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Chad Valley Die-Cast Cars - 25 PackChad Valley Die-Cast Cars - 25 Pack

About the Chad Valley Die-Cast Cars - 25 Pack

Encouraging imaginative make-believe vehicle orientated roleplay, the impressive twenty five (25) pack of Chad Valley Die-Cast Cars is a must for budding car enthusiasts! With mixed colours and styles, these die-cast cars have high quality body shells, moulded under body detail and independent free moving wheels providing excellent mobility; your little one is sure to be delighted with this pack.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7244553
EAN/SKU: 7244553
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Chad Valley Die-Cast Cars - 25 Pack Reviews

5/5   'This is worth the price !'

5/5  Anna 'Lots of colourful quality cars. My 2 year old was over the moon'

5/5  Karen 'Great fun for 3 year old loves playing with his cars. Good choice in colours and different designs. Very happy with purchase.'

4/5  Jo 'Lovely selection of good quality cars for a great price'

5/5  Babi 'Very good price my grandson all the day'

5/5  Colin 'My grandchildren love this set , plenty to go round and race. Great fun.'

5/5  Ashus 'I think quality Cars. My kid loved it.'

5/5  Alistair 'Superbcars, great item for the grand children, they love playing with them, racing them down the garden slide to see which one is the fastest.'

5/5  Loz 'Little boy (2) loves these cars, well worth the money!!'

5/5  Will 'Whilst not the quality of hot wheels they were an absolute bargain and my son loves them'

5/5  Justmoved 'Great value for money. Only downside is that there are 3 of each car and same colour.'

5/5  Lisa 'Great little packet of cars well worth the price some of the cars were a little flimsy and broke quite quickly but other than that my 3 year old loves them and hasn't put them down since . Ideal as little stocking fillers for Christmas.'

5/5  Imaan 'Loving the cars for my son. He really enjoys playing with them. Very good quailty'

5/5  Polly 'Got it on sale, good value for money.'

3/5  Melissa 'Good price. You get doubles of some cars but still good value for what you get.'

4/5  Superdad 'My son loves it. Very good quality'

5/5  Louise 'Great Cars and worth the money. They are made well as no wheels have fell off. Would buy again'

5/5  Kate 'My granddaughter loves these'

5/5  Gemma 'Fantastic product for the price I paid, I did however get it on sale but my lil boy loves them'

5/5  SuperDuperMum 'My little boy loves it but it’s too small and easy to break get inside the sofa & under too. Overall it’s ok for gift or child over 3years of age.'

4/5  Lisa38 'Bought for present but loads of cars in them and brill for money'

5/5  Jennie62 'Bright colours, good price , well loved by my little nephew'

5/5  Bre52 'A good selection of cars to play with toy garage.good value for price'

5/5  Gemma 'Bought for my little one and he loves.them. he'll happily play with all of them and tell me their colours etc. Definitely worth a buy x'

5/5  Summer19 'Great value for the money. Good quality and great colours. Grandkids love them.'

5/5  Rosie 'Perfect pricing for this specific item as all different children love playing with toy cars and my son is for ever losing his toy cars so I'm forever replacing them.'

5/5  Cally 'Great set of cars which can be used for one child.. an advent calendar or maybe for party bags. Either way bargain price on sale and great mixture of cars.'

5/5  Laura 'Fabulous value for money. Not used yet as it will be a christmas present but my boy will get loads of play out of these cars.'

5/5  Lisa28 'A lovely pack of cars.... these are perfect for little ones. We are using them in my daughter's party bags as fillers. Great value for money.'

3/5  Heavenlyone 'Ok for the price. Have not given the item as a gift yet.'

5/5  Owlinz 'My grandson loves them he's been playing with them for days its definitely a must for any child'

5/5  Lisa 'Brought for nephew loved it and good quality cars very happy'

5/5  Nevo 'Got these at a reduced price, perfect for party bags. Really pleased with the purchase'

2/5  Khalil 'Get a playing mat also!'

5/5  Ajfvic 'Great price and lots of fun for my little lad'

5/5  Jess 'Bought tor my almost 3 year old who loves cars. Sage to say it was a big hit now hes got even more cars to play with and hours of play!'

5/5  Puneet 'Great for my younger son!!'

5/5  Teetee 'Perfect to keep grand children playing'

5/5  Gina 'Excellent value. My grandson who is 3 loved them'

5/5  Witch5868 'Bought for my nephew Xmas'

5/5  Danloz 'Perfect for a car mad little boy'

5/5  Loopylou 'My 2yr old son loves playing with these cars on his road mat perfect size for him & handy there are so many in the box'

5/5  Vicky 'Can't beat that.price for cars that you use on everything'

5/5  Rocky 'Grandson loves them. Cheap and cheerful'

5/5  Catherine 'My son loves cars great colours ive shared them with grandparents so he can have them at there house too'

5/5  MJBUCKINGHAM 'Bought these as a gift for my great-nephew who's car mad! Loves them & I got them for a bargain!'

5/5  Naik 'All cars looks cute and strong.'

1/5  Mummsy1995 'Would not recommend to a friend'

5/5  Buddie 'Grandson loves cars and was delighted to get so many. Now it doesn't matter if he "loses" a few - he has plenty so no more years when he can't find one \ his "favourite". Variety (or lack of) is a plus point for that reason but, personally, I would have to have seen more variation in style \ colours.'

5/5  NanNan 'Bought these for my grandson as he’s just getting to the age were it’s all things cars. These are fab for the price, So much better than I thought they’d be, he has been bashing them around & they’re still going strong! Happy Boy, Happy Nana ;-)'

5/5  Fi 'Got these cars for our 2yr old daughter loves cars & floor play so we got her this set as well as the Chad Valley playmate with road markings. She loves it! 25 cars so I can rest easy that if one gets lost there's plenty more, they are metal and painted in nice bright colours which has helped with colour recognition too. And the set is truly unisex in colouring which is fab too!'

