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chad valley tiny treasures newborn open eye girl doll

About the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Newborn Open Eye Girl Doll

Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Newborn Open Eye Girl is a wonderful floppy limbed baby doll with life-like facial features, weight and baby scent adding to the realism. She comes wearing a lovely baby gro and hat, with hospital tag and birth certificate.

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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Newborn Open Eye Girl Doll Reviews

5/5   'Great doll and allows to have lots of outfit changes with tiny baby clothes or tiny treasures outfits the pushchair also is very well made'

5/5  Laura34 'My four year old daughter loves this dolly so much, it really does smell like a baby and weighs like one too. My daughter sleeps with it in her bed every night and she takes it out with her in the car seat that comes with it. I’ve ordered her another one for Christmas'

5/5  Reba 'We bought this gorgeous baby doll for our little granddaughter. She loves it! It is life size (exactly the same size she was - 18" long), and is weighted to feel like a real baby. It's head and limbs are sewn on loosely so they need supporting, again, just as a real baby does. It also smells of baby powder. She is practising for when she becomes an aunty at the end of the year. It also fits "early baby" size clothes. An all round winner!'

5/5  Mumof2 'My daughter bought this with birthday money and called her Lucy. She is a lovely doll, the body is filled with beans and is quite realising weight to a small baby.'

4/5  BH 'Lovely doll. Very happy with it.'

5/5  PoodleMummy 'Very pleased with this pretty doll which will be loved by my granddaughter. I’ve not given it to her yet, as not her birthday for a few days, but it seems to be sturdy and well made.'

5/5  Monkey145 'Good gift for young child.'

5/5  Dondayvivay 'My grandaughter and younger grandson love this doll they call her their little baby which is really sweet and they hold her carefully so as not to drop her'

5/5  Chezzy 'Lovely weighty little doll felt very real. I loved it, unfortunately my 2 year old granddaughter cried when the hat was removed, she loves it apart from the hair. I'm sure it will get a trim very soon'

5/5  Chappers 'Bought this doll for my daughter and she’s not put it down since... great quality and would highly recommend 5 star all round.'

5/5  Mel 'It was so lifelike And I will be happy to get others one of them'

5/5  Ahensima22 'I like it very much and I will recommend it to people to buy it.'

5/5  Kayleigh 'I got this for my niece as she needed a doll whose eyes closed! It’s a lovely doll smells beautiful and is very cuddly you can move it about etc I got it on sale but would happily pay full price it comes with a cardboard car seat as-well which was an added bonus for imaginative play'

5/5  Laura 'My little one absolutely loves this doll. I think she is drawn to it because it is so lifelike.'

4/5  Flis 'Bought this for my daughter who was turning 7. She absolutely loves it and it has not left her side since. The carry case is only cardboard so won’t last long but she enjoys using it as a car seat.'

5/5  Noofy 'My granddaughter loves this doll.'

5/5  Blonde 'Beautiful doll looks so cute like a real baby weighted and head flops like a real baby clothes good quality a must for any child that loves dolls bought both boy and girl as so cute highly recommend'

5/5  Chrissy 'My granddaughter will love this doll and I’m sure she will get many hours of fun with it.'

5/5  K4 'Very pretty little doll ideal baby doll'

5/5  Suamo 'My little lady takes this doll everywhere with her now. She loves dolls but this is her first one that she treats exactly how she treats real babies. Simply put she loves it. Great buy'

5/5  Mandy 'My grandaughter absolutely loves this doll, we have bought more outfits.'

5/5  Jane64 'Her little gasp of joy when she saw it was beautiful , she didnt know if she needed to hug me or the doll . It feels like a new baby and smells like one as well. Really lively doll ..so good ive ordered anothe one for my grandaughter for her birthday and a little boy one for xmas...'

5/5  Katie 'This doll is the weight of a real baby smells like a baby brilliant quality would highly recommend my son and daughter love their dolls'

5/5  Chloe 'Super cute and my daughter loves the fact it has lots of soft hair.'

