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Chad Valley Crane

About the Chad Valley Crane

The power is in the grasp of little ones as they control their Chad Valley Crane, complete with realistic sounds. Utilise the remote control to move the crane from side to side and lower the levers to move ground based objects from one place to another. The crane cab allows for other toys to be included in the play!

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Chad Valley Crane Reviews

4/5   'Easy to put together. Can be stored easily, takes 5 mins to dismantle if you want to put it away. This is a large toy.'

4/5  Lucy 'My three year old son was desperate for a remote control crane and this was perfect for him. Good quality and great height. Easy to control.'

3/5  MrsE 'Looks great & my little boy loves it. But its quite flimsy. Broke it the first day. But good fun to play with. Don't put things on the hook that are heavy. Gets knocked over very easily. But ok for the price'

5/5  Sammi 'My 5 year old loves it! Great design, nice big size, easycto assemble. Sturdier than it looks & mechanism works really well. Really pleased with the quality'

5/5  Hotwheels 'Great product for the price'

4/5  Grandad 'Excellent toy for developing the imagination, but at the same time teaching operating skills. It would be better with a heavier our wider base though, to make it more stable.'

4/5  Paton123 'Great present for Xmas absolute bargain for the price most other brands are far more expensive. Could be a little more durable but for the money you can’t fault it.'

5/5  Danielle 'I paid 10npound in the sale for this my son loves it'

4/5  Shell 'My 3 year old son’s favourite toy for christmas! Easy to assemble, great size and son can work controls without any problem. Hours of imaginative play from this!'

5/5  Ian 'My son loves this, I like the product'

5/5  Crafybird 'Bought for my 3 3/4 years grandson who loves construction toys, although his Dad did the constructing in this instance! Apparently, it was his best toy this Xmas, so I reckon it was a good buy and I would recommend.'

5/5  Tintin 'This item is bigger than expected but my son loves it'

5/5  Maryb 'Such a shame, built the crane, one excited grandson but then it wouldn’t work. Tears all round.'

1/5  Naz 'A birthday gifts for my son . He really loves playing with it . Great product.'

5/5  Claire 'Pefect xmas gift who I brought it for loves these'

5/5  Alan 'My son hasn’t stopped laughing and hasn’t stopped playing with it since he’s received it'

5/5  Sparkles 'My boy has hours of fun'

5/5  Mmay 'The idea of it is brilliant and my son really enjoyed playing with the crane however it is not durable at all and could be made with stronger stuff'

2/5  Ab86 'Excellent toy great value for money'

5/5  Noleen 'I've bought similar to this before, but this beats the lot of then hands down. Strong & sturdy this can definitely take some rough play.'

5/5  LO 'Great size, well built and a lot of fun to play with while developing fine motor skills.'

5/5  Mummy23boys 'Great toy and bigger than expected bargain'

5/5  Smivvy 'Non stop play and good size crane that is used around other scale models. Excellent gift that is tough and durable whilst building on fine and gross motor skills. Very easy to play with and not complicated to use.'

5/5  Sar 'Fab toy, very interactive would buy this again'

5/5  Val 'Excellent fun for my 8 year old.'

5/5  Davidoff 'Easy to assemble Hours of fun for my grandson'

5/5  Technophob 'Kept my grandsons interest for hours on end. Put a couple of small pebbles in the counterbalance box for the crane to work perfectly . I can see this toy being in favour for a few years to come.'

5/5  Fox17 'Does everything as described, my children used the crane to pick up everything in sight, kept them amused for hours.'

4/5  Iyadeep 'Bought as a Christmas present so can't comment on durability or kid-proof-ness. But I did open it and fitted AA batteries to make sure that it worked in advance of the big day. To a five-year-old it will appear huge as it is 3-ft tall. Hope it doesn't break or get broken lifting tons of concrete.'

5/5  Ren 'Bought for bday present'

5/5  Ed 'Excellent! Big hit with my sons and their friends. Great for coordination and hand eye skills. So much they want to pick up and lift using it.'

5/5  Bal1 'Excellent toy for kids of all ages. The kids had to tell us adults go away. Would recommend.'

5/5  Laqi 'Son loves it. Can lift his small cars up and down and fits with rest of his toy collection.'