5/5  Ampug 'Good choice of cars good quality and colors'

5/5  Lauren 'Brilliant & more than worth the money! My 3 year old loves racing his cars around his bedroom!'

5/5  Liz 'Cars selections are good.'

4/5  NR123 'Beautiful and cheap collection of cars Keeps little boys happy and engrossed for long time Very good value'

5/5  SandraD 'Bought for car mad Grandson's birthday.'

5/5  JIllykrish 'This made me a very popular Aunty indeed- good quality product and really good value. My brother and his wife will be tripping over these for months.'

5/5  Suey 'Great set of assorted coloured cars.. Really well made.. Bought them as a present for my 4 Yr old granddaughter, she loves them..'

4/5  Thereviewerguy 'My nephew loves this toy cars. A great gift for someone who loves toy cars. They are quite sterdy so they won’t break easily.'

5/5  Jenny 'Excellent set 25 cars!!good quality,, excellent price in sale - my grandchildren were overjoyed with them!!'

5/5  Jojo 'Brilliant my son loves his cars'

2/5  Nettie 'Too flimsy and would purchase something more sturdy next time. The dog enjoyed chewing most of them!'

5/5  Lizg 'Great cars and plenty of them,great value for money.we bought these for our 22month old and nearly 3 year old and they love them.'

5/5  Sophie 'Was a present. The kids were really happy with it.'

4/5  Sue 'The cars are great value.. But it would have been better if they came in a carrying case.'

4/5  Ruthie 'Only issue is there are lots of duplicates!'

5/5  Racheal14 'Great wee extra cars as my daughter keeps taking them out with her and forgetting them everywhere.'

5/5  Megan 'Actually very impressed all solid metal cars comes nicely packaged only thing repetive colours and designs and the metal has been sprayed so no deatiling for doors or lights but fro my 2 your old there fab as hes cars mad and couldnt care less about detailing lol'

5/5  Ss 'Really surprised as thought might look cheap but really good quality'

5/5  Adel 'Great value, 25 nice shiny cars, different models too. We have one happy boy!'

5/5  TD 'I bought them for his birthday, and he’s made up with them :D'

5/5  JACQUI 'Thank you Argos for coming up with exactly what you need'

4/5  Pringle16 'Great littlw set for my car loving 2 year old however i beleive their should be more of a a range of different cars instead of duplicates'

5/5  Kitkat 'My great grandson loved his birthday pasent'

5/5  Aqob 'My grandson loves these cars, value for money'

5/5  Sadie 'Loved the cars, great for kids, lots of variety colours of cars, my godson loves playing with them'

5/5  Sally 'My wee girl loves her wee cars would highly recommend this'

5/5  Swarup 'Good to have..lot of cars. My son is very happy, Good quality as well.'

3/5  Luisa 'A lot of fun for little money'

5/5  Bee 'My grand daughter is currently into cars ideal gift approx 6 colours well worth price ☺'

5/5  Darklord 'Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these toy cars'

4/5  Tam 'Great cars which my son really enjoys it is just a shame that they are duplicated 3 times not leaving much variety.'

5/5  Ian 'Kids will love them and have hours of fun'

4/5  Micsar 'I bought these as rewards for my 3 year olds reward chart. I wraped them individually and noticed there are a few the same, which my little boy doesn't seem to mind. They're sturdy enough and seem good quality. Good value for money and great for what i bought then for.'

5/5  Sophie 'My little boy absolutely loves them great quality for money. It also helps teach colours'

5/5  Trinity1873 'Bought these for my little boy and he loves them. They have had some 'hammer' and still in great condition'

5/5  Mummycrid 'Brought this as a present for my grandson. Being car mad he loves playing with set of cars. Think it's good value for 25 cars.'

5/5  Tracey25 'My boy loves his cars, so to have loads at such a great price is fantastic. They good quality cars and he plays with themfor hours'

5/5  Tanya 'The children love their new selection of cars. Lots of different car types and colours and appear to be quite sturdy too.'

5/5  Hilarious '10 quid for 25 excellent quality Chad Valley cars - what's not to like?'

5/5  Naz 'Very good value for money.'

5/5  Harendra 'It was great value for money , good quality , my kid love it,'

5/5  Heleng34 'My little boy is car mad he has a ton of those little hot wheels and matchbox cars so he asked santa for lota more cars.I came across these when looking for more toot toot cars and thought well theres alot of cars.He loved them all a mix of colours there are a few that are doubles even triples but i said thats incase u lose one u will have another.lol'

5/5  Helsbels85 'Bright and colourful and well made cars, some designs are repeated in the pack but my little boy loved them and wasn’t bothered by that.'

5/5  Gail 'Was amazed by how good these cars are was especially worth the money I paid. my son plays with these for hours'

5/5  Emma 'Bought these cars on offer so was a good deal only cheap so didn't expect much my little boy loves them and has hours of fun pushing them around also matching the cars as there's 2-3 of the same cars in the pack there still in one piece so seem ok quality'

5/5  LisaMarie 'Ideal pack of cars for toddlers to play with. Durable and standard size'

5/5  Tahira 'Great value for money'

5/5  Claire123 'Bought this for my daughters little friend for xmas. Was a great looking set at a great price I’m sure he loved it'

5/5  PennyCrayon 'Bought as a stocking filler. Really good price for so many cars. Lots of colours and my 2 year old loves them. They are also really durable.'

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