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Chad Valley Crane

About the Chad Valley Crane

The power is in the grasp of little ones as they control their Chad Valley Crane, complete with realistic sounds. Utilise the remote control to move the crane from side to side and lower the levers to move ground based objects from one place to another. The crane cab allows for other toys to be included in the play!

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5/5   'This toy has provided hours of playtime fun for my 5yr old grandson well recommended.'

4/5   'My 7 year old loves to play with it'

5/5   'I recommend this crane to a yone who child is crane mad.. Every easy to put together, easy Controls for child.. Is exactly the height recommended on box..'

2/5   'The children I bought the cranes for love them but they are too flimsy and come apart easily once assembled.'

5/5   'Exellent toy nephew loves it hasnt stopped playing with it easy to assemble too'

4/5   'Great product, easy to assemble comes with a bucket and another accessory. My son loves it. Great product'

5/5   'This crane toy is stronger. We bought a similar crane by JCB and it was very flimsy didn't stand up well. This crane is similar price but twice as sturdy a much more durable crane toy with stronger parts. It's l well balanced doesn't fall over easily. My son loves it... I find it less stressful as the other one kept falling over and I had to tend to it all the time this one just does what it's supposed to my son can play in peace.'

5/5   'This was a birthday present for my daughters friend. He absolutely loves it and is constantly creating new and inventive role plays with the toy. Would def recommend.'

5/5   'Great toy for role play. Hours of fun and play. Absolutely great worth every penny for little boys. Would recommend. 1st class toy'

5/5   'Kids enjoyed great toy well made great'

4/5   'Grandsons love it . Builds their imaginational play experiences.'

5/5   'My grandson loves using the remote control. Highly recommend this crane.'

4/5   'This toy was easy to build with just a handful of major parts, and lots of fun. It can lift small objects with ease and both looks and sounds realistic. I have some concerns about its long term reliability since it is tall and can tumble or be pushed over by its target age group with ease. But it is certainly great value for money and educational.'

5/5   'Good price for such toy'

5/5   'Bought this for my nephew he loves it. Was impressed because it was as tall as him. It's good quality durable and was a great price.'

5/5   'Great value for money'

4/5   'It is a good toy crane.'

5/5   'Overall a very good crane better than others tried. Strong and overall very good quality for the price. Argos excellent service. Would recommend and my son loves it!!'

5/5   'Great value for the money 3 year old loves it'

5/5   'Very good value as purchased in the sale. Not too strong but great grandson (3 years old) loves it which is what it's all about. Maybe for older child not strong enough but I'm very happy with purchase.'

5/5   'Complements other toys like lego blocks and is great fun. Much more imaginative play than looking at a screen! Grandson loved it. Well made product and a good size. Recommended.'

5/5   'Great value. Was very surprised at quality, features and sturdiness. Grandson loves it'

5/5   'My son got this for a present he loves it!! The only thing I would say is it is bigger than I was expecting!! And is quite delicate!! My 3yr old loves it but has to be abit careful when playing with it!! Not quite so heavy handed!!! Its easy to control using the remote, standard up, down ,left right .Some more items with it like items to carry in the bucket would of been good. My son loved putting all the stickers on it too. Overall a great item any little boy would love it!!'

4/5   'My 3 year old loves this. For the money it is a very good deal.does gave a tendency to fall over easily.The cotton wire sometimes gets tangled in the motor but is easy to fix. Overall a good purchase.easy to put together.'

4/5   'Birthday present for my son, easy to put together and he loves it, exactly what he wanted. Even better that its remote control and moves. He uses it with othe vehicles he already has and its great for imaginative play'

5/5   'Got this as a Christmas present in the sale and is worth every penny, my son loves putting different objects on the crane to see what it can lift'

4/5   'Birthday present for the grandson, he was highly impressed. He has already incorporated it into his playmobil building scenes so should provide a lot of play hours..'

5/5   'Simple and easy to use. Worth the price paid. Has limited movement and can fall over often, but kids love it.'

