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Chad Valley Looping Express Track SetChad Valley Looping Express Track Set

About the Chad Valley Looping Express Track Set

Ready, Set, Go! With over five (5) metres of track to gain spectacular momentum, the adrenalin pumping Chad Valley Looping Express Track Set creates the ultimate racing experience for little ones. The two (2) looping tracks generate adds that extra spice to an exhilarating race as you go full throttle on the controller to win against a friend or family member! Two speed controllers and cars included (W188, D94cm).

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7249747
EAN/SKU: 7249747
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Chad Valley Looping Express Track Set Reviews

5/5   'Excellent value for money.'

5/5  Terry 'The kids love this -'

5/5  Cc 'Brought for my son for Christmas he absolutely loves it hours of fun. Good value for money would recommend'

1/5  AT 'Unfortunately one of the cars wasn’t working which was a shame for Christmas Day. Car that works does well considering it’s battery and not mains powered.'

1/5  Jamie 'Part missing son couldnt play it christmas and argos not helping me now'

5/5  Rob 'He can't keep the cars on the track, but the way they fly around the room makes him happy :))'

5/5  HB 'Good price for a fun toy - abit to put together but we got there :)'

5/5  Shopper 'Very exciting fun toy'

1/5  Alison59 'Very hard to build and track doesnt fit together. Took it back and got a different one'

1/5  Rae 'Be careful before putting together, ensure all connectors are working correctly. I spent an hour assembling only to find the connecting remote controls didn’t fit in the corresponding sockets. Lady at Argos was also surprised at the quality'

5/5  Lou 'Got this for my nephew who is 2 1/2 and he absolutely loves it best thing CB in the world to him as he's car Mad. So I'm very pleased with my purchase'

5/5  Keisha 'Bought for friends kids, they absolutely loved it.'

5/5  Kingl0ng 'Absolutely Fabulous.'

5/5  Olena 'Lots of fun for 4 years one, 2nd day playing no problem, very happy'

4/5  Evija 'I bought it only for 18.40£. Its so cheap. A bit difficult to put together but we managed. And my son loves it.'

5/5  Eric 'Good toy not bed quality'

4/5  Shorna 'Bought as a present so not used yet but looks good I’m sure the kids will love it'

3/5  M0xy123 'Is a little flimsy but kids seem to enjoy it. Bot as good as the old ones back in the day.'

5/5  Jubjub 'Great value for money, will have hours of fun. Tough enough for little enthusiastic hands'

1/5  Ak 'It was difficult to set up and cars did go. Returned the item.'

5/5  Sjv 'He enjoy a how easy this is to control. Spends ages watching the cars go round.'

5/5  Jinty 'Bought as a Christmas present for my grandson.'

5/5  Angie 'It will give my grandson hours of fun'

4/5  Kellyjj 'Bought for a 2 & 4 yr old - very good substitute for the big brand of slot track! The kids love it, just a bit complicated to build. It even comes with a few spare plastic lugs to keep the cars on the track.'

5/5  Rigpig81 'Great piece of kit, well put together, not too hard on batteries compared with other brands. tricky to control at first due to the speed, but once up and running its great fun. We have bought another one now, joined together and made a massive track. Great fun.'

5/5  Badyllo04 'Perfect item for that price my son play it almost every day'

5/5  Jacques 'Great fun keeps my son entertained for hours! Highly recommended'

5/5  Geeb 'Bought for 3 year old nephew. To be honest at that age he struggles to control it too well, however, he absolutely loves it!'

5/5  Mummy 'My child loves his new race track he has hours of fun with it and best of all he can share and enjoy with his daddy too'

5/5  Muhammad 'Very good game, price is good too. Thanks'

4/5  Vick 'Great value for a child’s present!'

4/5  Finleybo 'When putting track together take your time and follow instructions very carefully. One section of track is a bit of a ......... well yes. Worth it in the end though'

5/5  Stuey 'Very easy to use and set up also great delivery service'

5/5  Zsolt 'Great fun for every member of the family.'

4/5  Cesar 'The price/qulaity ratio is great. I think it is tough to assemble and takes up a lot of space, but other than that, it is a great toy for kid.'

5/5  Ducket 'One car need adjusted then it could make the loop'

5/5  Chattyjue 'This bought back memories of my childhood , I love these and enjoyed playing it with my nephew. Cars always fly off the corners though !! Think I’m out of practice'

1/5  AB 'Wish I had paid more attention to some of the other reviews. Track pieces missing so could not put together. Unable to replace as no availability from stores nearby. Also, did not want to get a replacement in case same thing happened again. I did ask if I could just be sent the missing pieces, rather than return everything, but that couldn't happen, which was a bit surprising as Argos owns Chad Valley.'

