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Chad Valley Lights and Sounds AmbulanceChad Valley Lights and Sounds Ambulance

About the Chad Valley Lights and Sounds Ambulance

Modelled after an English ambulance truck, this Chad Valley Lights and Sounds Ambulance is great for creative roleplay. Little ones can be the hero of the town as they race to the rescue with life-like flashing lights and authentic sounding sirens. Flip down the side panel and help the patient at the scene using the medical kit or transport them back to the hospital in the back of the ambulance. Open the back door and get the stretcher out to assist your patient; quickly, every second counts! Modelled after a UK ambulance truck.

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Chad Valley Lights and Sounds Ambulance Reviews

5/5   'My grandson loves it, very robust as he has given it lots of punishment and still everything works, lights, sound etc..'

5/5  Liz 'Bought this ambulance for my sons 2nd birthday and he absolutely loves it. Makes ambulance noises, lights up and has the opening back door with bed .. he uses this to put his animals in to take them to hospital. Bigger than what I expected - see photo for scale to adult hand size. Would definitely recommend. Great.'

5/5  Levi 'Good replica of a real ambulance Children learn while enjoying to play'

5/5  Aa 'I brought this for my little nephew birthday and he loves it'

2/5  Mer 'Didn't make any noise but as son was with me when buying it still took it home as he would of got upset .but he is happy . So would just recommend making sure it works'

5/5  Me 'This was a great purchase! It's fun and great for imaginative play. Its durable which is important as it will get a lot of use. A fantastic toy for a a decent price. Would definitely recommend this product.'

5/5  Shanice 'I bought this for my son who is 3 years old and he loves it It was worth every penny and has been played with everyday since he unwrapped it'

5/5  Vas 'My son love it most the time when is it playing'

5/5  Marianne 'My two year old loves this toy. Great price, and a good size for the money.'

5/5  WN73 'Great for the little one to encourage roleplaying. Lights up and makes realistic sounds. Rear door opens with a removable bed inside which is fantastic and helps build the imagination.'

5/5  Tigerjan 'Realistic. Loved by grandson.'

5/5  Baza 'Bought this for a 3 year old and he left more expensive toys to play with this mostly reccomend'

3/5  Eman 'My son love it and he enjoying playing with it'

5/5  Bob 'A GREAT hit with my grandson,absoleutly loved it'

5/5  Vickimac 'I would highly recommend this ambulance the three-year-old who received it was over the moon the lights the sounds every detail Was spot-on and the young man has not stopped playing with it I would definitely buy for any youngster that is into ambulances it is the best on the market by far for the age'

5/5  Mogsey5 'A good purchase as my grandson was very pleased with its sounds and flashing lights and it keeps him entertained on a daily basis. I'm happy with the purchase'

5/5  JT 'My sons absolutely love it. They open the doors and put toys inside. Sound is very good and luckily not too loud. Very pleased with the purchase'

5/5  MarkLeo85 'Brilliant all round. Very durable not too loud the sounds are all realistic. Our two year old son loves it he hasn't stopped playing with it since Christmas. Don't hesitate in buying much better than others we've seen in other stores.'

2/5  Becky 'I am not very happy with the packaging as it says you can flip the side of the ambulance up to see the equipment inside off it which clearly you can't do.'

4/5  Lingly 'Brought as a present but was pleased on how it looked'

5/5  Kim 'Very happy with our ambulance grandson loves it'

5/5  Shew 'Happy about the purchase'

5/5  Alesja 'A very nice Christmas present. Recommend'

4/5  Sophie2 'Realistic toy for the price'

5/5  Nanny 'My 2 yr old Grandson’s face lit up when he saw what was inside his present and played with it straightaway returning to it frequently after playing with his other birthday gifts.'

5/5  EP 'My daughter loves her toy ambulance. Very happy with the purchase.'

4/5  Sj 'Good size bright coulors'

5/5  KT 'Bought as a Christmas present, reasonable size, flashing lights and sounds.'

5/5  Hayley 'Good value for the price. I thought it was only going to be a small toy but it’s quite big.'

5/5  GemU 'Bought for my Son for Christmas. Its bigger than I expected great value for money. Looks like it will last. Happy with my purchase.'

5/5  Stokiegirl 'I bought this as a Christmas present for my nephew he loves anything with wheels I’m sure that he will really enjoy playing with it.'

