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Chad Valley Kids Pink Grand Piano

About the Chad Valley Kids Pink Grand Piano

With all the fun elements of a keyboard, this stupendous Chad Valley Kids Pink Grand Piano will make a major impact on upcoming music maestros. An assortment of sounds, instruments and rhythms will make every bit of play an stimulating experience for little ones.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9002023
EAN/SKU: 9002023
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Chad Valley Kids Pink Grand Piano Reviews

5/5   'This product was purchased as a Christmas Present for my 22 month old Grand daughter, she absolutely loves it, very easy to order and collect from Argos and worth every penny to witness the look on daddie's face Christmas morning !!'

4/5  Maria1 'My daughter loves it, it's a bit quiet but not such a bad thing than being to loud. It isn't balanced very well keeps falling over but ok if you put it against something.'

4/5  Love 'Ideal present for 2 year old'

5/5  Clarkus 'Great product daughter loves it'

4/5  Lee 'My 3 year old loves it great size for her'

5/5  Elizabeth 'I bought this for my daughter and the drum set for my son, it's not to loud but gets them to play together they both love it'

5/5  Dee 'Very happy with this! Me and my bf got it for his niece and she absolutely loves it! Used it right away, packaging and everything is perfect. We all loved the little stool and the fact you have a flap to cover the keys with! Very happy customers :-).'

1/5  Aish 'It has been stopped working after just 20 mins of purchased and I returned it'

5/5  Clipsy 'We bought this for my 2 years daughter on her birthday and she love it.'

5/5  Vickie 'My kids are always on it'

5/5  Lauren 'My little girl loves this piano. Great colour good buy'

1/5  Kamal 'Really I am not satisfied with the quality it is very very poor after only about five days stoped without any reasons so if any chance to return it will be okay to my daughter she is very absent Thanks'

4/5  Adi 'It's supposed to be for 3+ years but it's just right for my 2 year old. The volume is not too loud but can't hear it well either. All in all it's ok.'

5/5  DathVader 'We bought this for my daughter's birthday and she loves it!'

2/5  Samantha 'Cute little piano, my little one enjoys it but sound is awful.'

3/5  Sarahmum 'Bought this for my 2yr old after reading good reviews. I'm not that impressed though, wish I'd spent a bit more and got a wooden one. Not very sturdy and as its on three legs my daughter has several times knocked it over or fallen over trying to lean on it. It's not very steady or strong.'

1/5  Mikes Time 'This piano is really really quiet and really really overpriced for what it does , changedit for the slightly more expensive early learning keyboard from Argos which does loads and is brilliant'

1/5  Jackie 'Load of rubbish -ended up taking it back -sound was very poor -'

5/5  Jen 'As soon as this was up my 4 year old daughter was straight on it. She loves this piano even my 8 year old loves it although it is too small for her.'

4/5  Coco 'Very good for my baby.'

4/5  Keith 'Easy to assemble ... Just pop the legs on, and stick in the microphone. There is a volume control, but it doesn't go very loud. But I think it is loud enough. Normally these things are too loud ! If in doubt, buy it and try it out. My daughter loves it.'

4/5  Sarah64 'This has gone down a storm and is much loved!'

5/5  Mary17 'This will keep your child entertained for hours and will educate them into understanding different types of music. It will also help them keep rhythm and keep in time with the music . If your child likes to sing then this productis for you.my granddaughter loves hers. The microphone adds to this product what more could a girl want......her favourite colour pink.'

4/5  Tracey 'As others have said it's not very loud and the mic doesn't really work but at the price paid it fine as a piano and looks pretty.'

4/5  Max 'My granddaughter loves this'

4/5  Sharon B 'Bought as a Present for my 3 year old Daughter and she's absolutly in Love with it, she Loves Making Music and singing her Little heart out on the microphone and Recording it. Well worth it X'

5/5  Happy Customer 'Very good for the price, entertained the whole family.'

5/5  Jay13 'I hear my daughters singing on it everyday it entertains them. Great quality my kids love it'

4/5  Clare76 'Lots of different sounds and keys but the volume does not go very loud ,not sure if that's a good thing though!'

5/5  A.K 'I brought this for my daughter for her 3rd birthday and she loves it. The size of the piano and stool is perfect for a toddler. It isn't as loud as I thought it was going to be. It's easy to put together and has no screws involved. It's small enough to fit into any corner.'

