About the Chad Valley Zoomies Tri Scooter - Giraffe

The ideal present for a little tyke who has energy to burn a real zeal for active fun. Complete with safety features and puncture proof wheels, your little one can race around for hours of enjoyable play whilst you're safe in the knowledge the Chad Valley Zoomies Tri Scooter - Giraffe is sturdy and long lasting.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 2271332
EAN/SKU: 2271332
Availability: Unknown
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Chad Valley Zoomies Tri Scooter - Giraffe Reviews

5/5   'This is perfect for toddlers, easy to assemble and great fun'

5/5  Charley 'Bargin price & son loves it!'

5/5  Jk 'Easily found online.Click and collect offered a few stores. Easy to assemble,sturdy. The kids love it.'

5/5  Mohammad 'Good quality'

5/5  Kat 'Was a bit bigger hieght than I expected but well worth it!'

4/5  NK 'Easy to put together, however can tip over easily when not in use. Nice and sturdy. Lightweight and small enough to take in the car without dismantling it.'

5/5  Marsh 'Lovely looking scooter for a child'

5/5  Jilly 'Brilliant toy and easy to use'

5/5  Arpana 'Bought as a second birthday present of a boy..very nice product..price is excellent..little birthday boy was very very happy..'

4/5  Jas 'Happy with the assembly. it comes with own tools. took about 15 to 20 minutes to set up, if you follow the instructions correctly.'

4/5  Lu 'It's a great product overall,kids love it just struggled to put this together without scratching off the stickers of the giraffe. So after assembling it looked like it's been battered around. I think one part was faulty,the lock didn't close properly when tightened. So I struggled to assemble this alone,needed extra help.'

5/5  Sare 'Sturdy little scooter, goes together easily and height is great.'

5/5  Nell 'Lovely little scooter, excellent value for money.'

5/5  Fenix 'The giraffe design is very cute and unisex.. My little one just love it. Tnx Argos'

5/5  Mumof1 'My nephew loves his first scooter made a fab birthday presents'

5/5  Boodlebasher 'Fantastic first scooter and excellent value for your money in the sales, our daughter love it.'

5/5  Lauren 'Me and my little boy are very impressed with the scooter. He loves the design of it, it's not too big either and very easy to put together. Overall very happy with my purchase and a very good bargain aswell.'

1/5  Mandy 'Bought for my daughter and wouldn't screw together properly so I had a very disappointed 2 year old.'

5/5  Lorry 'My grandson will love this. And i was really happy getting it at the sale price. X'

5/5  Kgorman 'Great wee scooter for my 2 year old. He loves it and the giraffe design. Would recommend to anyone.'

5/5  Kate 'Awesome scooter, well built. Beautiful colour and picture. Very happy'

3/5  Josh1 'I got this in sale and i am glad as the bar is always twisting round and i have to keep turning it back. But other than that my son loves this and likes taking it everywhere.'

5/5  Handyman 'Easy to put together, hours of fun'

5/5  Cat 'Daughter was really happy with her scooter, easy assembly, neat design and simple to use.'

5/5  Nanny 'This gift has been the best received present by a little 2 and half year old, who like most children has everything. His mother says he hasn't stopped playing with it (and kissing it).She has sent me photographic evidence of this but for obvious reasons I cannot send you it.'

5/5  CSKH 'Brilliant gift for the money. I purchased a few of these for a children's charity that gives under privilege children a present at Christmas. The children loved how bright and colourful it was and they enjoyed playing with them. Will definitely purchase more of these again next Christmas.'

4/5  Ds 'Bought for my nephew for Christmas great fun'

5/5  J 'Daughter loved it'

5/5  Dannii 'Lovely scooter perfect for the younger children'

5/5  Zoelouise91 'Looks great. Brilliant for a little girl mad about giraffes!'

5/5  Katie 'Easy to put together, my son loves it would Defo recommend'

5/5  Gibbo 'Brought for my 2 year nephew for his birthday and loves it well happy with it and quality is fab for the moneycustomer service really helpful and didn't have to wait long for it.'

3/5  Brummy Mum 'Bought this scooter for a tall 3 year old. It's come apart 3-4 times now. The screws that come with it are too short and keep coming out of their socket and keep becoming loose. This means the handle bar collapses. I just wanted a cheap scooter and that's what I got!'

