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Chad Valley Transporter with 10 Cars

About the Chad Valley Transporter with 10 Cars

The ideal approach to store and convey the most loved vehicles of your little ones. This Chad Valley Transporter with ten (10) Cars has an easy-hold handle and pivoted sides that overlap down to get to the autos you have put away easily. This transporter is sufficiently expansive to hold twenty-four (24) autos - so you can keep all your most loved vehicles together.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9143621
EAN/SKU: 9143621
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Chad Valley Transporter with 10 Cars Reviews

5/5   'Really pleased with this, little boy loves it too'

5/5  GolfBoy 'Great toy great price'

3/5  Arianna 'Great purchase for kids'

5/5  Jennifer 'Bought for my cousins son he absolutely loves it! Perfect present for a young lad'

4/5  Siany 'My son loves cars so this comes in handy to store some'

4/5  Jinty 'This is a great buy. My 4yr old granddaughter loves cars and she loves this truck filled with cars. Well made and worth the money.'

5/5  Basia 'I bought it as a gift for a 2 year old and he loves it. It was a 3rd time i bought this product as a present. Great toy.'

5/5  Mammybingo 'I bought these items for my grandsons birthdays, they were thrilled to bits with them. They play with them all the time. Thank you Argos , good prices and good quality what more can you ask for. X'

5/5  Mum 'Earlier this week I decided to buy this truck for my dearest son he loves it'

5/5  Piwma 'Great purchase. Bought for boy of almost four while mum was in having baby sister. He loved the truck and the fact that he could fit so many cars into it. Really good value'

5/5  Maria 'I bought this for my 3 year old nephew and he got really excited! He was carrying it everywhere with him, he loves toy cars and he has been playing with this all the time.'

5/5  Nisha 'My nephew loved this so much hes always taking it around with him and saving his cars and showing off!'

5/5  Sab 'Great toy grandson loves it and plays with it all the time'

3/5  Kskr 'The Truck build quality is not good at all.. but the mini cars you get are worthy and I feel it worthfull as I paid discounted price.'

1/5  Les 'Very cheaply made - cars only sit inside with alot of patience.'

5/5  SamiIra 'Chad Valley Transporter with 10 Cars they are very good and very nice'

5/5  Frenchgranny 'I gave my two grandsons a transporter each this afternoon and they haven’t stopped playing with them . They didn’t want to stop for tea or bath time and have now taken them to bed !'

5/5  Bulldog47 'Grandson was over the moon,brilliant'

5/5  Deb 'Fab toy my little boy loved it'

5/5  Char 'Great item. Purchased for a pass the parcel prize. Child was thrilled to receive it'

5/5  Shaki 'Good and the price is very reasonable'

5/5  Reem 'Good quality and I like that you can hide all the small cars inside and just but it away'

4/5  Linda 'Was pleased with this for an ideal little boys birthday present'

5/5  Jo 'I bought this for my friends son for his birthday, he loves cars and trucks so this is perfect and a fantastic price'

4/5  Helen 'Perfect for a little bit who loves cars keeps them inside and loves playing with the lorry as well'

5/5  Jimmy 'What little boy would not love to have this , hours full of fun guaranteed'

5/5  Sophie 'Was a gift not had any complains so believe there happy with the product'

4/5  Flossy79 'Bought for nephew. Good value'

5/5  ClawdyaWulf 'Nice large truck lightweight and easy to carry for young child'

5/5  JJ 'Bought for my little boy. He loves cars and trucks do this is a lovely mix of both.'

5/5  Farhat 'Good item and added value of small cars already in the box makes it a good bargain.'

5/5  Shez 'I will get more for my family and friends'

4/5  Buck 'Simple, easy, cheap but a little durable. great as a present to by cousins child.'

5/5  Jeez123 'Grandson loves his cars and trucks! This was purchased as a Christmas gift and he loves it. Also it’s great storage for the cars as you can use both sides.'

5/5  Victoria 'Great value for money.'

5/5  Maggie 'Bought for 3yr old who loves it. Good quality and fantastic value with the 8 cars included.'

5/5  Dan 'My kid loves the truck. Good quality'

4/5  Letts 'Does have good amount of cars runs smoothly can carry not heavy. Good fun'

5/5  Ang 'Nephew loves it as he puts cars in both sides'

4/5  MummyHennigan 'Great product holds many cars but the sides can be r moved easily for younger children this is frustrating'

5/5  KA 'This item is absolutely fab.Totally recommend this item for your child if you want to learn about different colours(the cars are different colours).Very fast and lightweight.Easy to carry.'

4/5  Kerryb 'Great gift for my 3 year old Nephew'

5/5  Em 'Amazing value for money, super storage holder! Best part is the amazing handle so the kids can pick it up and take it to their friends. Fits all hot wheels also. Just fantastic ! Good way to keep organisation and teach the kids how to be independent on tidying up.'

4/5  Wayne 'My three year old loves putting his cars in this and plays with it in general. It's actually a very boxy shape so easily slots into any cubby holes. There's probably better storage solutions for die-cast cars but this is the most fun.'

5/5  Katie 'Very pleased as comes with cars already and is carried by a sturdy handle. My 5 year old loves it.'

4/5  Channell 'Brought as Christmas gift. Was perfect, can even put loads of cars in and carry it with him wherever he goes'

5/5  Stefan 'Lot of fun to play with'

5/5  Ellieissh 'I bought this for a two and a half year old family member. He loves it! It's very well made and the fact he can add some of the cars he already has, is a definite plus point. Would definitely recommend it.'

2/5  Nicola 'Lorry its self is sturdy but getting cars in is extremely hard as they will fall out very easily as the compartments are too small even for the ones it comes with. However my son just loves the lorry.'

