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Chad Valley 6V Blue and Green Baby Quad Bike

About the Chad Valley 6V Blue and Green Baby Quad Bike

The Chad Valley 6V Blue and Green Baby Quad Bike is an extraordinary toy for your most cherished to spread their wings a little. The fuelled ride-on toy is awesome activity for little adventurers and has security elements to put the mind at ease.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 1718494
EAN/SKU: 1718494
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Chad Valley 6V Blue and Green Baby Quad Bike Reviews

5/5   'My little girl loves riding on this up and down the garden, it’s also perfect for us taking it out to the park which keeps her entertained, speed is just right'

5/5  Claire 'Bought for my daughter she absolutely loves it, very easy to operate just 1 button to make it move and goes at a steady but not fast speed, only downside was the stickers were damaged due ti the way they had been packed but this doesn’t affect the fun she has'

5/5  Jules 'The childs quad bike is great, my great grand daughter loves it, can't get her off it. Would recommend it.'

4/5  Md 'I love this item I recommend'

5/5  Bev 'Was well surprised at the quality of this quad bike. For grandsons 1st birthday and now we can't wait for the summer to take him along the sea front pathway. He soon got the hang of riding it in the house. Well worth buying. ***'

5/5  Granny 'This is a really good sturdy quad i bought it for my grandsons 1st birthday didn't realise it was electric brilliant buy great value & loads if fun . Very easy to assemble.'

5/5  Mich 'We bought this for our 2 year old’s birthday and she loved it. Just the right speed and all she has to do is press a small button with her thumb to get it moving. Took an hour or so to put together as comes in pieces but instructions clear.'

5/5  Tillie 'Wonderful price for an amazing product, much little bit loves he's little quad bike, definitely worth the price I paid!'

5/5  Grandma 'East to assemble and looks really good provides hour of fun inside and outside really happy with this purchase and would recommend to friends.'

5/5  Nic1 'Fab fun for wee ones a bit noisy on the pavement due to plastic wheels but bearable!'

5/5  SLJnurse 'Fantastic. All the grandchildren from age 1 to 5 love it. Good quality and fantastic price. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  Karlos653 'Bought for my 18 month old granddaughter, she absolutely loves it and easy to control.'

1/5  Alvaro 'The start button broke after 1 day use'

3/5  Wilf1973 'Bought this for my 2 year old boy for his birthday, builds alright & looks quite sturdy but it only runs of the right back wheel & there's not much grip. Does get going once it grips but you have to help it along. Kitchen has lino & living room is carpeted & it just spins without moving alot of the time. To be fair, he doesn't care & loves it but i wouldn't buy again or recommend. Haven't tried it outside so maybe it may be better.'

5/5  Cew 'Bought this for friends wee ones 1st birthday and she absolutely loves it! Even at 1 she’s mastered how to use it as it’s nice and simply. You can tell it will last it for years, good quality for the money.'

5/5  Carol64 'Bought for my grandson who will be 1 year old 23rd Jan 2019. I'm sure there will be many happy times with this.'

5/5  GB 'Easy to assemble with all tools supplied except a hammer. Our grand son loves it and very quickly got the hang of it. Would recommend.'

5/5  Millie 'My little granddaughter loved playing on her buggy it was the right size she as played on everyday since her birthday.'

1/5  Harika 'Worked absolutely fine for just 1 day and that's about it. Not charging, not moving. RETURNED'

2/5  Ru 'Bought this for birthday present. Unfortunately the tyre has no grip and spins on all surfaces. Replaced with same product thinking it was faulty but same problem exists. I can not recommend this as it does not do the function it is supposed to do.'

5/5  Em 'My nephew absolutely loves it, it was bought for his 2nd Birthday. Fairly easy to build but does requiring a lot of charging as battery doesn’t last long.'

5/5  Gizmo76 'Brought for my daughter for 1st birthday spend the whole day playing on it... best present ever...'

1/5  CR78 'My three year old was so excited when I got this for her but after 12 hours of charging it would not work even on a flat slabbed area. The wheels just kept slipping and couldn’t get any traction so it wouldn’t move. I returned it to the store the next day'

5/5  Stee 'Just needs to reverse button'

5/5  SPARKS 'This bike is great from my daughter loves it this product gets all thumbs up from me'

5/5  Loly 'Quad is a little hard to assemble but onve done its sturdy. Maybe not quite suitable for a 1 year old but sure she will love it in a couple of months. Good price and looks good when built.'

5/5  Nicola 'Bought for my wee girls 1st birthday and she loves it. Was a bit fiddly putting together but is sturdy and safe .'

