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Chad Valley Fire Engine with Lights and Sounds

About the Chad Valley Fire Engine with Lights and Sounds

Your budding little fire fighter will love the Chad Valley Fire Engine with Lights and Sounds. It has bright lights on the top and front and wonderful fire motor sounds impacts to let everybody know you're on a crisis call. The special ladder stretches out to reach those high altitudes to save individuals from their homes or felines from trees.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3877333
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Chad Valley Fire Engine with Lights and Sounds Reviews

4/5   'Bought for my twin nephews. Value for money.'

5/5  Bluedolphin123 'Larger than I thought. Grandson loved it when opened today. Very excited.'

5/5  None 'It was purchased for my grandson’s birthday, which, since getting it has not stopped playing with it'

4/5  Sar16 'Great product! Worth the money. My little boy loves it and can spend hours playing imaginative play with it pretending to put fires out and being a fireman :).'

5/5  Jules 'Our grandson loved his fire engine. He still plays with it even now.'

4/5  Mike 'Generally speaking, the product was worth it, bought as a Christmas present for a 5 year old. He seemed to really enjoy playing with the truck although there are small cones that come of that ups the fun. I would buy again and I didn't find anything else that matches the price for quality.'

5/5  Lou 'Bought for my 4 yr old nephew. The sound effect were brilliant, he has had hours of fun!..'

5/5  Georgina87 'Love this fire engine, it's well built, the part you expect to move do and it's sounds good as well, a huge hit with my son who is fire engine mad!'

4/5  FredM 'Provides very imaginative and creative play, Siren and lights superb. Highly recommended.'

5/5  Andrea51780 'Excellent product. Bought for my son who is 7. Its been on many adventures along with other emergency vehicles he has. A nice large engine and all parts work great with blue flashing lights. Any little boy is going to love this.'

4/5  Vall 64 'Looks good body of fire engine sturdy, the ladder very flimsy, the sound of the syrens Very low bit disappointed really. Sorry'

5/5  Kellz 'Just as described, very big and sturdy, little one loves it'

4/5  Anna 'Nice toy, my boy likes to play with it'

4/5  Waz 'Price was fair Good toy loved by all children at home Good sound Looks good'

4/5  A 'Accessories are hard to remove but otherwise as described. Mine looks like the one in the second picture with no black on ladder. Big!'

5/5  I Dont Have One 'Purchased this for my Grandson who had previously broken his much smaller but beloved Fire Engine just a few days before Christmas. Ordered online and delivered next morning, wrapped that day and included in with his Santa presents. He has played with it virtually everyday so it was the perfect gift for him.'

5/5  Julie 'My grandson loves it and its really tough too, he sits on it loads and has been dropped and still as good as new'

4/5  Mary 'My 3 year old grandson was delighted with this fire engine and shrieked with delight when he opened the big box and is constantly playing with his big present from Nanny and Grandad.'

5/5  Abledj 'I bought this for my nephew and he seemed to immediately like it. The light and sound were fun without being too irritating and for the money the fire engine was solid enough. My brother sent a picture from later in the day saying that my nephew had barely left his toy alone all day and it had been his favourite present.'

3/5  Thorpe 'The back door falls off easy . But clips back on and not to small for my 2 year olds mouth x'

5/5  Ashley D 'My little boy was 3 just before Xmas and he LOVES his new fire engine... it makes sounds and lights up like a real fire engine and price was really good too'

4/5  Karma 'My little one loves cars so when this arrived for Xmas , OMG elation was an understatement. Lol'

5/5  Maggiek 'Fantastic toy for my three year old grandson, after opening the Fire engine he refused to stop playing with it to open any other presents.'

5/5  Barbarella 'My grandson loves it plays for hours'

2/5  Becky 'The fire engine feels very poor quality and I don't imagine it would last long in the hands of a toddler. Also the ladder does not go up and down like you would think it does. I returned this for a refund.'

5/5  Morgan 'My 7 years old son was excited to play and enjoyed himself.'

5/5  Tealady 'Very durable and giving grandson lots of enjoyment'

5/5  Shortie 'Grandson loves playing with his fire engine, it's brilliant for imaginative play. I was really pleased at how sturdy it is for a 3 year old. My grandson is going to get a lot of pleasure from playing with his new toy, he loves it that much he had to take it to bed with him.'

5/5  Carrie 'Overall very happy with this item,thank you'

2/5  Amyr 'It was for my sons christmas so when i brought it home i opened it to see what it was like and it can easily be broken its like cheap plastic'

5/5  Valeria 321 'Can see my grandsons action figures climbing up and down the ladder on Christmas morning. He loves fire engines and is thrilled when he sees one. This is a really robust toy and will give him hours of fun. Really pleased.'

