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Chad Valley Deluxe 5 Level Garage & Cars SetChad Valley Deluxe 5 Level Garage and Cars Set

About the Chad Valley Deluxe 5 Level Garage & Cars Set

This brilliant Chad Valley Deluxe 5 Level Garage & Cars Set is sure to be a big hit with your little one, it's jam packed with the things kids adore. Stimulating creative vehicle based roleplay games, your most cherished can make use of all the fantastic accessories including a road to zip the die-cast cars around (10 included!), barriers to prevent cars navigating down areas they're not authorised to, petrol pumps to refill the tank ready for another adventure, ramp to speed over, a car wash so the cars always look their glorious best, a working lift to take them to a different level of the garage, parking bays, track adaptor and even a helipad! Watch the eyes widen as they discover this bumper set of goodies. A nice added bonus is that the track pieces are compatible with other Chad Valley track sets, so your little one can customise for a truly unique experience (Size H70, W65.5, D67cm).

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Chad Valley Deluxe 5 Level Garage & Cars Set Reviews

5/5   'My two little boys loved it as soon as they saw it. They have lots of fun with it every day. It is a great product and definitely worth to buy.'

4/5  Dawn 'Fiddly to put together and the stickers took ages - take your time to put it together and don’t rush and it is worth it!'

3/5  Nickname 'Bit a of a pain to put together, for nearly £40 it would have been nice for some of that money to have been spent on sticking the 100 stickers on the thing.... If you like spending £40 on loads of plastic then crack on, unfortunately this was a family request for me so not too happy about it.'

5/5  Mich 'My 4 year old is having loads of fun with this garage, nice & tall'

5/5  Karen 'My son loves this very easy to put together only took me about 10nins on Christmas morning hasn't stopped playing with it since'

5/5  Dibber 'Bought for my 3 year old grandson for Christmas. He hasn't stopped playing with it since. Very pleased.'

5/5  Alicia 'My son loves it so much not stopped playing with it aged 4 yrs'

5/5  Shaun 'Solid and easy to put together, I would suggest putting stickers on layer by layer as you go otherwise you end up in some funny angles and shapes to fit them in. Little one loves it, great buy.'

4/5  Tish 'Was well worth the time spent on the assembly when we had finished. A brilliant product. Has provided hours of fun already. Great for the imagination. Only one small problem - the cars have been toppling out of the lift as its been winched up. Well worth the price a brilliant toy providing hours of fun.'

5/5  Mumof3 'This is amazing got it for my son (3 years) for Christmas and he hasn’t stopped playing with it, he loves it! Would definitely recommend. The only bit he didn’t like was all the barriers and flags, so he took to hose bits off. But great garage, nice and big.'

5/5  Dougied 'Bought this garage for my grandsons christmas when the removed the paper he loved it allow itdid take a while putting all the stickers on'

5/5  Willy 'Once put together it was a great toy.'

4/5  Lisa 'Great garage for imaginative play. My son never get fed up with it!'


4/5  CJ 'Santa delivered this to our 2 year old and it’s been a great hit. Slightly flimsy in parts but has provided lots of fun already...allow time for initial build and stickers!!'

4/5  Sam 'Far too many stickers to put on. A bit flimsy in terms of build quality. Instructions could be clearer. My son likes it so worth it in the end.'

5/5  Bobbi 'A birthday/Christmas present for a 3 year old who is mad about cars. To say he was delighted would be an understatement'

5/5  El 'The price I paid was amazing'

5/5  Jo 'It’s perfect Perfect size Hours of fun Long time to build tho'

4/5  Bella 'Bought for Christmas for my Grandson'

5/5  Lyn 'Its for grandson christmas'

5/5  Daz 'Brilliant value for money , study when built our little boy is 4 years old and plays for hours with it.'

5/5  Morag243 'My 3 years old grandson loves this garage, he washes cars and repairs them, uses his imagination , just plays with it nonstop, but unfortunately I have to crawl about the floor and bring cars to the garage to get repaired and buy cars from him, I’m shattered by the time he’s ready to go home.'

5/5  Jess 'Brilliant car garage, for busy little fingers, my nephew has wanted a garage for ages and we finally settled on this one he loves it, compatible with nearly all his toy cars not just the ones that come with it would recommend x'

5/5  Ang 'Excellent quality and value for money'

5/5  Milne 'Grandson loves it. Keeps him unused for ages'

5/5  Alice 'Bought for grandsons 3rd birthday. He especially loves the winding lift'

5/5  Sid 'Defo recommend this. my son loves playing with it'

5/5  Ladyjayne81 'Bought this for my 2 year old son and he has hours of fun playing. Highly recommended'

5/5  Amanda 'Excellent toy great for value my little boy loves it'

5/5  Amck 'Good value for money would highly recommend'

5/5  Lou 'Brilliant car garage my son loves it would definitely recommend'

5/5  Leanne 'My friends little boy loves this, bought as a birthday present. His older sister also loves playing with it.'