5/5  Ana 'Nice box, good size! Look expensive! Really recommend'

5/5  Vix 'Such a lovely dolly! The detail (it has a little baby chin!), the way it feels ( quite weighty) and flops like a baby when you pick it up. The clothing - adorable! It has a nappy, hospital wrist band & birth certificate. The packaging is brilliant, we’ve taken the doll for drive in its car seat. Such good fun and so realistic (but not enough to freak you out!) Great purchase! We went straight back & bought the pink version too!'

5/5  Misterkhan 'Cool little toy for little ones.'

5/5  Christina1234 'Lovely doll my little girl has three from this collection she loves them all'

5/5  Cheyne 'I have purchased 4 of these now for my Grandchildren - they love them and getting the most recent one in the sale was fab value for money.'

5/5  Ses59 'Bought in advance for Xmas so not used. Granddaughter has another of these dolls. Very good quality, feels like holding real baby'

5/5  Ses59 'Bought as Xmas present so not used but looks good quality, these are very good value for money and very well made, feels like holding real baby.'

5/5  Mumof4 'My daughter had the little boy version of this and brought this one for a sister. Lovely doll, smells like a baby! Very cute.'

5/5  Ema04 'Lovely quality and a nice size for my 5 year old. She has had hours of fun with it'

5/5  Jenny 'Got my daughter the boy version and she loves it. So at the sale price I couldn't resist'

5/5  Coocoo1 'Lovely doll 2yr old granddaughter Loves them . Bought the twins first n just bought another 3 in the sale they are weighted with soft body n Scented hairs a bit scraggy but they're still a lovely doll . Highly recommend.'

5/5  Izzy 'My daughter loves playing with the tiny treasure doll as it’s the same weight as a newborn and she can dress it in different outfits'

5/5  Sarahb 'This is the 3rd doll i have bought as my 2 older children had one each and my 2 younger daughters Loved them, so i had to buy more!!! Soft, realist weight baby doll. Absolutely lovely. Highly recommend'

5/5  Cheesepuff 'Well worth the money, got it in the sale so a real bargain. My little one loves this doll. It's weighted so it feels like a real baby.'

5/5  Annie 'Great toy looks so good and my daughter loves it'

5/5  Milliebobs 'This little boy dolly looks adorable, lovely baby-gro outfit, not taken out of the box yet so can't comment on the real baby smell. Very well made, my granddaughter will love him.'

5/5  Dee 'Such a cute outfit to go with the tiny treasures boy x'

5/5  Andrea 'Bought when reduced but I would've paid full price. My daughter absolutely loves it. Absolute bargain and really good quality. Highly recommend'

5/5  Cupcake17 'Bought my niece this for her 4th birthday as my daughter already had the boy & she absolutely loves it!!! Even got it in the sale so was able to buy her an extra gift which was awesome ..x'

5/5  Trazzee 'Lovely quality item, like a real tiny baby with it being weighted granddaughter loves her'

4/5  Loumey85 'Our hospital ward purchased two tiny treasures dolls (pink and blue versions) as well as the closed eye doll. the dolls have a soft body which is weighted to feel like you are holding a baby. the head and limbs are a soft vinyl and flop around when you pick the doll up. The soft vinyl is scented and smells like baby powder. the eyes open when you tilt the doll up and close when you lie the doll down. so far our patients have enjoyed holding the dolls and have interacted with them well.'

5/5  Mumto3 'Bought this whilst on offer. Beautiful well made doll.my daughter will love it'

5/5  Mamabear 'My daughter picked this dolly and I'm writing this review on her behalf. She is 6. She loves Sophie (dollys new name) so much! She looks and feels just like a real baby, came in a cute little outfit and in a handy car seat box.. she also sleeps through the night which is a bonus!'

5/5  Pj 'This doll is amazing, she has a really soft face and soft flexible limbs, she is weighted so feels more realistic. The only problem is my child now wants the boy doll. Ive ordered him 5 times and its the older version in dungerees i keep getting he is so cute it would just help to have different order numbers . Ive kept my boy doll but did want the boy to match this pink girl doll. my child will not put this doll down fantastic value a must for any child.'

5/5  Landlady 'My twin great grandaughters will love these dolls...super life like baby dolls to play with...'

