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Chad Valley Light and Sound Police Car

About the Chad Valley Light and Sound Police Car

The Chad Valley Light and Sound Police Car comes complete with a working siren with fun pulsing lights inspiring your most cherished as they save the day. Little ones delight as they find the voice sound impacts and smashing sounds for even greater pretend fun. Encounter the police pursue by squeezing the touch sensor.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3887464
EAN/SKU: 3887464
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Chad Valley Light and Sound Police Car Reviews

4/5   'It's great fun and my almost-4-year-old loves it. It has 4 buttons that make 4 VERY LOUD sounds: a siren, some radio speak, some music, and an American voice yelling "You're under arrest, get down on the ground with your hands behind your back. Stop struggling!" I thought that was a bit aggressive for a 3yo, so we took it apart and rewired that button to make the siren noise instead. My son also likes to put the speaker right to his ear which worries me because it's so loud.'

5/5  Katherine 'A happy boy aged 3, playing with his new car. Lots of fun on its way, very reasonable price.'

4/5  Tracey 'My little boy loves playing with it, easy buttons to press to hear the different noises the car makes.'

5/5  Becky 'Bought in the sale for my 2 year old as loves police. He loves it, bargain for the price & a good size.'

5/5  Tracey 'My son has hours of fun With this police car and bus ambulance loved it'

5/5  LiubaG 'Our little boy loves this cars so much. After purchasing it he played with it 3 days continuously.'

4/5  SS 'I bought this for my nephew and he simply loved it.'

5/5  Kazza 'Grandson Loves This Car Not Sure The Parents Do'

5/5  VS 'Bought for my grandson, He seems to be enjoying it.'

5/5  Mad8adger 'My son is obsessed with emergency vehicles. This is the best police car he has had it is so realistic the siren is perfect he absolutely loves it.'

3/5  Jade9189 'My 2 year old loves 'nee nors' so thought this would be perfect for him. He enjoys it but doesn't play with it for long, also the other sounds he's not interested in only likes the sirens. Good buy for the price.'

5/5  Malley 'I bought this as a gift for a car mad 3 year old and he loved it. The siren and flashing lights were a hit too.'

4/5  Roy 'But be prepared for noise!!!'

5/5  Shopper 'Present for my 3 year old on his birthday. He absolutely loves it! By far his favourite gift received. He won't put it down. Very happy.'

5/5  DanBeasant 'My son loves this car. Very good for the price'

5/5  Hans 'Excellent car! I brought it for my great nephew and he loves it!'

5/5  Georgia 'My 3yo son loves this and it is a good little police car. There are 4 touch sensitive triggers on the back window which each make a different, loud noise.'

4/5  Mint 'Prompt delivery and great present for my god son.'

5/5  Zahid 'Nice car my sons are very happy.'

4/5  Jenny 'Was bought for a Birthday present'

5/5  Julieanne 'I bought this for my grandson for his birthday and he loves it he'll get a lot of enjoyment out of this toy'

5/5  Vicky 'Great toy with good range of sounds. My little boy loves it.'

5/5  Nasia 'Nice toy for my nephew. He enjoyed it.'

5/5  Mags 'Amazing my son loves makes noise lights on voice of policeman'

3/5  Nid 'Bought this for grandchildren to play with. Not quite what I was hoping for as makes sounds and lights come on but nothing else i.e doors don't open.'

5/5  Misty 'Does everything it says in the tin. The car is a good size and my police obsessed son loves it.'

5/5  JamJam 'Little boy can’t get enough of it! Perfect size and sound is really good! Ideal for any child who loves cars'

4/5  Casper 'My 3yo son absolutely lives this police car! It is loud, with no volume control but for the price, it’s great. Four different sounds can be chosen; siren, handcuffs and American police phrases.'

5/5  Yasmin 'Tnks for argos that's very nice police car and my kid's very enjoiyful for that.'

5/5  Piyus 'The kid enjoys a lot with this car. Everything is fine. The only problem we found was the sound last for 5 6 sec. But overall it's good.'

