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Chad Valley Driftstone Carpark with CarsChad Valley Driftstone Carpark with Cars

About the Chad Valley Driftstone Carpark with Cars

The Chad Valley Driftstone Carpark (Size H40, W66, D30.5cm) is an absolute blast! This three (3) level garage playset stimulates creative thinking and imaginative vehicle play. The levels of the Chad Valley Driftstone Carpark are joined via interconnected ramps, plus this set is jump-packed with features such as a functioning car lift, car wash, store, fuel pumps, barriers, heli-pad, parking areas as well as five (5) die-cast cars for your little one to zoom about with for long-time racing fun. An additional bonus is that the track pieces are compatible with other Chad Valley track sets, so you can mix and match to great a whole new unique experience for your little one.

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Chad Valley Driftstone Carpark with Cars Reviews

5/5   'A lovely sturdy little garage . Large enough for my 2 little grandsons to play with at the same time. Unlike similar toys it doesn’t come apart easily when played with thus enabling Granny to sit with her feet up!'

5/5  Ruje 'Very good and good for value My boy loves it'

5/5  Carly33 'I bought this while it was on offer so it was a good price. The children love it and spent hours playing with it.'

4/5  Amina 'Yes it was a bit fiddly to stick all the stickers, but I got the husband to do that! And the stickers do add detail. The garage is strong and sturdy and takes the weight of my two and a half year old when he has decided he would rather use the garage as a step up to higher things. He's had hours of fun already, so definitely recommend. I have detached the tyre decoration at the front as it kept coming off and isn't needed for play,'

4/5  Mb 'Took a while to put together and place all the stickers on but my son was happy with the end result'

5/5  Maria1972 'What a bargain, got for son’s birthday and he loved it. Took time to put on stickers but easy to put together and no tools needed.'

2/5  June 'The car park took a while to put together, especially with all of the stickers to add! The lift only goes down to the top floor and is wonky when doing so, very frustrating for our son as we’re not able to fix it. The levels are slightly wonky so when parking the cars they can roll forward/backward, again very frustrating for our 3 year old son. He loves the idea of it with the parking spaces, the ramps, the car wash etc. But the make up of the toy is very cheap and ineffective.'

2/5  Emzzz 'Great once you have applied the millions of stickers that come with it, I’m talking every parking bay line, arrow etc this took us ages to complete. However, now it’s fine it’s just fine for my child, enjoys watching the cars shoot down the ramp the most.'

5/5  Sharad 'This is excellent product for kids.'

5/5  Birthday 'Bought for nephew and he loves it'

5/5  Prisca 'My six year old and two year old sons are always fighting with it. They both love to play with it and it makes me want to buy another one'

5/5  Ana 'Bought it for my son for Xmas , spent an hour to apply stickers but otherwise it's great toy. My boy was very happy.'

4/5  Jason 'Kids loved it, once I’d figured out how to put it together!'

5/5  GC 'Present for our grandsons. It’s strong, easy to put together and looks good. The boys love playing imaginary games and their parents love the peace. Recommended'

3/5  MM 'We bought this garage for a 3 year old. He enjoys playing with it very much, but it took a long time to assemble mainly because there are over 30 individual stickers to be applied and the instructions were poor. The parts just clip together but if you make a mistake it very tricky to get them apart again. The plastic is quite thin and brittle and small children need to be supervised closely to avoid it getting broken.'

4/5  Maza 'Grandson loved this!'

3/5  Nat 'My child liked this just hate applying stickers'

5/5  Nana 'Lots of fun to make together and hours of fun playing would recommend'

5/5  Amber2306 'Do Follow instructions, you need a good GSE in Instruction. MY Grandchildren have had and I joying this Garage.'

5/5  Shell87 'Gave as a Christmas present and it is already well loved and well used. Took 2 adults almost 2 hours to apply all the stickers and put together but, once assembled, it looks great. The lift and ramps work well and the cars that come with the car park are also brilliant.'

5/5  Maz 'Got this for our 2yrs grandson he loves it as does his big sister and cousins Great value for money Definitely recommend this garage'

5/5  Dida 'Fantastic value for money , and looks great'

2/5  GB 'Overall look good, but flimsy and some parts don't attach together very well.'

