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Chad Valley Thunder Dome Race Track SetChad Valley Thunder Dome Race Track Set

About the Chad Valley Thunder Dome Race Track Set

The Chad Valley Thunder Dome Race Track Set is without question extremely cool. Coming with two (2) metal die-cast cars, this highly enjoyable continuous multi-level racing track set features a double loop and impact zone - no need to hold back, get zooming! Set the motorised launchers running and watch as the cars zip around the track, battling each other as they vie for victory at all costs even if it means taking the other out of the race! The track set has a length of l approximately 6.5m (size H47, W95, D85cm) and a top tip for additional fun is to combine the track pieces with other Chad Valley track sets, as they're fully compatible.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7074905
EAN/SKU: 7074905
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Chad Valley Thunder Dome Race Track Set Reviews

5/5   'My son is over the moon thanks Argos for that bargain love it!!!'

5/5  Sterlinglass 'Can’t comment as bought in the sale for an Xmas present lol but looked good looks like what I’d be looking for nearer the time so why not'

3/5  Fred 'Brought this a Christmas present for 3 year old boy. He liked it but it took 2 people, both with degrees, to put the item together and the fit was not easy to workout. It is also rather noisy'

4/5  Rupslive 'Overall good. Assembling encourages imagination. the car doesn't have the full speed to complete the 360. car design are robust though.'

3/5  Sarah 'Not amazing quality but great for the price. My son enjoys playing with it.'

4/5  Jason 'Great for the kids to race each other one, took a while to build'

5/5  Atik 'Instructions to put together were easy to understand and fun to put together. Race track is a good fit and fun to watch'

4/5  Sam 'This was a present for my nephew who is 4 years old. He really enjoyed it and found it entertaining and fun to play with.'

5/5  Sam 'This is a great wee toy and kids love it though it’s very noisy, it is pretty big also.'

4/5  Lynnie 'Good fun but a bit noisy'

5/5  Ashu 'This product is very good. My grandson really liked it very much. He is enjoying the car racing.'

5/5  Bodana 'Bit over complicated to put together. Cars go very fast around track. Too quick to keep in view. Good quality. Bit noisy but good for 3+ age group'

5/5  Sunflower 'Bought this for my 3 year old grandson, he loves it, if the squeals are anything to go by!'

5/5  Ccartwright 'It looks amazing and the kids absolutely love it!'

3/5  Zee 'The frame is a bit flimsy. The motor is loud and annoying. My son grew bored of it very quickly. Would not recommend at all'

5/5  Speedy 'Brilliant toy for our grandson for Xmas'

5/5  Tricia 'Fab track my son loves it'

4/5  Tay 'My two boys love it but it is very noisy'

5/5  Vince 'Kids still love to play from day one, super fun and exciting. Cars drive very fast, sometimes jumping out, lots of noise but it’s worth it!'

5/5  Kaywren 'Got on half price offer and my son loves it. Good big size. Bit annoying building it but to be expected.'

5/5  Chloe 'Bought as a Christmas present for my little boy does exactly the same as the named toys and it’s more than half the price'

5/5  Sannie 'Fantastic track bought for my son a little flimsy but really good for price and bigger than expected'

5/5  EH 'Perfect little track, goes super quick the boys love it. Seems durable but can't say for sure we've not had it that long.'

4/5  Bob 'Great products at the right price service with a smile so lost in todays world'

5/5  Pearson 'This product is brilliant wud really recommend'

5/5  Lavender 'My friends son loves this'

5/5  Johnny 'Great fun son loved it'

5/5  Jacques 'Would highly recommend this item it’s great value and super fun'

2/5  Anna 'I would not recommend as it’s not stable on the Ramps it comes apart with only after cars go around if you touch the track just slightly it will come apart'

5/5  Anna 'Had a hiccup at 1st as the one I brought was missing a part but once I had another one it was great fun'

5/5  Lisa 'Money well spent ...glad i brought it'

1/5  Blues 'Cheap, noisy and after 10 minutes - boring too! Don't bother buying this unless you are looking for the above - I couldn't wait to take it to the charity shop and the kids haven't asked for it again.'