5/5  Robert 'A bit of a struggle to put it together once built it's great fun and easy to use.'

5/5  Bex 'Great toy, easily assembled and can be enjoyed by the whole family... definitely recommend. Very good for the price of it!'

5/5  Sammi 'My son thinks this is brilliant and easy to use and control'

5/5  James 'Very good value for money and has provided plenty of entertainment for the kids and adults too!'

5/5  Boo1 'Very pleased with it excellent value for the money'

5/5  Phill 'Once again another brilliant item from Argos brilliantly made kids loved it'

5/5  Lnl 'Fab product, great fun'

2/5  L79 'The speed control is very overly responsive - as a result, the cars rarely stay on the track. It either goes too fast to stay on the trqck or too slow to clear the loop-de-loop. Think we've managed to get it around the course Just once. Disappointing as it is a great price and looks good.'

1/5  Disgruntled 'One of the cars doesn't work so the product, a present for a child elsewhere, will be returned asap. Very disappointed.'

5/5  MDogg 'I bought this as a stocking filler for my daughter. I was surprised at how good it was for the price. Really good quality and she loves it.'

4/5  DaddysPresent 'A little tricky to put together with instructions but got there and worth every penny.'

5/5  Raymo 'I got this item cor my nephew for Xmas and as far as value for money this was a fantastic by he has already had hours of fun with it and there will be plenty more even his mum and dad are using it great product and overall great buy'

2/5  Ash 'This would be amazing fun if the cars stayed on the track.I feel the cars are to powerful it would work much better if the barriers around the track were bigger and better but they do not work and the cars do not make it around the track once without flying off many times. My boys would love it if this wasn't a problem and the track is very big and the cars are very fast it's just the problem with the barriers make this pretty unusable'

5/5  AmyHux 'This is an ideal gift for children and very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend the product. It is quite large and definitely value for money.'

4/5  Fred 'Bought this for my twin daughters for their birthday, they love it The loop the loop part is brilliant'

4/5  Sharon89 'Nice set which my kids enjoyed playing...loads of fun for the family.'

5/5  Sparkle 'My son aged 5 and husband spent most of christmas day on this. Enjoyed it some much, It was easy to set up and long battery life cars go round well and easy to use for any age very good with 2 loops extra bonus, very worth it for the price.'

5/5  Roger 'It's lovely but it uses lots of batteries.'

4/5  Hobby 'Very pleased Easy to ensemble'

5/5  Claire 'My two boys LOVED this track, easy to set up but bare in mind it does run on AA batteries. Played with it practically non stop for the first couple of days until one of the controllers became faulty. At least there is a customer care line to call to order spares etc.'

2/5  Dombash 'Bought this for my brother's kids. It was less than £15 so thought it would be small and not very good. HOW WRONG! It's huge. Great build quality and great fun. Complete bargain and can't recommend highly enough'

5/5  Christie24 'This was a Christmas present for my 3.5 year old and he loved it. My 5.5 year old did as well but the cars are quite flimsy as are the controllers. I don’t think they will last long with excited little ones. Great time though for the whole family while it lasts.'

4/5  Flubbsie 'My son asked for this from Santa; it was fairly straightforward to assemble and has provided hours of fun already. Quality is surprisingly decent for the money. Defo recommend.'

5/5  Nibs 'Not easy to keep the cars on the track for both child and adults so child gets bored very quickly'

2/5  Waled 'Nice cool stuff fun to use'

4/5  Brillo11 'Highly recommend, my grandson, his dad and me have had great fun playing with it.'

5/5  Inam 'Thank you for good service'

5/5  UnhappyCustomer 'I purchased this as my sons main Christmas present. When he opened it he was very excited so we started putting it together straight away. We were 3/4 of the way through when my partner came across a piece of track where the connector was broken. As you can imagine my young son was very upset and couldn’t understand why we had to put it all back in the box and he couldn’t play with it. The box had been celloptaped shut which gave us the impression that it had been returned previously and resold'

1/5  Motorsportydaryl 'Didn't come with instructions so had to go by the box. Spent hours trying to piece it together but just couldn't do it'

4/5  Grigore 'I think what I want is too many, I'm very happy'

5/5  Ryte 'Big fun for boys and even girls.play on your own or with friends'

5/5  Sarah 'Lot of fun all the time'

5/5  Gemma 'The toy turned up with bits missing the instructions weren't helpful and I've now got to return the item after wasting time building it.'

