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chad valley 5 level car park

About the Chad Valley 5 Level Car Park

Kids will thoroughly enjoy having fun with this authentic looking Chad Valley 5 Level Car Park, complete with massive seventy three (73) centimetre high garage, car wash, petrol pump and repair station. Your most cherished can raise up the cars (one included) through each level in the central lift, as they develop roleplay situations for where their cares need to zoom off to today, watching on as their cars speed down the ramps and off on to their adventure.

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1/5   'I would not recommend my son got on Christmas day and falls apart quality awful waste of money'

5/5   'Ideal gift for a 3 year old. Many hours of fun playing with cars'

4/5   'Brought this in Argos clearance for my son for his birthday he loves it ! Its almost as tall as him and has had many hours of fun with it !'

5/5   'My children have had lots of fun with this and there cars defo worth it, may go back and get another'

3/5   'Bought in clerance sale. Took hours to assemble. Kids enjoy it. Definitely wouldnt pay full price.'

5/5   'Bought for my son and he loves it. Very easy to put together, only downside is sitting for ages applying all the stickers. Keeps my children occupied for hours when put with a car pack'

5/5   'After reading reviews I set up on my own with 2 kids running wild and found it pretty easy to follow instructions. It's flimsy but the price reflects it so would highly recommend. Brought 2 lots of 25diecast cars which whizz down the track perfect'

5/5   'My son has got about 150 cars, no jokes, and he played with this garage for hours. Excellent value for money and I would highly recommend it.'

5/5   'Bought this for my Nephew for his birthday, safe to say we were favourite aunt and uncle. He couldnt wait to get it up, took 10-20 mins to erect, simple instructions. Still going strong after 2 weeks and brilliant value for money! Definitely would recommend.'

4/5   'The garage was excellent value for money and has kept my 4 year old entertained. It took a while to put together, probably 2-3 hours including all stickers but we are happy with outcome, for value on a budget you cant go wrong'

4/5   'Good sturdy garage, providing hours of fun for young children.'

5/5   'Perfect for our little boy. Would recommend.'

5/5   'My kid loves this. He spends hours playing with it throughout the day. I had heard that this was flimsy and of poor quality. But for the price I paid it's amazing. And with all the stickers that comes with it. It ends up looking very colourful. This was the cheapest and best birthday present for my little boy.'

5/5   'Fantastic toy great value for price and lots of fun had by all'

5/5   'Very nice toy its take some Time to put all together but it's worth it'

5/5   'Bought for my little boy, who hasnt stopped playing with it since we got it. He loves it.'

5/5   'Large sturdy garage my son loves it'

4/5   'Putting this together was a bit like the krypton factor . so many pieces . my daughter loves but unfortunately a couple of the legs keep falling off. nothing that a bit of super glue wont fix. just a bit irritating when you have to constantly put it back together.'

5/5   'Easy to set up and looks the same as in the picture'

5/5   'What child doesnt love these carparks! Absolutely bargain price put away for Christmas'

4/5   'I bought this for my little boys second birthday. Compared to all the others I looked at this had the best reviews and for me was reasonably priced too. Havent actually played with it yet but looks like a lot of fun and I know my wee one will love it. We got the die cast cars to go with it too.'

5/5   'I bought this for my 5 year old who loves cars , fantastic price i bought when on offer and happy 5 year old.'

4/5   'Very flimsy I'd glue together with gorilla quite tall and my son loves it hours of playtime'

1/5   'Great toy. My 3 year old Spend lots of hours playing with it.'

5/5   'Perfect for my little boy he has had hours of fun Playing with it so much to do on it. I would recommend buying the car pack as well'

5/5   'My daughter loves her toy garage and can play with it for hours'

5/5   'Took me a long time to build and put all the stickers on but once constructed surprisingly sterdy and my little one enjoys playing his cars on it.'

4/5   'Its was pretty easy to assemble instructions could of been clearer but all in all it was grandson loved it'

4/5   'Bought for 3 year old,both he and his 7 year old brother have spent hours playing with it. Good value and very durable but did take quite a while to put together.'

5/5   'Good Quality. Keeps my son busy and happy.'

5/5   'Only buy this is you have a degree in structural engineering. It would be nice if one day when you buy something the thing that you've actually bought is in the box rather than about 300 plastic pieces and instructions like they could be for the death star... or a car.. or anything really.'

2/5   'Brought for my son for his birthday, he absolutely loves it. Advertised as grey and red but came green and blue, not a problem as it looks more appealing. Would defo recommend.'

5/5   'Bought this for my grandson for his Christmas it lasted a week'

1/5   'My 3 years old kid loved it. He can spend hours playing with it.'

4/5   'Overall the garage is great but the lift gets stuck constantly. I've took it out completely now and filled the holes with a platform for car parking'

4/5   'Worth every penny. much more in promotion..'

5/5   'All in all a good toy. I bought this for my 2 year old grandson although he is perhaps a little young to use it to its full capacity, he really enjoyed rolling his cars down the ramp. Supervised is a great toy for him. Unsupervised he tried to put a big truck on top of it that was too big and therefore needs a bit if guided play to ensure he doesn't end up destroying it but he is only 2. Easy to assemble but has a lot of stickers and actually took longer to stick them than it did to build.'

4/5   'Would be better adding another car or do a separate pack for this product.'

5/5   'My daughter loves it'

5/5   'My 3 and a half year old son, loves this garage, and the winding lift makes play even more fun. Building was a piece of cake, although they is around 160 stickers to put on which takes a lot of time.'

