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Chad Valley Tots Town Playground PlaysetChad Valley Tots Town Playground Playset

About the Chad Valley Tots Town Playground Playset

With chunky figures perfect for little hands to grab and realistic sounds, the Chad Valley Tots Town Playground is loads of fun. There are many joyful things for the Tots to play on including a to and fro swing, a nursery rhyme playing spinning roundabout and a rocking car to ride (Size H16, W30, D22cm).

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Chad Valley Tots Town Playground Playset Reviews

3/5   'I purchased this toy in the sale and although it was a good price, I am glad I didn’t pay full price. The roundabout doesn’t turn smoothly and it’s diffuctult for little hands to manoavre it without the little people falling out. The swing located under the slide is extremely difficult to get the little person in and when it is it falls out when you swing it. But the musical tunes are cheerful and it’s sturdy when dropped.'

5/5  Ciri 'My daughter loves the characters and the music Strong & durable'

5/5  Maggie 'Need to have big play room cannot wait till better weather the children will really enjoy it'

5/5  Lauren 'It was bigger than i thought it would be and the roundabout plays music Only downfall is the little rocking seat doesn't rock and falls off quite a lot but worth the money. My 3 year old loves it.'

5/5  Ray 'Great for imaginative play for my two boys aged 2 and 3. I will definitely be buying more toys from this range.'

5/5  Emma 'So much bigger than I thought it was, cute little people included and great for my son to play "playgrounds" with.'

5/5  Gi 'Bought this for my 15month old. She loves it. Fun and sweet little figures. Nice music as well'

5/5  PMMD 'Great value for money and our Granddaughter loves it.'

5/5  Lyn 'My only criticism with this is the little people tend to fall out of the playground equipment very easily making it hard for a two year old to make the things work. Otherwise pretty good'

5/5  Pink 'Got this in the sale. Very happy with this. It plays 1 piece of music. It has movable objects and 3 small children. I love that they are of different ethnicity (hoping I have used the correct terminology) Children will notice that and I believe it is how it should be. Not everyone is the same.'

5/5  Rae 'Really good product! My niece loved it!'

5/5  Dee 'I bought this for my child's birthday, and then I bought another for her friend's birthday too. Its great value for money, and a great toy. It's as good as the Happyland range, although the people are a little smaller, but still great for small hands. It makes noises too. We were given the Chad Valley Tots house for a Christmas present so it's nice to have a little collection to promote imaginative play.'

5/5  LUCINDA 'Great toy hours of fun comes with 3 little dolls.'

4/5  NATHAN 'Nice, sturdy, colourful. The ladder stays firmly on. The swing often comes off but can easily be put back on. The roundabout can be pushed very gently and music starts, but to push it all the way around takes a bit of strength as it goes so far and then feels bit resistance. Only 1 critique - where the people sit could be deeper, as they fall out quite easily. The people also fit into Happyland bus. Music plays at 1 level and is really lovely music, not too loud. Great buy, son loves it!'

3/5  Ari 'This is a cute toy, the three toy kids included are a plus and are perfect for pretend play. The only drawback is the rocker and the swing just comes out when you/child try to put the toy kids on it, which is a shame.'

4/5  Maryam 'Very sturdy for little fingers bright colours loved it and got at half price so was very pleased'

5/5  Mum2boys 'My son loves playing with this set. It was a great price too so really worth the money.'

5/5  Tigra1 'My 2 year old granddaughter played with this for a long time. It was at a great price. I think the swing fixings could have been stronger. Overall a great product'

5/5  Berny 'Definitely would recommend'

5/5  John 'Couldn't resist this as my little granddaughter loves going to a playground like this. Even better as it was on a special offer but rather annoyed that it was reduced again the following week but I am still happy and looking forward to giving it to her'

5/5  Sassylou 'My two year old loves playing with this, great value and exactly as described'

5/5  Julie 'Great product and comes already built which was even better'

5/5  Vla 'My daughter just love it'

4/5  PaigeyD 'My toddler loves this. He's named his little people and plays with it more than any of his other toys. I'll definitely be buying more of the sets.'

5/5  Rae 'All in all this is great. Little one loved it and loves the sounds.'

4/5  Fizz 'Toddler having fun , & it will get better as she gets older'

5/5  Nel 'A fabulous addition to our play sets'

4/5  Cal 'Quality product that reaches expectations. Delivery process very good'

5/5  Rockey5520 'Toy is very durable and kids loved playing with it. We purchased it as gift of our friends kid birthday and he liked it very mucj'

5/5  Caroline 'Hours of fun. Only downside is swing frequently falls off.'

5/5  Willum 'Value for money. Imaginative play'

5/5  Xx217xx 'Bought to compliment my son's collection of happy land Although it's not the same set it's very much compatible. My son bought with his Christmas money. He is over the moon with it! Bigger than expected too!'