5/5  JohnSouthampton 'Excellent product with good service from Argos. Recommended'

5/5  Alh27 'My son very happy with it. Good value for money'

5/5  Richard 'Got it as a present for grandchildren. It's a lot of fun and I've promised I will let them have a go at some stage !!'

5/5  Veev 'Great product, value for money . Grandsons love playing with this . Recommend this for anyone whose Grandsons love to play at being builders.'

5/5  Loobyloo120928 'This wasn't something I had in mind for my sons Christmas box but when I saw it I had to buy it for the price. My son has just started to notice cranes across the city and so I thought it'd be a nice edition to his collection of cars and trucks'

5/5  Hayley 'My nephew loves it he spends hours playing with it , he can pick his items up with the the crane , great quality , good price on offer at the moment'

5/5  Loob30 'Bought this for my son for Christmas, and although it hasn't been played with it looks great and sturdy'

5/5  Red 'I bought this for my Son who was turning 6, instantly everything else (that cost a fortune) was thrown to one side in favour of this crane. It's now perched on his playroom and covered in Pokémon characters. Durability is untested, but hopefully it will last, it has a habit of toppling over as the base isn't weighted and it's best stood on wooden flooring rather than carpet to make it as stable as can be'

5/5  JamieG 'This is a really good crane, price was really good, kids love it, however there were two snags, the wire isnt long enough to reach the pallet attachment when on the floor and also the crane extending plastic that holds the wire and hook was bent out of shape and still is but the kids don't care. Argos were quick in store and easy to order from as per normal'

4/5  Marcin 'The crane is age appropriate and is a lot of fun to play with.'

5/5  Gcol1204 'This toy has provided hours of playtime fun for my 5yr old grandson well recommended.'

5/5  Cla 'My 7 year old loves to play with it'

5/5  Emz 'I recommend this crane to a yone who child is crane mad.. Every easy to put together, easy Controls for child.. Is exactly the height recommended on box..'

5/5  Nanny 'The children I bought the cranes for love them but they are too flimsy and come apart easily once assembled.'

4/5  Phill 'Exellent toy nephew loves it hasnt stopped playing with it easy to assemble too'

5/5  Emma7 'Great product, easy to assemble comes with a bucket and another accessory. My son loves it. Great product'

2/5  SuperMum 'This crane toy is stronger. We bought a similar crane by JCB and it was very flimsy didn't stand up well. This crane is similar price but twice as sturdy a much more durable crane toy with stronger parts. It's l well balanced doesn't fall over easily. My son loves it... I find it less stressful as the other one kept falling over and I had to tend to it all the time this one just does what it's supposed to my son can play in peace.'

5/5  Curiousity 'This was a birthday present for my daughters friend. He absolutely loves it and is constantly creating new and inventive role plays with the toy. Would def recommend.'

4/5  Sue 'Great toy for role play. Hours of fun and play. Absolutely great worth every penny for little boys. Would recommend. 1st class toy'

5/5  Malcolm 'Kids enjoyed great toy well made great'

5/5  NannaG 'Grandsons love it . Builds their imaginational play experiences.'

5/5  Bubbles 'My grandson loves using the remote control. Highly recommend this crane.'

5/5  N4reviewer 'This toy was easy to build with just a handful of major parts, and lots of fun. It can lift small objects with ease and both looks and sounds realistic. I have some concerns about its long term reliability since it is tall and can tumble or be pushed over by its target age group with ease. But it is certainly great value for money and educational.'

4/5  Crlo 'Good price for such toy'

5/5  Jen 'Bought this for my nephew he loves it. Was impressed because it was as tall as him. It's good quality durable and was a great price.'

4/5  Elaine 'Great value for money'

5/5  Ni37 'It is a good toy crane.'

5/5  Jp2000 'Overall a very good crane better than others tried. Strong and overall very good quality for the price. Argos excellent service. Would recommend and my son loves it!!'

5/5  Kva 'Great value for the money 3 year old loves it'

4/5  Shopalot 'Very good value as purchased in the sale. Not too strong but great grandson (3 years old) loves it which is what it's all about. Maybe for older child not strong enough but I'm very happy with purchase.'

5/5  Philip 'Complements other toys like lego blocks and is great fun. Much more imaginative play than looking at a screen! Grandson loved it. Well made product and a good size. Recommended.'