5/5  Cerise21 'My three year old grandson loves this toy and the sound is not too loud !'

3/5  Gorky27 'Poor quality rubbish'

5/5  Claire 'Money well spent! My grandson loves this ambulance! Lights and sound really good quality'

5/5  LeaLea 'It's a gift so don't quite know what the goods and bass of any but my boy has been after this for some time and it's a Christmas present so hopefully it's worth the money!'

5/5  Riya 'My son's favourite. He liked and playing everyday.'

5/5  Belle 'My one year old grandson loves this ambulance. He first saw one in a friend’s grandson’s toybox and played with it there so I bought him one for his birthday. He pushes the button to hear the siren and see the flashing lights. His three year old sister is always trying to play with it too!!'

4/5  Naz 'Son absolutely loves it. It’s a good toy'

5/5  DeeChris 'Great product. I love the size of it.'

5/5  Rsho 'My nephew wanted one...happy noisy fun....glad to say he loves it...parents not so much....mission accomplished!!!'

5/5  Dizzy 'Fantastic buy well worth the money, highly recommend great imaginative play. Makes all the right sounds and noises, also batteries included bonus.'

5/5  Tak 'My grandson will love this when he opens it Christmas morning can’t wait to see his face . It’s a good size and well worth the money'

5/5  Molly 'Absolutely brilliant toy that has become a favourite. Perfect detail and would highly recommend.'

5/5  Charl 'My son was incredibly happy with his "nee naw". He was even more happy that it makes sounds and that the back doors open. Definitley worth the money and seems to be with standing the play from a boisterous three year old! A good size too!'

5/5  Dizzylizzy 'Very good quality and good price to bought as a birthday prssnt and he loves it'

4/5  Jay 'Didn’t price the same toy elsewhere, but this looked good value for money.'

5/5  LoreleiRose 'Y little girl loves it and has spent hours playing with it already! Definitely recommend'

5/5  Jahmenewrigh 'Happy good to use light reliable'

4/5  MrsB 'Great value for money and my son loves it! He's seven and mad about wrestlers at the moment so he really wanted an ambulance as a prop. This does the job and didn't break the bank. I think younger kids would really like this as it's robust and chunky enough for little hands.'

5/5  Timea 'Bought it as a present for a two year old and he loves playing with it! Great quality, very well detailed, looks and sounds exactly like the real one. It’s definitely the ideal gift for toddlers and kids who like playing with cars.'

5/5  Rose 'Grandson loves this and plays constantly with it.'

5/5  Leonora 'Amazing toy , my son wont let go of it and very cheap too. Didn't believe the quality would be this good . Very happy with this purchasing and definitely would buy it again'

5/5  Alessia 'This is a nice toy with a good price too. It is sturdy and it’s got a detachable stretcher which makes the play even more realistic. It’s making noises and flashing the lights.'

5/5  Kelly 'This product is brilliant. Not too noisy either!! Really robust, turned very quickly into a favourite!'

4/5  Xika 'Not yet given to toddler as was saving for Christmas. However, he had a glimpse of it and has been asking for it since. May end up giving in.'

5/5  Blackdiamonds 'My little boy absolutely loves this has played with it every day since buying it. Really nice size too'

5/5  Phill 'My nephew loved this toy it is of really good qaulity'

5/5  Aimee 'Lovely quality, very sturdy. My son adores it. Such good value. He even tries to take it to bed on an evening. He loves his new “neeee nor”'

5/5  Lil 'For the price, this toy is great value! Has a stretcher, noise and lights and the child I purchased it for is autistic and loves playing with it!'

5/5  Kukz 'My son loves playing with his new ambulance as he loves all rescue cars the size is perfect and the lights and sounds are amazing he can’t get enough of it'

5/5  Kev 'My grandson had to go to hospital in an ambulance so I wanted to get him one & this was the nearest model to a real ambulance that I could find & a good price. He loves it & takes it every ware with him for all types of emergencies.'

5/5  Zay 'My son loved it I bought it for him as an eid present. The way I saw it on the picture I thought it will be just a small size ambulance but it was quite big and fun size for him to play with.'

5/5  Aga 'The sound isn't annoying at all as it is not too loud. my son loves it...quality bit poor but will do for a toy.wish had more futures though...'