5/5  Iffat 'My niece absolutely loves this and it's her favourite present out of all the ones she got Fab for a three year old aspiring artist and pleasant singer'

5/5  Raj 'Its very good product'

5/5  Fudge 'My granddaughter really enjoyed this piano .well worth the price'

5/5  Bush 'Excellent for little girls who love singing and learning'

1/5  Lou 'I bought this little piano for my 2 year old daughter she broke the microphone with in 2 minutes by singing down it .The piano opens up with a plastic arm which came off the next day and won't go back on ! The sound is so disappointing her small key board that cost less than half of this piano dounds loads better .'

1/5  LucyP 'No one wants to buy super loud instruments for kids, but it's probably better than a piano that doesn't make hardly any sound at all. Having to return this item, it's poor.'

3/5  MR54 'Bought this for granddaughter. Although looks the part it's very lacking!! Virtually no sound - even up full volume can hardly hear keyboard sounds! The recording only records key sounds not microphone. Overall very disappointed, she has more fun with piano app on my mobile! - would not recommend.'

4/5  Emluca123 'Bought this as a gift for someone. They seemed to really enjoy it and so did everyone else. :)'

4/5  Johnny 'Brought this for my niece for her 4th birthday, she loved it. Ignored all her other presents and made us sit in a circle around her and listen to a rendition of 'Let It Go'. Doesn't look like the sturdiest piece of kit I've ever seen, and it's a tiny bit on the small side. If you've got a fat kid, I'd invest in a separate stool.'

4/5  Remuscuciureanu 'This piano is very small and the sound is very low. Even with the volume at max is still very quiet.'

5/5  Saz 'Brought a huge smile on xmas day xxx'

4/5  Amelia42000 'Great looking, lots of functions for her to play with - she loves it! and it's not too loud either! Excellent.'

4/5  Sh1 'Fantastic product for a toddler/ 4-5 old. As a startup experience of an instrument it is lovely and looks really grand too. The keys look good quality. The addition of a microphone to enable a kid to sing while playing the piano together with the added feature of being able to record their own voice also makes this product worth it. The stool is robust and steady. Over all a great 1st time experience for a kid.'

3/5  Disappointed 'I am going to take this product back as I think we must have a faulty one. The sound is very quiet. It would be a nice product if the volume was of a decent level. The Microphone is also so quiet i'm not sure it's even working.'

3/5  Steph 'Looks nice but too quiet. My 4 year old likes it'

5/5  Mad Caz 'This item is a present for my 3yr old granddaughter am sure she will be thrilled with her present'

4/5  Margaret 'My granddaughter loved this on her 2nd birthday. I think it would be too small for over 3 yrs. She loved singing into the microphone too but needed to put it almost into her mouth for it to work properly. Looks very pretty.'

1/5  Jan 'Microphone broke 1st day, no more available, spoke to customer services could take product back to store so can be sent off so fault can be investigated. or get a refund and buy a more expensive one.'

5/5  Willie 'This was a gift for my toddler grandaughter, it is a fantastic little piano with many features and many different instrumental sounds and it can record to, it even has a little microphone. the wee one just loves playing and making music with it. i would highly recommend this piano, it's brilliant and the price is great too.'

5/5  Jade 'Bought this for christmas for my 3 year old daughter and she loves it a good buy'

5/5  Lorna 'Brought this for my daughters 2nd birthday and she loves it. She loves singing and shouting in the microphone that actually works well. It has alot of different functions on it to play songs etc the only downside to this is as I have laminated flooring and the seat to it does tend to slide away so my daughters bum does slip off it.'

3/5  Vimal 'If the piano size little big , suitable till 5 age would be good or can reduce the price for same size'

5/5  BIMS 'My daughter loved this product'

5/5  M25 'I bought this for my niece's 3rd birthday as she was after a piano. I must say it was very easy to assemble . She loves the piano it has many different features which keeps the child occupied for a few hours. I would definately recommend it to anybody who is looking for a few hours of peace.'

4/5  Jane 'This is a lovely product, well made and easy to put together. It sounds clear and the microphone works well. The only issue I have is that it needs to be a little higher to allow for the child's growth it's just a little bit tight. Other than that it's great and my granddaughter loves it.'

4/5  Alison 'Nice product well made and well finished.hope amy will have many years enjoyment from her new piano'

5/5  Savvy Sue 'Looks good but have'nt used yet as bought for my grandaughter's birthday .'

5/5  Sam 'Bought this for my 3 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it. Good value for money.'

5/5  Christine 'My granddaughter loved her Christmas present singing along into the mike.'