5/5  Mark 'This is a really good garage and my grandson loves it'

4/5  Tez89 'I have bought this as a birthday present for my son so have yet to open it. Box is really big so looking like it's going to be quite large. He will love it I'm sure and I got it at a bargain'

5/5  Sue 'My grandsons love it and play with it every day. Flags lasted all of 2 minutes but the rest of it is quite sturdy'

5/5  Mykola 'My son very happy. Recommended.'

5/5  Ileana 'Depending on child but my 3 years old boy not to much interested to play. Quality is poor for this price'

3/5  Gangan 'For grandson he enjoys playing with this.'

4/5  Caz 'Good garage at a reasonable price. Ideal for a young child.'

5/5  Jayjay74 'My grandson loves this garage hours of fun and imaginative play.'

4/5  Vonny54 'My grandson loves it. Quite strong and holds together very well!'

4/5  Carley 'Lovely garage, would of given 5* but unfortunately there were some pieces missing. Only cardboard which goes along each layer. Other than that it's fab. Comes with 10 cars n my son loves watching them race down the track.'

5/5  Angiem 'Bought for my 3 year old grandson Xmas present and he was delighted with it at first but seeing the cars racing down the ramps is only fun for so long and he soon tired of it. It is now gathering dust in my corner. Easy to set up apart from all the stickers but that's the same on any thing now the only criticism I have of it is the lift, you put a car in it go to raise the lift and the car falls out maybe a rail on lift would be better.'

4/5  1mumzy 'Excellent car garage. My son loves it and loves watching his cars race down from the top level to the bottom. It provides him with hours of fun and imaginative play. It was easy to put together however the stickers for all the details were a bit time consuming.'

3/5  Nins 'Its great product and my son loves it. durable, eazy to fix'

5/5  HHambly87 'Really great product. So glad it came with cars.... Cause Santa forgot cars!! I highly recommend this, my kids (boy 2 & girl 4) love it. Hours of fun.'

5/5  Lizyb 'Would recomend this product.worth the money.and very good value.!'

5/5  Jules 'My Grandson loves this garage, the great thing about it is that it doesn't take up a lot of floor space.'

5/5  Leesh 'This garage is a hit with my 2 girls 5 and 6 year old. I would recommend.'

5/5  Christine 'My granddaughter is very happy with this she plays with it all the time. Well worth the money'

5/5  Dessiebaby 'Good quality, my children played together with no arguments, as it's so big plenty of room.for both of them to play'

5/5  Nodrog 'Really good value for money toy that is providing grandson of 2 (although it says from 3) lots of entertainment. A lot to it and assembly takes a while - too many stickers ! But worth it for the delight it gives.'

5/5  Donna 'Brought this garage for my 2 year old for Xmas. It's quite big he can stand up and place cars on the top level and wheel them down the ramp. Product is of good quality but it takes time to put up and sticker up. I ditched the instructions and worked it out myself because they seemed a bit confusing. I wish I'd of put it up before Xmas tho and just put a bow on it because it took some time to put togetehr whilst my 2 years old was moaning he wanted to play with it straight away'

4/5  Domboy 'Not bad when you compare to others available. Construction was a bit laborious and the stickers you put on are a pain. The stickers are poor quality and are not forgiving. They rip easily and once they re on they’re on. The cardboard inserts are not held in place and will easily fall out and be damaged. However, it’s a good size and nice the cars when launched at the top will go all the way to the bottom. My boys like it but once it gets moved and played with, bits will easily go missing.'

5/5  KT '3 year old loved the car garage and extra cars that come with it. Need to follow instructions to build but straight forward (maybe build before giving if a present) great item though and hours of fun'

3/5  Craig 'Bought as a present for my nephew, he loves it. Great quality, size and design.'

5/5  MsC 'This is such a great garage, well made, durable with lots of little additions including a car wash, spiral ramp and track and a working lift. I highly recommend.'

5/5  Mercey 'Very durable once assembled, encourages imagination, bright lovely colours can be used to teach my son colours too. No small pieces that can be a choking risk.'

5/5  Grandad 'Built fairly quickly and used for at least an hour by the grandson and a toy he kept returning to throughout the day'

5/5  Wrinkle 'This was a lot bigger than expected. So come Xmas day we’re unloading the box and making it and forget to put the stupid cardboard detail pages at the bottom of the levels and you need a masters degree to under stand the alphabet of codes to get the right parts in the right places and then of course the stickers but regardless once assembled it has had hours of play and the cars can run from the top deck to the bottom as they all slip under the barriers meant to stop them as they are too small'

4/5  Rose 'Bought this for our almost 2 year old son for Xmas, both he and our 4 and a half year old love it! It’s not too big but big enough for them to share without getting in each other’s way. It feels nice and sturdy and the stickers stick well! Had to cellotape the cardboard floor down to bases as that isn’t a sticker and was moving about. Very happy with this and for the price in the sale, it was fab! Also comes with decent toy cars!'