4/5  Sue 'My granson loves it great value for money'

4/5  Sarah 'Got this my niece and she loves it she thinks she's big riding on it with the bigger kids'

5/5  Jill 'Great for my 2 year old who loves it'

5/5  LaneyB 'So easy to reserve and collect the next day. No problem with assembley. Our grandson loves it.'

5/5  SFR 'Excellent for my two year old.'

5/5  Argos Shopper 'Fun and funky design for little ones but a bit fiddly putting the back wheels and tools kept slipping on the nuts but overall little one loves it'

1/5  Tams 'Got this as looks good nightmare to build and handlebar keeps coming away from wheels not good at all'

5/5  KittyK 'Bought this for my four year old and it is great. It is excellent value for money and well designed. My daughter loved the animal theme.'

4/5  Shezabella 'My 2yr old loves her scooter, I'm not that impressed with the construction but she loves it!'

5/5  Mcdimple 'My daughter loves it she ant get bought of this scooter she is 2 and it's so appropriate for her good buy good price'

4/5  Luigi 'Need to make sure that the bracket holding the handlebar stem is really tight'

4/5  Hs3016 'I bought this as an ex display item, considering it has no packaging it was in perfect condition ready to use straight away.'

2/5  Charlie 'Not very safe when assembled'

5/5  Nicolabytheway 'Daughter loves it'

5/5  ENIEDI2015 'I'm very happy with this product it's very good quality and it's more safety for kids'

4/5  Primrose 'My two year old granddaughter loves this scooter with its giraffe design.'

5/5  Tiff 'Great product and little boy loves it easy to ride great design'

4/5  Annie 'I bought the scooter for my 3 yr old kid. This built is nice and he is enjoying it. nice at this proce no space for second feet.'

4/5  Ellie 'I found it difficult to assemble it. But at the end my daughter loves it. :)'

5/5  Mo3531 'My little boy always used to say in and watch t.v know since we got this scooter he always wants to go out and go on his scooter all the time. I really recommend this product as it takes the kids outside and can improve your kids health.'

4/5  Tasha 'I got this scooter for my nephew's birthday, which happens to be today. I tried setting this up yesterday but failed. The instructions were poorly worded and my brother had to help. My nephew loves it but can't go out in it yet.'

5/5  Lynman 'Great quality for money'

2/5  Ali88 'Got this for my son who is two at the ilford branch upon receiving the book it looked like it was a return i asked the lady who checked her computer and said no its not a returns if there is any problems bring it back as this was a sunday at about 4pm I couldn't. When i got bk to my mums house the prodcut bags had been opened and the picture was scratched and there are too many bits included to put it together i xchangd it for a spiderman one which wasn't beta avoid child scooters from argos!!'

5/5  Muddy Puddles 'My children love the fun design of this scooter. It is the perfect height for them (a tall 2 year old and short 4 year old). It is stable enough for them to be able to balance. The only problem we found was they had to learn to put their foot out to the side to push or they get caught in the back wheel. Great product and price!'

5/5  Natalie 'Fantastic my little girl loves it I highly recommend this scooter fantastic for price aswell'

3/5  Gemm 'I felt abit let down with this scooter it was abit difficult to assemble the bolt was bent so I had to unbend it using some pliers and the quality isn't that good'

4/5  Mmamma 'My kids love their scooters and they are happy using. It always'

5/5  Joan 'Very good scooter easy to assemble very good value for money.my 3 year old granddaughter loves it .I would highly recommend this product'

5/5  MrsF 'Great that it is height adjustable'

5/5  Mummyof5 'Bought this item for my 2 year old Godson also baring in mind he has a baby brother or sister on the way which is why I bought this giraffe scooter as it is a unisex so that once he's outgrown it the scooter can be passed down & he loves it. Well worth every penny. Easy to assemble & hours of fun. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  Mikey86 'Really nice item my child will love it has really nice features and really easy to put together'

5/5  Dan 'Great value, easy assembly and looks excellent'

5/5  123 'This scooter is great for the cost, perfect for a 1st scooter!!'

5/5  Kim513 'This is a solid easy to assemble scooter with a fun design which is great for children.'

5/5  Sammi 'I bought this for my niece which she absolutely loves'

5/5  Claire14 'Very happy with this product!'

5/5  Linda 'Bought these for a 3 and 4 year old (friend's children) - ideal size, no assembly required! They love them.'

