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Chad Valley Garage with 3 Cars

About the Chad Valley Garage with 3 Cars

Bring life to creative play with the Chad Valley Garage. There are such a variety of fun scenarios little ones can explore with the lift, service station, auto wash and even a helipad on the top. Your most cherished can play independently or with much love pals to investigate the 3 story carport, taking turns with the included cool auto toys.

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Chad Valley Garage with 3 Cars Reviews

5/5   'My son loves this and so does his little sister. Fairly Easy to put together.'

5/5  Angelfish 'Ideal present for boys or girls , with imagination. Very sturdy, and great fun to play with. Took quite a time to put all the stickers on. !! but worth the trouble.'

5/5  Anne 'Bought this garage for my grandson's 4th birthday and he loved it .So easy to assemble .'

4/5  Jade1105 'Great product took about 10 minutes to build my only issue was it took me over an hour to stick all the stickers on just for my nephew to pull some of them off the day he got it 2 full sheets of stickers but at the end of the day.all that mattered was the smile on his face one other thing is the gaps between platforms could be bigger but other than that a great product'

5/5  Sophie 'Very good toy for little ones my little boy sits and plays with it for hours and makes all the car noises while he is playing. Brilliant for imaginative play'

4/5  Kaz 'I purchased this garage from Congleton for my grandson. I was annoyed with the state of the packaging but I couldn't wait for another as his birthday was too close.'

5/5  Grandparent 'Brilliant toy hours of fun for the grand childred'

5/5  Kp21 'Good value for money it is quite a good size, grandkids ranging from 2 to 8 all enjoyed playing with this, easy to assemble but stickers can be fiddly and take a while to put on, but for the cost that is a small price to pay.'

5/5  Froggle 'This is a great garage. I bought this for my 2 year old son. With two toddlers we don't have a lot of space for a huge garage and so this one was perfect but still large enough for a good play experience. It took me just over an hour to stick all the stickers on! The yellow ones are a pain and they are peeling off by themselves which is a shame. Our top tier came bent but still functions. Overall a good product for such a low price.'

4/5  TITCH 'Garage looks good and our Grandson was thrilled with it.'

4/5  Sarah 'Bit of a pain to put together and way to many stickers which come off very easily with a 2 year old. However he loves playing with it and uses many different cars with it. Seems quite durable, son hasnt broken it yet.'

5/5  Zoe 'Brilliant garage great price absolute bargain'

3/5  Jo 'Stickers come off easy'

5/5  Yusuf33 'I bought this for my 3year old boy who loves cars and has many at home so when I bought this for him he was over the moon. He now puts all his cars on. Also we had good quality time building it and sticking the yellow stickers on.'

4/5  Blueted 'Wonderful purchase, we know our Grandson will be made up with it. Fun putting it together mainly the stickers. Fun for hours we are sure.'

2/5  NFC 'I thought this product offered great value, and remembered having one as a kid so I got one for my nephew. Unfortunately, each and every sticker you see on the toy you have to peel and carefully place on each part of the plastic. Takes a long time to build. The hellipad mechanism was faulty and doesn't release the platform down properly. I raised this with Argos and they told me to return the whole product to the a store for a replacement. Couldn't be bothered to send a replacement part.'

5/5  Allylewin 'I got 2 of these , it's takes forever putting the sticker on but well worth it in the end , my grandson's love it'

5/5  Chloe 'Brought for 2 year olds birthday she loves it and that it has a car wash good value for money and good features'

3/5  Mumoftwo 'The garage is great but the stickers were hard to remove from sheet and then didn't stick too well to the garage'

4/5  Jo 'Good basic car garage. My 4 year old loves it. Easy to assemble but there are lots of stickers to put on! The lift on it could be better but otherwise it's great.'