5/5   'Really good quality - strong plastic. The lift is a bit clunky and gets stuck - needs the plastic shaft to be filed down. One of the legs of the garage keeps popping out so I am going to super-glue it. All round really good value and my grandson loves it. Only negative I would say is the vast amount of stickers to be added. I know you don't have to add them all but it would be nice if at least some of the pieces had the graphics inprinted on them beforehand.'

4/5   'This is a substantial garage providing hours of fun for my 3 year old. Great that the vehicles travel un-aided from top to bottom. The lift is the only real let down as it doesnt travel freely to all levels. Possibly could do with a few more parking spots. But overall Im very happy with this.'

4/5   'The Chad Valley 5 Level Car Park is ideal for toddlers. My toddler loves it and has had hours of fun with it. He has enjoyed it so much I only wish i'd purchased it sooner'

5/5   'Bought for grandson really to assemble in no time grandson loves it'

5/5   'Great toy my little boy will not stop playing with it recommend this for any child that like playing with toy cars'

5/5   'Good toy, 3 year old son has had hours of fun playing. Bit fiddly building but once its up its great!'

4/5   'Very impressed this year, stock came quickly.'

5/5   'My son loves this and wont stop playing with it. It only comes with one car we bought extras to go with it.'

5/5   'Lovely. My son likes it.'

4/5   'Good value for money, fairly easy to assemble and hours of playtime fun for all ages!'

5/5   'Couldn't be more happier with this product. Good value for money and a lot bigger than what I thought. My little boy hasn't stopped playing with it since Christmas day. Super!!!!!'

5/5   'My grandson loves this garage. Uses it more like a slide though, starting the cars on the top floor, they just run right to the bottom down the ramps! quite sturdy. Not too difficult to put together but the stickers are a bit of a 'labour of love' to put on!'

5/5   'Good price and a nice little item, bought some extra cars from Argos at the same time which were a good price as well. My son thinks its great and I like that it has little features.'

4/5   'Initial construction took half the morning. Plastic pieces need popping out and then need to add fiddly stickers. Some of the pieces are very similar, so can be mixed up on assembly (diagrams could be more clear.) However, once up and working, it has more than met expectations. Bought for a four year old, but withstood the very exhuberant play of 4, 6 & 8 year old, all at the same time. The lift catches against the plastic and comes loose occasionally. Over all, very happy, good value.'

5/5   'The decals/Stickers are quite delicate and a little troublesome to put on, really think there are far to many of them and can be frustrating to place them correctly, otherwise a very fun thing that my Grandson of 3 totally love's'

4/5   'The floor dosent stay intact I have tried to shuffle around all the floor but still top floor doesn't not stay in tact with bars.'

4/5   'It's large and just what I was looking for but was let done by badly fitting supports between each level some were fine and others just wouldn't click into place which made it very flimsy for the size of it which meant any moving of it and the garage would come apart'

1/5   'Only issue was the annoying stickers! other than that its a good product'

3/5   'Quite a lot of stickers to put on. But other than that excellent product.'

4/5   'Best christmas present we got my son he always plays with it defo reccomend this'

4/5   'My 2 year old loves it and so does his 4 year old brother'

5/5   'Very good product, my young grandson loves it, the ramps could have a bit of support but this is only a minor problem. There are masses of stickers which did take a long time to put on, but the end product is worth the wait. The best bit is watching the cars go from top to bottom, even I get excited. All in all a great garage, even though it takes up a bit of floor space. Recommended.'

5/5   'My grandson is 2 years and 4 months and he had great fun on Christmas Day. He spent nearly 2 hrs solid playing with it.'

4/5   'Look fab,really good naphew is happy'

5/5   'Not too strong poor quality'

5/5   'Takes about 10 mins to build and a week to stick stickers on! Kids from 2-8 all love it, so far seems very robust, doesn't take up too much space used with lots of different cars and just really lots of fun and nice looking especially with a weeks worth of stickers on!!'

3/5   'My grandson loves it'

5/5   'Really good toy but a bit flimsy in places plus certain parts don't fit properly. Other than that my 2 year old really likes it'

4/5   'This is a fun toy my grandson is cars mad however it took us two days to put together! Not easy to assemble and parts do not click together easy also have to put all the stickers on which is a bit of a task! Just make sure it's all done and ready to play with before giving as present..... but my grandson loved it so worth it .'

1/5   'Very long to put together!!!! Instructions are not very clear!'

4/5   'Bought this for a gift, great hours of fun.'

4/5   'Took me over 2 hours to assemble and I'm pretty good at assembling things usually. As soon as you click a part together other parts pop open I had to tie some parts together so nit would stand for my 5yr old to get some time to play with it. But the same day it had fallen apart. Would not recommend.'

3/5   'Brought this for my little boys birthday, we put it together the night before, didn't take us long as it was straight forward. Very happy 3 yr old,he loves using the car wash, and racing his cars down the slope.'

5/5   'This garage is perfect for my son who loves cars ! He will have hours of fun with this product .... can't wait to see his reaction on Christmas morning'

2/5   'My grandson loved the number of levels, much taller than other garages. He loves it!'

5/5   'I'd was just ok there's nothing ALS to say'

5/5   'My wee boy loves this carpark,as hes car mad and is getin so much fun from it,its worth every penny'

4/5   'Bought for my grandson who is 3yrs old. Hours of fun'

3/5   'My three year old was very happy with this toy; and will b play for ages with it. The plastic material appears well made.'

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