5/5  Tiffanyjanexo 'Easy to put away, easy to hold, easy and fun to play with.'

5/5  Dilnaz 'Very sturdy and good'

5/5  Mumma88 'Bought as Christmas present for 2 yr old.. he loves it and is easy to keep all his cars tidy :)'

5/5  Jules 'My grandson loves lining up all the cars ready to load in the transporter'

5/5  Jan 'This tool table is really cool, lots of compartments and different tools.'

5/5  Claire 'Son absolutely loves it great value for money'

3/5  Tori 'Bit stiff to open to put cars in and cheap cars but son loves it'

5/5  Gazza 'Its brilliant and would recommend to anyone with kids'

5/5  Audpod 'A good well made product. The staff were helpful and the service very efficient.'

5/5  Dimples 'I bought this for my grandson for Christmas he was over the moon with it thanks'

5/5  Ell227 'Good for price good size'

5/5  Mandyjane 'Great value for money'

5/5  Mum2Two 'Lovely truck my little boy has enjoyed filling it up and driving his cars around.'

5/5  Neighbours 'My grandchildren were thrilled with their trucks'

4/5  Chris 'Great toy my little boy loved it and loved the fact he can put all his cars in and then carry it around the house to play wherever he wants to. Great price too.'

5/5  Nanto6 'My little granddaughter loves this transporter complete with cars on one side and room for more on the other. It is really sturdy and can be carried easily. I bought this together with the Chad Valley Driftstone Garage and both were a hit and really good value for money.'

5/5  WonderWoman 'Good product although my 5 year old struggles to open the sides ATM. Lovely cars that come with it so she's happy.'

5/5  Steph 'Perfect for my two year old and so cheap.'

5/5  Melissa1906 'Bought this for a 4 year old and he absolutely loved it. Easy to use, fun and durable just what every 4 year old needs.'

5/5  Nikki1976 'Bought this for my friends little boy and he loves playing with it. His mum Is happy too as the cars go back inside so its tidy.'

5/5  Lucy38 'He loves this transporter. It was great that it came with some cars too.'

4/5  Sammie 'My great nephew loved this! Plenty of room to add more cars on but not too big and bulky. A good little buy.'

4/5  Suey 'Good value for money buying x2 together grandchildren love it and spend time putting the cars away - cheap and cheerful'

5/5  VNP 'Light weight and easy to carry for a child.'

4/5  Jean 'Our two-year-old grandson just loved it, The top handle was so useful as he carried it around.'

4/5  Samii 'I bought this as a birthday present for a car mad little boy and it went down a storm! A little heavier than I would expect but he loves it.'

5/5  Ellie 'Bought for a Xmas present for my grandson so haven't actually seen it. However I am told that he loved it. The service was very good.'

5/5  Cee 'Really good value for money'

5/5  ShoppingRB 'Great value for money. Grandson loved this and played with it for ages. There is a handle so once loaded it can be carried around. Very pleased with the purchase.'

5/5  Debbie 'My little great nephew loved it. He sat on the truck and scooted it round, played with truck and the cars also. A very sturdy toy, that gave him hours of fun.'

5/5  Pete 'Grandson loves it... highly recommended'

3/5  Tallulah 'It’s a great basic toy that I got in the 2 for £15 offer. It’s great carry around for a load of match box size cars however there is one flaw... the pockets for each car are ridiculously narrow. My son (4 years) has to put the truck on its side in order to put the cars in otherwise they kept falling out as he was putting them in. Apart from that hiccup, which like I say we found a solution, it’s a fun cheap gift for someone who’s really into cars!'

5/5  Mick 'Exactly what my grandson wanted and at a great price so all the 4 boys got one.'

5/5  Brenda 'Very basic toy but strong and sturdy enough for my grandson to use as a sit and ride toy. I'm happy with my purchase'

5/5  Pokosomi 'Nephew loves this, carries it everywhere'

4/5  Basenjiboy 'Xmas present for 3 year old - cars are a bit wide for the shelf’s & fall out when trying to put back in - otherwise was a hit with the kid'

5/5  ValM 'This was a big hit with my grand sons and was good value for money.'

4/5  Roo 'Great price for such a big toy, it’s a shame it doesn’t come full of cars but it’s the ideal gift for a little person who has lots of cars and needs somewhere to store them. Handy little carry handle tucked away on the top too. My daughter loved it!'

5/5  Jack 'Wagon is well worth the money'

5/5  Brendygirl 'For my toddler as Christmas gift. Not used yet. But looks lovely'

5/5  Nanty 'Good product quick order and assistants helpful'

5/5  Mally 'Perfect for nephew at Christmas. Ordering, paid, click and collect cuts out any waiting, go straight to click and collect counter. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Bennybb 'Was surprised by the content and quality of this item considering the price. Contains cars already but space for extra ones.'

5/5  Birdie 'Very good product worth it’s purchase hours of fun to be had'

5/5  Chelsea 'Bought for my cousins little boy excellent gift for small price'

5/5  Dekka1 'Unable to give a review as it is a Xmas present for someone else.'

5/5  Jannis 'I am sure this gift will excite the little boy it's for. Well done to the manufacturers . Good price .'

5/5  Immie 'Well worth the money'

3/5  M0xy123 'Its a fairly good size, ideal to take to grandparents or playdates'

5/5  Roo 'I bought this item as my boy loves playing with cars and getting the transporter to transport his cars will be so much easier for him to take them away with him, so he will always have cars to play with'

5/5  Kelly 'Perfect! My nephew is obsessed with cars at the moment and this is perfect for him. He absolutely love it.'

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