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Chad Valley Bus 46cm

About the Chad Valley Bus 46cm

All on board. Time for an experience in Chad Town. Get travellers and drive them on their trips with this brilliant, red transport. Change the goal and begin once more. It's certain to give your most cherished hours of fun. 46cm city transport. Bendy waist. Reasonable formed inside. Utilitarian opening entryways. Grinding drive engine.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN: 5559790
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5/5   'Great bus, doors open and shut. Seems to be strong and is getting played with daily'

4/5   'Good fun toy for 3gear old'

2/5   'We bought the battery powered Boris Bus a year ago (now discontinued) and thought that this bus would be of a similar quality and scale. The Boris Bus was good quality "soft" plastic. This one is very brittle and a much smaller scale. The front window popped out the first time it crashed into the skirting board. The doors don't stay closed. The friction motor barely pushes the bus along, even though the wheels spin for ages if not on the floor. Our lad loves it though, so we didn't return it.'

5/5   'It's a great toy and very sturdy.'

5/5   'My son loved his bendy bus and likes opening and shuting the doors.'

5/5   'I got this for my 4 year old he loves busses so this was a perfect treat for him. Great buy only wish it comes with some figgers other than that it's durable the only down side to it would have to be the middle of the bus it's too hard the plastic and won't bend like a bendy bus would do but my boy loves it.'

4/5   'Bought for my sons birthday so it hasn't been played with yet so can only comment on quality and value for money, it looks good quality, and is a reasonable size for the price.'

5/5   'Little boy loves this the doors open for him to put all his little people inside, good quality toy'

2/5   'My son loved this but very flimsy plastic and one wheel fell off after half hour of play. Worth the money just to see him smile but not very robust at all'

1/5   'Poor quality. The bendy bit in the middle looks soft on the photos but it is hard plastic and not flexible at all'

5/5   'This item was fantastic just what my grandson wanted and was exactly how it was illustrated'

5/5   'Very nice toy... my kid very happy to play this bus..'

5/5   'The size is good and the price was great to my son will deffo like this one thanks Argos !'

5/5   'BIg, Bright and a Bendy Bus... A nice little stocking filler .'

5/5   'Grandson loves cars but didn't have a bus in his collection. Now he has and really enjoys having a "BIG"bus!'

4/5   'It's good that the doors open and shut but a pity the concertina part doesn't move. It's pretty noisy too, when it's pushed along. The kids love playing with it.'

5/5   'I bought identical presents for our 2 grandsons & they both love their red busus'

3/5   'A bit disappointed as the middle bendy part of the bus is not bendy at all. Consequently when you try to turn a corner the back end of it drags round because of its long length. However, on the plus side, the bus destination can be altered and the double doors can be opened and closed.'

5/5   'My son likes buses and one of his favrite one'

5/5   'Fantastic toy - has the detail I was looking for!'

5/5   'Perfect gift for little kids. My girl plays with all her toys but loves the bus most. Could have had a horn maybe on it'

5/5   'My grandson is mad about buses and was thrilled with his present, so much so that he hasn't put it down since receiving it. It was larger than I expected but he loved it, especially the doors opening and shutting. Great present.'

4/5   'My son loves it dearly,it keeps him entertained for a long time. The doors open and shut,you can change the destination on the board. Doors are tiny so unfortunately he puts fingers in there or trying to squeeze in toys. One door fell out already twice. The bendy bit could be more flexible. Doesn't seem easy to bend now,maybe with age. In general,I bought on offer so really good price for a long bendy bus.'

4/5   'My daughter has recently acquired a fascination with buses and loved this toy. The bus moves by itself under the power of friction and has working doors and a changeable destination sign. Good quality manufacturing and is quite solid.'

4/5   'I got this for my 4yr old grandsons birthday, he loves it but said the doors are too stiff & break off easy.'

4/5   'My son absolutely loves this. An absolute winner if your child is into buses and or cars etc'

4/5   'Hours of fun for my grandson and the bus is never late lol'

4/5   'Lovely little present for my Grandson. A bit disappointed that it didn't bend at the middle section.'

5/5   'Really good quality, price, my kids have lot of fun that vehicle.'

5/5   'Fantastic toy for boys and girls who love buses'

5/5   'Pleased with the gift nice toy .'

5/5   'My 4 year was over the moon with his bus - apparently the best Christmas present ever! Well worth the money and seems sturdy, so far!'

5/5   'I'm happy with my purchase.'

2/5   'I got my money back on this product. It was very plastic but I didn't take it out of the packaging because the box had been taped up on all corners and looked as thought it had been opened. All the windows had been opened on the bus (no protective covering over the front) and one of the wheels appeared to be very wobbly. I reckoned somebody broke it and took it back! So it was very disappointing, although Argos gave me my money back without any hassle.'

4/5   'Fun robust bendy bus with doors that open with a wheel arrangement. My 2 year old grandson could manage it eventually. Takes knocks and drops very well.'

5/5   'Would suggest it to a couple of people'

5/5   'Very good product and kids like it very well'

5/5   'My little one loves busses, its another great toy for his collection'

5/5   'My young Grandson really likes this bus, played with for hours, very durable as at one point he was sitting on it and riding it. Would thoroughly recommend..'

4/5   'My daughter is 2 and she loves it, good quality toy, very realistic. The only down side is that one of the windows falls out, so be very attentive if your child still chews on things. A bit pricey for what it is, I wouldn't have bought it but my daughter asked for it (there is something about this bus that kids love it, all of my friend's children have one)'

5/5   'Excellent fun for my son'

5/5   'Realistic toy.beautifully presented .Children will love it.'

