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Chad Valley Rally Challenge

About the Chad Valley Rally Challenge

Race to triumph with this Chad Valley Rally Challenge playset. The circling track, with winners line and bumper barriers, is ideal for competing with loved ones and pals for hours of quick paced hustle bustle fun.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9075146
EAN/SKU: 9075146
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Chad Valley Rally Challenge Reviews

4/5   'I bought this set previously about a year back, and It had a manufacturing flaw on it. I only decided to buy another one because it was on a clearance sale, and at a very low price. Works Much better than the previous one I have'

5/5  Bev 'Not yet used this as I saw it on offer and saving it for my Christmas for my son'

5/5  Katie 'It does the job. It's small and perfect for a first chad rally challenge.'

5/5  KL 'Bought this last year for my son and had hours of fun so just purchased this again for my nephew for christmas'

4/5  Sadiebaby 'Very recommended for little boys loves cars as much as mine doesn't leave it alone'

5/5  Laura 'Great car tracks fun for both kids and grownups'

2/5  Baza 'Racing track looks good but flimsy and comes apart and car are sometimes stops have to fiddle'

4/5  Ash 'The product works well. my purchase unfortunately had a faulty car which didn't go around the track as quickly. Overall good product for children new to this type of toy. As the product is battery powered it may be a little slower for children used to playing with scalextrix'

4/5  Clo 'Does the job. Kids like it. Could be more sturdy though.'

4/5  Loulou 'Our 3.5yr old little boy loved this as soon as we opened the box however the cars don't last too long without you having to readjust the 2 silver wire "gliders" underneath. Quality is ok however I'm glad we got this when it was on offer as don't think it's worth the full price. great for little hands & no skill needed'

4/5  Lulu 'Ypu need to be careful as ypu can tell it's cheap and could break easy but my boys love playing on it'

3/5  Lor 'My son who is 3 enjoyed playing with this however it took a while to build and the racing cars kept coming off the track. it says it comes with barriers and start line but our model never had these. Maybe if these were on it it would have been better for him to play with.'

5/5  Naz 'Me and my children enjoyed playing this game as any one can join in excellent'

4/5  Big Rab 'Bought the race track for my grandsons 5th birthday and he loved it.'

5/5  Lee 'Great little toy for the price, easy to assemble, quick to use and no fuss.'

5/5  Jacky 'The racetrack looks great, it easy to assemble and my 3 children love it and there age range is from 6 to 13. It is great value for the money.'

4/5  Becci 'Easy to put together and take apart, very simple to use. Perfect for my sons first electric car set.'

1/5  Muhib 'Absolutely rubbish for the money'

4/5  Ds Dad 'Good product for what it costs. Easy to put together and use.'

5/5  Grandad Tony 'I bought this Chad Valley car set for my four year old great grandson, and he absolutely loves it . He plays with it every time he comes round.'

1/5  Lolo46 'Looked great value but we had a very disappointed young man when we couldn't get this working in his birthday'

4/5  Dan 'Good buy it's quite basic but good fun and strong'

4/5  Cbb 'Bought for 3 year old who lived the track, however the first one had to be returned as some of the track had metal connections missing. The second set had faulty connections on one of the cars but we were able to fix this. Overall for the price this set is OK but not the best quality.'

5/5  Bhxx 'I purchased this as a gift for a family friend! The boys couldn't wait to unbox and play! It was easy to put together and encouraged them to step away from the iPads and play together! Great product highly recommended'

5/5  Jnmc 'Purchased for my 4 year olds birthday, great present which he absolutely loved and has had lots of fun with. Would highly recommended especially for the price of it'

5/5  Orangesandlemons 'Bought for a 5 year old boy, easy to set up & use. Hours of fun not to big, great fun racing on your own or with a friend.'

3/5  Vixon 'My husband loved this'

5/5  Lou 'The race track is easy to use, simple to put together. Easy instructions and keeps the kids entertained.'

5/5  Truble 'Great keep kid playing for a few hours'

4/5  Tom 'Great for father and son.'

1/5  Kayleigh 'Should of just brought a scaletrix really rubbish'

4/5  Georgia 'Brought this for my nephew for Christmas and he absolutely loves it hasn't stopped playing with it'

5/5  Shan 'My 8,4 and 3yr old have really enjoyed playing with this over xmas. We put the cars on the same track and add imaginative role play to make it exciting. I've even caught myself racing the kids!'

4/5  Marjee 'Bought 2 sets for my grandsons for Christmas they loved it only requires 3 batteries which is good as others require a lot more'

4/5  Groundcontrol85 'Great product but stickers keep peeling off'

5/5  Holly 'Chad valley quality easy to set up and use battery operated means can be used anywhere great'

4/5  Cat 'Great item my 4 year old has has many hours of fun with this item'

5/5  Naz 'This was for my cousin and he loved it...'

