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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Twin Babies Bumper SetChad Valley Tiny Treasures Twin Babies Bumper Set

About the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Twin Babies Bumper Set

The authentic scented super soft, sleepy-eyed Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Twin Babies Bumper Set feel just like a new born weighing 2lbs 10oz. The sensationally realistic baby dolls with life-like facial features both look adorable with their dummies and dressed in party outfits, plus to help tell them apart one conveniently has blonde hair and the other brown! These lovely twins comes in car seat gift box with genuine straps as well as hospital tags and birth certificate for your little one to fill in.

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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Twin Babies Bumper Set Reviews

5/5   'Brought these dolls for my granddaughter for Xmas though she hasn't played with them yet I know she is going to love them. X'

4/5  Lullaby84 'Bit pricey for 2 dolls that don’t do anything, but very well made and daughter loves them'

5/5  Holls 'These beautiful doll look smell and feel like real babies. My little girls is going to love them.'

5/5  Gladys 'Had these for half price from argos toy sale but well worth the full asking price'

5/5  Donna 'These dolls are absolutely beautiful. They look so real and feel beautiful. They look at you and they look real. Both my daughter and I have sat holding my granddaughters and wanted to play with her. Lol. I would really recommend these to others.'

5/5  Helen 'Bought these dolls last year as well for my other granddaughter and she adores them .'

5/5  Natalie 'My 3 year old daughter is going to love this for Christmas, hours of fun play with her dolls and prams. They are really weighed and soft to touch.'

5/5  CvClark 'My 6yr old has wanted these for a long time and was thrilled when she received them for her birthday.'

5/5  Lp23 'Could belive how amazing this was for the price and even better you get 2 babies. They smell just like newborns and feel like them aswell. My daughter was so excited to open them. She loves them thank you. Definitely recommend 5 star!'

5/5  JEN 'Amazing value. These dolls look so real and even come in a box which looks like a baby seat with harness straps. My daughter loves these and her siblings too.'

5/5  Kat 'Bought for xmas so not been used yet but the packaging looks great. I no that my niece will love this present'

5/5  TT89 'Bought for Christmas beautiful babies feel like a real baby I know my daughter will absolutely love them and enjoy hours playing with them fab would definitely recommend to any one who has children that love playing with dollys'

5/5  Emma 'I bought these in sale and there so cute kids are going to love them for Christmas x'

4/5  Kerry78 'My twin daughters love these dolls but we did have a problem getting the Prince & Princess ones that are advertised in the catalogue. I had to go to 2 different stores to get them the same. The other dolls were the American versions.'

5/5  Cindy 'My 9 year old daughter bought these with her hard saved money and she loves them. They are weighted so feel more realistic.'

5/5  Sophiesmum 'I bought these dolls for my daughters 10th birthday (at her request). I think they are fantastic value for money, compared to other more “lifelike” dolls. My daughter absolutely loves them as in her words “they are so like real babies”.'

5/5  Jo 'My daughter loves her babies, they feel and small just like a baby should.'

5/5  Jane 'They are really good dolls my daughter loves them she plays with them all the time and I can't wait to get her more outfits for them.'

5/5  Nik 'Bought these for my daughter for Christmas, she absolutely loves them. Great quality.'

4/5  Louise 'These dolls are lovely, the look so real and smell just like a newborn, only down fall I bought them for my 3 year old daughter she finds them a little heavy for her and because they don’t do anything I find she gets bored quickly. A big improvement for these dolls would be to make them interactive to keep children entertained in them. Other than that I think these dolls are a great buy.'

5/5  Angela 'Beautiful twins almost like the real thing'

5/5  Ashley 'My daughter got these for her 6th birthday and not only has she fell in love I have too these dolls r sooo adorable and being a mom of 2 daughters I have bought more than enough dolls even spending hundreds of pounds but these r by far my favourite absolutely beautiful.'

4/5  MMS 'Very cute set of twins, very happy with the quality & my eight year old daughter loves playing with them.'