5/5  Mariedabest 'My boy has hours of fun with this! Cannot fault it at all!'

5/5  Sc 'Excellent value for money very big worth the money hours of fun for any car lover'

3/5  Bagotheshire 'Our three year old daughter loves her garage and cars. Really enjoyed building it together and putting all the stickers on. Great for playing independently or with friends.'

5/5  Finlay 'My son will love this'

5/5  Oreganolady12 'My daughter loves this! Does feel a little fragile bit so far, so good.'

5/5  Loles 'Bought for my 3 year old grandson for his birthday. He loves it. He and his older brother have a lot of imaginary play. Would recommend.'

5/5  Slickchick1980 'Very happy with the product'

5/5  James 'Loves playing with it. Good value for money, comes with cars and the height is cool because he can push the cars and watch them spin round the ramps. If your kids like cars and garages this is definitely one to check out.'

4/5  Joe 'This is a lovely toy and so Easy to assemble .'

4/5  Margo 'Great buy played with every day lot s of action with lots of ramps .'

5/5  Clancy 'My son is 3years old and he love it always playing with it'

5/5  Ceri 'Kids loved it played for hours'

5/5  Farmgirl 'The garage was a present for a car mad 4 year old . He loved the bright colourful box even before his father assembled the actual garage Self assembly can be a problem but thus wasn't . All parts present , clear instructions and parts all solid and fitted well together It looks brilliant once assembled and provides lots of imaginative fun . The ramps are well designed so that the cars whizz from top to bottom Al in all a very good buy and good value'

5/5  Kelly21 'Extremely. happy with the garage. Was for our youngest grandchild sincce his birthday all hes done is play with it. And his other siblings also have enjoy playing with the garage. Definitely. Would recommend this product. 5 ***** good quality'

5/5  LucyT 'Overall this is a great toy. My son loves it, and spends a lot of time each day playing with it. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because it is quite flimsy plastic (the cars included are a little on the light plastic side too - I'd recommend getting your own better quality cars). Shame it is not a little sturdier, however we will endeavour to look after it and hopefully have many more months/years of enjoyment left!'

5/5  Db 'Perfect gift for a child that loves cars and who has many cars! All the cars can be stored on the different levels, so the child is encouraged to put away the cars, as well as count them as they are lined up. Endless indoor fun, esp. when weather is bad. Compact toy, does not take take up much room. Well recommended gift!'

5/5  Raz 'My 2 year old love cars - so we brought this this - it did take a hour to build up and it’s got lots of bits. But when all fixed - he’s been playing on it non stop!'

5/5  Rachel 'My son loves this it’s a good size and the cars go down it easily! It’s a little fiddly to put together with all the stickers and things but once’s it’s built it’s great!'

5/5  Cazz 'Brilliant! Easy and quick to assemble and loved by a special 3 year old - great fun and a firm favourite!'

4/5  Dan 'Good product, lots of fun had by 3 year old.'

5/5  Mel 'Fab toy, built well, captures good inagination'

5/5  JT 'Brilliant toy for the money my little boy loves it and plays with it daily'

5/5  Jade 'Brought for my car obsessed little boy for his 3rd birthday, He absolutely loves it. Its alot bigger than I first thought. Dont know if it was me but it did take a little while toput together however its totally worth it!'

5/5  Twiceslice 'Easy to assemble. Stickers a bit fiddly. Fun how cars run down all the ramps without stopping. Xmas present for my 6yr old.'

4/5  Mezza 'My 2 year old Grandson loves this so much he even takes the cars to bed. Excellent value for money. Easy to assemble.M'

5/5  Lou67 'My wee grandson loves the garage'

5/5  Roxic93 'Great toy and great price! Perfect for my 2 year old who loves to watch the cars go from the top to the bottom'

5/5  Busymumof4 'Bought this for my 2 year olds birthday as he loves cars. He absolutely loves playing with it and it well worth the price.'

5/5  JSOL82 'Not the clearest instructions but easy enough to put together. great fun. my 3yo loves it. particularly rolling the cars down from the top and watching them whizz all the way to the bottom!'

5/5  Shelley 'Bought for my 4 yr old boy who is obsessed with cars n this product is absolutely fantastic, excellent quality n east to build up. Good size as all my wee boy car is now parked in it n he love to play with it all time, never get tired. One happy customer :)'

5/5  Bizzymum 'Bought this for my 3 and a half year old who loves playing with cars and he has played with this almost constantly ever since! Well worth the money'

4/5  Ian 'It was very easy to build very easy instructions to follow and every piece was in the box. The cars that you get with this garage are propper metal once’s not plastic so all round it is well worth it’s money.'

5/5  Jaz 'My grandson loves it'

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