5/5   'Good materials for that price is a nice toy'

5/5   'Very nice toy and kids love it playing with it all the time ... good value for money product'

5/5   'Did not know what to expect as it is very good value but my grandsons have loved it and it has taken a lot of rough play'

4/5   'Good for the price......not the sturdiest item but my little boy loves it x'

5/5   'Great toy Great value for money'

4/5   'Was bought as a gift for a 4 year old boy, seemed to enjoy it and play with it'

5/5   'Bought this toy for my 4 year old grandson for Christmas, he absolutely loved it, kept him quiet for ages'

5/5   'I absolutely love this crane! For the price, it is a great value toy. It really is quite big. You need to assemble it yourself but it is quite easy to do (I suggest putting the stickers on before assembly). You only need 3 AA batteries for the remote which also powers the crane. It moves side to side and the load goes up and down. So pleased with it!'

5/5   'A great toy for my nearly 3 year old who loves diggers and cranes. Easy to use. A bargain as bought in the sale too!'

5/5   'Don't try to overload the crane when using it because it will fall over, although the crane is amazing it is a little flimsy but my son has had hours of play already and the price was fantastic'

5/5   'THIS CHAD VALLEY TOY CRANE WAS IMAGINATIVE and EXTREMELY CREATIVE, EDUCATIONAL and my Grandson just couldn't keep his hands of this amazing strong durable and truly captivating toy!! I recommend this product to all little boys... or girls... and they will spend countless hours of imaginative play and fun!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... 5 STARS!!'

5/5   'Fantastic value for money, my 4 year old loves it!'

5/5   'Bought for Christmas for my nephew he is 4 years old and loves it hasnt left it alone'

5/5   'My grandson says it's the best present he has ever had . I would highly recommend it'

5/5   'For the age group recommended it was not good quality. An adult touch it and it snapped so had to return it and could not get another.'

5/5   'My son got it for Christmas. He love it'

4/5   'Bought for Christmas ,so I'm hoping it's good quality being Chad Valley. I know my boy will love it, as he's obsessed with anything mechanical ,especially cranes'

5/5   'Great value for money'

4/5   'She is going to really enjoy her Christmas morning! Took it out of box and really well made and lots of fun to be had'

5/5   'Excellent value for money. I got this at a reduced price of 11. Hours of fun for my little boy. Peace and quite for me! Most importantly, its not a tablet or a computer.'

4/5   'My four year old loves playing with this toy, he usually uses it with other toys such as his Lego or his action figures. It works well and was easy to put together.'

5/5   'Very good value for the price'

4/5   'Fab toy my 4 year old loves it.'

4/5   'Son loved this and was very good value for money.'

5/5   'Hours of fun can't get the little to stop playing with it'

4/5   'Seems sturdy and should be fun to play with'

4/5   'Great toy son really enjoyed it! Good quality'

4/5   'Got for birthday present but not opened yet'

4/5   'As this is a Christmas present I haven't been able to play with it yet but it looks like my little friend will have lots of fun with it. I couldn't resist opening the box and then really struggled to fit all the pieces back in the box.'

5/5   'This is a great toy, was a great price as got it on offer, my son has enjoyed playing with it'

4/5   'Its ticks all the boxs every penny worth'

4/5   'My grandson will love this at Christmas'

5/5   'I got this for my 3 year old after his more expensive one broke, i have to admit it was a fraction on the price and exactly the same (except a few different stickers) great buy would defiantly reccomend'

5/5   'Excellent. A brilliant imaginative toy that works well and gives hours of fun.'

5/5   'Good value for money. The bottom is slightly flimsy but overall a great toy'

4/5   'My 9 yr old loves this! He uses it for moving his Lego & soldiers around in his play scenarios- however I cant imagine it would stand the test of time if he were only 4 or 5 as it seems quite flimsy. Good value for money though for him as he saved up for it.'

4/5   'I think this brings alot of fun to imaginative play'

4/5   'Is not a bad toys my boy did play with it'

5/5   'My grandson is very happy with the crane picking up all kinds of things'

5/5   'Crane is really good quality. Kids love it and spent a lot of time playing with it. Money well spent.'

4/5   'This crane is fab for my 5 year old. Easy to assemble. Only concern is the motor only turns so far before it click click clicks, worried that over 'turning' may break the motor.'

5/5   'Great product my little boy loves it.'