3/5  Confused 'Easy to put together, although applying all the stickers was a slight tedious the car lift does not reach to the bottom level overall a bit basic'

3/5  Littlewelsh 'Great product in my sons eyes Not so great in mine The car wash bit snapped and broke within a day The lift broke on first day Most of the stickers have fallen off However even thought these are problems because I feel I wasted my money my son absolutely loves it so much all his cars are on it ... and he loves to carry it around even thought it's big to him ... he uses it as a seat sometimes lol'

5/5  Mummy Of Two 'Lovely garage for my 2 year old nephew. He loves it!'

5/5  C.birks1987 'Bought this for my sons birthday as I must say I was pleasantly surprised only problem is the stickers for the garage floor parking lines don't stick so will curl, in the end we just took them off it doesn't effect play in anyway.'

3/5  Mrs Mac 'Much larger than expected. Our little boy loves it, but is able to pull off the slopes pretty easily. The stickers on the slopes have also had to go as they were peeling off after one week and stopping the cars going down.'

4/5  Moat 'Was bought for a present and my son loves it, spends hours playing with it. Quality and durability a good, very happy'

5/5  Robin 'Robust & easy to assemble'

5/5  Yeos 'Good price my grandson of 2 absolutely loves it'

5/5  EJC 'Takes a good while to set up but was well worth it in the end as my 2 and a half year old little boy absolutely loves playing with this garage. Great for imaginative role play. Would definitely recommend this product.'

4/5  Karen 'Took a lot longer to put together than I thought and stickers kept peeling back.but my grand daughter absolutely loved it.she has had hours of fun with this garage so I can highly recommend this product .'

5/5  Ellie 'Bought this for my Gt grandson for Xmas as he loves his cars. He's got lots of fun out of it. It keeps him entertained for ages. It's well made & up to ruff play. Good value for the money I paid.'

5/5  Shaustins Mum '3 year old received this as a gift for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. Would highly recommend it. Did take a while to put together with stickers etc but was totally worth it, to see how happy he was playing it with.'

3/5  Ixil 'Bought this for Christmas. It looks good, but the stickers aren't durable nor is the elevator. But even so, the kids enjoy it.'

5/5  Dan 'Wee one loves this set plays with it for hours on end. Also easy to build'

5/5  MrsMcG 'Best thing we could have got our son. Perfect for all his cars'

5/5  Kirsty 'My little boy wanted a bus station but no where seems to sell what he wanted so we got this instead and pretended it was one. He loves it. Took a while putting all the stickers on & my son has peeled a couple off but it was well worth the money.'

4/5  Jumbo 'Does what it says, children happy with it and loved putting all the stickers on.'

5/5  S3blk 'Good quality and our grandson love it he lays with his cars for hours, it's very compacted and great for all his cars,'

2/5  Mandy 'Bought this for my lad for Christmas and it broke within 5 hours after opening.'

5/5  Dave 61 'Looks good. Quality very good.easy to put together. Only draw back is stickers .lots to put on but some of them are pealing off already.but product is good value for the money'

5/5  Adrian 'Good product overall.'

5/5  Tricky 'Easy to put together even mother can do it. loads of fun and imagination for the children spend hours playing keeps them occupied'

5/5  Penny59 'My great-grandson loves cars, so he was delighted with this toy garage. He plays with it for hours! this is brilliant for stimulating a child's imagination.'

5/5  Amanda 'My grandson plays with every chance he get'

5/5  Jwiseman 'My son loves this especially now hes got a place for all his cars'

3/5  Gren 'All decorations are stickers, and pealing off very easily The ground floor is hard to play not good access even for little hands. Otherwise there is some fun for my son to play.'

4/5  Nana 'Seems to be well built. Altho i didn't think i'd be buying 1 for my grandaughter,it is what she wanted so i'm sure it will be well used.'

4/5  Sanromelan 'Our two and half year old grandson plays for hours with this using his imagination throughout a really fun imaginative product very pleased with our purchase.'

4/5  Mumsy 'This toy has plenty of play value - my little 3 year old boy spends lots of time playing with matchbox cars with it. The downside is that the stickers supplied (which take quite a long time to put on) come off very quickly. This doesn't stop him playing with it, but the car park markings are not very clear without the stickers etc. It may be my fault for leaving it in the conservatory on a sunny day! Overall a good buy though, especially as I did the 2 for £15 offer!'

