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Chad Valley Super Loop Speedway Track Playset

About the Chad Valley Super Loop Speedway Track Playset

The Chad Valley Super Loop Speedway Track Playset is an unquestionable must have for al novice car enthusiasts. Comes complete with some fantastic Porsche GT3 authorized autos, ten (10) metres of track and three (3) distinctive format variations, pick your car and get zooming!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9143834
EAN/SKU: 9143834
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Chad Valley Super Loop Speedway Track Playset Reviews

5/5   'After a lot of research on internet found this for my 10 yr old autistic boy. Took about 45 minutes to assemble. Found it much easier to assemble than similar products . All parts are clearly identified and instructions easy to follow so it was quite good. Finally most important thing is my son loves it. It is now an activity we do together . So really pleased. And the fact i got this on half price offer made it even better. Thanks argos.'

5/5  Moon 'Bought this for grandson lot bigger than we thought. Will probably entertain the 4 year old and thirteen year old.'

5/5  Brad L 'Recently purchased this for my little nephew, he's mad about cars so I'm now the greatest uncle ever !!! It took his dad about an hour to put together, and they had great fun . Highly recommend .'

5/5  Lillie 'I brought this looping speedway track for my sons 7th Birthday. I was abit worried with the prices dropping to £25 but i am amazed how big, durable and fun it is! Im so glad i btought it!! My son hasent stopped playing with it. Took half an hour to build but thats because its so big :) The only negative i would have is that it could do with a couple more barriers if youger children were using it :) but myself and my son are 100% happy. Happy son! Happy Mummy! Happy Customers :)'

4/5  Honor 'As stated on the instructions it says leave a hour for set up I would definitely leave it 2 to 3 hours as it Took for ever and three people to build. Once built it works perfectly but you have to find the right amount of pressure for the trigger and the car is just kept falling off of the track which was a nuisance so we ended up packing away.. it is very sturdy and durable but I would recommend it for the older generation Rather than kids or preteens'

3/5  Bluenose 'Would have been a nice toy Poor instructions Plastic poor quality'

5/5  Jeavo85 'Absolutely huge track and an absolute bargain of a price great durability and spares for the contacts on the cars'

5/5  Flora 'Amazing value for money! Both our daughters have been having hours of fun racing (and crashing haha). Great fun and great this track comes with more than 1 layout so the fun lasts even longer. Definitely would recommend this to anyone. All scalextrics can be time consuming putting together but more than worth it in the end. Easy to assemble (if you've set up a track before) easy to use (even our 3 yr old can) easy to take apart.'

5/5  Soniccxx 'My boyfriend loved his Christmas present, awesome for kids of all ages, including adults apparently :)'

4/5  Hanuman 'Recommend this for creative thinking'

4/5  Jess 'Pleased with this, got for my 4 and 8 year old boys and they liked it. Difficult to stop the cars coming off the track though and there aren't enough barriers to prevent this either.'

1/5  Vj 'Spent 3 hrs on xmas day trying to put this together. Instructions are not very good and the loop could not be built as the connections were male male. Gave up and made the circuit with out the loop. 5 mins later it burnt out!!'

5/5  Lee 'A top racetrack. It is massive! You can make more than the three suggested layouts. Putting it together is simple due to the specific connections, but all the parts are numbered and the instructions easy to follow. You get a tranformer plug with this so no battery worries. The lead from the controller to the track is a bit short, but it keeps you closer to the action. Comparing it to the other well known brand it's a bargain and great value for money.'

5/5  Martin 'I have two kids and they are enjoying a lot this product. It is worth every penny.'

5/5  Boyana 'Santa brought this Super Loop Speedway Track Playset for our 7years old son and he just loved it.His dad loves it too :))) Would definitely recommend it!'

4/5  Porky 'This is a Christmas gift so I can't comment to much'

5/5  From: @RyuOnline 'Really happy with this track set. Lots of track, works great, works with other Chad Valley track & cars. My son loves this, been waiting for this in the sale again since he got the smaller figure of 8 track last year. One negative is the track for a child is hard to take apart but other than that it's brilliant. Word of advice regarding the Chad Valley Super loop set that is £30. For the extra track you get for £10 you can make the super loop layout with this larger set anyway.'

5/5  From: Shropshire Las 'Brought for my son age 5, great fun, easy to use'

4/5  From: Cookiemonster 'The track is very good my son loves it i would reckonmend this one'

4/5  From: Bob 'Does what it says on the tin'

4/5  From: Dazzler 'It's a great purchase and my son loves it'

3/5  From: Imran 'Got this product week ago. My 4 years old son loved it. It's also have fun for elder ages as well. The only disadvantage that if you have small rooms you can't enjoyed because it requires big space......'

3/5  From: Mk 'Fun but it takes all the space if I assemble when my son finishes I have to undo it.And it takes long time to fix it'

5/5  From: Patel '100% Kids enjoy Very impressive product.'

5/5  From: Dax B 'A great alternative to the usual makes. Cheaper and you do get more for your money. First time? Choose this over the more expensive products as breakages do occur within play so you will not spend alot in the first place. Loads of different ways to set up so boredom not the issue'

3/5  From: Gill 'Lovely big race track. A bit tricky to master for younger children and pieces keep snapping off not to mention the metal brushes under the cars wearing away very quickly but overall good fun'

5/5  From: Am 'My 4 year old grandson and his dad loved playing with this toy Great value'

5/5  From: Gem 'Love this track!! Is huge compared to what I thought it would be. I was over the moon, freak out happy that they plug directly into the mains!!!! WOW!!!! Hours of fun, NO batteries required, (even me & the hubby have become rather competitive on it) Def one of my best Christmas buys and good quality super price. LOVE IT!!!!'