5/5  Nic 'I bought the Chad Rally Challenge for my little nephew. I was very pleased with it! It was easy to put together and worked very well. he hasn't stopped playing on it since and i would recommend this product highly.'

1/5  Andy 'Took this back for a refund. The stickers don't stay on the track and there aren't enough.cars don't go round properly, so frustrating. Getting the cars to connect properly is impossible, every minute they stop and you have to play about underneath to get them to work. The blue plastic car on ours wasn't moulded properly either so the back wheels rubbed on the arches, meaning it wouldn't go up the incline. Very poor cheap toy. I wouldn't recommend at all. Get a scalextric and spend a little more'

5/5  Jwiseman 'I found this product easy to put together. my son loves playing with his 'cars'.'

5/5  Sonia 'Happy with product Christmas present x'

5/5  Vb 'Great item'

5/5  Proud Grandma. 'Picture looks great surly anything that is fast is going to hold a small child attention. Christmas morning should be fun!!!!'

5/5  Sharon 'I am hoping my grandson will love it . bought as an xmas gift. I like to start early.'

5/5  Brownbear 'The first track we got didn't work, must have been something wrong with the connecting tracks but it was exchanged without any quibble and the second one works perfectly. He particularly loved putting the stickers on the cars but enjoys watching the cars go round and round. It takes a little bit of skill from a 3yr old to get the speed right so that the cars don't go flying off the track when pressed too hard but he was very proud of himself once he got it. A v good inexpensive present.'

1/5  Ziyad 'Bought for my son not a quality product track has cracks and cars are cheap and fall apart'

1/5  Nallan 'If the size of the tiny box doesn't make you wonder why you paid this much for it, then when you take it out and set it up you'll see that it wasn't worth bothering in the first place!'

5/5  Paul 'This was so easy to put together and aside from the fact that all the adults loved it - my 3 year old godson said it was "amazing". Probbaly slightly better for 4-5 year olds when the age of eating the cars gets old, but nevertheless a great buy and even better value for money.'

5/5  Grace 'Bought as a a gift for my nephew. He loves it.'

5/5  Angela76 'Excellent quality, easy to put together and take apart when storing. My 7 year old has had hours of fun...cars can go pretty fast'

5/5  Michael 'This product was purchased as a gift for my nephew who absolutely loved it, along with my older nieces and nephews who joined in on the fun, it is definitely enjoyable even for older ages! Perfect gift'

5/5  Steptacular99 'Bought for my sons 5th birthday. It was easy to set up and he's loved playing with it. Even my almost 2 year olds is able to play it with him. Cars rarely come off the track even at full speed. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Ckprop 'Purchased for a three year old,the track is easy for an adult to build,not at all easy for a child to dismantle.the cars are stable on the track {]considering with my grandson and friends }there is only one speed,flat out. battery operated so safe to use. good value for money'

4/5  John 'Bought to keep my grandson happy whilst visiting. He, as well as his father, enjoyed playing with it. Time will tell how durable it is, however it's well worth the money.'

5/5  Mpresluv 'Excellent Product..Kept the children going for hours..Easy to assemble..Fun Play.'

5/5  Dil 'This product is super for a simple-to-put-together toy that is actually fun to use. There is only a limited number of track designs that you can build with this set but then, it is well worth the money. We booked our item online and had to drive 35 miles away from home to get it because all of the other stores were sold out of it. That just goes to show you how popular it is. I would recommend buying this product as soon as you can!'

5/5  Zoez 'Brilliant quality, easy to put together product. Only set back is that the car sometimes gets stuck and when in assembling it sounds like you're snapping the track to get it apart! But this just shows how durable it is. Brilliant fun!'

5/5  Chrissie02 'Very happy as it was a very good price'

5/5  Menekse 'Our son spent hours playing with it and built different routes.'

5/5  Eddy '100% better than scalectric car sets'

5/5  3mma 'Bigger then expected my 4year old loves this . Fairly easy to put together the track itself is nice and thick so won't break easily. Just check the car's sometimes need to pull the shell from the back wheels otherwise it won't move but other then that no problems.'

5/5  Dave09 'Bought this as a Christmas present for our 5 year old grandson. He loved it, and so did his older sisters! Dad and grandad played too! As a first racetrack toy it is fine, especially as it is battery operated for younger children. But make sure you have spare batteries, as everyone will want to play.'

5/5  Ash 'Really good product for the price, bought my 4 year old for Christmas and he loved it,'

5/5  Mama Kaz 'This is a great track for 2.5 year old boy, he loves it, so does his daddy,'

5/5  Val 'My grandson and Granda enjoy playing with this track not to hard for my 4 year old grandson to use on his own.'

4/5  K86 'My 4 year old son loved this for his birthday, quite fiddly to click together and stick on all the white lines for the roads and they come back off quite easily but cars run well on the track and my boy happily plays for ages with it.'