5/5  Becka 'Got this for my sons 4th Birthday as his very much in to cars atm. It's all flat pack and you have to put all the stickers on! Instructions and stickers are good as tells you what to put where but does take a while to put them all on! Only put 4* for fun.... As it has a part that allows cars to go up and down and it makes a bit of a clicking noise (good for kids bad for us parents ears!)'

4/5  Sallyboo 'A good toy. My boys, 3&1, both love it, spend ages pushing cars around and parking. Could be slightly more solid and took ages to make initially, lots of stickers. But once set up good fun and entertainment.'

3/5  L.williams 'I bought this as a birthday present for my 3 year old. Unpacked and tried to build all ready for the birthday morning.The product had missing struts which hold up the floors of the garage. Advise anyone who buys this to check the pieces. Although has many stickers to place and put on which is a downside the product is good fun.'

5/5  Mags 'I bought this for my wee grandson & he absolutely loves it. It is of really good quality. The only downside was the amount of stickers that have to be put on..... Took hours so probably best to do that in advance of introducing garage to a toddler.'

5/5  Tay 'My son loves it really easy to put together'

1/5  Poppy2248 'Not the best garage you cold buy it was very cheap and flimsy I returned for a refund'

4/5  Happy Shopper 'Great for a three year old and not too big and bulky'

5/5  Abbie 'My little boy absolutely loves this because he obsessed with cars. Its great value for money with three cars added into it. The only negative is the amount of stickers there is.'

4/5  Mala 'I bought it for my niece . It's good toy.'

5/5  Playpal 'A quality product considering its plastic. Read instructions then goes together easily and stays together. Ideal for its use as a toy garage. Keeps grandson amused for hours, being over run with cars. A lot of stickers to be placed around the garage, so again check the diagrams. The garage takes five minutes to construct. It is placing the stickers that takes the time, including for parking bays. I enjoyed making it but set aside at least 90 minutes to read instructions and place stickers.'

4/5  Joe 'My toddler loves this car park and spends hours playing with it. I agree with the reviews that the stickers don't stay on very well but my son loves it.'

5/5  Danny 'My son really lives it.'

4/5  Tallulahbelle 'My wee boy is obsessed with cars and this was the perfect birthday present, plays with it non-stop. Only negative is that there are roughly 1 million stickers which took me 2 hours to attach lol not ideal when he wants to play with it NOW! So may be an idea to build it before gifting it.'

5/5  Katy53 'Best thing I've bought my grandson, he loves his garage and plays with it for hours he especially loves the working lift. Product says for 3years and up but he's only 2 and it's suitable for him nothing to harm him.'

4/5  Honeybee 'A lil fiddly to assemble. My 4 year old loves it gives him hours of fun'

3/5  Carlson89 'It wasn't quick to set up, there was loads of stickers to put on, the assembly of the plastic bits was was and quick.'

5/5  Becki66 'Brought this for my grandson and plays with it constantly value for money'

3/5  Tracey 'Took to long to build up and kids pull apart to easy'

5/5  Tt 'My 2 and a half year old son chose this garage himself and loves it. Seems as though it will last sometime. You have got to have patience putting all of the stickers on when putting it together. Good luck'

4/5  Beanie Baby 'This is my grandsons favourite he just can't leave it alone he loves car wash and the lift ,we have it at our house and he wants to take it home with him every time ,but like mum says no room'

5/5  Evice 'My niece and nephew are love playing with this toy.'

5/5  Hazel 'It looks very appealing once you have applied all the stickers - yes every car parking space line is hand applied - and my granddaughter loved the hoist although it doesn't feel too robust. In the context of the price, bought on offer, it is excellent value for money. Can't comment on durability as we haven't had it long. With its ramps and barriers, car-wash and petrol pumps, there are enough activities to keep two children happy at the same time. One of the three cars had sticking wheels.'

5/5  Scradge 'A lot to assemble but very worth while.'