5/5  NAN 'I bought this for my 16 month old Granddaughter, she loved it, so did her 4year old sister.'

5/5  Mummyhamish 'Bought for my daughter's birthday so not used yet but she loves the little happyland figures so this will be perfect for her'

4/5  Jennifer 'My little boy enjoys playing with you get what you pay for want an expensive toy. The swing does keep falling off however. Good little toy though'

4/5  Rai 'Given this as a used gift. Granddaughter loves playing with the slide and the roundabout tunes. Dolls keep falling out the swing, and are difficult to get in the swing.'

5/5  Rosie1982 'My 3 year old barely puts it down and then will go back to it time and time again'

4/5  Gismo 'Our 15 month old granddaughter loves this and will be able to use it better as she grows. At the moment the music from the roundabout is the main attraction. It's surprising that the figures aren't better balanced; as others have said, they fall out too readily from the swing, roundabout etc. Just a bit more weight built into the bottom of each figure would solve this.'

5/5  Ikudia 'Bought for 2 Yr old, he loved it instantly. Great value. Lots of different elements, plus sounds & handy that it's fixed to the base, to stop bits getting lost.'

3/5  Ileana 'Cheap but is ok can’t expect more for this price'

5/5  Ralu 'Very good toy for this price 6£. But the carousel does not move itself, you have to round it.'

2/5  Molly 'For my grandaughter who is 21 mths. Just at the right age for exploring and acting out scenarios between the characters. However this is frustrating for her as the roundabout doesn't keep the characters in when it's spun, and you need to spin the roundabout to get the music! The swing doesn't keep the character in either & keeps falling off it's hinge!. Angry due to these big design flaws which would have easily been seen at the first trials of the product. Chad Valley's standards have fallen.'

5/5  Cusith84 'My children love tots town even my 6 year old joins in the play xx'

5/5  Clairek 'I love this, great value for money. My girls play with lol dolls and this is great for the little sisters to go down the slide etc. This has been great in encouraging role play. I will be looking at other items in the range.'

5/5  Smurftots 'Purchased this for niece Great fun for toddlers'

5/5  Chrissy37 'Seems like it will be great fun and good for motor skills for the wee one too'

5/5  Edaly79 'Fantastic toy! Colourful, fun and extremely clever! No having to put anything together it’s ready to play with straight out of its box! 3 chunky figures safe for little ones to play with and easy to hold. Care has been taken to provide diversity of character in the 3 figures. No annoying excessive plastic ties holding the toy to excessive cardboard inside the box. My daughter loves this toy and was clapping and laughing after sending each figure down the slide! She is 17 months old.'

4/5  Hannah 'Adorable set, great for the imagination. Brillaint value for money, a lot bigger than expected.'

5/5  Maus 'Our grand-daughter enjoys playing with the playground immensely, she enjoys placing the characters on the varies objects. It was a surprise that there is also music to the roundabout. She has played with this toy quite a lot,and has kept her attention well considering she has lots of other toys for Christmas.'

5/5  Keeny 'This was a great purchase as my 1yo and 3yo love playing with this. I didn’t realise at the time of purchase that it even plays music, bonus! Very good for imaginative play too.'

5/5  BF 'Fab product for the price, my niece loves it. Good quality from Chad Valley.'

4/5  RosieJ 'My 18 month enjoys playing with the swing and role playing with the slide.'

4/5  Wibb 'Nice item just a shame it didn't come with batteries in'

5/5  Anti 'Great gift for an imaginative child.'

4/5  Grandma 'My grandaughter loves visiting her local playground so thought this would be ideal for her. My son tells me that she loves playing with it. It is very colourful and musical too! I think it is very good value for the money and I am sure my grandaughter, wo is nearly two, will enjoy playing with it for some time to come.'

4/5  MrsO 'My son’s 1 and loves playing with this set. He likes to role play the park and takes a special liking to tfe slide'

4/5  Jeanie 'My 2 yr old grandson loves playgrounds and loved playing with this one, especially the slide.'

5/5  Angel 'Excellent value for the money wish I havd purchased 2 of them'

5/5  Mumma 'Lovely Playset of my daughter'

4/5  Lizzy 'Bought as a Christmas gift for my nephew. He loves playing with it, especially counting to three and pushing the little characters down the slide. It plays lovely tunes when you spin the roundabout. I would give it 5 stars but the characters don't stay in place well and fall off the swing and roundabout easily which can be frustrating.'

5/5  Grandma 'This toy looks good and lends itself to imaginative play.'

5/5  Jessie 'I got on sale so was fantastic for price'

5/5  Jo 'Brought for my son for christmas he loves it he hasn't stoped playing with it'

4/5  Wendo 'My niece loves this play set and it has really got her talking through imaginative role play.'

