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Chad Valley Tots Town Cottage PlaysetChad Valley Tots Town Cottage Playset

About the Chad Valley Tots Town Cottage Playset

With all the joyous sounds of a happy home the Chad Valley Tots Town Cottage Playset is great for encouraging make-believe and roleplay in little ones. Daddy is doing the dishes in the kitchen whilst Mummy readies the baby with a bath before an eventful big day out. Dad wants a break so before they head out has decided to watch a bit of TV first then maybe a quick nap in bed! Featuring plenty of life-like accessories to make the ideal home including cool kitchen sounds, a cooker, a sink and even a working doorbell with added realism. The chunky figures are easy for little fingers to grip so your most cherished will grab with ease as they develop their own imaginative play world (Size H24, W30, D13.5cm).

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Chad Valley Tots Town Cottage Playset Reviews

5/5   'Ideal as A starter for a childrens playset teaching them basic development This set comes with figures and furniture to play with'

5/5  Ella 'This is perfect for little hands ... my granddaughter will love it .'

5/5  Sam 'Bought as a birthday present for my 2 year old niece. She absolutely loves it. Perfect for her little hands!'

5/5  Mo 'Just the right size for a toddler to handle and be imaginative.'

5/5  Emzylou 'This little playhouse is amazing value for money just like happyland! features buttons and home noises perfect to stimulate any little mind ideal for role play!'

5/5  Mel 'This is a lovely first house for little hands with real sounds! The doorbell rings, there is a cooking sound and a water sound. Great value for money. The stairs could have been a little sturdier but all in all a great product.'

5/5  LaurC 'My little girl was so pleased with her little cottage! (She is 20 months) . The pieces big enough for her to play with at her age. Its great for her imagination, you can see her making up little stories with the characters. She loves the sound features that are included especially the door bell! The quality of the product is great! Very durable. Comes ready to come out the box and play with straight away, only batteries that need put in. Cant wait to buy more!'

4/5  Bairn 'Bought for my daughters Christmas she is two and loves it great features like the doorbell rings and cooker makes a noise only down fall is the stairs don’t stay up all the time but great value for money'

5/5  MissJ 'Brilliant for kids that love imaginative play. Great quality'

4/5  Jack 'Bought for my daughters first birthday. She gets bored easily with new toys but loves this one. No parts too small she can fit any in her mouth. My only wish was that it was a little bigger but the size it is makes storage and transport easy. Great quality and great fun.'

5/5  Shaz 'Very sturdy and sweet role play toy'

5/5  Juliana 'My daughter LOVES this item! She plays with it for quite long'

5/5  BF 'Bought for neice, 3 y/o. Absolutely loves it. Quality build with good detail and surprise washing up and doorbell sounds.'

5/5  Jo 'Brought for my son for christmas he loves it'

5/5  KT 'My granddaughter loves playing with the dolls house and using her imagination to play act with the various characters'

5/5  Gail 'Bought this and a set of figures too. Good value'

5/5  Zozos 'This is a Christmas present for my 18 month old daughter.I wanted a small house as I do not have a lot of space,this is perfect for me & she will love it with the baby included can’t wait to see her face thank you Argos .'

4/5  Susie63 'Lovely little house did expect it to be a bit bigger .that's why I scored a 4 for what's it's worth plus a bit expensive . as for entertainment which is the main thing my 2yr old loves it .I love listening to her role playing with the mum & dad figures .'

5/5  Juju 'My little girl likes it very much!'

5/5  Jasper '2 year old loves this set, with the little people and lots to do keeps her entertained for for hours'

2/5  Jennilou1983 'I bought for my daughter, its very flimsy and falls to bits if you touch it.'

5/5  Bree 'The buttons are easy to be pushed and the doors are easy to open, this makes it fun for a toddler or preschooler. The size of the people are also bigger than my toddler’s palms and thats makes it a safe toy for her to play with. The baby however is small, but much bigger than a lego or a small Kindle Suprise toy. So, overall, I’m very pleased with the quality of the toya and pieces.'

5/5  Pg 'Great toy for a three year old. Good quality. Nice design'

4/5  Plis 'My girls love it worth buying the park as a add on'

5/5  Nig 'Inexpensive well thought out and lasting'

4/5  Granny 'Bought for my 20 month old granddaughter. It’s her favourite toy at the moment. Good quality apart from the stairs coming off too easily -I was constantly putting them back on for her- they need to click in better. She really loves the figures and the sounds it makes. Think there will be play value in this set for some time to come.'

5/5  Jarv 'My grandaughter loves it reallylike the quality of Chad valley'

5/5  D 'Fab toy for a 3 year old.'

5/5  Regina 'Was a Christmas present for my little daughter, and became her favourite toy, she plays with it everyday and have lots of fun using her imagination. Very pleased with my purchase.'

2/5  Seahorse 'The stairs don't stay in place and the bedroom floor falls out If the house is moved around., but the furniture and figures are lovely.'

5/5  Tally 'Amazing value and enhances imaginary play skills'

4/5  Becks 'Nice little playset, comes with lots of pieces and my daughter likes playing with it... so did my godchildren!'

5/5  Tiny 'Bought this for mum 2 year old granddaughter for Christmas she adores it. Plays for ages and is totally engaged in imaginative play'

5/5  Lovetoshop 'My 18 month old granddaughter loved this and I was amazed how she played with it, so much so I have got her two other sets in the range!!'