3/5  Kitty 'I gave this item 3 stars just because my daughter likes it. My little girl isn't particularly heavy handed but managed to break the microphone within a day. Where the mic jac gets plugged in pushed inwards inside the piano making the mic unusable. She was devastated because that was her best bit but I have to say I wasn't too disappointed because it was quite loud.'

5/5  Sue R 'Brought this for my 3 year old grandaughter for christmas, she loved it ,has many features to play with good value'

5/5  Jin 'It's fantactic.my girl absolutely love it!xxxx'

5/5  Jules 'Got this for my little girl for christmas she will be so happy with it'

5/5  Alex 'Bought for 1 year old niece. Absolutely loves it. Microphone & everything work very well, great introduction to singing & piano'

4/5  Natalie 'I just brought this for my daughters 2nd birthday and she loves it! She finds it easy to use and loves the microphone aswell. It was easy to put together and the stool is quite sturdy unlike some of the others I looked at. I like it because it looks really cute, not keen on the colourful keyboards but personal opinion'

5/5  Proud Mam & Dad 'Some of the reviews made us question whether to get this little piano or not, but we're so glad we did! It's amazing, great for the price and our little girl (18 months) absolutely loves playing on it and singing into the microphone, it's all really good quality and worth the money i'd be willing to pay more for it.'

5/5  Star 'Bought it for my doughter for 4th birthday. She was more that happy! Good sound (like a real piano). Very happy with the purchase.'

4/5  Laura 'Bought this for my daughters 2nd birthday and she loves it, she plays with it constantly. Only issue is that the lid part of it that stands up keeps coming off and can be a bit awkward to put back on but doesn't affect the piano so not a major problem. Overall i am very happy with this product and if it makes my little girl happy it's definately worth the money :-)'

4/5  Linnij 'Great product. Allows my 3yr old to be a Diva! First one had a few piano keys not working but was exchanged with no fuss. This one works perfectly and provides countless episodes of entertainment. Daughter loves the fact it is like a 'real' piano. All in all a good buy.'

5/5  Paul 'I bought this for 2 of my friends children and both children and the parents loved it.The sound quality is better than I expected especially the piano.'

5/5  Angie 'I bought this for my 3 year old for christmas as i thought it looked alot better than the keyboard types that are a few pounds cheaper , and i was right spending the extra money . It looks really nice and my daughter loves it the microphone works well and is clear and the chair is sturdy , she spends most of her time on it i have even caught my 8 year old playing with it , very good buy'

4/5  Nikki 'This was good value for money compared to other online stores but the microphone was very cheap and broke on the first day.'

3/5  Diane 'Grand-daughter seems happy enough with it'

5/5  Cheesecake 'I have just opened this and put the batteries in. Which was very easy. I am yet to see what my niece thinks, but i think it is brilliant. You have loads of sounds which the piano can make. I am sure will keep her occupied forever. Only downside is there isn't one in blue or unisex as my nephew will not be ale to use it because its pink.'

4/5  Anna 'Is a lovely little toy for my 4 year old daughter however after a week, two of the keys already do not work. Overall though, my daughter is still loving her pink piano!'

5/5  Mrs L 'My 5 year old really wanted this .......Very impressed with the amount of variety it offers.......good quality sound and design.....'

5/5  Mufer 'I had bought it for my daughters fourth birthday . I was pleasantly surprised to to see how complete it was even to the minute details . My daughter loves it.'

5/5  Jo 'Excellent purchase and value for money our little girl is two and it is just right, would recommend for ages 2-4.'

4/5  Shelly 'The mocrophone is not very clear'

4/5  Rosie 'Product is quite good and my girls just love it. Infact we all have fun playing and singing like a band'

5/5  Maggie 'We purchased this for our 3 year old Grandaughter. The reproductive sounds were more than what we expected for a childs toy. I am now planning to purchase another for our younger grandaughter as we were so impressed with this grand piano.'

5/5  Mani 'I got this for my daughter for christmas.She is learning piano and now that she can practice to a ceratin extent on it. The only down side of it is that the stool is bit small for a seven yr old girl and if it can be charged with a DC instead of using batteries,it would be brillaint.Overall its a good purchase'


5/5  Sarah 'I was desperate to get my little 22mth old daughter a "proper" piano rather than a keyboard as i play the piano and she has always loved it. Well, it went down very well and it hasnt taken her long to figure out how to turn it on and off, and also how to turn on all the rhythms etc, and fortunately, to turn them off ! highly recommend, and even the microphone is really good !'

4/5  Misty 'The product was relatively straightforward to put together and my three year old daugther loves it and that's the main thing. It's quite resilient as its fallen on it's side a few times and survived :-)'

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