4/5  Trevdrum 'Asdfghjkloiuytrewsfh'

5/5  Sarah 'My daughter got these dolls for Christmas and absolutely loves them. They really do look and feel realistic compared with her other dolls and even Daddy has enjoyed a cuddle with them. They came to the supermarket with us and lay in the baby seat of the trolley.. They were mistaken for actual babies by one shopper, which thrilled my daughter. I think they may be coming out on lots more trips with us.'

5/5  Muma 'My daughter especially asked santa for these twins, she just adores them, they’re kind of weighted so feels more life like, she prefers these to lovabella'

5/5  Amanda 'Absolutely beautiful dolls. My daughter, and I, loves these and not the first time I have purchased tiny treasures dolls. Well worth the money and smell and feel gorgeous.'

5/5  Liz 'My great niece loved them has so much fun Outfits could be cheaper for them'

5/5  James 'Well worth the money, the dolls smell nice like a real baby smell and are quality my daugher is delighted with hers'

4/5  Lynz 'The twin dolls were supposed to come with Prince n Princess outfits on but came with different outfits on which was a disappointment. Apart from that everything else is great. My daughter loves them.'

5/5  DM 'Smell and feel like a real baby. Daughter loves them'

5/5  Livse 'My daughter loves them.'

5/5  Lawlaw 'Very happy with the service and with the product! I’m sure my daughter will love the dolls'

5/5  Kazza 'Well worth the money. Any little girl would love these.'

5/5  Cottonbus 'Extremely pleased with my purchase can’t wait until Christmas'

5/5  Jadegoodwin14 'All round brilliant my daughter was so happy with them and hasn’t stopped playing with them'

5/5  Lizzy 'Beautiful baby dolls. Make baby born and baby Anna el look so plastic. These r purrfect copies of babies.. Fab. Can't recommend too highly.'

5/5  Shopaholic 'I purchase one of these dolls last Christmas and my granddaughter loves it so when asked what she wants this year she has asked for the twins.I am sure she will love these as much as her last one and it definitely gets played with and taken everywhere with her .'

5/5  Owen 'Daughter loves these dolls, has not put them down since she got them. Very good quality.'

5/5  Flo2921 'Absolutely fantastic buy my great granddaughter loves them, brilliant quality, looks and feels like a new born baby, she will have hours of fun with them.'

5/5  Grandma 'Lovely dolls. My first Christmas buy. The price was much higher on other sites.'

5/5  Cherylcw 'I got these for my stepdaughters 5th birthday and she really really loves them. They are very nice looking, with a good weight to them and smell lovely. They are currently coming everywhere with us. The car seat box they come in is fab and she loves strapping them in. Definitely a good buy, she will get a lot of hours of play with these, and great that argos also sell different clothes and accessories for them...... Will be getting her some for Christmas'

5/5  Bex 'Definitely recommend the dolls aren’t too dear and very realistic'

5/5  Pritchk1970 'A quality lifelike baby boy and baby girl dolls, that smell just like a new born, bearing a pleasant talc scent. The dolls are approx 44cm in height, not too heavy for a 5+ child, with lifelike features. They wear matching boy and girls all-in-one suits including hat and come in a car seat style display box with real straps. My 8 year old girls eyes lit up, when she opened them and says they are adorable. She has now asked for a double pushchair/pram and some clothes for Christmas. Very cute.'

5/5  Millie 'My little girl loves her tiny tears twin baby dolls thay look so real'

5/5  Heidi 'Lovely dolls my daughter loves these dolls expensive but got it in 3 for 2.'

5/5  Bishka 'I bought the twin baby set for my two granddaughters they play with them all the time,they are learning sharing and caring and I have never seen two baby dolls cared for as much in my whole life.'

5/5  Ruby 'I really like and happy'

5/5  Gemma 'Very cute lifelike dolls that look like ones from the boutique shops.'

5/5  Motherof4 'Very lovely my daughter loves theese dolls much better than an interactive doll she uses imaginative play'

5/5  Kel 'My 5 year old daughter loves them they are weighted like real babies and have soft skin , they may be expensive but worth every penny'

5/5  Sjlloyd 'My daughter is made up with these dolls, they're beautiful, come dressed in lovely clothes, they also fit into real newborn sized clothes and nappies. They smell lovely like talcom powder, I was also impressed with the box they came in as it looked like a car seat.'

3/5  Matt 'Good item.'

