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Chad Valley Looping Express

About the Chad Valley Looping Express

The Chad Valley Looping Express components two (2) Porsche GT3 autos, two (2) single loops, a lap counter, and a mains connector. The Chad Valley Looping Express offers the mini motor heads hours of quick paced, invigorating fun and zoom with their fun toy cars around the loops.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Looping Express Reviews

4/5   'Both me young kids enjoyed it a lot racing each other,good value for money.'

5/5  Maz 'Really good item really pleased with product'

4/5  Robbo 'Very good toy for a youngster but a fine line between having enough speed to do "the loop" then easing off to make sure you dont spin off on next corner'

5/5  Stu 'A fantastic first kit to introduce your child into the world of small electric cars. Very robust and great fun would reccomened to anyone.'

4/5  Jade91 'Brought for our two boys at Christmas 1st time they have had anything like it so i took me and the hubby a while to put together. Good quality and hours of fun to be had'

4/5  Kootles 'Loads of fun, nephew loved it.'

4/5  Reena 'I got this for my nephew and he loves it. Everyone can join in fab for family.'

1/5  MrsT 'Bought this for my grandson. Was fairly easy to assemble but one car broke within 2mins and it is vertually impossible to even complete one lap of the circuit as the cars fly off the track. Will be returning ASAP. Very disappointed.'

5/5  Hantsminder 'Bought as a present for my nephew, had lots of fun with it'

5/5  Zee 'Very good quality and easy to use for young children and lots of fun for older siblings.'

3/5  Pablo 'Great set only on pictures online it has crossover track when I picked up and set up notice this isn't the case. Sent back and got refund. Got the large track that's amazing value for money. If not bothered about crossover then definitely worth buying!'

5/5  Elvis 'This toy has kept my granddaughters amused and happy this xmas but you must be firm about who's turn is it otherwise the temper tantrums start.It is well made and easy to assemble and the adults love playing it as well.'

3/5  Abuhsn 'Low quality cars Broke after few days. Good exciting experience for kids before breaking'

1/5  Nikhil 'The car stopped working just on 2nd day. I lost my purchase receipt else I would have asked full refund from Argos. It looks good, but this is not to keep in showcase.'

5/5  Wales1951 'Grandson love it cant stop him playing with it'

5/5  N 'Christmas present, so a bit too early to comment on durability etc. All bits present with comprehensive instructions. Seems perfectly ok. Would be more likely to recommend Argos to a friend if they still produced their proper catalogue. This was bought on behalf of someone else. First time ever I've not bought anything myself at Xmas from Argos, as I need a comprehensive paper catalogue, not an online site.'

3/5  Donna 'Comes off track every time it hits the loop or bend'

3/5  Tjmblade 'Tough to keep on the track'

1/5  Almag1 'Disappointed to find that there was no power to the track when fully assembled on Christmas Day. So no fun for anyone.'

5/5  Marshall84 'I would defo but this again it was easy to assemble and easy to use, me and my niece have had so much fun with it so far.'

3/5  Dragerboy 'When this works it's good fun although difficult for kids to keep the cars on the track. The loop section requires full speed but the corners require you to drive like a snail as the cars have no grip. I didn't pay much for it so it's OK but would be annoyed at full retail price.'

1/5  Donna '2 hours to build to then realise the track doesnt fit properly so there is a gap in the track and the cars dont go round the loops they get so far round and fall off one very disappointed little boy on christmas morning!!!!'

1/5  Minda 'Hard to assemble and constanly flies off the track. Wery poor car connections. Cheap product. Would not recommend.'

4/5  Lil 'I brought this as a Christmas gift for my 2 year old and husband to play together. I was shocked at how quickly my little girl managed to get the hang of it and she really enjoys watching the cars speed around the track, especially the loop. It seemed easy enough to put together and store away again, so very pleased especially as it was on offer.'

3/5  Makingpasta 'Took apart today and several of the plastic clips have broken. Glad I didn't pay full price for it.'