5/5  Alison4234 'Good quality garage for the money however front tyre part does sometimes fall off and stickers have to be added'

5/5  Nanto6 'I bought this little garage for my 3 and a half year old granddaughter who is car mad. I assembled it without any problem after spending ages putting all the stickers on - yes you have to do this first and there are lots. The look on my granddaughter's little face when she saw it made it worth all the hassle, particularly as the garage had some cars with it. It is a lovely little garage, sturdy enough for little hands and already a favourite with her. Chad Valley is a good make too.'

1/5  Cmayb 'Not a great product, unfortunately the price reflects the quality. The whole car park needs stickers putting on yourself (which is fine), but none of them stick! Took me just under an hour to do the whole lot as it’s fiddly, and they’re all peeling off which is a shame. Also the lift is made from string and keeps getting stuck or making the platform un-level. In this case it’s better to spend a bit more money for something or a better quality.'

4/5  KB 'Nice toy, both my boys enjoy it ages 5 & 2. Lots of stickers in assembly stage but easy to put together. Nice toy, would recommend.'

5/5  Nikki 'Bought this for Xmas for my 3yr old and he loves it! Easy to put together so far it’s pretty sturdy we’ll see how it last over a period of time'

4/5  Lucy 'My son absolutely loves this. I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the black decorative arch at the side isn’t attached securely, but it’s not necessary. Superglue would attach it better if you wanted it on. Good colours.'

5/5  Tge 'My friend’s son loved it!! Very easy to assemble as well.'

4/5  AJ 'It took a while to set up , which was frustrating for my little boy on Xmas morning! However he’s had lots of fun playing with it since!'

4/5  Alfaminute 'Bought for my 3 year old nephew- he absolutely loves it. It provides hours of entertainment. Lots of nice little features, it’s robust enough for most kids and very decent value. Nice that it comes with a few cars too.'

5/5  CB 'Originally had to return due to a duplicate part. The stickers took a while to put on and the lift is quite flimsy but for the money it’s a good buy and my son loves it.'

4/5  Graham46 'As advertised very good value'

5/5  Jaffa 'Don’t need to change a thing just sometimes the prices are a bit to high for the things they sell'

2/5  SeaDog 'All the floors were worpt but when assembled they were ok. The lift is very flimsy and the strings kept coming off the wheels. The stickers that mark out the parking bays would not stick and assembly instructions were not very good.'

4/5  Me 'Grandson is having fun'

3/5  Gem 'Takes a lot of time to put all the stickers on.. the ramps come out easily and the tyre sign driftstone comes off too easlily also barely stays on.'

5/5  Sud 'From first day my grandson has not stopped playing with it. He is car mad!!'

4/5  Sharr 'Once assembled the garage has lots of features. Very fiddly to put together but worth it.'

3/5  Daz 'Very good garage. Easy to put together but some of the pieces come of easily. To many stickers to put on. My boy loves playing with it though.'

4/5  Cordi 'I bought this as a gift for close friends little boy, and he plays with it a lot and really enjoys it. It’s sturdy as he’s quite a rough player.'

5/5  Jacinthe 'My son really enjoys playing with this parking lot. Good value for money'

4/5  Renate 'A bit flimsy, but my son loves it, he’s 2. Cheap, but fun. A lot of stickers to place that eventually come off, but looks great otherwise.'

4/5  Sonia 'Takes some tine to put it togueter wiyh all the stickers but it worth it'

2/5  Tridol 'The positives- Plastic parts within themselves are durable and don't feel cheap. Good size and weight. The cons, badly cast causing distortion, particularly with the upper story. Resulting in the ornamental facia constantly falling off. There are a lot of stickers, even the parking lines-time consuming to stick on & start to curl up as soon as it's played with. Lift broke after the second day, on its way back to be returned. Not recommended.'

3/5  Reviewer 'I gave this as a present to a 2.5 year old child. He loved it but it broke the first morning he played with it. His mum said the cars moved too quickly so bashed through one part of it.'

5/5  Toni 'Grandson loves it quite durable as he is pretty heavy handed'

5/5  Pete 'My grandson thinks it is the best thing he has had for Xmas.'

5/5  El 'To many stickers which don't stay on but my little boy loves it and plays with it alot so is worth it'

4/5  Teegs 'Because it's plastic its very flimsy, the lift keeps going wonky when you wind it so cars fall of it even though its made of plastic expected it to be better.'