4/5  Lilmisswales 'My daughter loved these dolls. They are weighed to feel like a real baby with a baby smell. My daughter was over the moon with the birth certificates and name tags and they are a real hit.'

5/5  Poppylinz 'They both are a good weight and based on this feel like your holding a real baby.'

5/5  HAPPYMUM 'My little girl was over the moon on Christmas Day! The twins are so realistic, they even smell like baby lotion and make the whole house smell lovely! She adores them and so does everyone who sees them! If you are thinking of buying, just do it! You won't be disappointed.'

5/5  Cinderella 'Fantastic quality . So life like would recommend for children over 5 as a little heavy for smaller children . Great gift for a child who loves her dollies .'

5/5  Jack 'This was for our 8 year old daughter at her request for Christmas as she hasn’t stopped playing with them. They are very life like and she loves them. Even our 5 year old helps out looking after the other twin.'

1/5  Laura '1day after Christmas and the dolls arm falls off, very upset child!'

5/5  Mel 'Bought these dolls for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas. They were an immediate hit. They are very life-like in the way they feel heavy and floppy like a baby. One small detail I liked was that when undressed they have a little velco nappy on, so you don't need to buy additional nappies for them. Unsure about durability just yet. My two year old carries them about by the arm and they seem to be holding up well but it's only been a few days!'

5/5  Jackabite 'The dolls are very life like and my daughter will love them'

5/5  MummyLoftus 'My daughter's love there dolls as they look just like a proper baby Love there outfits Wish there was more places to buy there accessories from as hard to get when out of stock so quickly'

5/5  Lou 'Great twin dolls, so realistic.'

5/5  Amie 'They should come with dummy clips as my kids lose their dummy’s There isn’t any donts as these are fab'

5/5  K 'Brilliant dolls absolutley worth while.'

5/5  Amy 'Beautiful dolls and great value for money!'

5/5  Becs17 'Bought along the chad valley double wooden cot, best buy for a long time. the babies are so true to life. my daughter is besotted by them. thanks argos! :)'

5/5  Julie 'Fantastic value for money my granddaughter will love these twin dollies'

5/5  Mellor 'Lovely dolls daughter will play for hours with them'

5/5  Chloe 'These was bought for a care home for the elderly with dementia and they are fantastic really look the part and are being used well, really nice to see how much they make them smile would recommend as they are very lifelike!'

5/5  Claire 'Lovely dolls, smell like a new born, feel like a new born they are adorable'

5/5  Littlecutemummy 'Excellent quality. Bought for Christmas but I know my little one will love these.'

5/5  Poshtotty56 'I have bought these as a Christmas present for my granddaughter. She has put these on her christmas wish lift and I know she will love these as her little friend has the same dolls. The dolls looked really lifelike and is definitely a good buy. I got 10 per cent off so an extra saving. A lot cheaper compared with other sellers. Well done Argos!!!'

5/5  Rach 'Dolls are of great quality. Really fast delivery also. Brilliant as there is a boy and a girl.'

5/5  Morv 'Before buying these I had read loads of reviews, my daughters friend had got the girl one for her birthday and the quality is great and very durable when you think of what a little girl can put her dolls through'

5/5  Kmac 'Beautiful dolls that are perfect for my little girl that loves playing mummy. All the little details make this pair an amazing gift for doll lovers.'

5/5  Roat02 'Fabulous dolls. Very lifelike excellent quality highly recommend. Daughter has been asking for twin dolls can't wait see her face on her birthday.'

5/5  Angela 'All thought this a Christmas present and as not been opend yet she already as the other tiny treasure dolls and are really lovely and cudelly in your arms like a new born dolls'

5/5  JLoCor 'My daughter got these for her birthday she loves them! Feels like your holding a real baby'

5/5  Pammy123 'These twin babies will make our grandaughters Christmas!!! They are such good quality. The smell and feel of them is so realistic. The size of them is perfect. The cost was pleasing too compared to other shops.'

5/5  Rebecca 'Amazing absolutely stunning just love tiny treasures a must most definitely buy you won't regret it best baby dolls by far that I've ever brought although I do think they are abit pricey but they are so worth it'

5/5  Babsy 'These twin dolls are so cute.the quality of them is amazing . My grandchild absolutely loved them . She plays constantly with them . From packaging to the clothes that they wear I cannot fault them. A realy good buy .'