5/5  Milly 'Fun great for kids fun to play with'

5/5  AuntieKee 'I bought this for my two year old niece, she has similar style dolls house and other toys and she loves this to go with them. The set is sturdy and beautifully vibrant. She loves sliding the characters down the slide. And spinning them in the merry-go-round, which plays music. Would recommend to anyone with children who love role play. Fantastic value for money, well worth every penny. Will definitely be adding to her collection with other sets in the range. 5 stars. 10 out of 10'

3/5  Lillyboo 'My daughter njoyed playing with this toy but it is a bit stiff.. i am keen to get her the other toys in this range'

5/5  Suzy 'Bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it worth every penny. It is well made and would definitely recommend it'

5/5  MummaWills 'Lovely toy! I know this will be played with for hours! This will really well with fine motor skills. Great value for money too.'

5/5  Louise 'We love this playground toy; it keeps my little girl entertained for hours. She uses it with other brand figures too, so definitely worth the time and money.'

5/5  Youngran 'Bought for my great granddaughters birthday and she loved it'

5/5  Dawn 'My grandchildren love it and make little story's up'

5/5  Mary 'No bits so perfect for taking out to play with'

5/5  Kez 'Good product, my daughter loves it.'

5/5  Zozos 'I got this for my 18 month old daughter for Christmas.It looks fab think I will be playing with it myself, It comes with figures which is a bonus.'

4/5  Jellylou 'Best present i have bought for my niece she loves it.everything has to go on the slide. If she could fit on it she would go on it.'

5/5  Fishy 'My granddaughter loves this tots town toy , very life like'

4/5  Cooke 'My 3 year old daughter loves it, cant grumble for the price.'

5/5  NPM 'Bought this for my 2 year old. I was really impressed with the toy for what I paid plus the round about plays music which I wasn’t aware off. Only downside is that she has problems getting the figure into the swing as it’s under the slide but it’s a compact toy which is great'

3/5  Dannielle 'Good toy for imaginative play however the people stay in the swing and roundabout and seesaw they just fallout when you move them. The roundabout also doesnt go around properly it kind of sticks as it turns so makes it even more difficult to keep the people sturdy. Good otherwise my son likes it'

3/5  Roxy 'Nice toy but I felt it was a bit young for my 3 and 1/2 year old, other wise it is used to create imaginative play.'

5/5  Jt 'Bought as a gift for 2 year old girl who loves playing with my little people toys. She loved it'

5/5  Jasper '2 year old loves this, is. Her favourite part of the set and was a great price as bought whist in the sale.'

3/5  Plis 'My kids love it worth buyin the house too'

5/5  Luce 'My son loves it and the little tune it plays, definitely encourages imaginative play'

5/5  Southportjane 'This goes well with other products in the Tots Town series.'

5/5  Burt 'The price was really excellant, Had excellant service when paying for toy. Didnt need to wait no more then 1 min to be dealt with'

5/5  Mia 'I bought this for my 2 year old after having purchased other sets from the same product line. I bought it on somewhat of a whim and I am so glad I did! My daughter totally engages with this toy, she absolutely loves it! Sometimes, she will just turn the roundabout to make the music play and will stand there dancing to it. She loves making the little people 'go wee’ on the slide, Or putting a tot in the swing. I can see her playing with this for a long time to come.'

4/5  Lisa 'Baby loves it xxx'

5/5  Gins 'Lovely toy and perfect for 22 month old niece. Nice size pieces for little hands!'

4/5  L 'Niece is delighted with this set however the figures do not stay on when playing with swing etc they constantly fall off. Going to buy some blu tack !'

5/5  LJG90 'Perfect for tiny hands!'

5/5  Maria27 'Good value for money'

4/5  Shopper 'Bought this as a gift and it was enjoyed immediately, but I've really struggled to get the music to play when used and there are no instructions.'

5/5  Shaz60 'Excellent value, he loves Tots Town. At 2 yrs old he is still a bit ham fisted & kept pushing the swing right off. The little people tend not to sit too well in it. He liked the roundabout & the fact that it plays music when you turn it was great but he thought it would carry on going round until the music stopped and it didn't but he liked launching the little people off the slide. Just adding to the collection!'

5/5  Brian 'Great little toy keeps my daughter entertained.'

5/5  Lydia81 'My 14 month old daughter loves this, bought her for Christmas. Only problem with it is the mini people don’t fit tightly into the indents so they fall out all of the time'

5/5  M 'Nice chunky toy perfect for little ones hands'

5/5  Prest04 'This is a great toy for encouraging imaginative play.'

5/5  Ellie 'Very good for imagination/creative play'

5/5  Barbara 'Lovely set our little grandson loves it only complaint would be the figures fall out of the swing as they are top heavy'

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