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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll with Pink OutfitChad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll with Pink Outfit Images

About the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll with Pink Outfit

This adorable, Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll with Pink Outfit is great for stimulating the imagination of little ones as they enjoy some make believe fun. The Tiny Treasures baby doll has a realistic smell, soft hair, sleepy eyes and is designed to feel just like a new born. Weighing just 2lb 10oz the baby comes dressed in a cute pink jersey all-in-one with bunny design and tutu skirt. The outfit also includes a matching pink headband with pom-pom detail which completes the ensemble nicely. This Tiny Treasures set includes a car seat gift box, birth certificate and a hospital wristband. For ages 3 years and over. Size H44cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 8875361
EAN/SKU: 8875361
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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll with Pink Outfit Reviews

5/5   'I was after a doll for my four year old great granddaughter that was soft and lovable to play with , Tiny Treasure Doll is a perfect find .'

5/5  SS 'My four year old adores this doll, she comes everywhere with us. Haven’t given five stars and the hair is very bad it stands on end and I don’t actually know what to do with it we laugh about it'

5/5  HL 'A very realistic newborn doll! The weight and features are very realistic and being able to buy specialist clothes are a godsend! My daughter was over the moon to receive this for her birthday.'

5/5  Dan 'Excellent toy description on par'

5/5  AFC 'A pretty doll made a perfect Christmas gift. Would like to see more choice of outfits.'

4/5  Leanne050182 'Cute little doll with closing eyes, super soft skin and weighted to mimic a real baby.'

5/5  JACk 'Grandaughter loves her'

5/5  MrsLCO85 'This doll really is the perfect doll for any child. It is slightly weighted and the limbs are floppy and feels like a real baby, even I found myself patting the baby when "looking after" my daughters doll. Everything that you can buy for it is all so beautifully made. My daughters have had hours of fun playing with her.'

5/5  Shell 'This doll feels very realistic, smells like a baby, my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Ashley 'My daughter is in love with this doll. It does everything a 6 year old could need a doll to do. She has the carrier that accompanies the doll and takes it everywhere.'

5/5  Sparky 'Amazing Doll my daughter takes her everywhere'

5/5  Janey 'Very life like would highly recommend this doll'

5/5  Spridget 'My granddaughter is over the moon with this beautiful doll it is exactly what she wanted and couldn't be happier santa really did himself proud keeping his promise'

5/5  Maz 'My granddaughter absolutely loves this doll. It was wonderful to see the joy on her face when she opened it. She plays with her loads and her sisters are always wanting to play with her too. I should have bought 3!'

4/5  Lisa 'Feels like a real life doll, our daughter loves it. Does have a funny hair cut.'

5/5  Jackie 'Bought this baby doll for my 18 month old granddaughter - oh boy the reaction on Christmas morning was adorable, watching her feeding and cuddling her baby was so cute. Doll resembles a new born, a little bit on the heavy side but this didn’t stop our granddaughter playing with her baby.'

5/5  Eva 'Great doll my daughter fell in love with this doll even treats it like a real baby and even smells of a baby now she wants the boy baby to go with the girl'

5/5  Resto 'Very nice toy and my dougher love to spend time and play with it'

5/5  Elle 'My granddaughter loves these dolls she has this and the boy doll and now is wanting the other girl doll. We wanted to get some clothes but as there are not many to choose from they had all run out for Christmas. More option of clothes and accessories would be great.'

5/5  Chelle 'I brought my 6 and 4 year old daughters one each for xmas and they haven't put them down! The dolls are beautiful, they look and smell like real babies! They are expensive but worth the price, I think it's the nicest baby doll they've had and they've had a few!'

5/5  Gemma 'Bought this for my 8 year old for Xmas and she’s over the moon with it, it’s lightweight and durable and so cute. She’s played with it non stop'

5/5  Knottsy 'A gorgeous doll, loved by our 5 year old. Excellent quality and value for money. The box it comes in is a toy car seat too, very satisfied with purchase.'

5/5  Melissa 'Brought for my daughter she loves it an she is 6'

5/5  Angela 'A gorgeous doll bought for 6yr old. Well worth the price'

5/5  Deano 'The weight and size makes the doll feel like a baby and is well made and my child is treating it as her baby.'

4/5  Saeah 'I think it’s great value for money very real life like my daughter loves her'

5/5  Lorraine 'Doll seems to be of good quality with soft hair. My daughter will love her'

5/5  Marie 'Lovely doll, Im sur my daughter is going to have a lot of fun with her baby doll ( Christmas present).'