5/5  Fletcher 'Great value. Was very surprised at quality, features and sturdiness. Grandson loves it'

5/5  Emsy 'My son got this for a present he loves it!! The only thing I would say is it is bigger than I was expecting!! And is quite delicate!! My 3yr old loves it but has to be abit careful when playing with it!! Not quite so heavy handed!!! It’s easy to control using the remote, standard up, down ,left right .Some more items with it like items to carry in the bucket would of been good. My son loved putting all the stickers on it too. Overall a great item any little boy would love it!!'

5/5  Curvi 'My 3 year old loves this. For the money it is a very good deal.does gave a tendency to fall over easily.The cotton wire sometimes gets tangled in the motor but is easy to fix. Overall a good purchase.easy to put together.'

5/5  Laura 'Birthday present for my son, easy to put together and he loves it, exactly what he wanted. Even better that its remote control and moves. He uses it with othe vehicles he already has and its great for imaginative play'

5/5  Bonnie 'Got this as a Christmas present in the sale and is worth every penny, my son loves putting different objects on the crane to see what it can lift'

4/5  GranddadN 'Birthday present for the grandson, he was highly impressed. He has already incorporated it into his playmobil building scenes so should provide a lot of play hours..'

4/5  Superdad 'Simple and easy to use. Worth the price paid. Has limited movement and can fall over often, but kids love it.'

5/5  Pete2280 'Good materials for that price is a nice toy'

4/5  Danizia 'Very nice toy and kids love it playing with it all the time ... good value for money product'

5/5  123fjg 'Did not know what to expect as it is very good value but my grandsons have loved it and it has taken a lot of rough play'

5/5  Sophie 'Good for the price......not the sturdiest item but my little boy loves it x'

5/5  Ocd 'Great toy Great value for money'

5/5  Jacko65 'Was bought as a gift for a 4 year old boy, seemed to enjoy it and play with it'

4/5  Wippet 'Bought this toy for my 4 year old grandson for Christmas, he absolutely loved it, kept him quiet for ages'

5/5  Inguliko 'I absolutely love this crane! For the price, it is a great value toy. It really is quite big. You need to assemble it yourself but it is quite easy to do (I suggest putting the stickers on before assembly). You only need 3 AA batteries for the remote which also powers the crane. It moves side to side and the load goes up and down. So pleased with it!'

4/5  JMS 'A great toy for my nearly 3 year old who loves diggers and cranes. Easy to use. A bargain as bought in the sale too!'

5/5  Ebonyleah30 'Don't try to overload the crane when using it because it will fall over, although the crane is amazing it is a little flimsy but my son has had hours of play already and the price was fantastic'

5/5  Robin 'THIS CHAD VALLEY TOY CRANE WAS IMAGINATIVE and EXTREMELY CREATIVE, EDUCATIONAL and my Grandson just couldn't keep his hands of this amazing strong durable and truly captivating toy!! I recommend this product to all little boys... or girls... and they will spend countless hours of imaginative play and fun!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... 5 STARS!!'

5/5  Gi 'My grandson says it's the best present he has ever had . I would highly recommend it'

5/5  Margy 'For the age group recommended it was not good quality. An adult touch it and it snapped so had to return it and could not get another.'

5/5  21lisiczka 'My son got it for Christmas. He love it'

5/5  Jennyp 'Bought for Xmas ,so I'm hoping it's good quality being Chad Valley. I know my boy will love it, as he's obsessed with anything mechanical ,especially cranes'

5/5  Olders77 'Great value for money'

5/5  Buster 'She is going to really enjoy her Xmas morning! Took it out of box and really well made and lots of fun to be had'

5/5  Edbo123 'Excellent value for money. I got this at a reduced price of £11. Hours of fun for my little boy. Peace and quite for me! Most importantly, its not a tablet or a computer.'

5/5  Harry 'My four year old loves playing with this toy, he usually uses it with other toys such as his Lego or his action figures. It works well and was easy to put together.'

4/5  Ellie 'Very good value for the price'

5/5  Kirsty 'Fab toy my 4 year old loves it.'

4/5  Nads 'Son loved this and was very good value for money.'

5/5  Sarah 'Hours of fun can't get the little to stop playing with it'

4/5  Blades 'Seems sturdy and should be fun to play with'

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