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Chad Valley Tilt n Turn Scooter - BlueChad Valley Tilt n Turn Scooter - Blue Images

About the Chad Valley Tilt n Turn Scooter - Blue

This blue three wheeled Chad Valley Tilt n Turn Scooter is ideal for children who want a 'twist' on the norm and comes with a great adaption on a traditional scooter. Featuring the latest technology there's no need to turn the handle to steer, to change direction your most cherished simply needs to lean on the scooter footplate the way they want to go and it happens automatically...Super simple and super cool! Size H63, W22.5cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 8677112
EAN/SKU: 8677112
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Chad Valley Tilt n Turn Scooter - Blue Reviews

5/5   'Bought it for my 2 1/5 year old grandson and we took it for a week away, he mastered it quickly and made getting places faster, value for money, quality seems great after a week of using it.'

5/5  Charlene 'Everything on that day was excellent the staff were brilliant it was my sons 4th birthday and sang happy birthday to him and he loved it'

5/5  Anonymous 'Bought this as a birthday present for my friends son - feedback from the parents 'his favourite birthday present this year!’'

5/5  Beroman 'We cannot separate my son and his scooter.'

5/5  Ang 'It was just as shown on rhe website, ligjh to carry home, super easy assembly, and the wee person who uses it, everyday, gives it top marks too!!'

5/5  Gemma123 'Brillant scooter ..perfect hieght.. just missing flashing wheels .. that would have made this product for me'

4/5  Kal 'Great christmas gift..minimium assembly required'

5/5  Saj82 'Excellent scooter for first timers, bought them for my twins at 25 months old. I had only had them out the box 2 minutes before my little boy was fully mobile and off. Would highly recommend these for any toddler'

4/5  Oma 'This was bought for our 3 grandchildren to use at our house ,it was an instant sucess and is standing up to the wear and tear. Good value'

4/5  Stacey 'Good value for money'

5/5  Gabby 'All you need for a first time scooter, little one loves it! Good quality for the price as well!'

5/5  Nikki 'My 2years old boy love it soooooo much .easy to assemble and good for both in and outdoor .for this price is good I will surely recommend this for people. One of the best from argos'

2/5  Mercy 'Suprisingly my son's scooter broke in less than 2 weeks of purchase.One of screws on the wheels came off and that was it.'

5/5  Tfq 'Very easy to assemble.very good quality and quite strong.'

4/5  Nesrine 'My son loves his scooter. Good product'

5/5  Sichu 'It’s really nice and easy to handle. My little ones loves it , very comfortable and safe handling .'

5/5  Vio 'Really lovely Scotter my little boy loves it and was very easy to assemble'

5/5  Mo 'This is an excellent scooter and our son is loving it'

5/5  Chimp 'Simple product, easy purchase.'

4/5  Sarah130489 'My son is 3 and we got him this to use to and from nursery and he loves it, learnt how to do it fairly quickly and it’s strong tough build even my older ones hop on for a go!'

5/5  Shaik 'Study and reliable bike. My little one use this a lot.'

5/5  Paige 'Its one of my son favourites he always loves to ride it, the quality is good for the price'

5/5  Dharmendra 'Very comfortable and easy to learn'

5/5  Ropey 'Great first scooter for my 3 year old son. He loves it. Even tried to ride it inside! Took a few tries to get used to it as it’s not steer and turn but tilt and turn but it would be the same with any first scooter. Very easy to assemble, just comes in two parts which you click together so you can use it straight out of the box. Nice blue style, son likes the star on it. Good purchase and definitely worth the money.'

4/5  Kirsty 'My son absolutely loves it. He prefers the twist to turn scooters and can ride it brilliant and he’s only 2. Not as long as other scooters so perfect for small ones'

5/5  Shonu 'My son love it......'

5/5  Liza2 'Bought for my almost 3 year old as he kept trying out his brothers. I wanted something that had three wheels as I thought would be easier to balance and this has worked great. Wheels turn easily and just the right size for that age group my son mastered it straight away and now is never off the scooter!'

5/5  Gem 'Turning left and right is done by tilting the handle bar instead of turning in the direction you wish to go, which takes a bit of practice.'

5/5  Andy 'My 2 years old son loved it.i di t even imagine it would be so easy for him to use it.he loves riding it again an again and can balance it nicely.'

5/5  Kirst 'Bought two now, both great little hard to steer for my two and three year old at the moment but I’m sure they’ll get used to it. And you can’t go wrong for the price in comparison to similar scooters.'