1/5  Wolfie 'It was easy to put together and has provided hours of fun for the kiddies (and for us grown ups!) Good value for money, sturdier than “Scalextric” branded sets we’ve had in the past with the added advantage of being cheaper. Comes with a pack of spare brushes and pins, which will come in useful. The first set we bought had a piece missing but we took it back and exchanged it with no fuss at all. Great service!'

5/5  Mich 'The track and cars where colourful and lots of fun for my 4 years old grandson he loves it. The cars went quite fast too.'

4/5  Blips3 'I was pleasantly surprised with this chad valley play set - the track is made of durable plastic and is relatively thick. Providing the track is removed according to the instructions there’s no reason as to why this won’t last a long time. THe only down side is that there are no instructions to show if the track can be reconfigured to a different shape but all in all a good value beginners introduction to racing tracks not too dissimilar to a much more expensive scaletrix.'

5/5  Sant 'Good this recomend after 3 yers old'

4/5  Dawneybee 'Fab race track nice and sturdy, my grandson loves it'

5/5  Caroline 'Very happy with my purchase'

5/5  BootsofByfleet 'Badly put together, poor quality, missing parts. Don't bother.'

1/5  Beti 'Good fun for kids and parents, just a bit hard to set up'

4/5  Zack 'Cars gets out of the tracks so easily.'

1/5  E 'Quite big so it will take some space Down side it takes me (adult) more than 1h to build it first time.'

5/5  Jojo 'Good track for 5 year olds the loops provide plenty of fun'

5/5  Cathryn 'Bought as a gift but it was tad complicated to set up even for adults. or maybe its just us. But really fun'

4/5  Nessa197 'Not the best toy to be honest the connectors break very easily as they are difficult to pull apart it took an eternity to put together as the instructions that come with it are not very clear at all. The best thing to look at is the graphic of the track with all the numbers on it. That was the only way we could work the connectors out. If you go too quickly the cars come off the track but if you go slowly the tracks don't go round the loops, not very well thought out at all'

3/5  Scooby 'This is great fun my grandson loves it so does the adults.'

5/5  Grrrr 'Parts were missing and several sections of the track had damaged and misshapen connectors for the track conductors, being Christmas Day morning some fairly extensive metal working was need to get it to go together and work. The missing parts were the supports to the raised track so a couple of books stood in for them. Good set but very poor quality. Bought from the new in store branch at Castle Vale which is an absolute nightmare to use, no self serve and not enough staff or tills open'

3/5  Jiffy57 'Controls are very toddler friendly and cars are robust enough to withstand a 4 year old usage.'

4/5  Rubbish 'Parts missing.....item unuseable grandchild in tears on Christmas day. Phoned customer service. They said "we don't supply replacement parts just take it back." Customer service from the dark ages. Good luck Sainsburys!'

1/5  Craig 'It was easy to put together. Good value for its size. Just big enough and tricky enough to keep the kids amused (5yo and 7yo) without being huge. Seems pretty robust so far. Cars and controls seem a bit flimsy but hopefully they will last.'

5/5  Vos 'It was fun to play with my kid for some time. My son liked it very much on the beginning but got bored quite quickly. Please note that one rail in plastic moulding was crashed. I had to remove it and bend it back to shape with some tools because it did not connect to the other parts. That is why it is only 2 stars for quality. Also you need to be careful where you put your foot because track parts are not that durable. Especially when you got young children.'

3/5  So 'Battery run out quickly. f7n.'

3/5  Turboted 'Great price and great first race track'

5/5  Lj 'A bit too fancy perhaps'

4/5  Tracy 'Brought this for my three year old nephew. He will have hours of fun with this.'

5/5  Janey 'Bought for Xmas present my daughter loves cars so will be lots of fun'

5/5  Vicky 'Got this for xmas for my grandson i know he's going to love it'

5/5  Fna81 'Nephew loves it and plays with his elder brother every other minute.'

5/5  Andy1970 'First off the instructions are appalling! Very tricky to put together due to the inadequate instructions. Once it's build it looks pretty cool BUT trying to keep the cars on the track is pretty difficult for an adult. For a child it's just hopeless. Would not recommend for younger children'

3/5  Jaz 'Perfect 4 year olds introduction to car track service. Battery powered so no wires to trip over. Well worth the money.'

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