5/5   'Quality and lots of fun'

3/5   'My son absolutely loves this crane, but its so cheaply made and flimsy I am having to fix it every 5 minutes. The feet dont stay in so its constantly topplimg over, such a shame because he loves it.'

5/5   'Its quite good for the money doesnt have any sharp edges easy to put together stickers are a little bit of a pain to do but overall its very good'

5/5   'Well worth it hours of fun!!!'

5/5   'Great for price my 3 year old loves it!'

1/5   'I bought 2 of these and they were both broken. The packaging was damaged on both and had been taped up by the Argos staff. The first crane the boom did not swivel 360 degrees as advertised so I returned it and then the replacement was broken so I could not even assemble its as the product was in pieces and the item was different to the picture on the box and it was made of a really poor quality plastic. So disappointed dont waste your time buying this wasted my time taking it back and forth'

5/5   'I bought this crane for our boys 4th birthday, he was rearly excited, the biggeSt out of the bunch so he immediately took to it. A great size crane, talier than him. Has good manoeuvrability and was easy to set up. A fun buy.'

5/5   'My grandchildren have had hours of fun with this crane'

5/5   'Perfect gift for our grandson who loves anything to do with building work or play . He is 4 and plays with this in his sand pit.'

5/5   'Not the toughest of products But well worth the money Play value excellent'

5/5   'It works good and is very durable'

3/5   'This crane was part if my son's birthday present (3years old) we built it up (which doesn't take long) but realised it wouldn't spin like it said it would returned and received another straight away quality not great as it's quite light but my son is having so much fun with it so I'm happy'

5/5   'Highly recommend this toy for their toddler, my mother-in-law bought this few months back and is still going great. My son loves it when his at his Nanas. We decided to buy him one for his third birthday, unfortunately once build, the motet doesnt rotate the crane. Would really like to return it and get an exchange. The cable bit works totally fine. Its just been a little disappointing. Other then that, my son loves the thing, and would recommend it to anyone.'

5/5   'I bought this toy crane for my four-year-old daughter and I love playing with it as much as she does! Very realistic sounds and looks just like the real thing. A magnet on the hook would have made this toy better but it is still great fun loading things in the bucket and onto the pallet.'

5/5   'Good value I had it for half price good for child imagination'

5/5   'Absolutely wonderful toy, bigger than expected, made my little nephew a very happy kid'

5/5   'This is a super fun toy and my son loves it. It's much bigger than I expected which is great.'

5/5   'The crane was bigger than I expected is of good quality and will give hours of fun.'

5/5   'My three year old son loves it. It is quite strong and sturdy. Worths the price.'

4/5   'Bought for my two year old and three year old kids.....three year old has now mastered controls, really good for hand and eye coordination. My two year old loves to fill the bucket....we've had all sorts in it from dinosaurs to sweets.'

5/5   'Bought for my son for Christmas and he loves it, yes its a little flimsy as you cant put much weight at all in the bucket but he loves it and plays for hours with it.'

5/5   'Not easy thrilled. I have to say this is hands down, the best toy and best value for money I have seen in years. Im sure many parents will be familiar with that intention to buy your child a toy, but end up playing with it too. If only this was made when I was a child. With the price of toys these days, I can promise this will not be a disappointing purchase.'

5/5   'Remote could be wireless then it wouldnt get in way'

5/5   'My boy in so in love with this it's very strong for the roughness he plays with it'

5/5   'Bought this crane in the sale after watching it for a while. Worth the money and is quite tall and well built. Easy to build and 2 1/2 Yr old grandson manages to operate the remote well. Make sure you have enough space to keep it as it is quite wide.'

5/5   'I bought this for my 6yr old nephew and he absolutely loves it. It's easy enough to assemble (by adult) and it seems pretty durable. Shame batteries weren't included but otherwise a great toy.'

3/5   'Very realistic but didn't do a lot'

5/5   'Just fabulous great fun good value my grandson,s favourite present this year he just loves it.'

5/5   'Boys all love this. Many happy hours. Easy to build and repair when knocked over. Downfall is waiting turn after daddy'

5/5   'Hours of fun for my boys . Happy kids all round . Great buy'

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