4/5  Belle 'I bought this garage for my great grandsons 3 rd birthday last week so far he is really enjoying it he loves the lift and running his cars up and down the slopes.'

4/5  Purple Orangutang 'Bought this for a car mad 2 year old. He loves it. Just make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to put all the stickers on the product. It took us about 45 mins.. there are lots. Worth it once finished.'

4/5  Sarah 'We got this for our 4 year old son and he loves it'

3/5  Yoyobananas 'Although my 3 year old loves it, it took an age to assemble and there are tons of stickers which fall off after a few minutes. Expected much better.'

4/5  Nannie Mcphee 'Only drawback is the number of stickers!...be prepared parents and grandparents for the length of time it takes!...we still haven't put them all on!'

4/5  Hayley 'Brought this for my son an so far so good he loves it brilliant for the price'

5/5  Ginger Whinger 'My grandson played for hours with the garage. It took me back to when I was a child and I got my first car garage. Smiles and laughter priceless. Thankyou .'

5/5  Cory2200 'We had a second hand one with parts missing for a long time and it got played with a lot, so decided to replace it as my son loves it. It's sturdy, has lots of parking spaces , and the lift is easy to use. One drawback on this is that we had a tough time getting the stickers to stay stuck on. The old one we had, had all the stickers firmly attached. Maybe the stickers adhesive have changed, or this is just a one off. Either way my son isn't bothered.'

5/5  Shafaq 'It was amazing experience'

5/5  Jamie '3 year old loves it! Purchased several other toy garages and this is the best quality by far! Brilliant value.'

4/5  Red Rose 'BUT when we checked the item, 2 floors were exactly the same, one should have had cut out little ramps. So we had to return it sadly and had to buy something else instead. No trouble returning, good service, but disappointing episode ....good job we checked it before Christmas Day....'

5/5  Lynne 'Only 2years old but he loves this garage. Great for imaginative play'

4/5  ChrisM 'Took a little while to build especially if you put on all the stickers. But once built it is a good solid toy and for a little boy is excellant (& car loving girls)'

4/5  Sammi 'My 3yr old likes this product. Getting his cars out and using the ramps and elevator it has. He is using his imagination more now. The car wash could be a bit smaller so it touches the cars it comes with or the cars could be a bit bigger either way! Just to make it a little more realistic but he likes it. If you do have a bigger car that will fit through and turn the rollers then it's fine. It's a bit of a setup with the stickers but putting the garage together was easy.'

5/5  Emma T 'Toy was great!'

5/5  Kerri 'Very good 4 year old loves it. I would suggest making the levels a bit more easier to get child's arm through and play inside a bit better. Overall great'

5/5  Flossie 'I bought this for my grandson for Christmas and he had great fun putting it all together with his dad & sticking on the stickers, although it says for 3years old + my granson is 7years old & absolutely loves it , he has had garages before but this by far the best & very well made & robust.'

3/5  Kernowmum 'Value for money... Great. My son loves it but the stickers, which are numerous take forever to apply and then mostly all peel off. However, the 3 year old doesn't seem to care and loves it regardless!'

5/5  Belena80 'My son just love it! Nice quality !'

5/5  Pipsqeak 'Well worth the money my grandson is 2 and wont leave it alone'

5/5  Steve 'My son loves this and the fact it comes with cars is a bonus'

5/5  Kez 'Really good toy , hours of fun'

5/5  Tez 'Over the moon with what i bought my little boy plays all day with it . Great value for money.'

4/5  FeeFee 'I've bought this for my grandson as he loves cars. I chose is one as it's got a lift in it to encourage him to count and do colours.'

1/5  Moaning Nanny 'I returned this item 24 hrs after I bought it There was no way that this was going to with stand a 3 yr old The warning was in the price'

1/5  Smurfette 'Purchesed for brother aged two .Lasted five minutes,he enjoyed taking it apart rather than playing with the garage.'

5/5  Jeff 'My grandson absolutely loves it and plays with it for hours'

5/5  Becky 'Knew what I wanted but couldn't find it until went on the Argos website. Very impressed with the product'

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