4/5  Jeddle 'I thought it was a good toy ambulance and bought it as a gift for my grand daughter .Turned out she already had the exact same one so mine was returned to Argos. Apparently she really likes the ambulance though.'

5/5  Grandma 'The ambulance is generally great, she plays with it a lot. The description says 'the side flips down for medical bag storage' but it doesn't.'

5/5  Loren 'It s really nice but would help if front door open'

4/5  Bernie 'Found the item to be good and does what it says on the tin. Think the stretcher in the rear is a nice touch I think everyone of my daughters toys that will fit has been for a ride'

5/5  Christisalive 'Great purchase - loves the lights & sounds as well as putting things inside.'

4/5  TAW 'My son absolutely loved this but the sounds stopped working after a week, took back to replace but out of stock, very disappointed boy :-('

5/5  Zara 'My son loved this but the back door is hard to open'

4/5  Tillyk 'Bought as an extra for my son's 4th birthday. He's had hours of fun playing with this with his other emergency vehicles.'

4/5  Nabin 'Best for baby to play'

4/5  Tara 'My 3 year old daughter loves Ambulances when she saw this she loved it straight away she likes the sounds it makes only downside the back door is not easy to open and the side panel that was supposed to open to reveal extras isn't there at all'

5/5  Grampy24 'Good price. Great size and loads of fun. A stretcher that can be placed in the ambulance and sounds and lights too. Hours of fun for a little one'

5/5  Monika 'This was bought as a gift for a four year old boy and he loved it.'

4/5  Beatrice 'Bought for my grandson. He loves the sound of the siren and lights.'

4/5  Robyn12 'Awesome vehicle! Although sounds could be louder, but if it want something quiet then perfect for you! good size , strudy!'

5/5  Deddy 'This looks good love the stretcher, hope this is as popular as his other lights and sounds vehicles'

5/5  Co 'Good value for money and a great toy'

5/5  Anne 'Easy to push due to large size and flashing lights, noise giving excellent play activities'

3/5  Bev 'NOT for robust little children. More for gentle play'

5/5  Birdy 'Another great toy, creates imaginative play especially with the little bed that comes with it, lights and sounds work great and sound so realistic'

5/5  Nicky 'U bought this for my grandson who had just had surgery so he thought it was so good coming out and playing with a ambulance.'

3/5  Cornwalllass 'It’s a ok toy the door at the back is way to hard for a child to open'

3/5  Sez 'Looks good. Has flashing lights and sound. Note it doesn't have a button to move on it's own like other vehicles of its type on the market.'

4/5  CM 'Great toy, would have been even better if more doors opened rather than just the back but my little boy loves it!'

5/5  Kangaroo 'Could do with figures'

5/5  Harding 'Brought this for my nephew for Christmas he loves all the emergancy vehicles and didn't have a ambulance so he loved this when he opened it up he loves the sounds and the fact it opens at the back and has a stretcher table inside would definitely recommend this toy'

5/5  Alla 'Thank you Argos! Very quality toy and amazing price . My son like it’s !'

5/5  Stacey24 'I’ve given this 5 stars as it was so cheap. However, my 2 year old daughter doesn’t play with it often as it doesn’t have too many features.'

4/5  Bon 'My grandson loved playing with this ambulance and loved the noises and lights. Unfortunately the box said the side doors opened which they do not and there was no medical kit inside as described . He loved pushing the stretcher in and out of the back doors. Good value toy.'

5/5  Avishek 'Very good product, pls keep the quality as same.'

5/5  DancingQueen 'Very happy with purchase. Great quality and value for money. My three year old son loves it.'

4/5  TonyG 'Only experience on Xmas Day but grand-daughter loved it as soon as it was out of the box. It makes the right emergency 2 tone sound that she recognises from the local ambulance station. Only 1 minor negative which others has mentioned is that the side door is a false ones & doesn't open.'

5/5  Cinders 'This was nrought has a Vhristmas present for my 3yr old nephew and he loves it . When he is playing ambulance is always there to help any of his toys when they have had an accident, even takes ot to bed with him would highly recommemed this toy'

5/5  Tasha 'My son plays with this everyday, he asked for an ambulance and was very happy with this.'

5/5  Akisa 'Good product highly recommended.'

4/5  Stoney 'Purchased as a gift for 3 year a old grandson'

5/5  Loz 'Great price and value for money no batteries needed'

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