5/5  Ali55 'My 2 year old grandson thought this was great fun'

5/5  Bilbo 'Excellent quality and the battery lasted a good few hours'

5/5  Cherry 'It’s great my little girl loves playing with it'

5/5  Tracy 'Brilliant quad. Colourful sturdy and great value for money. Works well. Package looked small but once it was built it was big enough I'm very pleased with this quad and highly recommend.'

4/5  MsRiley 'Looks great, but the wheels do not work properly indoors, we have to take it out to try it properly. Toddler Recipient loves the gift.'

4/5  Johne 'Christmas present for my niece she hasn't played with it yet but it looks fun, easy enough to put together can't wait to see her on it Christmas morning'

1/5  Daninthetoon 'After putting together the 50 or so components the quad seemed to function so gave it to my 2yr old on their birthday, when they sat on and attempted to ride it the single wheel just span on the carpet and the quad didn't move, I wasnt expecting a lot for the money but I expected it to move in the house! Tried on a hard floor and it would move if you gave it a light push but that defeats the point of a mechanically propelled toy does it not? Works on concrete floor albeit around in circles!'

3/5  Abi 'This bike is good but not that much.size is very big and speed is average.i bought for my 2 years daughter but she didn't like because of size.battery power is not strong and voice is very loud.its noisy. I,ll not recommen it'

5/5  KR63 'My grandson love his new bike just the right size for 1 year old. Instructions for putting it together not very clear, but eventually worked it out.'

5/5  Kirk 'Amazing product I got for my daughter she absolutely loves I do recommend it to youngers ones and I think they will laugh and have a great time using it so much fun and something different for them 10/10 gift'

5/5  Kay 'My friends daughter loves the qwad has hrs of fun'

5/5  Togs 'Excellent toy and price is fantastic . Easy to build'

5/5  Tot 'Lovely just the right size for my little girl'

5/5  Sue 'Don't leave it plugged in all night do let him play with it as much as he won't'

5/5  Lisa 'Brilliant well worth the money. Have a happy one year one boy'

1/5  Harry 'Hi I bought this for my friend child and after assembling whn he tried to ride the wheels doesn't work so I don't recommend this product'

5/5  Kerry 'Really easy to assemble and took less than an hour. Present for a 1st birthday, and whilst he needs holding whilst using the bike at the moment, I see this bike providing hours of fun in the future.'

1/5  Becky 'I purchased this product as a gift for my nephew. We took the boxed gift up to Fort William and upon opening the box we found that the handle bar was missing. I called the number on the leaflet for missing parts and they said the missing part may have to be sent from Spain. Until now I have yet to receive the part or to hear back from anyone about this issue. The time frame is roughly 2 weeks now. Can someone please get back to me about this. Thank You.'

5/5  MissP 'Brought this for my nephews 2nd birthday. He loves it. Brilliant value for money'

3/5  Elle 'This product is extremely hard to build and the handle are hard to put on. I exchanged this item for the scooter which is £35 so cheaper than this and also very easy to build.'

4/5  Tess 'Wonderful toy'

1/5  Krystyna 'Not good prodoct'

4/5  Steven 'Bought this as a gift for my niece and have to say she's never off it. The one and only fault I have with it is the battery life a little devil like her wants to play on it all day'

5/5  Ang 'Bought for my Nephews second birthday. He will love it!'

5/5  Kerrykoo 'Bought this for my 15 month grandaughter, she absolutely loves it'

5/5  Karen 'The quad bike is easy to manoeuvre for my 2year old and he loves it deffo a good buy'

4/5  Padanna 'My 15 month old son loves this electric quad bike and the push start button is really easy for him to use unfortunately the wheels spin on our floors we had to use tape on the wheels so bike can move also the steering is very limited'

3/5  CJ 'I bought this for my sons 2nd birthday, it was quite difficult to build took quite a while.. needs to be used outside as the wheels just span round and round on the carpet. Worked ok when outside but nothing to shout about I would spend a little more money and get something better'

5/5  Teena Beena 'Brilliant toy my grandson loves it'

5/5  Maggie 'I bought this ride alone for my 14 month girl for her Christmas very happy with it well worth the money'

4/5  UA 'Good quality product and is easy to use for baby. One disadvantage, no proper grip on wheels so it is impossible to use it on parquet.'

5/5  Chris 'Excellent valued'

5/5  Ronni 'My son very happy , excellent quad'

3/5  Benny 'Assembling was easy. My granddaughter loves it. However the bike does not move. Only one tyre spins. A bit disappointed.'

1/5  Admire 'When we charged the bike up it just refuse to work , so it's just sitting at home waiting to be bought back to argos.'

5/5  Uggy 'Excellent value'

1/5  Russ 'Due to designed to be 1 wheel drive it just goes round in circles'

4/5  Glam Nan 'Very sturdy and easy to use for a 2 year old, doesn't grip very well on some floorings but has improved the more she's used it, she loves it and hasn't been off it since we bought it for her birthday.'