2/5  JB7 'You need a lot of strength to put this together and, even after a strong hand to tighten the bolts on the main handlebar frame, it doesn't secure and the drive shaft kept coming out and therefore the front wheel kept going awry. Okay for very little ones who don't want to carry it around thereby pulling the main shaft out.'

3/5  Jayman 'I bought this scooter for my son for his birthday, he loves the scooter itself but one issue is that the 'handle bars' spin around fully so if he turns to sharply he is likely to fall off.'

3/5  Naty I 'The scooter is basic. I bought it for taking on holiday for my son who is about to turn 3. I would have paid more for a better type of scooter. As it is very stiff. It needs more power to go. He prefers his friend's. Not much choice in range of scooters .'

5/5  Purpie 01 'Bought this for my granddaughters birthday she absolutely loves this scooter'

4/5  Babbs 'I bought this scooter for my baby and was initially worried on the assembly since I have no tools. It came with set of tools even more than is needed to couple it. Assembly is pretty straight forward, the build is solid and tire is particularly okay because it cannot puncture. I love this product and will recommend it, I didn't give a 5 rating because there is always room for improvement.'

4/5  Soph 'Assembly was relatively easy and can be done by one person took round about half an hour the handle height is adjustable which is great for when they grow, she loves the design and is easier to learn from rather than a two wheeled scooter overall would definitely reccommend im very happy with it'

3/5  Farz 'Bought this on sale. Nice little basic scooter for kids'

4/5  Makhaan 'My son just loves this, perfect outdoor toy!'

4/5  Khush 'Really nice ,my daughter she s learning now .but it's gud'

4/5  Mickey 62 'Grandson loved it was well pleased. Fiddly to put together but worth it'

3/5  Corky1 'It might have just been me,but everything was going well until the part with the adjustable handlebar,to lengthen and shorten,i couldnt tighten it properly to adjust it?! its like its got a part missing?! very confused!!!'

5/5  Emma1990 'Bought this product for my what will be two year old little girl for Christmas, great value for money.'

5/5  Jackie 'The young boy who i got this scooter lives it'

5/5  Pganeriwal 'It is good value for money'

5/5  Sha 'I was very happy with it , definitely worth the purchase . My daughter can't get enough of this scooter.'

2/5  Twinklestar83 'Should have bought a better one spending a little bit more. This is an average Tri Scooter. On assembly found the handle & front wheel alignment is bit out of order as the handles shakes in between. Overall an ok buy, buy a better one if you can.'

4/5  Peartree01 'My 3 year old grandson enjoys riding on his scooter. He is able to balance well and control scooter when moving. He loves the design. I like the 3 wheels for balance. Also the foot plate is flat and size is right for a 3 year old. Also light to pick up and move indoors and outdoors. I put the scooter in the car and take it to the park as well. Very suitable and fun.'

5/5  Lavandax 'Good like a first scooter.'

5/5  James24 'Great value for money and easy to assemble.'

5/5  Andynotts 'Great little scooter, my boy really likes it'

4/5  Haque 'Safe and attractive .'

5/5  Maha 'I bought it for my 2 years old son & he is very happy with it. It's very suitable for his height & he handles it very easily.'

5/5  Khan 'Lovely and effective toy for kids from 3 years and above'

5/5  Cmt 'Bought for my 2 year old for christmas and she loves it sturdy and bright.'

5/5  Rache 'My little one loves this ! He is nearly two so we haven't been out side with it it yet. Very sturdy and will stand freely . Great design. Great value for your money and more'

5/5  Deb 'This scooter is great for a first scooter my 3 year old nephew loves it'

4/5  Shroom 'Love this specially as our son is animal obsessed, sturdy too. Only disappointment was when putting it together you tear the graphics when putting it together as it's a tight fitting there's no getting away with it, it's not very noticeable but still it's a shame this happens.'

4/5  Grandad 'Assembled in less than ten minutes, feels nice and sturdy and above all my Grandson absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Mammar 'This is just a lovely scooter for a 3 year old! It's a bright cheerful colour and has a friendly giraffe face smiling at you. Easy to use for a toddler with long gangly legs who hasn't been walking very long. Great fun and a great buy!'

4/5  Explorer 'This product was bought for use in a childcare setting and has been very popular with the group! it's fun animal design and ease of use makes it a big hit with staff and children here. Lots of speedy giraffes now in our garden :) It was relatively easy to put together by myself.'

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