4/5  Anonymous 'Looks fun and impressive once built but didn’t last long in terms of quality. Cars stopped working after a few days of playing!! Will be taking it back.'

5/5  Ashour 'Lots of fun. Not that difficult to put together.'

4/5  Mary 'I bought this for my nephew for Christmas so not yet opened! But it looks fab and hopefully he will love it!'

5/5  Megan11 'Very pleased with my purchase! Good quality and size'

4/5  Cannonfodder 'Great little set, easy enough to out together takes 20-30 mins tops, cars take a little running in before tyres grip properly. downside is stickers aren't that sticky and start to peel too soon and brushes on cars seem to wear too fast even though you get a spare set, aside from that great fun and me and my son love it.'

3/5  TheStig 'The racing track appears to be well designed, however the cars are of cheap build and keep coming off the tracks, you have to go slow around the corners and fast through the loops, may require a bit of practice for your little ones. When/If you want to dismantle the track be very careful as the red loop tracks break quite easily, even when you're very careful. My little one wasn't very impressed when the brushes underneath the cars need to be adjusted at times because the cars won't move.'

4/5  Racer 'Good value'

4/5  Blonde 'Our grandson loves playing with it'

4/5  Hina 'Track is pretty robust and made well. The yellow guards don't really work to keep the car on the track because they are pretty flimsy. The cars have little magnets at the bottom along with these things that look like hair. If not stored properly the hair things bend and won't work until straighten out. Kids and adults have fun together. I brought it in the sale and for that price it's worth it.'

5/5  Fred 'Gave as a present to my grandson and he doesn't want to leave it alone'

5/5  Kbask 'Brought as birthday present. Easy to put together. Was great fun taking turns playing with this, The cars are good and they move fast on the track which made it more exciting, So glad i brought this.'

1/5  Salwal 'Was fun for a very short time. The cars are very tricky to control and fly off the track easily but you can complete a lap if you go really slowly. One of the cars broke down within a couple of hours, just wouldn't run. It went back the day after we set it up.'

4/5  Paul 'Lots of fun And some skill required to do a full lap.'

3/5  Nicks23 'The cars don't stay on the tracks long enough to go round the full track, lost a pin out of the cars within 10 minutes.'

1/5  Transport 'Not going to bag the product as problems can occur on a one of basis which is likely the case here, will return this and get another one.'

4/5  G 'This is a really good toy for any child once you have set it up, but it is very confusing to fit togethet. Once set up it is great my son loved it.'

5/5  Slacky 'Brilliant my son is 3 and loves it'

4/5  Chris 'My grandson was delighted with his Christmas present'

3/5  Nauris 'Track is great. Good fun for kids and adults. Positive - run by mains, no need to worry about batteries. Lap counter is good add on. Quality of racing cars is very poor - particularly little pins that hold them on the track. Keep falling out all the time.'

4/5  James 'I bought this for one of my boys for christmas and he loves it! it took a little while to put together because it is a big set, but once it was up it was great. definitely worth buying for hours of fun!!'

4/5  Lesley 'Great for kids easy to assemble and great for races my nephew loves it Thank You It does come apart easily when moving but that's part of it as it is pushed together But overall great fun for any occasion x'

1/5  Rach 'The track hardly stays together, very flimsy and the car wheels come off every time.'

5/5  Pat 'Good track very easy to assemble you don't need a lot of space it is a good size track. Bought it for my son he can not stop playing with it.'

2/5  Martin 'I have purchased this product for my son. I'm very disappointed. Some parts are breaking easily while you trying to connect them. Cars won't stay on a track. Not a fun at all. Overall idea and look was great but it's not playable.'

1/5  Angela76 'Bought as an upgrade from Rally Challenge set ...Tricky to put together, once set up Outside track not working, car wouldn't stay on the working track ......red tracking 'connectors' snapped when taking apart so now in the bin.....disappointed as didn't meet the usual chad valley standard.'