5/5   'My son's favourite toy'

5/5   'My 2 year old nephew loves this bus.'

4/5   'Good quality bus great fun'

5/5   'Bought this for my son for his birthday as he loves buses. He was very happy opening this. Great size, opening doors are a superb feature. Thanks :)'

2/5   'It not very good but it isn't goes a baby. To play. With'

5/5   'I have no problem, love this item.'

5/5   'Great toy at a great price!'

5/5   'Bought this as a gift for my nephew. He absolutely loved it. He loves buses and was fascinated with the double bus as he's never seen one before.'

5/5   'Very easy to remove from packaging and hours of fun to be had.'

3/5   'Does not bend as we thought ir would.'

5/5   'Lots of fun playing with this bus.'

5/5   'Its me again. Bought tbis bus for my grandson for when he visits. He loved it so much he brought it home with him. Good sturdy toy. Nice an ling. He l9ves opening and closing the doors in it.'

5/5   'My son just loved it.'

3/5   'Very plasticky not very good quality'

5/5   'Bought this for my 3 year old son who is currently bus mad. It's a good size for playing on a table or for pushing along the floor and he's enjoying the wheels to open and close the doors. Seems fairly robust as has thus far survived several knocks off the table. Although it is a bendy bus it's a little stiff so movement is limited, this may ease over time and repeated use. Only downside may be that you cannot really put any "people" inside but this is not an issue for us.'

5/5   'Good value , brilliant size bus.'

4/5   'Use it to get to work as public transport is unreliable'

5/5   'My son loves it as he's mad on buses would highly recommend to anyone spend hours playing with it'

5/5   'My son is a typical boy and loves anything with wheels and his face lit up when I bought this for him! He takes it everywhere. I was impressed when I found out you can open and shut the doors and change the sign on the side to where the bus is going!'

4/5   'Great value for money'

5/5   'My son has had this bendy bus for years, so I was delighted when I found Chad Valley still produce it. This bus is fantastic for little boys with curious minds. My 2-year-old nephew plays with this bus constantly, mainly because of the opening and closing doors, which are a detail that most toys of this type don't have. For kids who like trams, buses or trains - this is a must have toy!'

5/5   '3 year old son is obsessed with busses, this is perfect, he loves it.'

3/5   'My grandson loves it'

5/5   'Excellent delivery time and an exceptional product at a very good price. Argos had done it again, thats why always count on them to make me happy!'

4/5   'Grandson is mad on buses and he absolutely loves this one,just caused another problem though he wants to go on it for real'

3/5   'The product is of good quality but does not bend as it should.'

3/5   'My daughter loves this bus and because it bends she calls it the wobble bus the only thing is the doors fall off quite easy and Ive had to put them back on a few times'

5/5   'Great value toy bus my son plays with it for hours well worth the price'

2/5   'The bus doesnt bend and the doors are not good quality its not worth the money. Got better collection of diecast cars 3 in less than that price.'

5/5   'From the minute he saw it he was so pleased. He plays with it all the time. Just love it.'

5/5   'Sturdier than expected. Grandson loves it (20 months old)'

5/5   'Great value and great quality'

5/5   'Kids love it as it's longer than normal'

5/5   'Very good toy for the price I paid.My little one thoroughly enjoying his new toy.'

5/5   'Loking nice and enjoyed my baby'

4/5   'However my grandson loved it in spite of the fact that the bendy bus didn't bend.'

4/5   'My kid loves this bus, he enjoys driving it around his playmat and pretending hes a real bus driver, he turns up late, drives passed stops, splashes communters with puddles and cuts up other road users like theres no tomorrow. excellent toy. im hoping they also do a parking warden playset.'

1/5   'It's a bendy bus that doesn't bend! Cheap looking, flimsy definitely wouldn't have survived average 3 year old. Returned.'

5/5   'Nice little bus gives a lot of pleasure'

5/5   'My son open the bus on Christmas day and he loves it he never leaves it alone he even goes to bed with it and he is only 4 he finds open the doors fascinating'

5/5   'Lovely little toy My grandson loves it Good value for money Sturdy'

5/5   'My grandson loved this , he had it for Christmas . He carries it everywhere with him . Really pleased with purchase and definitely recommend'

2/5   'If by 'bendy' you mean a 3ml give then it is a bendy bus, otherwise I'd say it's rigid. Not a fun toy at all.'

4/5   'Boy loves it however one set of doors broke 1 sr day of having it my son did drop it from hands to floor but didnt expect it to break that easy but was cheap so guess u get what u pay for'

4/5   'Cute toy bus, doesn't really do much but my 3 year old vehicle loving boy thinks it's ace!'

5/5   'My son loves this and takes it everywhere the little doors open and close bargain for the price'

5/5   'Excellent bus. My grandson loved it.'

5/5   'My 2-year old loves buses and its a perfect toy for him'

4/5   'Very good toy for the money I have spent for it. My nephew enjoyed it'

5/5   'This item was purchased as a Christmas gift recipetent was happy with this present'

5/5   'My son loves transport vehicles..'

5/5   'Excelent value for such a big toy'

5/5   'Its for a 5yr old and he,ll love it.'

5/5   'Well made and quite sturdy.'

3/5   'This bus was ok, well made but not very interesting for a child to play with. My grandson was not that impressed with it and payed with the other bus he was given. It plays tunes and has interactive buttons.'

4/5   'Bought for a present so cannot answer questions about durability etc.'

5/5   'Excellent value present for my grandson'

3/5   'To small and to long not really playable'

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