5/5  Lala 'Love it. My little girl wanted a heavy doll that 'feels like a real baby’ Lots of cool clothes to fit her and can’t wait to order some.'

5/5  Andie78 'My 2.5 year old daughter absolutely loves this doll and it weighs a bit heavier than plastic dolls so feels (and smells!) like a newborn'

5/5  Tabletennis 'It's a present for my daughter for Xmas, I can't wait to see her face Xmas morning'

5/5  Underpaidmonk 'Hopefully my daughter will like this one as much as the other but boy she has got'

5/5  Mamma 'Lovely soft body doll, smells good too.'

5/5  Kay 'Beautiful doll and packaging is environmentally friendly. Great gift for my niece.'

5/5  Terri 'Brought for my daughter as wanted one for a while and she loves it the fact that it is just like a baby'

4/5  Ellie 'Loverly doll and great quality. Just wish that it did something for the price but other than that it's amazing.'

4/5  Laurel 'Doll smells lovely not that rubber smell. 3 yo Daughter loves her :)'

5/5  J10 'My daughter purchased this doll with her birthday money and was so pleased. Cute, life like and excellent quality great buy for all ages.'

5/5  Happyshopper 'A great birthday present that my daughter never stops playing with and goes everywhere with her!!'

5/5  Gem 'This is a fantastic gift for my little girl. Excellent condition and quality! Love this range of dolls and accesories. I recommend to anyone with children who are in to playing with dolls'

5/5  Bec 'What an adorable doll. My daughter loves it'

5/5  Mum2three 'Amazing quality when I opened the box the new born baby smell of there. Soft to touch . A child friend reborn doll'

5/5  Nannyjan 'I brought this for our 3 year old grand daughter and she loves her to bits, easy for her to carry around. Even my teenager loves this one'

5/5  Woolleybags 'I bought this doll for my daughter as it looked more life like than most on the market. It is soft to the touch, is perfectly weighted and smells lovely. It is the size of a tiny baby, so you can pick and chose what to dress the doll in and doesnt have to be part of the series.'

5/5  Deedee13 'Beautiful doll the skin feels real and she smells lovely, my granddaughter is going to be thrilled. Price is a little high but then the look on my granddaughters face will be worth it'

4/5  Dodger 'Doll was a wonderful purchase, my grand-daughter enjoys feeding her in her highchair, taking her for walks in her pushchair and having lots of cuddles before changing her clothes quite often'

5/5  Vlideson 'Fabulous doll for the price. Excellent choice of accessories too'

5/5  Lette 'Looks a lovely doll but saving it for Christmas so not yet been played with.'

5/5  Gizzy 'This doll is amazing !my daughter unwrapped it and fell to the floor to give it a kiss as she thought she was real'

5/5  Junie 'Absolutely adorable baby doll perfect Xmas / birthday present'

5/5  CG85 'I have bought this for my little girl’s birthday so it hasn’t been played with yet but I know she will love it. Seems like very good quality and I love all of the accessories available to buy. Smells lovely and feels very real to hold. Can’t wait to see her face when she opens it!'

5/5  Kerry 'Beautiful doll , well equipped dolls bag with accessories, beautiful fitting in the dolls clothes. My granddaughter will be overjoyed with these for her birthday'

4/5  Sam1e 'This doll is a good size and weight for little ones to hold. It is very lifelike which my daughter likes. Would recommend as you can also buy other items in the same range for reasonable cost'

5/5  Mal 'The doll is very well made, nice weight to it as well, my granddaughter is going to be so pleased with it at Christmas'

5/5  Mummynatty 'They smell lovely when you open the box and their skin is so soft my daughter is gonna love open it at Christmas.'

5/5  Claire 'Great doll, life like and really good quality'

5/5  Hannah 'Lovely beautiful doll and on a great offer thank u argos'

5/5  Jue 'Beautiful doll which made a little girl very happy and price was great'

5/5  Arew 'My child loves her doll It’s a bit heavy but I think is a good thing as is not plastic and you can cuddle like a real baby. She absolutely loves dressing her and cuddling her. Just fab'

5/5  Kezziee 'This doll is lovely and going to make perfect xmas present'

5/5  Tar21 'Bought for my daughter my Xmas really lovely doll smells and feels like a real baby she’s goin to love it. Got both boy and girl dolls and even better they were in a offer when got.'

5/5  Hayley 'Bought for a gift for 7 year old who wanted a baby doll, doll is heavy like an actual newborn baby, eyes close when doll lies flat, arms and legs fully moveable comes with a nappy on already.'