4/5  Bed Bug 'Review by my 10 year old nephew. Good fun , the loops are hard but if you get your speed just right you can make it round them Which makes you pleased about it'

3/5  Big Al 'Kids loved it at first but the loop the loop was hard and the excitement soon wore out when they struggled to complete laps. Reasonable for the price but could be better designed'

5/5  Oledsami 'I recommented this item. Its very nice present for a boy. Excellent.'

5/5  Marwa 'I recommend evre one to gut this game'

5/5  Roxy 'Kids have had loads of fun with it an my little boy says he loves it because it's fast.'

5/5  Mummy Of 3 'We got this as a little xmas present for a friend's son. He plays with this with his younger brother. Both love to have a race with the cars.'

3/5  Marie22 'There's no doubt about it, this product is fun and exciting -however it is nothing special and for a basic track with two simple loops it is well over priced. The brand itself I find to be reliable; for quality, price and imaginative play but on this occasion I was not overly impressed.'

3/5  Ferrari33 'I have 2 boys who love there cars etc. I was hopibg for this to b a little more controllable than it actually is. too much faffing with track. and cars arent that great sorry kids one days fun is all they got out of it im afraid'

4/5  Cavemandan76 'For the price I paid for my little boy to go mad with it was cheaper than anywhere else every chance he gets he is on the scaletric'

4/5  Rob 'Good for the price ..and does loop the loop'

5/5  Ani 'I bought it for a present and it's very good! Perfect gift for boys! Recommend'

4/5  Kanch 'Brought this as a Christmas present for my sons. It's not an easy track to fix as some instructions on the catalogue are confusing. Once it is fixed, it was a great small race track. We thought it would be difficult to drive because of the loops. But my 7 and 9 year old sons learned it quickly and now having hours of fun.'

1/5  Mike 'Cars wont stay on the track infact they wont even go half way round without flying of'

5/5  Goia 'I cl recommend it's fun'

1/5  ML 'Kids were looking forward to play once set up it fell apart cars wheels came off.'

2/5  Busybee 'Track was a pain to put together. Child bored after 5 minutes. Grown ups had fun though'

5/5  Maggs 'Very good product hours of fun worth the price excellent'

4/5  Shavi 'Good for price'

5/5  Sarah12 'My child loves this product he plays with it all the time'

1/5  Chan 'Cars broke after 5 mins of use'

3/5  Sp 'Game arrived with completely different controls then of photo or on the box. Argos offered refund, but child liked the game at it is'

5/5  Emma 'Kids love this, great value for money x'

2/5  Cadow 'Difficult to fix less quality'

5/5  Pawcio 'Great fun for young and old had a great time all day the fun lasted'

4/5  Pamela 'Nice toy .fun but could've been more imaginative'

5/5  From Shoreham-by-sea 'It is a great toy, I would recommend you keep it fully build as it is not very robust and will probably break after a few assembly/disassembly. But for the price, it is really much better then expected !'

3/5  Anniekins1980 'Firstly it says recommended for 5+ as it requires some skill. We purchased this item yesterday for my son's 4th he's done 2 loop the loops after 20/30 tries and I still have yet to manage it. Quiet simply its a combination of poor quality and lack of proper instructions that annoys me the most. The cars are the worse bit the top shell won't stay clipped on as the plastic is so flimsy that in order to get it through the loop the loop without it unclipping or loosing a sticker is a feat in itself.'

4/5  Nadin 'Thank you . My son has fun.'

5/5  Wayne S 'Cant grumble for the price easy to build and great fun for the kids(and grown ups).just have to be careful when taking apart as section joints can easily be broken if not unclipped properly,but all in all good product'

4/5  Sam 'This was relatively cheap compared to real Scalextric prices, the track was fairly easy to put together and it all worked on Christmas day. The loops are quite tricky to master and so to avoid frustration I have removed them for now, which makes a shorter quicker race track.'

4/5  Raylo74 'Bought this product for my sons birthday, he loves it as does his younger brother. It took quite a while to put together, but once done they enjoyed playing with it until one of the controllers broke, but contacted Argos and they have agreed to replace this so hopefully no more problems and the boys can get back to hours of fun :-).'