5/5  From: Catkins88 'Brought for husband he had hours of fun, he loved it so much he brought a 2nd one to make an awesome huge track'

5/5  From: Del X 'Absolutely brilliant'

5/5  From: Amanda 'Bought for my 5 year old to replace the scalextrix thay didn't work. This is far better, bigger and sturdier. Fiddly to put together but when you've done it once, it's easy.'

5/5  From: Rupe 'Brilliant product..great fun and easy to set up and use.'

1/5  From: Roger 'Took a long time to set up. Easy to break track connections. Cars lost power often and come off the track very easily. Poor quality throughout. Avoid.'

5/5  From: Kaye 'This product was a christmas present for my 6yr old, the track itself is a lot larger than I thought it would be,(will need a large floor area when built) good quality, took a little time to build however don't see it going back in the box for awhile! Controls are basic and easy enough for anyone to use also works perfect on carpeted flooring'

5/5  From: Tank 'Excellent for my 6yr old boy and he loves it. Hours of fun'

2/5  From: Grampy 'The track is very brittle and the fixings break very easy, don't anticipate this product lasting vey long especially if you wish to put away and reassemble. On initial build bits of the track was snapping off.'

5/5  From: Stephen 'My nephew was over the moon to receive this as a Christmas present'

5/5  From: Samantha13 'I am very happy and my kids will be on Christmas day'

1/5  From: G Man 'I bought this for my 8 years old nephew. Took it to Germany to give it to him, put together the car did not work. Bought the 6 v and 8 v adaptor and tried no luck. That was complete waste of money. I would not recommend to anyone.'

5/5  From: Kes024 'Great product, well worth the price.'

5/5  From: Kelster84 'The racetrack is an outstanding toy which has hours of endless fun, really recommend it.'

4/5  From: Chas26 'Got this for my 3 year old son and he absolutley loves it, dosent stop playing it. The size of it is brilliant and its not flimsy like other ones. Also the family can join in which is good. Would reccomend for any little boy that loves racing cars.'

3/5  From: Lea 'The pieces of track are quiet flimsy and easy to break. The assembly is quiet straight forward. Hardest part are the loops'

4/5  From: Sue 'I brought this for my grandsons birthday and he will get hours of fun from it.'

5/5  From: Mids45 'This product is of excellent value and keeps young children entertained . My grandson loves watching the cars do loop the loop .this product also brings joy and laughter ,I would highly recommend it to any parent or grandparent to buy'

1/5  From: Docz 'Whilst the length of the track is impressive compared to others on the market, the track cannot be constructed by 5 year olds. It is too complex. The pieces are fragile and several broke when rearranging the track on the first day used. Disappointing.'

5/5  From: Granny 'This product has great features'

1/5  From: Anna81 'Bought as a Christmas present for our son who wanted a slot car set with loop the loops. The track was quite fiddly to build. The cross over sections could not be used because if they were, one controller made both cars run at the same time. The track is flimsy and brittle. Lots of the joining clips broke so after one pack up it was broken as (especially the two loops) would no longer hold together. This was adults doing the build, not our 5 year old. Incredibly disappointing for our son.'

5/5  From: Pero 'Ideal present for a 6 year old boy.'

5/5  From: Lucy1881 'Cannot be beaten especially at sale price'

5/5  From: Daff 'An excellent toy which will offer hours of fun;even for the adults!'

5/5  From: Chloe 'This was my 4 year old sons main Christmas present and he absolutely loves it, it's huge and great fun! I bought it at over half price but would have paid the full price as he enjoys it so much and it's cheaper than a main leading brand but more or less exactly the same!!'

3/5  From: ChrissyBoo 'Took over an hour to build and left no room for any other toys in the room! Fun toy if you have the space for it.'

5/5  From: Anu 'Excellent product for bargain. My children really enjoying it.'

5/5  From: Speedy 'Although this took most of the morning to set up and lots of growling, my little boy and husband had great fun playing it (husband more than my 4 year old). You do need a large space and this was stuck in the middle of my front room for a few days. We are going to attach to a large board so we can store it instead of setting it up when need. All in all great item.'

5/5  From: Rachel 'I bought this for my sons 7th birthday as he had been asking for a car racing set after playing with a different branded version at his friends house. My son was over the moon when he opened it and after it was all put together i could see why all the reviews were so great. It is good quality and has quite an extensive track layout which can be varied. It has been very entertaining for all the kids and adults that have played with it.'

2/5  From: Mammyfos 'Is a lovely track if u have the space to keep it built. Very flimsy connections so once you start taking it apart, they snap quite easily. Once built the track is great fun, but sadly returned due to the poor quality.'

4/5  From: Gayle 'This took ages for the adults to set up, but once done, our grandson had an absolute ball. The loops were a challenge to keep the car on, but he loves it none the less'

5/5  From: Danniandmatt 'My 6 year old loves this!'

4/5  From: Louane 'My grandson, aged 5 years, enjoyed playing with this speedway Track although it did take a while to put together and occupied a considerable area of the living room. If possible, should be erected in a separate playroom. Otherwise good value for money.'

4/5  From: Skw1107 'Bought for my son who is 3.5 yrs. Can make simpler tracks by using just part of it. This was great to get him used to it to start with or if you have less room. A little fiddly to take apart and the bridge supports arent as strong as would like bur generally v good.'

4/5  From: Mavisanne 'Very pleased it was more than we where expecting my grandson will love it on xmas day'

5/5  From: Tonihky 'Bought for my 4 year old son and he loves it. This product is also great value for money, once built it is huge and filled the room. Can make simpler tracks, and has instructions for 3 different large tracks. Would defo recommend'

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