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Chad Valley My First Trike - Multicoloured

About the Chad Valley My First Trike - Multicoloured

The Chad Valley My First Trike is the ideal present for your most cherished. Ideal for an outing to the recreation center or to a companions house, the trike is not only fun but designed with the rough and tumble little ones tend to give such toys in mind!

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5/5   'Really nice first trike, bright colours, well made metal frame. good price and my grand daughter loves it'

5/5   'The kids love this trike!'

4/5   'Great product - good for boys or girls'

4/5   'Bought for my 2 year old after seeing him play on one at nursery, fantastic little trike for the money. Very sturdy , easy to put together and nice and bright, the only downside is the parent handle, you literally have no control over the direction in which your little one decides to go, and its quite flimsy so I dont it would withstand any amount of pressure on the connection, apart from that my little one loves it!'

5/5   'A beautiful product for the price'

5/5   'My one year old grandson was thrilled with the trike, he loved being pushed around. The colours are great and very well made, strong and sturdy.'

4/5   'Easy to assemble.kids love it'

4/5   'Easy to put together and fairly solid when made. Only issue is the steering does not lock out like on other trikes, so you cant steer from the push handle. If your toddler turns the handle bars, thats the direction youre going. Apart from that, looks ok and does the job.'

5/5   'This tricycle is fantastic my 3yr old fell in love and rides every where and to be able hold them while they impress you with the pedal power till tired then you push and they navigated.'

5/5   'Light weight but sturdy easy manoeuvre he loves it So pleased I chose this for him'

5/5   'Nice design, the non-pedal gear is a bit stiff but OK. Good size for the age range.'

5/5   'Sturdy little trike for "first bike"'

5/5   'This trike looked great. Sturdy, very colourful - however parts were missing and it had to be returned. No others the same left in store, so had a different trike.'

3/5   'Not very well built, quite flimsy. Only good point is the bright colours which Is appealing to the eye.'

5/5   'Fantastic little toy my grandson loves it easy to put together solid design mostly metal which was pleasant surprise. Also the being multicolored it is universal for boy or girl which will be great for my granddaughter in a few years tiime'

5/5   'Excellent value for my grand daughters first bike, very colorful and sturdy. She is already having a great time.'

3/5   'I bought for my grandchild 13 months old, but I had to return it because was far too big for him. Check dimensions well.'

5/5   'Perfect for my two year old, he loves being pushed around on it. Feels really sturdy for the money I paid. Wish the handle helped with steering, thats my only improvement.'

4/5   'Reasonable price Reasonable quality'

5/5   'Bought this for my grand daughter easy to assemble well made and finished she has had great fun with it indoors'

5/5   'My son loved the bike especially because it was in perfect style and the colours were bright and cheerfull!'

5/5   'Nice little first trike, love the colours and the price was right too'

1/5   'The trike is not suitable for purpose. The handlebars cannot be tightened sufficiently to stop them moving when the child turns the handlebars! Bit of a waste of money really. Very disappointed and so was my grandchild'

4/5   'In comparison to similar first bikes, it is good value, I found that it was fairly easy to assemble.'

5/5   'Very good product. kids very happy'

5/5   'This fits my granddaughter at a small 2.9 months. Which was primary feature for selecting this trike. It has adjustable seat to grow into before 2 wheeler stage . Good buy'

5/5   'This is very good cycle easy to ride for my baby and she is very happy'

5/5   'Very good product as a first ride for kids. Nice design & safety belt as well. Easy to assemble & very good price as well. Highly recommended .'

5/5   'Perfect gift for two year old'

5/5   'Our grandson seems very pleased with his trike - hasn't learnt to pedal yet but he can just reach the ground and push along with his feet. Looks pretty good quality & design - durability will only be known in time! Was easy to assemble.'

5/5   'She loved it and don't think it will be too loong before she gets the hand of pedalling!'

5/5   'Bought as a gift for my 2 year old and she loves it! Just the right height and distance from the peddles!'