3/5  Grandpa 'Bought the quad bike for Grandaughter's 2nd birthday and she loves it. Easy to operate. On the down side it has very limited steering as the wheels catch the foot plate. Also the wheels are smooth with little grip and only one wheel is motorised which limits the use to flat patio areas or well kept lawns. No good on rough surfaces.'

5/5  Angie McD 'Bought this item for my Grandson and he uses it indoors and outdoors and loves it, fantastic value for money'

2/5  Princemugs76 'The product instructions are a little misleading'

1/5  N 'After struggling to put together it would not gain traction to work the wheels spun but it did not move very disappointed'

5/5  Takarta 'We brought this for my son's birthday very easy to put together looks good when stickers are on. My son was so excited to get on and push the button and off he went. Battery lasts about a hour with constant driving which I thought is rather good. Son uses this on a daily basis no problems at all.'

5/5  Jimbob265 'Got this for my 21 month old she loves it not great on grass though and she hasnt learnt how to steer it yet but she has great fun with it and thats all that matter. The only thing is instructions to put it together are not very clear.'

5/5  Stevie 53 'Worth every penny to see the smile on our 1 year old grandson'

5/5  ZoeTB 'My daughter got this for her first birthday & she loves it. Hours of fun.'

5/5  Linda 'Got this for my grandson birthday he turned one wasn't sure he would be able to operate it himself first time on he was off both me and his parents were delighted thanks and was on sale too!!'

2/5  Animalcrazylady 'I read the reviews g/b but thought I'd order anyway. Wouldn't run on any surface due to the bad design of the wheels ( really needs rubber treads putting on them) so an expensive push along I thought!! Rubber bands used on the wheels but they would ping off. My husband cut up car innertube and its worked for the moment but only time will tell!!! Bought for our grandsons 2nd birthday so couldn't upset him by taking it away or would have definitely returned for refund.'

5/5  Penky44 'The qwad bike is a excellent product,it has great features an it's great fun,my little boy loves it,thanks for selling yet again another great product from Argos.'

5/5  Alfie123 'Bought this for my little grandson for his first birthday. Lovely little bike for the money. Sturdy and fun, would recommend to anyone. Service at Argos was very quick, efficient and staff were very pleasant.'

5/5  Lou 'Brought for my little boy's 2nd birthday he loves it and finds it easy to work .'

4/5  Nanny Caz 'Got this bike for my Grandson's 1st birthday & he loves it. It has feet rest's, which is great as my grandson does not drag him feet on the floor.'

5/5  Tasha 'Excellent bought it my nephew and he loves it'

1/5  Milo12 'Got for our grandson he loved it but broke after 20mins Swapped it for a new one which did the same'

5/5  Khan 'It's good in charging and easy to use to kids'

1/5  Taz 'Would be good if I could fix it parts were to big and kept on breaking off took back to shop got a refund'

5/5  Bex 'My 20 month old little boy loves his new quad bike. It is really easy for him to use & the perfect size for him.'

5/5  Fi-L 'Great value for money, lots of fun'

5/5  Dizzy4it 'This is a great bike for the little ones my granson loves it cant keep him of it'

4/5  Ed 'Good fun product for youngsters'

5/5  Chloe 'This porduct is great and fun. Very easy to use and my 1 year old girl loves it'

5/5  Msandrasf 'I really enjoy this product!!! I recommend!!!'

5/5  Almas 'Very nice, my child love it'

5/5  ZiggysWorld 'My Godson loves it! He never wants to get off it'

5/5  Kel 21 'My daughter loves it she got it for her second birthday And she plays on it with her 8 months old brother, so need to buy him one now'

1/5  Raj 24 'The product is not at all good. According to our experience it is a total waste of money.There is no grip of the wheels not inside or outside the house. Motor can't take load even if 10 Kilogram of child while sitting and doesn't move at all. Just the right back wheel moves when the bike gets start. But the bike never moved with the child. Assembling instructions are also not clear. In the handle one can't understand how to put wires together. Nothing mentioned in the booklet. Don't buy.'

4/5  Viki 'Nice toy for little boys.'

4/5  Naziamoiz 'This little quad bike i very well made and fun to ride for my little niece.'

3/5  Andy 'The wheel traction are poor, not enough grip'

4/5  CDO Wife 'Although a bit tricky to put together, it has brought my little boy so much fun.'

5/5  Phill 'This quad is amazing well good Christmas present for my 1 year old son he loved it'

5/5  Eschiros 'This Product is very good for 1-3 year old's as it's easy to operate and can be used both indoors & outdoors. Easy to assemble as well and takes up lace space to store. Bought it for my Son's 1st Birthday and he loves it. We are pleased to have bought it for him.'

5/5  Jm 'Good service and very quick'

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