3/5  Kimmo 'Even as adults, Me and my partner find it hard to control the speed. Car keeps flying off track if you go too fast around corners or too slow on loop, but gun is sensitive so hard to control pressure. My 2 yr old has no chance of keeping car on track'

5/5  Udy 'My 8 year old wanted this with his birthday money & a month latter he hasn't stopped playing with it. Great buy seems to be durable so far so good!'

5/5  Meeee 'Excellent value and quite strong. I had bought it for my 5 and 10 year olds. They love the track and kept them quiet for hours. They soon master the control for the loops and bends. Go get one, you won't be disappointed.'

4/5  Levi 'I bought this for my nephews (5 - 7) and it didn't disappoint. They had hours of fun and can't wait to play it again. Care has to be taken though, when you put it together and take it apart as its not very durable.'

5/5  Missmariss 'Bought this for my son's 4th birthday & he absolutely loves it....in fact we all do :)'

5/5  Janelfin 'My nephew was overjoyed at getting this in his xmas sack. Straight away, he soon had it connected and was playing with it.'

4/5  Nan 'Bought for grandchildren aged 2 4 9 12 yrs boys and girls , once mastered the speed we have great fun would recommend this toy'

4/5  Anth61 'My 9 year old boy and my self have hours of fun,it works great when you get used to the sensitivity of the control's.speed up for the loops and slow down for the corners .'

4/5  Paul 'Good item works well except for the controllers are a bit sharp no graduation for speed control.'

4/5  Misterbill 'I bought this for my 6 year old grandson and overall it was a success. It is difficult at first to keep the car going through the loop without falling off or for the car to leave the track at the next turn. However, it can be mastered eventually! Great fun trying to get round the track more than 5 times without a disaster.'

5/5  Jo4 'Bought this for my sons birthday and he absolutely loves it!!! Takes a bit of getting used to going at the right speed round the corners and loops but soon got the hang of it, hours of fun to come with this product.'

3/5  Mum2J&L 'Some of the metal track connectors were bent and needed to be repositioned to get the track to align. The main problem with the track is the difficulty in getting a car round it. Quite a sensitive touch is needed to get the cars fast enough to go round the loop but slow enough to stay on the tracks on the bends and switch overs. Bought as a 5th birthday present my son was delighted but soon tired of the cars spinning off at the end of the track. I am yet to get a car completely round it either.'

5/5  Michelle 'I got this for my 4 year old son for his birthday, it was hard to get use to but he pick it up quite quickly, he really enjoys it.'

5/5  Colin 'Bought this for my Grandson Seventh Birthday, he has not stopped playing with it he is having a ball.My daughter is going to kill me! great value and quality only one problem one pf the cars is slightly faulty but it is something simple.'

4/5  Gem 'My 6 year old boy loves his new birthday present. It is quite tricky though, the speed has to be just right around the loops and corners. He s happy though..'

3/5  Proud Dad 'I know it says suitable for 5+, but it also says not suitable for under 3s, I bought it for my 3 yr old, but even my 5 yr old cant get to grips with it, so I would aim it at a higher age. The track is brittle, and seems easy broken, its not that easy to assemble, and once assembled, can be frustrating, trying to get the balance on the trigger right, so as not to send the cars hurtling off the track, the tyres on the cars come adrift easy, making them hard to drive. So overall, an average buy.'

4/5  Obi1Kivobi 'I bought this for my 4 year old godson & it went down a right treat! Controling the cars themselves & keeping them on the track actually takes some mastering so it kept myself entertained for hours as well as him!'

5/5  Snowmum 'Didn't know what to get 5 yr old daughter for xmas - she loves this, and so does her big sister, aged 7. would recommend.'

5/5  Ash 'Excellent value for money. Good quality, tracks fits in very well. Loops make the track challenging and you won't get bored easily like other flat tracks.'

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