5/5   'Very good design a quality build'

5/5   'An excellent product that is ideal for young children. Our grandson loves it and plays on it all the time. Great colours, durability and practicality. I would recommend this Trike. Thank you.'

5/5   'Nice one, my little one liked it'

5/5   'It was sturdy, coulurful and my grandson loved it he was excited and just laughing the whole time he rode it.'

5/5   'It was so comfortable and colourful for the kid. Really affordable and safe.'

4/5   'This appears sturdy and well-made. It's designed for a small child; note the age guide. There are two seat positions as the child grows. It has to be assembled - it's not too hard but it is a bit complicated. Read the instructions carefully! In particular, once the wheels are on they don't come off easily, so make sure you have everything in place before clicking them home.'

5/5   'Yes it's good for 2 years babies one small basket in from will make it fabulous'

5/5   'My 2yr old grandson loves his bike. Works well with handle or without. Great colours. Seems well made and nothing has broken and have been well used for ten days. Highly recommended'

4/5   'My daughter really love it. It looks like a strong build.'

5/5   'Bought as a gift great for the price . Better than expected.'

5/5   'Bright colours hours of endless fun. sturdy'

5/5   'My little grandson loves it'

4/5   'Great for first bike, bought for a bit of fun with granddaughter who loves it. Doesn't appear very sturdy, but does the job.'

4/5   'When constructing the bicycle there was no mention on the instructions that included the method of freeing the mechanism within the front wheel to free off the pedals should the child become tired of peddling. Consequently it has not worked efficiently. The mechanism keeps releasing from the wheel.'

5/5   'I brought this trike for my niece's birthday and she really loves it,'

3/5   'This trike is ok for short journeys with the little one, if they can steer correctly, as I found out with my little one, who kept turning the handles in the wrong direction. This meant that I had to keep correcting her positioning. The handle on the back is very flimsy and easily breakable. It does not able you to turn the trike in the direction you want it to, hence why the child needs to be able to steer correctly.'

4/5   'Full of fun pack. Very attractive and easy ride'

3/5   'Definitely a screw / bolt is missing from the pack. So can't fix that long stick at the back to control the bike and hence the child.'

5/5   'I bought this trike for my grandson its brilliant he loves it .'

5/5   'It is Fab and my son enjoy the ride.'

5/5   'I loved the service I got and the good price.'

5/5   'Cheap and quality isn't great but it's quick to assemble and does the trick. Nephew loved it and it's quick to assemble.'

5/5   'Bought it as we were away from home and it was cheaper than a pram but my son loves it, great fun. Only down side is that the child has to steer it but it also teaches them direction. Amazing for the price.'

4/5   'Not a bike trike for the price but if you've a stubborn kid ( like myself) who like to pull the handlebars around steering it becomes a bit of a chore'

5/5   'Perfect present! Easy to put together & clear instructions:) highly recommend!'

5/5   'Perfect for over two year olds. My grandson is just two and cant quite reach the pedals but he enjoys scooting around on it.'

5/5   'Excellent my grandson loves this bike, we got it for his second birthday, He loves it.'

4/5   'Was good for my boy they love it just really hard to turned when your little one turning other way'

2/5   'The quality and design are not good.'

5/5   'Got this trike for my nieces 2nd birthday. She absolutely loves it. Very easy for her to steer herself whilst daddy pushes, until she gets hang of pedals.'

5/5   'My toddler loves this. She wants to take it everywhere with her! So easy to use. I normally use the handle. As she has not yet figured how to use it yet. Highly recommended for your little ones.'

1/5   'It was a waste of money the handle broke On the frist day my son used it, it was a poor quality bike wont recommend it anyone'

4/5   'Not as simple to assemble as it could be - took about 45 minutes. When assembled, the product is reasonably sturdy, but the plastic tyres don't wear well over paved surfaces. The parent's handle is very useful, especially for smaller kids. The kids love the bucket at the back.'

4/5   'A good robust toy for a first trike, easy to use, my great grandson loves it'

4/5   'I bought this trike for my garden for when my grandsons visit. It's colourful and they like it. Not sure how robust it is but it should last them a while.'