4/5  Motherduck 'My children enjoy playing with this set- it makes the car goes fast which is a great feature!'

5/5  Meil 'It arrived with a tortured box but the guys at Argos ordered another for next day'

5/5  HonestKen 'A great toy bought for my grandson, took a while to build but great fun when finished. Superb value bought extra cars to use with it. Totally recommended and don’t forget the batteries.'

5/5  Granma 'My son set this up on Christmas day it entertained my grandson so much he still had presents to open later in the day'

5/5  Martin73 'Fabulous for the price. Works with D batteries and fun to put together. The only problem was with the grinding sound. Newer models should aim for noise reduction.'

5/5  Kirsty 'Brilliant value for money my nephew was made up.'

5/5  Ladyk 'Kids play with it all the time there so happy and laugh at how fast the cars go around'

1/5  Lb 'Brought this on offer so thought we were getting a bargain but is not good at all. Very flimsy and the launcher isn’t powerful enough to send the cars round. After 2 days it stopped working altogether and was returned.'

5/5  Charlie31312 'Me and my newphew had great fun with this product. To anyone thinking of buying...DO!!!'

5/5  Si78 'Easy to set up and works well. It would be good if you could deviate the track design to try new things out. Overall very good for the price'

5/5  Katy 'My recieved this for his birthday from my Aunty he was very happy with it and loves the idea he can play with his cousins with it. I have gave a 3 for quality, durability and fun as we haven’t set it up yet, it looks good quality but we won’t know until it’s set up'

1/5  Jennifer 'Do not recommend, son spent time building it up only for it to work once then suddenly stopped.'

3/5  Reviewer 'A good toy for young children. Bigger than it looks online, the box is too big to post.'

5/5  Qq 'It is fab. Recommended'

5/5  Shan 'Amazing for kids to play with'

5/5  Nana 'For grandson great fun'

4/5  Hayley 'Bought this my 4 year old son he loves it and has hours of fun playing with it.'

1/5  Deano 'Do not buy. Bought at half price, built it, put batteries in and it didn’t work. Exchanged for another one, tried batteries in and it worked, so I they built it. Lasted 5 minutes then stopped working. If you want one of these invest in a hot wheels one.'

4/5  Gbmraith94 'For the price this is excellent. Took about 30 mins to build ( too complicated for a child to build). Niece loved it and spent 2 hours with it then came back to it again. Can take other cars off similar size.'

5/5  Irene 'A birthday gift but needed help building it , but my great nephew loved it'

1/5  Gupta 'Worst product I have ever seen; not even a single part fit properly; time waste; money waste; I got refunded'

3/5  Ryders 'Kids loved it for the first 3 hours then the motor packed in and wouldn't shoot the cars out along the track so have now taken back. Also very flimsy in build'

1/5  Scott 'My nephew has got one of these and it is worth the money and keeps the kids entertained. But when I purchased this item for my son during the assembly I noticed it was missing parts and also the spinner that shoots the cars around the track didn't have enough power to even push the car. But in saying this I returned it to my local Argos store and they refunded me straight away.'

5/5  Jenn 'This product was brilliant - he absolutely loved it! It's rather noisy, but for any children who love cars it is absolutely perfect. A bargain for the price!'

4/5  Laura11011 'Bought for my son he absolutely loved it, the only thing was the cars do not always stay on the track for very long they always end up falling off plus it’s not very sturdy even with the legs properly in place.'

5/5  Gem 'Bought for my nephews birthday. Very easy to assemble and it's quite big which he loved more. Great purchase for the price'

5/5  Sadie1304 'The track is bought was for my grandson. He loves it and plays with it all the time. He can manage to put it together by himself. It was a good buy. I would recommend this.'

4/5  Polz 'It looks great and my son just loved it so I am happy. however only downside I thought its quality. the tracks cant really balance well after all assembly. The leveling should be better. but kids can somehow manage to play on it . It would have been great if they could reduce the noise level . overall its good toy for boys who crazy for cars and tracks .'