3/5  Xx 'Too little and light, not very stable. My son fell over twice when riding it.'

4/5  DolphLungrem 'It keeps our 2 year old granddaughter happy and having used lots of energy she sleeps soundly thank you'

4/5  Turkosh 'My son like it. Need to use few times to tilt and turn. If you don’t want to pey lots of money, that’s not too bad quality.'

5/5  Lavi 'Nice scooter,my son enjois it a lot,'

5/5  Shirleyn 'I bought this for my grandson it was easy to put up it's sturdy and he loved it he's two'

2/5  Juju 'Don’t buy as Childs first scooter, got our son it for his 4th birthday as age recommendation is for age 3 and above yet it’s to difficult for him to manoeuvre. Well worth the Price just not for the recommended age if 3 as it’s far to confusing to go left or right.'

5/5  Donna 'Already assembled, perfect size for my 3 year old. He is still trying to work out the movement of the handlebars but that down to him rather than the design. All round great wee scooter.'

5/5  Charl 'My little one love it'

5/5  HappyBuyer 'My kid loves it. It is so easy to assemble with one click and rides smooth. Its says 3+ but my 2 yo son uses it just as fine except for the tilt steering which he would catch up when he is 3. We can easily assemble and dismantle to carry it with us :) Great product and worth the price.'

4/5  MM 'Quick and easy to assemble. Out the box and ready to use with one simple click. No tools required. Smooth and easy for my little one to use.'

5/5  77bless 'I bought for a two year old boy Christmas present. Hr opened it and said wow. Very happy'

5/5  Kb 'My son has had a few little scooters but this is the best yet, very durable and the flexi handle bar makes it nice and easy for little ones to turn corners unlike most scooters with 2 front wheels, perfect'

3/5  Kfrances 'Easy to assembly very sturdy great design'

5/5  Kathryn 'Does the job - kids happy'

4/5  Raf 'Better than i though it be. Only missing height adjusting.'

5/5  Louise 'Really fab thinget to get'

5/5  Rach 'Very easy in all areas'

5/5  Michael 'Its really easy to use and fun for your toodler to use'

3/5  Jazz 'Well wasn’t impressed'

5/5  Waglet 'Having struggled with a previous scooter my daughter found this one much easier to use. I like the tilt steering and for young toddlers having just one wheel at the back really helped. It was also really good value!'

5/5  Baba 'It is nice to use for my 3 years old boy he like it'

5/5  Kaz 'Lovely for his age. He's only 2 but advanced.'

5/5  Rabin 'It’s worthy what you expecting'

5/5  Nicky 'Good scooter for a 3 year old. My son loves it! Delivery from Argos was prompt and the scooter was easy to assemble and is light weight.'

5/5  Honey 'My son loves riding this scooter.'

5/5  Runner65 'Excellent product happy with everything, my 4 year old grandson absolutely loves it and finds it easy to use.'

5/5  Lili 'Is very nice and easy to assemble.'

4/5  Ray 'Great little scooter for the little one. Smooth on the go, great design and easy to fix and play. Obviously you can feel the build quality difference between this and a higher end model but for the price. Can't really complain'

5/5  Cp311 'Great scooter for the money 3 year old loves it..... Just be careful when getting used to it can lean a little too far going around corners but once used to it brilliant!'

4/5  Sarah 'My little boy is three and he finds it easy to push and carry when needed and scoot on. Would really reccommend this product for a young child :)'

5/5  Krp 'I bought this for my lad who's nearly 4, but still quite small. It's great size for him and he should easily get a year or two use out of it before he gets to big. The board is very easy to tilt, and it seems a good solid frame.'

5/5  Kimbersreviews 'Its worth buying it there really good and lots of enjoyment for the kids'

4/5  Ashraf 'Very easy to setup, quite solid build as well, so no fear of breaking. My 2 year old son liking it very much and using it whenver weather is nice. Its a very good value for money. loved it.'

5/5  Kerry 'Really nice scooter built well and so easy to put together literally one click of the Handel bars and it's up. Very good value, better than so of the expensive ones I've bought'

4/5  Nig 'Good value and good style'

5/5  Siudka 'It was a birthday present for a two year old son. We need lots of practice on it as we just like to be pushed atm .The scooter looks good and sturdy, easy assemble just one click, rubber wheels, a break (that will come in handy in the future).'