5/5  Jo 'My daughter loves this doll it is so lifelike and weights just like a real baby she also loves that this doll comes with hair so she can brush it. It also comes in a beautiful blue outfit which is soft. she loves it so much I will be buying the girl doll too. Also great as it comes in a car seat which she enjoys putting it in the car'

5/5  Lind29 'I was lucky to get this lovely doll at half price in the sale so thank you Argos. A long way off to Christmas but it is a present for my Granddaughter and being a pensioner it has let me buy a decent present for one of my Granddaughters which she will love, I'm sure.'

5/5  Jo 'Grandaughter loved it the body is so soft, her favourite doll by far'

5/5  Tara 'Very cute and comes with a lot of different accessories (to buy separately)'

5/5  Piui 'Beautiful and my daughter loved'

5/5  Mutti 'Very pleased with this life like doll from Chad Valley. Just as shown in the video except that the outfit was different but still very nice.'

5/5  Tasha 'My wee girl loves her tiny treasure doll. I got the baby changing bag with this product it's just fantastic. She will not let the doll out of her sight. It looks great it's clothes are amazing. It's weight is like a real baby and she loves this. With the bag she feeds and changes and feels more like a mini mother. She has hours of fun and loves this doll. More than me I think..... lol. Really cool toys.'

5/5  Kirsty73 'This is the second one of these dolls I have bought, my daughter loved the other so much she wanted twins. It has withstood a very rough 4 year old's attention without damage and actually feels much like a real baby unlike the plastic versions you get.'

5/5  Emma 'My daughters love these dolls. They’re worth every penny and I couldn’t recommend them enough'

5/5  Amy 'So pleased with this doll It’s weighted and makes the doll very lifelike and the scent of a newborn is amazing Will last daughter a few years as excellent quality'

5/5  Bev 'Granddaughter always plays with her 4 Tiny treasures dolls . They have been loved and pulled and still going strong ! Excellent present for her . Hope more outfits are on the way!'

5/5  Sarahb 'This doll looks so life like and feels like a real baby weight wise as well'

5/5  Middy 'This doll is well worth the money. Both my 4 year old and 6 year old adore theirs. These dolls feel extra special due to the slight weight and the lovely smell and they appear as if they will last a long time. Lots of imaginative play with the available accessories. I would highly recommend.'

5/5  Lorraine 'Bought for my little girls 8th birthday and she loves it. Takes it everywhere with her'

5/5  Susan 'The doll is lovely and has a good weight to it just like a real baby.'

5/5  Jess 'Very life like and great quality. It’s my six year old daughters new favourite toy.'

5/5  Donna 'Beautiful baby ,, good quality, good weight my little girl adores it'

5/5  Angie 'Brilliant,lifelike doll'

5/5  Emma 'She is a birthdaypresant'

4/5  Nvl 'Toy smells nice! Not sure if it is a baby smell however. Also of a good weight. This doll isn't the prettiest doll but very baby-like, and it was the one my daughter wanted. It comes with cool packaging.'

5/5  FRCmummy 'Daughter already has the girls, so I knew that the quality was really good. He didn't disappoint. She absolutely loves him!'

4/5  Sophie 'Myvlittle girl loves her babies and adores playing with her new tiny treasures dolly.'

5/5  Jeannie 'This doll was brought as a gift for my mother who has Alzheimer's she is 89. She finds it hard to communicate with people but when given the doll she changes and life has meaning again. Mothers smile is beaming and she talks to the doll in perfect English (almost)! she loves it and thinks it is real, it gives her so much comfort. The doll is weighted so feels like a baby. The perfect gift for her and I would think to many children.'

5/5  NorfolkNana 'I purchased this baby for my 2 year old grand daughter. I had a look at all the others available, but felt this was the best for cuteness and play value. She loves her. I particularly like the fact the packaging doubles up as a "car seat", an extra play idea and saves putting it straight in the recycling..'

5/5  Lubbylou 'My niece absolutely adores her so real like and the smell is to die for she could be mistaken for a real baby only trouble is she doesn’t like leaving her at home when she has school'

5/5  Annoynamus 'Got this for Xmas for my granddaughter she loves it, smells lovely and weighs like a real baby, definitely recommend this doll'

4/5  Childsbird 'Fantastic role play fun for kids'

5/5  Dabid 'Grand daughter asked for Tiny Treasures doll for her birthday - and who am I to argue? Argos delivery service was excellent again. Doll immediately named 'Layla'. An unexpected game we can all join in is - Hide and seek Layla. Basic rules include no hiding in cookers or freezers! It goes on forever - a win, win, present!'