5/5  Marion 'From what I have heard from there parents they love the toy ..worth the money so a happy nanny'

5/5  Tommy 'Fantastic toy hours of fun and durable'

1/5  Tam 'I’ve bought it as a birthday present for a little boy, and I was surprised when we opened it - the box was already opened and some parts were missing! It was my worth experience.'

5/5  Lindz 'It's brilliant! I got it for my little boy's fifth birthday. The first track we got was short of a piece of track but Argos exchanged no problem. Really recommend it as it's easy to put together and stays together really well. It's proved to be hours of fun for my little one and it's good to try different vehicles out two. Just needs to be noted that it that's 3 batteries so remember to order two packs! :)'

4/5  Ched695 'Good strong but it’s a bit noisey'

3/5  Chelz 'My son loves this track, he's 2 and a half. There was a couple pieces that was hard to put together. The only downfall to this product is that it is so loud!'

3/5  Hawkeye 'Bought this as a slightly cheaper alternative to Hot Wheels race track. Far too flimsy and floppy for the cars to stay on track. The supports don't hold the track steady and consequently the cars fly off instead of looping the loop, although my grandson thought this was brilliant. It's worth mentioning that only the cars supplied with this set will actually complete (sometimes) the circuit as Hot Wheels cars appear to be too small. It's also very NOISY!!'

3/5  Bugs 'Track difficult to assemble and easily broken.'

1/5  Deb 'Put batteries in started OK then died'

4/5  Bridie 'This was a great gift for my 4 year old cousin. Was fairly easy to put together. The cars are shot out of the trap very fast which is entertaining. Good quality gift.'

4/5  Mark 'Can only do one track Need to use the right size cars (2 Supplied) Brittle plastic Not compatible with other tracks of the same brand (was hoping it was) 4 days after Christmas not played with since (5 year old)'

4/5  Asgard 'Great bit of fun the cars shoot around the track as they go through two driven wheels, just a bit loud though.'

1/5  Bi 'My son opens son Christmas Day but batteries in and didn’t work he was so disappointed'

3/5  Sarah 'Got for my 2 boys ages 7 and 10 they were so excited to get it set up and play. First of all it took my 17 yr old son around 45 mins to set up secondly the noise it makes is deafining but that's not the worst. It is useless as only worked for 24 hrs after that the cars go only halfway around track before stopping. Also uses 4 d batteries which don't last more than a day which makes it very pricey. Not worth it'

5/5  Kate 'I purchased this for my son's 4th birthday. It was fairly simple to set up and it's a really good size. It's not flimsy so it's pretty durable. It requires 3x D batteries for the 2 car pushers to work. You push the cars towards to rotating pushers and it flings them up and around the track. There are 2 cars included. The cars eventually collide or coke off the track. My little one loves toy cars & this really did impress him. It's a little noisey but worth it!'

5/5  Toby 'Attractive toy for a child, includes to motors which engine your cars. Fun for those who like crashes ;)'

3/5  Jeffrey 'Four year old loves it, but doesn't play with it for long periods of time as he finds the motor quite noisy. After assembling the track (not for the faint of heart), we found one of the finger guard pieces (blue piece covering motorised wheel housing) to be broken. I called the number on the instruction sheet to get a replacement part; the cs advisor was lovely and took the details and phoned me back within a few days only to say that it is an imported toy and that no spare parts were available.'

5/5  Gary 'A great value christmas present'

5/5  Maz 'You 4 year old loves this toy loves to see the cars crash too'

5/5  Fayaz 'Kids enjoying so much with this truck.'

1/5  Missgemma123 'Bought this item for my son's 5th birthday, not impressed at all it didn't work when I first got opened it is had to try 3 different brands of brand new batteries so it wasn't use able untill 3 days after he wanted to.play with it and then when it finally did work it doesn't do what it's supposed to the cars don't even shoot enough to make it up the first ramp! Very disappointed mum and child now!'

5/5  MrsWright25 'My son loves his new track. Brilliant value for money and size definitely a must buy for kids who love racing tracks'

5/5  Bobkat 'My grandson absolutely loves this toy. Easy to put together'

5/5  Hills 'He loved it he love's car's brought a big smile to his face'

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