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chad valley make your own stickers machine

About the Chad Valley Make Your Own Stickers Machine

The Chad Valley Make Your Own Stickers Machine lets young kids create their own unique, personalised stickers. They can use the preset templates or let their creative juices flow as they get imaginative and design their own one-off styles. Stick them wherever tickles your fancy; the bedroom, pencil case or wow friends as you hand them out and share the fun!

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Chad Valley Make Your Own Stickers Machine Reviews

4/5   'This was a present for Daughter's school friend. Heard good things and was good value'

5/5  Magpie 'Our little boy loves being able to create his own stickers on a whim- our house is now littered with them ☺️ (In the best way possible!)'

5/5  Yaz 'Great price good quality and plenty stickers my niece thinks its fab !!!'

4/5  BD101 'My daughter and her friends (around 5 years old) enjoyed this. Requires supervision at this age. Technically it is for 6+, so understandable. There is a little more wastage if you do stickers one at a time. Found best option was to do multiple stickers to get most use of the paper and sticky rolls. Also I found the mechanism a little temperamental but perfectly adequate to produce the stickers.'

4/5  Mama88 'Cute and great sticker machine for my daughter, a little fiddly to put together but once done it’s a fab little kit.'

4/5  Jb 'It was great fun. It's great idea that children can design the stickers. It was time consuming to put it together though.'

2/5  Elliott 'It isn't the best quality. The stickers weren't very sticky. My daughter enjoyed it but the stickers don't last long. For the money it was ok, kept her entertained for a while. Wouldn't buy another one though.'

4/5  Sarah 'My 4 year old daughter loved this but it was a bit fiddly to set up. Taxed my brains on Christmas morning but after that much fun was had with it!'

4/5  Lyndi 'This has been well used already. Its not high quality, its very plastic and clunky. But has made some very good stickers, all be it with a fair bit of waste. The rolls of stickers will run out quickly if used regularly.'

5/5  Kim 'Works well and made for a great present'

1/5  Helen 'Sadly the machine broke the first time we used it - great idea but not well made and therefore of little use'

2/5  Fl 'Stickers have bumps in them and if you cut around the dotted lines like you are supposed to the stickers don't work so you end up with white space.'

5/5  Amanda29 'I purchased 2 of these for my daughter and niece they loved it as soon as they unwrapped them they get lots fun out making these'

2/5  ILoveShopping 'It looks good, but is very fiddly to set up, because of this my daughter isn't really that interested in playing with it.'

4/5  Sam 'Was a little bit fidgety when trying to set it up. Overall decent toy, kept my 6 year old busy for a few hours so done it’s job!'

5/5  Jeffener 'Great present for my friend's little girl.'

1/5  JJ 'My granddaughter was so looking forward to using this but it was useless. It wouldn't load properly so wouldn't work.'

3/5  Dizz 'Bought this for 5 yr old but a lot of help is needed for the stickers to come out'

5/5  BelC43 'Perfect little gift for my creative little niece, everyone loves a sticker'

2/5  Capel 'Not worth the money, more frustrating than entertaining. Backing paper almost impossible to remove.'

5/5  Sally86 'Great fun on a rainy day'

2/5  MsMum 'Seemed a great idea but it left my daughter frustrated and disappointed. Not expensive but still ......'

5/5  Melmel 'My niece loved it, and started making her own stickers as well as using the templates. Will run out of the sticker and laminate rolls very fast, so good idea to order extra if possible.'

2/5  Pud 'No very good quality'

5/5  Char 'Little girl loved playing with this with the money'

5/5  Beckyb 'I bought this for my children as I had one as a little girl, my children have had hours of fun with this creating their own stickers. I would buy these again for friends and family.'

5/5  DeeBee 'Good little toy for making stickers.'

5/5  Bbs19 'My daughter loves this gift'

5/5  Savs 'Kept the kids entertained for a while'

5/5  Ange51 'Bought for Granddaughter for Christmas and know she will be very pleased with this item , it looks good for the price .'