3/5  Wardy 'Great toys very well made grandson plays for hours'

5/5  Ccww 'I purchased this in September for my grandson’s birthday, as I had bought so much I kept it for Christmas-without looking at ur- it took hours to assemble and put transfers on- several lifted off immediately . The arch at the front won’t stay on- great idea but could be better thought through but despite all that my grandson loves the lift- not sure it will last'

3/5  Patsy 'My son loves playing with this type of toy so when I found it and seeing the price I was amazed.'

5/5  Gina 'Bought for my grandson as he loves cars and this is a ideal size not to big'

5/5  Shub 'Don't think my grandson will will keep it in one piece for long as not too sturdy'

4/5  Joanne 'Too many stickers during assembling. Could of been put together prior to purchase'

4/5  Margot 'Toy was packed well and survived sending it via courier. Was purchased as a gift and a 4yo boy was really happy with it.'

4/5  Dave 'Bought this for my 2 year old son loves playing with it'

4/5  Jones 'Bought 2 of these one each for my grandsons they will love it'

5/5  Gerryw 'Great Grandson love it easy to assemble and looks good cars are a great add on .'

5/5  Dayna 'Definitely worth the money entertains my son for hours, strong, bright and colourful!'

5/5  Wendy 'Lovely garage but the stickers don't stay on had to sellotape them down. Took me hours to do this hope my friends son enjoys it. Lost a star for this or else it would have been 5 stars.'

4/5  Jacques 'Brought it for my grandsons, they love the ramps wound up car ramp and the car wash, hours of play to be had'

4/5  Banny 'This garage took hours to assemble with stickers it it quite flimsy not that good quality lovely to look at but needs a very soft approach to operate properly'

3/5  Sandy 'Took a little building up but my grandchildren aged 3 and 5 enjoyed using it especially the lift and slides great that it came with some cars for instant play would recommend and I’m very pleased with my purchase'

5/5  Potter2 'Bought this as a present took well over an hour to assemble (and there was a few choice words whilst doing so!!) NONE of the stickers stuck so had to glue them on and the half circle on the side doesnt stay on either. Very cheap and tacky looking.'

2/5  Mk 'My boy loved it plays with it all the time great fun and keeps him occupied'

5/5  Graham44 'Bought the garage as was on offer, first impression when unpacking wasn't good the quality of the bases seemed poor as were warped. When everything was assembled it all straightened out actually became very study. The only gripe was the stickers ! Far to many and takes a lifetime to do. It's worth building it all up day before the child has it or they will have a long wait.'

4/5  Jean 'My nephew loves this toy! Perfect present.'

5/5  Tracy33 'Took forever to put stickers on before assembling it!!! Arch does not stay on. Not for love or money... Flimsy. Looks cheap. However my 4 year old likes it. But doubt it will last more than a few months?! Also the lift part is with string... why? That will be broken in no time. Poor quality but kids don’t notice do they'

2/5  Mumofthree 'My son loves this toy. It was his gift for Xmas. Plays with it all the time!'

5/5  Nurseyjane 'Purchased as xmas present for my grandson. He is delighted with it. Durable good quality toy'

5/5  Mrsed1 'Bought for my 3 year old,he hasnt really bothered with it.the car lift broke within an hour of opening it.'

4/5  Caterina123 'Garage was a bit flimsy, stickers came off straight away.'

3/5  CharlieK 'This garage is fab and my 3 Year Old loves his. Its good value for money. The only negative about this is the stickers. It comes with lots of stickers that you need to put on once you have assembled it. Some stickers were upside down, and the stickers come off easily too.'

4/5  KLLN 'Bought for my son and it did exactly as expected'

4/5  GoWest 'My grandson is going to love it!'

5/5  Piper 'It's really good quality and safe for little kids'

5/5  Nannie 'Took a while to stick all the fiddly signs etc. on and would advise using a little glue as they're so easy to remove'

4/5  Kelly 'I bought this for my 2 year old son he loves it definitely value for money'

5/5  Jaded 'Too flimsy parts wouldn’t go together properly and stickers peeling off a day after being put together'

1/5  Kitkat21 'Looks great and son loves it!'

5/5  Bird 'Great price'

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