4/5  Kathr 'Ideal first car driving set for young ones grandson played with it for a long time and keeps going back to it so a good purchase all round'

4/5  Tricky 'It's a good game and battery's last along time'

3/5  San 'Have good imaginative thinking for kids to play and compete. I would say its worth of its price compared to other similar products in market.'

5/5  Squeezie 'This product was very easy to put together (and lots of fun to test it). My grandson who is 3 found it very easy to use and thoroughly enjoys racing the cars around the track. Would recommend it to anyone.'

2/5  Weedie88 'Got this for my little boys 5th birthday. Used it for about 10 minutes, kept it built up in the corner. Went to play with it a few hours later and the blue car didn't go around at all. Fixed it using the additional piece supplied to fix it but surely it shouldn't have broken after so short a time Track is very stiff to put together and very stiff to take apart. A child wouldn't be able to do it at all'

5/5  Tina 'Very 3asy to put together batteries last quite a while my don loved playing with it'

5/5  Whinge 'Bought this to take on holiday with us and it worked really well, had spare batteries, although they were not needed. Cars are much faster than I expected for battery power. Track could be slightly sturdier, but for this price it is a winner.'

5/5  Sarah 'Great toy my 5yr old and 2 yr old luv playing with it'

5/5  Nataliee 'Great for my daughter'

4/5  Carrie O 'Very easy to use as only one button so perfect for younger children. Also the cars stay on the track well so no need to keep putting them back on. My 5 and 2 yr old have had lots of fun with this. Originally thought it was faulty as couldn't get it to work when first set up but after rechecking all connections managed to get it to work.'

5/5  Sunny 'My little boy loves his new toy! He is very imaginative. I will recommend it to any one'

5/5  Sanju 'I bought this product to present for my friend's boy's birthday. He along with his friends found it very interesting they couldn't get rid of it easily. I think this is an amazing product for kids.'

5/5  Susieash 'My Grandsons aged 6 & 3 really love playing on this - I would recommend it and it is good value for money'

2/5  Acks 'Not much interaction after building the track'

5/5  Happy 'Just as good as the more expensive named brand. Highly recommended'

5/5  Denise 'Bought this for my 7 year old nephew he absolutely loves it glad i purchased'

5/5  Elmer 'This kept the kids happy for hours. doesn't take long to assemble.'

4/5  Mark W 'This track is perfect for young children as it is almost impossible for the cars to come of the track meaning the both my 2yr old and 5 yr old could play together without the need for me to have to keep putting the cars back on the track.'

5/5  Rook 'Good, old fashion toy, which still provides lots of fun. Great for any child in any age.'

1/5  Amy 'I was hoping for my son play on it on xmas day and it doesnt work it looks like its bin opend and taped back up so now ive got drag it back to argos along with some ova stuff that dont work'

5/5  Graham 'This product has a 5+ age rating, but it was enjoyed immensely by people from age 2 to late 30s. It takes a little time to build it - 15 minutes for me. The controls are easy, just one button per car. 2 people can race at a time, simply by putting the included cars on the track and pressing the button on the individual controllers. Highly recommend.'

5/5  Bella 'This product has had my grandchildren entertained over christmas for hours .The track was easy to set up and the instructions very easy to follow. The cars are very durable and stayed on the track most of the time .'

3/5  H 'The product is good if the cars worked properly so having to take it back but otherwise lots of fun for my 3 year old but then he was upset that the cars didn't work properly.'

5/5  Emzi 'Bought this for my nephews 5th birthday, easy to set up, can start playing in about 15 minutes once the track is all slotted together. Comes with 2 cars which is handy as he has an older brother (6yr). The speed is smooth & even if your holding the controller at full speed the cars take the bends nicely & didn't come off the tracks (which is my memory of early scalextric tracks I used to play with my brother when we were kids). Battery operated, uses 3aa's so keep them in supply! Good fun'

5/5  Sally 'My Grandson loved it ,him and family had great fun playing with it .'

4/5  Nicola 'My son who is 4 years old loves this track. Really good value for money.'

5/5  Emj 'Bought this for my 4 year old nephew who is mad about racing cars and he loves it. Bigger than I thought it would be but so much fun.'

4/5  Mou 'I bought it for my friend's son...he loved it.'

4/5  Mummy Moo 'Bought for my friend's 4 year old son and he absolutely loves it. Very good value for money'

5/5  19 'I bought for my 9 years old nephew, he loved it, and enjoys plying it.'

5/5  HMCM 'Bought this for my 2 and a half year old son who loves cars, he thoroughly enjoys playing with this and is easy to use. Took a while to put together but once done is sturdy and cars are ready to race!!'

5/5  Imz 'Excellent toy and great value for money, the kids really enjoy the racing set, great purchase.'

4/5  Linda 'My grandchild is enjoying this toy'

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