5/5  FavouriteUncle 'Got this for my 3 year-old nephew for his birthday and it was his favourite present by a stretch (including a lot more expensive presents!). Would definitely recommend, though the noise is driving my brother / sister-in-law crazy. You need to buy batteries, as this doesn't have any included.'

4/5  Xxxx 'Great buy for the 2 year old, loves playing with it and cool siren too'

4/5  AKERR 'I got this police car for my son’s birthday and he loves it, it has a loud speaker so you can here all it has to say the buttons are easy to press as there touch sensitive, the one thing that lets it down is the car is made with thin plastic and feels like it could brack early if dropped but for the price you won’t loss sleep over it'

5/5  Tod 'Very good value for money Quite loud so children love it'

5/5  Prakash 'My 2 year old kid loves this police car!! Good sized and Quality build for the price. Value for money!!'

5/5  Lazhop 'My nephew loves this toy'

4/5  Sue 'Bought for grandson's 2nd birthday. He played with it all day.....but he does love police cars! Glad it's not being kept at my house though, as it is VERY loud when picked up! :-) Seems fairly robust.'

5/5  Karlie1976 'We got this for part of my little boys birthday present. He's 2. He loves it. Loves the noises it makes and the lights flash. Recommend'

5/5  Smiffy 'Good value for the money . Grandson love's the flashing lights'

5/5  Anita 'He loved it, noise, flashing lights, great little buy'

4/5  Lilsboy 'Good size for a 2 year old and the built in sounds and voices are very good'

4/5  MrsT 'Ok apart from noise level'

5/5  Mia 'My boys loved these'

5/5  Jaffaroo 'Purchased this Chad Valley car after purchasing the ambulance from this brand. Equally as happy with this police car too. Fab lights and sound effects, good decent size too. Very happy, my 2 year old loves it!'

4/5  HyPE 'My son plays with this n loves the sounds'

5/5  Rajib 'Bought it for a gift & the little baby liked it'

5/5  Kalin 'My nephew liked it and is perfect for boys'

5/5  Lollypoplin 'Ideal for a young toddler who enjoys toys that make noise and moves'

5/5  Daz 'Great on 2 for 15pound offer'

5/5  Chris 'Bought for my 4 year old grandson as he loves his cars. Lots well made & sturdy. Good price especially when buying on 3 for 2'

5/5  Twigs64 'Love the sounds, the boys love it too. Good quality car'

3/5  Bobby 'I bought this car back 2 years ago for my son it was good quality and it being well played but I just bought it last week for my friend’s son and I was really disappointed by quality as it’s being very low what I never accepted from Argos'

5/5  Gazza86 'This car has excellent lights and sounds keeping my nephew interested in playing with it for a long time'

5/5  Valentina 'My 3 year old sister's boy loves her'

5/5  Chris 'Very nice toy, my 4yo cousin loves it!'

5/5  Daddyof4rugrats 'My Kido loves it his favourite toy by far the one he keeps going back to. The sounds are clear and the lights are bright so definitely worth the money.'

4/5  Treasure 'The car has been bought as a Christmas present so not yet given or used'

4/5  Macca 'Brought this for my little marvel man. Its a good size with front and top lights with four different sounds. I gave it 4 stars as i think it could be made better.'

5/5  Chippiex 'Still in box as Christmas gift but looks substantial and fun. Well packaged'

5/5  Diane 'Smaller than expected, that's fine my little boy age 19 months loves it. Happy toddler happy mummy!!'

4/5  Enamul 'Product quality is really very good'

5/5  Dove90 'Car is far bigger than i thought it would be. Good sounds etc.... Boy loves it and its excellent value for money. Read current reviews and bought on the grounds of reading them beforehand.'

2/5  Anne 'Disappointed in this police car, very cheaply made and had to return it as the noise function would not work properly.'

5/5  Hils 'I bought this for my grandson and he loves it'

3/5  Dad 'Large police car, fun lights and sound for any child. There are 4 different sounds from 4 buttons on the back window. Didn't get full stars as my kids managed to pull out the wiring from the bottom of the car (they're quite curious).'