5/5  Londonmum 'Bought this for my 7yr old daughters birthday & she loves it. It isn't too heavy but the arms don't feel like they are secure enough especially when my 2 yr old is playing with it. Apart from that it's a nice doll.'

4/5  Aaron 'Daughter loved it, seems life like as well in weight wise. Very good'

5/5  Opal23 'Great doll with details that make it seem like a real baby. My daughter loves this doll and has been taking it everywhere with her.'

5/5  Rosie 'Bought this for my granddaughters birthday and she loves playing with her new baby well worth the money.'

5/5  Missy 'Great doll, has a scent to it and it’s heavier than a normal toy doll to make it more realistic. We now have all 3 of these dolls... however we ordered the boy this time... blue outfit and dark hair and received a blonde hair doll with a blue outfit which was not as advertised!! We already have the girl dressed in pink with blonde hair (her least favourite) so I went into store to change it and they had the doll that is in the pictures. Lastly, the box was badly damaged on same day delivery.'

5/5  Sue 'Just what I wanted and my granddaughter was thrilled. She is just the right weight,looks almost real and smells delicious too. I was tempted to keep her myself. Gorgeous. So easy to collect at Sainsburys - my son works there Thank you very much'

4/5  Donna75 'Got this for my daughters birthday. She pointed this one out of catalogue. She wanted a doll with hair. Which this one has as most of her dolls are painted on hair. I’m hoping it will last as doesn’t look very strongly made. I feel it’s expensive for what it is. But it comes in cardboard car seat which my daughter likes playing with too. As she likes doing the straps up. Like a real car seat.'

5/5  Pluto 'Love by both my granddaughters. They have one each. Very realistic doll.'

5/5  Mum 'This doll has been played with continuously since purchase and daughter couldn’t be happier with it'

4/5  Avsy 'The doll is lovely, my 6 year old loves her and is getting hours of enjoyment playing with her.'

4/5  Bibbab 'Very happy with the reaction from the recipient of this product'

5/5  Pjdt 'She absolutely loves it'

5/5  Margo 'A good buy the doll is well made and feels like a real baby. Well worth the price I paid.'

4/5  Dollfan 'This a very pretty and huggable doll. He comes in a pretty suite and the range of clothes that can be purchased are attractive and durable. My main criticism of the doll would be the soft, cloth body. While this makes it good to handle and very lifelike, the doll cannot be bathed which I think is essential for role play. I wonder too how robust it will be during prolonged periods of handling.'

5/5  Alex 'My daughter loves her new baby. It feels quite like like in terms of weight distribution which is fantastic!'

1/5  Kam 'It’s no worth for the price after one day clothes looks really bad all colour gone'

5/5  Sian80 'This doll is beautiful so life like and feels just like holding a real baby my daughter was so happy on her birthday to receive this now just got to get the other bits to go with it x'

5/5  Shell 'Fab little doll.. A good weight to it.. Daughter loves it. Well worth money.'

4/5  Niklou 'My 6 year old loves this doll as it 'looks' like a real baby. My only concern is the arms and legs are very loosely joined and I am worried if they detach....'

4/5  Deb 'My 3 year old loves this doll and it does feel like holding a real baby! The only down side is after paying for the doll in order to get a pacifier you need to also purchase the change bag which is more money for something that usually comes with the doll. We wasn't really bothered about having a change bag as she already has one she doesn't play with so was a waste of money!'

5/5  Lisa 'Very nice doll but legs and arms become loose after one day of play can’t see it lasting long if wanting to change clothing regularly also the cloth body is thin'

5/5  Leeanne 'Can’t fault this doll at all!! My 4 year old loves it , definitely a hit in our house'

5/5  Clo91 'My daughter was very happy with her purchase and the quality .. it feels and smells just like a real baby and she's in awe of it ..I've also purchased the baby girl one before too and it is also just as amazing x'

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