5/5  Shopper 'My 2-year-old son loved this. He is taller for his age and had already played on scooters at nursery so he found it easy to get to grips with. It's really well made and simple to click together - no tools needed.'

5/5  Nita4215 'Brought for my 2 year old this is perfect for him. He can't do the tilt and turn but he still young.'

3/5  Kautuk 'There is a problem with front wheels. The screws are loose and there are no tools given to tighten them. I'm certainly not happy with the quality of the product. Kindly replace or provide some solution. Looking forward to some positive reply.'

5/5  Sanny 'Very easy for a 3y old child to ride'

5/5  Spike 'Brought as birthday present for 3 year old boy he absolutly lve great buy'

5/5  Vashist 'I like this product as it is not very costly and have no quality issues.'

4/5  Heych 'Bought this scooter for my 3 year old nephew. He absolutely loves riding it. Looks great.'

5/5  Adriana 'My son loves it although he has a hard time going left and right with it but he’ll learn soon enough'

5/5  Shaheda 'Its a solid scooter, my son is always crashing it into our drive wall and its still in one piece.'

5/5  Ii 'My son loves it, wheels are soft and nice quality is also good, I recommend it .'

5/5  Lolo 'Really easy to assemble, very stable and giving my child hours of fun.'

5/5  Tella79 'My son love it! It's so easy to ride'

5/5  Lauren 'My 3 year old loves it'

5/5  Preeti 'It’s so good easy to assemble and sturdy my son loves it'

5/5  Steffieslot 'Bought this for my 2yr old grandsons birthday. He manages it quite well and the size is ok as he’s quite tall. The size of this should be good for a while and it does seem sturdy. Like that it folds away for easy storage.'

4/5  67bobby 'Light and sturdy, great value.'

5/5  Nick01 'Does the job. My son likes it'

4/5  Honor 'Make more products available'

5/5  Raluca 'My boy really enjoyed.'

4/5  Mummy02 'Seems to be loved by 2yo. She is using indoors atm due to poor weather conditions and getting the hang of the tilt mechanism. Felt would be better as little one holds on tight when panicked so would be safer than one that has steering from the handles. Sure to have good fun in the drier months and brakes are easy to learn. Time will tell!'

5/5  Watcha 'Brought these for my 2 & 5 year olds for Christmas & even though they are different sizes these scooters are compatible with boy both who happily ride them to school every day, lightweight but very sturdy, fits together in a simple one click action and they are ready to go.'

4/5  Dan 'It is a good scooter is perfect for my son'

5/5  Nanny '2 year old grandson feels proper grown up using his new scooter'

5/5  Al 'This is a great scooter for the money. Bought it for my three year old as a cheaper alternative to other micro scooters. It’s fab. A fraction of the price of some of the other scooters on the market but really sturdy. My little boy can ride it with ease. It’s light enough to carry also. Only thing that would improve it is a adjustable height handle bar but its not really all that necessary.'

5/5  Ty35 'My son loves this'

5/5  Scooterman 'My 2 year old boy loves riding on his scooter. The two front wheels provide more stability for him than two rear ones would.'

5/5  Geoggercyclist 'This is a really good scooter. It's strong, with a tubular steel frame supporting the plastic deck. The tilt steering works well and again the components are strong so I expect it to last. I can't see why you'd buy a more expensive scooter for a toddler. It is easy to detach the handlebar to stow it in a push chair, it's just s spring pin like some high chairs have, or indeed crutches!'

5/5  MJ 'Value for money'

5/5  Katie 'Brought for my 2 year old son. Great scooter, perfect size and height for a forst scooter.So easy to assemble and only 2 components to put together. Light and durable. Would highly recommend'

4/5  Sos 'I bought this scooter for my grandson who is nearly three and he likes it. It is lightweight and easy to use. However I expect he will graduate to a heavier model in a year or so. At the price a short amount of use is ok.'

1/5  Nat 'My child loves it'

5/5  Misssjayne 'I got 2 of these one for my 3 year old and one for my nearly 5 year old and both love them.'

5/5  Becky 'Brought this for our sons 3rd birthday rather reluctantly as he is very unsure about bikes and scooters etc but we were shocked to see him using it brilliantly within a week. Deffo worth the purchase.'

4/5  Lex 'My 2 year old is a big fan, it's just like his big brothers on. Although his 5 year brother noticed that the breaks are not great.'

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