3/5  Lauralou 'A cute idea for a creative present. Wasn’t very smooth when turning the dial to slide the sticker through the machine which resulted in an unsmooth finish to the sticker. Great that you have prepared images as well as those to customise.'

5/5  Kerry 'Great toy for a girl who loves crafting, lots of pieces, fun. Great price.'

4/5  Lisa 'My niece loved the sticker machine, struggled with the fiddly bits so needed a bit of help but overall great product'

4/5  Caconnor84 'Hard work to put it together but good once it's done. Seems to waste quite a bit of paper but the stickers do look fab'

5/5  Vikki 'Have had this before my daughter loved it so much she wanted it again hours of fun bit fiddly to set up but once done all good'

4/5  Patrickpat 'Nice but not really easy for children (necessary need help adult)'

4/5  Archer 'Granddaughter loved it'

2/5  Jenute17 'Had to return as it wasnt suitable for 3 year olds I didnt realise it was from age 6 years.'

4/5  Leanne 'Fab little present for 6 year old to open and play with on Christmas day. If your child loves stickers they will love this.'

5/5  Emma247 'Fun item. Bargain price with the discount.'

4/5  Car 'This was a gift so I don’t know how well it works but so far we’ve had no complaints. There’s a great selection of designs to choose from, plus they can create their own designs to. I do worry that this will jam up over time but so far so good.'

4/5  Shnup 'Bought this for my niece because she went up a reading level. Great little fun gift for all aspiring crafter's or just kids that love stickers'

5/5  Julie 'Can’t wait to see my granddaughter face when she opens this gift'

2/5  Carrotcake95 'Not easy to put together and instructions poor. Broke in the process so had to throw away, very unhappy little girl.'

5/5  Beth 'She loves anything crafty so I’m sure she will love this on Christmas Day'

3/5  Lucy 'My 9 year old enjoyed making the stickers, but found it quite difficult to set up'

4/5  Harmony 'My daughter loves making the stickers for her friends'

5/5  Susieflop 'It was fit my young grandson, it was what he wanted and really enjoyed making the stickers! Kept him quiet for a while as he was having fun'

5/5  Elswhels 'Everything was as it said it was and the birthday girl loved it! Would highly recommend!'

4/5  Jase 'Bought this for my daughter and she loved it'

4/5  MissS 'Nice little sticker maker easy to put together, once done my daughter got stuck in, now my house is covered top to bottom with stickers :)'

4/5  Laura 'It's a good little machine, just sometimes needs a little pull to help the tape through'

5/5  Jen 'Gave this as gift and my niece loves it. Stickers are always fab and that they get to make it themselves - bonus!'

3/5  Minnie 'Good toy, my daughter loves and uses a lot. I find it quite cheaply made but acceptable for the price'

5/5  EA 'Doesn't even work properl! So awkward to set up'

1/5  RED 'Great idea for a creative child. She loves it and they do say kids are the best critics!'

4/5  Alisam 'My granddaughter had hours of fun with this present'

5/5  Raynard 'This sticker maker looks a bit cheap but it works well and I've given it as a present quite a few times and it's always a winner.'

4/5  Tracy 'Wouldn't really recommend this. It's difficult for a child to use and my little girl is nearly 10. The tape doesn't pull through properly and it's fiddly. If you do struggle through though, the stickers are pretty so it's not a total thumbs down.'

3/5  Kirst 'A little challenging to set up and still quite figured out the correct way to place the white base sticker'

4/5  Gift 'This product is Ok for the money. It’s not the easiest to get all the paper feeding through. It comes with some sticker templates but with a creative child they don’t last long. It works a bit like a laminator so you have to be careful when cutting out the sticker that you don’t cut too close to the sticker or it all peels apart.'

3/5  Jay 'I had a version of this as a child and it was miles better. The scissors don’t cut the amount of waste materials between each sticker is ridiculous. My daughter used it once. Would not recommend'

2/5  201025 'Lots of sticker to colour and make hours of fun'

4/5  Gemz 'Bought as a birthday gift for an 8 year old. She loved it, great value for money'

5/5  Becs 'My little girl loves stickers so this was a good go to birthday present I’m just not sure where to get refill bits'

5/5  Savvygem 'Difficult to assemble. Doesn't work as it should'

1/5  Ghulam 'The item broke down after a couple of uses.'