5/5  Sillynana 'Fabulous toy for our grandson, he kept asking me for a big fire engine, so we bought him this for his birthday, he loves it'

3/5  Sara 'My son loves it, but the quality is a bit disappointing'

5/5  Kel 'My son loves it and sounds are good'

3/5  CalowGirl16 'Good toy but ladder only extends a little bit and does not rise up. Hose easily comes off which can be lost and is not very easily attached'

2/5  Skg 'Not much to this for £25 .. Feels very cheap plastic .'

3/5  Young Mum Of 1 'It's a good size but it don't do much only makes 2 sounds and only the expandable ladder does anything glad I didn't pay full price for it cause it wouldn't have been worth it my son loves fire engine but this one not doing it for him'

5/5  Ajs Mummy 'My son loves his nee naw he is amazed with fire engines and sits on it and it is really good quality'

4/5  RAY 'Plays with this each time he comes to see us.'

4/5  Kavi 'I baught this one as a surprise gift for my 3.5 yr old son. He is amazed with this huge one. This is the only fire engine I found reasonably priced for its size. Also looks good and durable. I am very happy with my purchase . Argos is fab!!'

5/5  Jo 'Our son 3 years old loves it and great idea for birthday present !!'

4/5  Chuffed Nan 'I bought this toy for my 3 year old grandson and he adores it. He hasn't stopped playing with it for weeks and takes it to bed with him. The product is well made and seems pretty durable. Definitely can recommend.'

4/5  Mtb 'Great fire engine but had trouble figuring out how to erect the ladder.'

3/5  Dariusz 'This item I would not recommend'

5/5  Ray 'Good toy for good money'

3/5  No Bad 'No bad pretty basic'

5/5  Emmangel23 'My grandson absolutely loves this'

4/5  Jacke27 'I was quite impressed by this and is a great toy for any young boy.'

4/5  Harsha 'It is quite big and nice, fun to play but I thought it could do more.. There were just two lights in the front that blink and two sound options. Other than that, the extendable ladder is the only other piece that does something. For the price I think, you will get better ones.'

5/5  Karen 'Great toy. Brought it for my nephew, he loves it.'

4/5  Jock And Jean 'This product delighted our 3 year-old grandson. He had no problem with any of the features and the toy is large enough for him to make daring rescues easy from the heights of the sofa cushions.......good purchase on our behalf.'

5/5  Jessica 'Grandson Loves this fire engine. Lots of play features on it to let his imagination run riot'

5/5  Nan 'Bought for my grandson's 3rd birthday He loves it and won't put it down'

5/5  Nanna10 'Great fire engine, was played with for ages, stretched his imagination in play. Sounds not to loud which was a blessing. Could do with including either 1 or 2 figures to make play more exciting. Took some knocks during the day but held up to some heavy handling. Would recommend for 3+.'

5/5  Flash 'Example showed a fire appliance with blue flashing lights but received one with red flashing lights. Its a great product worth 5 stars but as a retired firefighter aged 71 with a 6 year old Granddaughter who knows more than me about the fire service picked up on the lights. there is two versions of this appliance one American and one UK I should have thought the Argos buying dept needs to check supplies. Granddaughter loves it so not a problem.'

4/5  Mummy85 'Bought this fire engine for my daughter after reading all the great reviews about it. Had been considering buying marshall from paw patrols fire engine but the reviews for that were very poor. Seeing as this Chad Valley fire engine was same price we went for this instead. It has two buttons which both set the lights off but make different sounds. Has a little door at back that u can store stuff in too'

5/5  Angie 'It was a Christmas present for a friend's child so I have not really seen him play with it therefore, cannot comment but in the thank you letter he did say he loved squirting his sister with it.'

4/5  Vicky 'Was shocked at how big the product actually was. The box was huge, and I didn't realise it would be that big, which was a nice surprise. I struggled too find a good sturdy fire truck. I've never once had a problem with chad valley products, this one was not a disappointment!! My little boy adores it, plays with it all the time! Was definitely worth the money. Would recommend to anyone.'

5/5  Rahrah 'Bought for my son for xmas, he loves it! It's fairly large, but very detailed and realistic.'

5/5  Hassiba 'Bought this for my 2 1/2 year old and he loves it! It has loud sounds and a very big ladder. It also has some other fire engine equipment you can remove and play with. Very sturdy too as he keeps banging it against everything and not a scratch yet (on the engine that it is...) :-)'

5/5  Jojo 56 'Absolutely amazing , my grandsons face on Xmas day was priceless .'