5/5  Rash 'Very good the price. kids enjoyed playing with it so realistic door bell.'

5/5  Mac1 'Bought this for my niece she loves it'

5/5  Dd 'Bright and sturdy with lots of furniture and characters for my grandchildren to play with'

5/5  Grandma 'Bought for 2yr old granddaughter. She loves it.'

5/5  Angelina 'Bought for 18months granddaughter. Loved it. Good to interact with, eg:upstairs, mummy takes baby for walk outside, put daddy in kitchen, baby needs a bath, etc. Baby in pram lifts out, not moulded to pram. Excellent play value.'

4/5  Kaz 'Bought for Christmas gift for my young granddaughter.looks very good and know she will enjoy playing with this especially the real look of noise of doorbell etc.'

5/5  Kk 'Chad valley toys town play house was amazing valve for money especially compared to elc’s happyland. Quality is similar to that of happyland and the people are chunky for little fingers to hold . Would definitely buy more of tots town .'

5/5  BargainHunter 'I haven't opened it yet! But it looks durable and the people look the perfect size for my 18 month old. She'll love it'

5/5  CJenks 'Haven't opened yet as a Christmas present for my daughter.'

2/5  EE 'Extremely disappointed as it is so much smaller than what it looked like online'

5/5  Missy 'My little boy loves this..he has autism and it's really hard to get any sort of attention from him.. But with this he sits and plays for hours Definitely recommend.'

4/5  Shopster 'Very pleased with this - I bought it hoping that it would be enjoyed and I wasn't disappointed. The furniture and the figures are just enough and very sturdy and the sound effects really enhance play.'

5/5  Tpainting 'The cottage is really well made and durable especially for young toddlers. The pieces are nice and chunky and are really easy to grip. My little one loves the sound effects especially the doorbell and we have had hours of fun playing Mummy and Daddy with this set.'

4/5  Stephey 'My daughter turned this into a school, she has played for hours with this the fire station and vets she also likes to take the people in the bath so the fun never ends'

5/5  Mills14 'This is simply adorable. There are lots of movable pieces/accessories to enable a great story to unfold. The set makes noises but batteries are not included so you will need some if getting this set. It's perfect size for small hands and excellent quality with really bright colours. Love the detail of it.'

4/5  Joanna 'This is a fantastic little play set. Its a nice size comes with the little tots and house bits to play with. It also makes sounds which makes it more fun. My little girl loves it and plays with it for a fair while ,it is brill for their imagination. Highly recommended.'

5/5  K8 'Great little playset, plastic is durable and not flimsy, slightly smaller than expected but on the plus side takes up less storage space! The features are fantastic the doorbell drove me mad! But the kids loved it, the additional items including pram, sofa, bed, bath, toilet, t.v. Table and chairs are bigger than your average dolls house assesories which I liked because they don't get lost I had a play date with my 3 year old son and 18 month old niece and both were very happy playing with this'

5/5  WestWay 'This cottage pays is so adorable and by far my 2 year olds favourite out of the fire station & the vets. The cottage comes complete with 3 tots - mummy, daddy and baby, the baby can be put either way in the stroller. Once we inserted the batteries my toddler was able to have even more fun with the sounds of - doorbell, cooker, water/sink. My toddler got so carried away at 1 point she tried to climb the stairs and make her way to the first floor... (bless her). Hours of fun and I highly recommend'

5/5  Sarah 'Absolutely love that this was one of my product tester items. My little girl is growing fast and I wasn't sure what to move onto after all the 1st year toys being rubber rings and squeaky eggs. She grinned like a Cheshire cat opening her parcels. The toys are so perfect. Perfect size so they can't choke. Superior quality so no fear of breakages. The noises they make make her giggle with excitement. The figurines are beautifully crafted and cool little hats for different jobs.. Perfect! 100%'

5/5  Rach88 'Lots of fun to have. The cottage comes with 9 accessories which can be moved around the cottage. Two little tots figures 1x girl 1 x boy. Lots of fun for toddlers especially when they like pressing the doorbell.My daughter really enjoys this playset'

5/5  Bethargos 'A very homey cottage! I love the realistic effect of this set, from the movable door to the door bell and the kitchen sound effects. There is enough space for everything and more tots to join the family. A very good set for cognitive development. With little push, my child enjoys the sink making washing up noises and the cracking from the cooker. Everthing holds in place. Very educative, imaginative and factual role play set. Very durable! Highly recommended'

5/5  Hus 'This tots town family cottage home is the perfect size. It has a realistic sounding doorbell that I often get confused for my real one, and the kitchen area makes sizzling cooking sounds. The stairs are easily removable and the door swings open and shut for dual play modes at both the back and front of the house. It would have been nice to have working shutters on the windows but the detail on furniture and the house in general definitely makes up for it! A great set which provides hours of fun!'

5/5  Mummyclo25 'Nice size cottage with added extras. My daughter loves adding this on to her other sets and creating a fun and imaginary game using the little people and the vet centre. The figures are a decent size for her little hands and are easy to grip, everything is well made. Definitely recommend, ideal for toddlers'

5/5  Ellie16 'Batteries are needed as the little kitchen makes cooking noises & the door bell rings! Very cute & our toddler loved it. There's mummy daddy & a baby & furniture. Great fun & recommend buying this.'

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