2/5  Jarnaan 'Lots of faffing around with putting strips into feeder and some wastage can occur till you get it lined up. after the reel finish, don't know how we will use it due to not being able to buy re-fills separately. So consequently left with a plastic device to go to landfill. Daughter loves it but wont have much use after the reels finish. :('

3/5  KW 'This toy was a bit tricky for my 5 year old to use alone. It’s a bit of a faff and not the greatest toy, even I struggled to get it to work properly. It is fairly cheap though so didn’t expect a lot for price paid'

3/5  Sticker 'Hard to assemble and not much stickers in the pack. Not worth the price'

2/5  Sbradley 'I loved the idea of this for my kids but to be honest I didn't think it was great. The stickers didn't stick too well.'

3/5  Shoh 'I got this for my 7 year old niece it was perfect she loved it'

5/5  Imran 'Little cousin loved this hours of fun and kept her entertained!'

5/5  Karen1 'It is a bit of a fiddle trying to get the paper threaded and there is a lot of waste between each sticker but ultimately my daughter loves creating her own stickers, it's great fun!'

4/5  Smn 'Funny stuff economical price funny stickers increases productivity of child'

5/5  Hannah 'First one needed replacing as jammed - argos did a very swift exchange. new one works well.'

5/5  Nicola 'Leaves alot of spaces in between so quite alot gets wasted really hard to set up and if they cut too close to the edge it all has to be set up again not the easiest of machines would be easier just sticking cellotape over'

3/5  Shar 'Another gift for my girl, who loves to put her stickers everywhere! Lovely and simple design, just colour the stickers, roll it through, and go! Thankfully we have sticker books! Great for kids with creative imaginations!'

4/5  Debbies 'Good little machine. Not too expensive so ideal for an additional little present.'

5/5  Marriam 'My daughter was very happy and is having now het own factory of producing steakers'

5/5  Rosie 'It was difficult to set up and kept getting stuck paper broke up Unhappy children taking it back to Argos'

1/5  1290 'Complicated instructions for what should be easy to put together. Rubbish to use, the laminate doesn’t roll with the sticker. Don’t waste money on this.'

1/5  Cbjd 'The machine itself is very flimsy and it is very fiddly trying to get the paper to go through the machine to make the stickers'

5/5  Saraniel 'Nightmare to set up, kids enjoyed it for a bit, poorly made cheap practice but for the price can’t really complain'

2/5  Chloe 'Took a while to put together, but once was my niece was quiet for hours. Was a good gift.'

2/5  HH 'Good reasonably priced present'

5/5  Josh 'Setting up was a small pain but brilliant craft gift with no mess'

5/5  Nannie 'Granddaughter loves it'

4/5  Becca 'My daughter absolutely loves her sticker machine works how it says it does. She loves Stickers especially making them for her friend'

4/5  Amz 'I got this for my daughter as a stocking filler with it being reasonable in price, not bad for the money.'

5/5  Leah 'A few hours of fun, good addition to crafts'

5/5  Sue 'Different approach to stickers and ideal for both young grand daughters'

3/5  Janine1976 'Great value for money'

4/5  Happy 'It was a gift for my Grandaughter and she loved it.'

5/5  Hooplakid 'I bought this recently and my child really disappointed because it doesn't work and needs adult help which makes it annoying. Child is at a age where they want to do it by themself. So I disliked it so did my child.'

5/5  LouP 'Purchased this for my 5 year old but she can’t use it without my help to turn the knobs which are super stiff. It’s also tricky feeding the paper and tape through they don’t align at times and a real pain having donut over and over plus it wastes so much of the paper/tape which I’m guessing aren’t easily purchased - they don’t last long at all. Having said all that it’s really cheap and she does love colouring and making the stickers.'

5/5  Crbi 'Was bought as a gift but then ended up repurchasing as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Gave her a good few hours of fun and has asked me to buy refills which I’m unsure are actually available but will look into it. Definitely worth the price it is.'

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