5/5  Reservation 'He is love Fire Engine toy and this was on Christmas list'

5/5  Nicki 'Good for kids 4 years'

4/5  Shortieee 'This is a great product for the little ones! My two and a half year old had it purchased for him for Xmas and he loves it. He's a little on the rough side with it so I have to watch him closely with it as some parts appear to not be too durable! He loves the sounds and he loves the size of it! Would recommend.'

5/5  Lulu989 'My boys absolutely love these! they are played with everyday. great price for such a large fire engine, definitely wasn't expecting them to be so big.'

5/5  Morgana 'This fire engine was bought for my 3yr old grandson who has had hours and hours of fun with it ignoring every other thing that Santa brought him. It's the second grandson I have bought this for and it was a great hit with that child too. I recommend this toy for fun and as a value for money toy.'

5/5  Mags 'Bought for my grand daughter's Christmas and she loves it.'

5/5  Terrie 'Fantastic ,its a lot bigger than expected great value'

5/5  Dom 'Son loved this for Xmas!'

5/5  Allie15 'This toy was a birthday present for my great nephew he has so much fun with it with the noises'

5/5  Frugalmum 'My son is into fire engines and fireman Sam. This is a big hit because of the size! This is a big vehicle! lots of fun!'

4/5  Joycet 'I bought this for my Grandson for his 2nd birthday and he loves it'

4/5  Nicola34 'Excellent value for money'

5/5  Uncle Degs 'Bought for three year old who has a penchant for fire engines, we could not have provided him with a more perfect toy. He has loads of fun with it and has to have it with him in his bedroom at bedtime, it is not allowed out of his sight.'

4/5  Nikki 'This is a great product keeps the little one entertained for hours x'

5/5  Mum Of Two Boys 'I bought two of these, I feel they are a really good buy just for the sheer size as it is impressive, I have seen similar products and I feel these are a bargain for the price I paid. Small parts so may want to consider that if buying for younger age but I just removed them as they are traffic cones etc add ones and kids are none the wiser.'

4/5  Sophie 'Bigger than I expected which is a good thing. Hours of fun'

4/5  Mabel 'Good value for money'

5/5  Mickey74 'I found this product is great my son love's it'

5/5  Moo2 'My son got this for his birthday, he sits on it ,pulls it around and plays with it alot, he is loving it, nice size to'

5/5  Duchess 'Great product a lot bigger then I though good value'

5/5  Poverton 'Purchased for my 3 year old grandson for Christmas this Fire Engine looks sturdy,and just know he will love the lights and sounds on it.Great features and very colourful,excellent value for money,another great toy from Argos.'

5/5  Alice 'I bought for my friend's son.This toy is bigger than i tought and looking very cool! My friend's son loves it! Totally recommend this'

5/5  George 'My son was verry happy about The toy,tx Argos!'

5/5  Beti 'Such of nice toy, big and good quality and worth it every penny !!!'

5/5  Sam 'Well done Argos! Very good toy for a toddler.'

5/5  Jane 'They love all vehicles especially this one.'

5/5  Reggie 'My 3 year old son totally loves his fire engine. Well worth the money'


4/5  Baz 48 'Sent it abroad wasn't too heavy grandsons' face will be picture as he is only three would recommend Argos toys again best regards'

4/5  Rad 'Good value for the price Il will buy again'

3/5  Dee 'The first one we bought was damaged so had to return it. The second one was OK but it did not resemble the picture in the catalogue the extended ladder was at the back and the black ladder was missing at this point I gave up. My 3yr old grandson was so excited about receiving it we didn't bother to return it again - not happy.'

4/5  Mojo 'Bought for a 3 year old's birthday and after he opened it played with it all day. He loved it.'

5/5  A1234 'Not used yet as for a birthday present but had a look at product and it looks good. Only downside was box was damaged and ripped when we got it.'

5/5  Pocoya34 'I bought it for my son who is almost 4 years old. He really liked it.'

5/5  Lisa 'My little boy was very happy with his fire truck'

5/5  Daphne 58 'I have bought this item for the third time. My grandsons have all loved it.'

5/5  Spiderbird 'Bought it for my 3 year old grandson, and he has been delighted with it, riding on it, playing etc. Very pleased with it.'

4/5  Stacey 'My 3 year old loves it. The Ladder is a little stiff that's the only negative. Apart from that a good toy'

4/5  Happy Grandad 'I bought this for my grandson's 4th birthday. He grabbed it in glee. Siren and flashing lights, he was in delight as he lifted the ladder. Without a seconds delay, he was in the realms of imagination, putting out fires and driving around.'

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