5/5  Lisa 'Can't wait for Christmas so I can watch my daughter play with her baby twins they look so cute I'm sure she will love them.'

5/5  HappyMummy 'These dolls are super. They have a real feel to them when you cuddle them. My 9 and 7 year old love them. They close their eyes whphen they lie back. Great quality for a reasonable price compared to branded ones. Chad Valley does it again as they love their Design a Friend dolls too.'

5/5  Meg 'These two dolls are beautiful my 3year old will Love them at Christmas'

5/5  Dee 'My daughter got these for her birthday and was over the moon. They fit in tiny baby clothes and feel like real babies to hold. She loves them and they go everywhere with us.'

5/5  Landlady 'Lovely dolls.....My twin grandaughters will love them....excellent value in the 3 for 2 offer....'

5/5  Hazza 'I think they are rather expensive for a non functioning doll, but they are so cute my little girl loves them we have 6 so far.'

5/5  Nmh 'These two dolls are so beautiful my 4 year old was over the moon with her new twins to take care of.there wearing lovely clothes that are well made such good value for money so glad I chose these for my Daughters birthday.'

5/5  Rachreev 'These dolls smell like real babies and you can dress them in baby clothes as they are new born size very pleased with the dolls'

5/5  Thelittleclan 'Very impressed with this purchase I have one happy little girl'

5/5  Sonor360 'Wow I can't believe how life like these dolls are and the feel of them are so soft to touch. My daughter absolutely adores them and plays with them every day. Beautiful dolls'

5/5  Carrie1971 'On arriving & opening the outer box my little one was in extreme excitement as seeing the dolls. They were good quality, lovely looking, quite heavy & they smelt just like a newborn. Both my little one & a friend had hours of fun playing with them & changing the clothes etc. Even bought real newborn nappies for them with fitted perfectly. They go everywhere with her now & she's happy with the fact she now has twinnies as she calls them. Will be on the look out for accessories. Excellent value'

5/5  Garsab 'These dolls are very good quality. My daughters (9 & 6) love their detailed hands, soft hair and their baby scent. They are weighted to feel more like real babies which makes them different to other dolls. They come with a twin cardboard car seat with seat belts, which is nice but I suspect may get damaged in the future after extensive playtime. The clothes they come in are also a good quality. They have provided hours of play time and love the fact that you can buy additional clothes.'

5/5  Bungle 'Was very surprised when these dolls arrived, there so lifelike the eyes close and they are a good weight to mimic a real baby. My daughter loves them she hasn't put them down. Only downside is the car seat they are packaged in as it won't last to long being cardboard. But they are really great overall there not to heavy and are a great addition to our daughters toy box.'

4/5  Natasha 'The packaging is very smart, it is as if the dolls are in a twin car seat. In addition they are secured with lifelike straps (not those awful twisty things which take a lifetime to undo) which means you can actually play with the packaging! The dolls themselves are quite soft, including the plastic parts and have a realistic weight to them. Both dolls have lovely babyish clothes. The hair on both dolls is very realistic for a young child in the sense it isn't perfect.'

4/5  Mumof2 'These twins are excellent. My little ones love them especially with baby tag and birth cert. makes them more real. only the hands feet and face are plastic the rest is a cloth material stuffed with grainy bits. The first thing my little one said was it's a heavy baby. Unlike the plastic hollow ones these have weight to them. We're going to enjoy getting all the accessories and playing with them'

5/5  Dragon03609 'They come on the one carrier both strapped in they are gorgeous wee dolls my daughter is delighted with them they are sturdy but soft and look very life like'

5/5  Katefair 'These dolls are actually more cute than the picture. They look an feel quite like a baby. The outfits are really pretty too. Overall the dolls are really good quality products & would definitely recommend'

4/5  Sean 'Quality realistic twin dolls very good quality my child loves these the box they come in doubles up as a car seat with straps there are 2 birth certificates you can fill out with names youre child picks real feeling hair substanstial feel to the dolls comes with cute hats lively smell similar to lavender'

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