5/5  Leigh080898 '100% love it amazing and well worth the money'

5/5  Nat 'Fab doll smells lovely too'

5/5  String 'Good doll for little girls. Girls will love playing with this doll Hair feels real'

5/5  Amethyst 'Bought for my granddaughter for xmas.Looks good quality hopefully she will have many hours of fun with it'

5/5  Campbell 'Fabulous doll and beautiful quality every little girls perfect doll looks like a real baby'

5/5  Bubbles1966 'My granddaughter has had hours of fun with this present she spends many hours playing with it'

5/5  Jpain 'So lovely and realistic my little girl loves her, she feels just like a real baby'

5/5  Aimz 'Bought for a great price, I have put it away for Christmas for my little girl, but I am sure she will love it! Very cute and realistic!'

5/5  Sinead 'Love it for my daughter she gonna love it on her birthday'

5/5  Chel95 'Absolutely love this doll, feels like a real baby and it's so cute my little girl absolutely loves it!'

5/5  Jess 'Got the girl for my younger daughter coz she lives playing with her sisters baby girl and got it on sale'

5/5  Lauralou 'She is a lovely little doll and my little girl loves her. Well worth the money. Fits tiny baby clothes.'

5/5  Dollymummy 'Lovely doll I can’t wait to give it my daughter she’s going to love it!'

5/5  JS84 'Bought this doll for my daughter ready for Christmas. The doll is lovely & very well made. I am sure she is going to have lots of fun playing with her.'

5/5  Mimi143 'Cute and lovely doll..got some discount..bt pricy item'

5/5  Darcy 'Dolls gorgeous well worth money smells like real baby can't wait for Christmas for my granddaughter to see her'

5/5  Purplelulu 'Brought this for my granddaughter for her birthday beautiful.. The doll is soft and cuddly it feels like a real baby the clothes are beautifully made.. Prefect for any little girl....'

5/5  Audbody1 'This girl dolly is so beautiful that I have bought another 2!. Grandaughter only 1 so keeping it for her next birthday. These dolls are so lifelike'

5/5  Essexmammy 'Had to get this early for xmas as my youngest been asking for this for so long. Really good quality doll'

5/5  Dennis 'This is great value for money The doll is really cute and the outfits are good value also to add to your collection'

5/5  Jojo1585 'This doll is the most beautifully made baby doll. Such good value for money. My 2 year old daughter loves her!'

5/5  Max 'This doll is beatifull all my granddaughters have one now and are very happy'

5/5  Kathie 'Have already written a review for the boy doll, they are beautiful!'

5/5  Tigger16 'My 6 year old got this as a gift and absolutely loves her. The doll smells like a baby and has weight to it too. It's a must for any little girl to have as they will not be disappointed'

5/5  Brooke 'I always viewed chad valley as cheap but this doll has changed my perspective on this. My daughter has many well known brands of dolls but this one has to be the best! It’s so life like with its weight, hair and features and it actually smells beautiful too. I bought this doll a few days before it went on sale which was a little annoying but it’s defiantly still worth full price.'

5/5  Jill 'Lovely little doll. Bought for granddaughters 4th birthday and she loves her.'

5/5  Mother 'Bought the doll and extra outfits. Feels almost like a real baby, my daughter loved it. Best birthday present ever.'

5/5  Wassily 'I bought this lovely baby doll for my 3 year old granddaughter! It is very lifelike and dressed in very pretty clothes!'

5/5  Anders 'My daughter loves this doll (age 5). Really good value for money compared to similar 'real looking’ dolls. Has a baby smell and the accessories clothes are great too. Well done chad valley!'

5/5  Jody 'I recently bought this doll for my 5 year old daughter, she loves it! Well worth the money looks and feels just like a “reborn” which are double the price, would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Becci 'Brought for my 6yr olds Birthday and she loves it! like a reborn doll but at a better price & less scarier, would deffo recommend'

5/5  Sophie 'My youngest daughter got this doll last year and both my girls love it so much that my eldest has ask for one to! As it’s similar to a reborn doll but without the price tag! We’ve got all the accessories and the wardrobe etc and my girls play with it all the time !'

5/5  Laura 'This doll is absolutely gorgeous it feels like a baby looks like a baby and even smells like a baby my 8 year old daughter bought it out of her birthday money and hasn't put it down since I was shocked as she hasn't ever entertained dolls in the past. But she loves this baby doll'

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