5/5   'I bought it as a gift for my son and he loves it!'

5/5   'It was great experience of shopping'

3/5   'I guess you get what you pay for and for the price this isn't a bad trike. I do however wish I had gone for a more expensive one as this is quite cheaply made and not the easiest to put together. It also has a tendancy to tip over as my little girl turns the handlebars to go round a corner. I have only said I do not recommend this product as I would recommend you spend a little more and get something a bit more sturdy for your little one.'

5/5   'My 20month grandson loved the colours ,in a couple of months he will get more use out of item . At the moment he is just gaining his balance'

2/5   'Difficult to understand the instructions on how to put it together. The steering handle needs constant tightening as it comes loose quite often'

5/5   'Nice colour and a nice long handle for me to use whe little on gets tired'

5/5   'Got this for our little lad for his 1st birthday absolutely loves it'

5/5   'Light weight and good looks are two positive Slightly difficult to install with poor instructions are the negatives'

3/5   'I thought it looked brilliant but then when I set it up it was quite flimsy. I find it really hard to push, so beware if your child isn't a free rider then don't expect this to be easy to control and push. Despite this, my son loves it.'

5/5   'It's my son's first trike and he loves it. He loves the colour the little basket for his football, and when he is tired mama loves to push him around and he directs it to where ever he likes.'

5/5   'Good trike for my almost 2 year old daughter. Easy to construct, about 30 minutes. Belt keeps her secure on the the seat. Comes with parent handle to push lil one along.'

5/5   'My baby boy hes very very happy'

5/5   'Our son is extremely pleased with this toy. It will also last him a while so worth while for the money.'

5/5   'Very happy with the bike, it can hold 30kg'

1/5   'Was broken in several places on more than one trike and after seeing how the staff member dropped the box on the floor when I returned it no wonder why they are always damaged.'

5/5   'I don't shop anywhere else anymore it's to good value for money at agos'

5/5   'This one is really excellent.'

5/5   'First class item and at great price.'

4/5   'Good trike for the price, the strap is very small and won't be used but it is a good starter trike for a 2-3 year old'

5/5   'Very good tricycle, quality is high for the price. There is a couple of minor flaws - the safety harness is too short and you need to choose the bolts properly for assembly (even though this is not reflected in assembly instructions) but otherwise is great for the price. The rolling resistance is surprisingly low and small pavement roughness is well absorbed by the wheels. I would recommend.'

5/5   'East enough to put together my little boy likes to ride around in circles. Thank God the bike is as sturdy as it is'

5/5   'Perfect for getting little ones used to bikes. My nephew absolutley loves it!'

2/5   'I will not recommend this tricycle for anyone, the assembling screws are not long enough.everything fell apart 3 days after we bought it.my son is so unhappy about it.'

4/5   'Really good for my boy who is 1, only one thing I can say wrong which is the child's belt strap could Do with being bigger.....'

5/5   'My wee boy really enjoy his first rides!'

4/5   'Very pleased with this product for the money. Bright colours, my Grandson loves it.'

5/5   'Easy to build, very sturdy and my grandson loves it'

5/5   'Sturdy, safe, easy to put together and great Value for money. My 2 year old nephew loved it.'

5/5   'Really good quality excellent value. Helps them learn to peddle whilst the parent handle makes it safety too'

4/5   'I bought the Chad Valley 'My First Trike' as a Christmas present for my 2 year old grandson and it was definately a good choice. Easily assembled. The steering handle is very good for making sure that obstacles are avoided.'

4/5   'Excellent value and easy to assemble, colourful & attractive.'

5/5   'The trike is versatile in so much as the handle can be removed later when 17 month old grand-daughter becomes more confident and independent!'

3/5   'Good product for the money as it replaced a more expensive branded version where the metal push bar snapped. We used it out and about alot so got this quick and cheaper replacement when it broke. This one doesn't feel quite as rigid so may not last as long but this probably won't be an issue as kids lose interest quick! One more significant flaw is that the seatbelt is barely long enough for a 1yr old with thin clothes so its essentially useless which could be a safety issue.'

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