3/5  Loulou 'It's ok it's a police car dies what it says on the box'

5/5  Jojo14 'My son loves this police car as he can't stop playing with it he really enjoys it'

5/5  Son 'This car is not too loud the volume is just right , it is a large well built toy that is perfect for small hands'

5/5  Tim51 'What I liked about this was that it was a British police car. I never got to hear the sounds but they are obviously spot on. I could not be at my grandson's party but I got a text from my daughter which sums it up. When he went for his afternoon nap he took this nee naw to bed with him!!'

5/5  Kg 'Really good value but very loud!'

5/5  Susie 'Bought for my two year old grandson who loves it. It is a good size, good price and seems very tough (He was standing on it at one point!!) This item was great value.'

5/5  Klea 'The size was great dhe sound perfect and my children exciting and happy and the price amazing'

5/5  Charlotte 'We got this car for my son for his birthday, he loves cars so we thought why not! The noise on the car is great, it is quite loud but makes it more realistic!'

5/5  Joan 'My son is very happy,this car is excellent:)'

1/5  Helen 'The sounds didn't work, took back for refund'

5/5  Stacey 'Lovely car, lots of lights and sounds. Also an on/off button underneath. my 2 yr old and 18 month old sons love it.'

4/5  Sadaf 'Good sound and attractive lights for kids'

4/5  Lindalou 'My 5 year old grandson loves the noises from this car. Good value for money.'

5/5  Alex 'So easy from start to finish. Used the online tool to search for something I didn't even know existed and found exactly what I was looking for as a gift for my godson. Paying and collecting was easy as anything. In and out the shop in 5 minutes. Instruction of you super simple. Stick the batteries in. Press the button. Done. Hours of entertainment for the little one.'

5/5  Louise 'My son loves it.'

5/5  Shaf 'My little ones liks a lot.'

5/5  Booklover53 'Grandson loves this toy,sounds good,perfect for pretend play.nicely made.'

5/5  Leannep90 'He loves the flashing lights and the noise it makes this is his favourite car by far he has lots of fun playing'

4/5  56789 'My sons love police cars so were really excited to receive this toy. It's quite good with the flashing lights and sounds, I just thought one of the sound effects which says something like "Put your hands behind your back...stop struggling!" in an American accent is a bit unnecessary! Sirens would have been enough!'

3/5  Hashim 'Great design and touch, but not as sturdy as I imagined, the front lights and siren came off second day.'

4/5  Happy 'Love it because it make sounds like a real police car and light flashing'

5/5  Mummyof3 'Great sounds and great price bigger than what I thought it would be very happy my son loves it .'

5/5  Lenny 'Great kids toys, they do exactly what they're description said they'd do on the box, kids love them. Your collection service was great and staff were great too.'

5/5  Erin 'My son loves it and has lots of fun'

5/5  Ali 'Lovely car'

5/5  Danni28 'Excellent car for my 2 year old and robust! Is loud how little ones like it lol'

5/5  Rami 'Perfect i like the service'

5/5  Andy 'Great toy nephew loved playing with'

5/5  Mrs Smith 'I bought this as a gift for a friend's fourth birthday. He loves toys with light and sound so this is perfect!'

5/5  Linz 'My nephew loved it he played with it as soon as he opened it'

5/5  Doodz 'I would recommed this toy'

3/5  Alan 'Quite a big car for the price. Light and sounds do the job'

3/5  Kudz 'My little one is obsessed with police cars so he did absolutely love this. It makes the noises and everything and is a large enough size to play with. The down side is that it is EXTREMELY loud and even after putting some padding on the speakers it is still loud. After a few minutes of play....it does hurt your ears!!'

4/5  Rukky 'I bought it for my grandson, he loves it.'

5/5  Faerydae 'So real , my son loves it. Works great even though he's been tossing it around a lot. Survived sun,sand and wet ground. Well done!'

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