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About the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Closed Eye Doll

With brown hair, soft body, realistic eyelashes and the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Closed Eye Doll is wrapped up snugly just like a real newborn, cuddle your Tiny Treasure close to hear her heartbeat and enjoy that baby smell! Tiny comes wearing a snowy white babygrow with cute bunny print detailing and a hat to match, adding that extra adorable touch! With a matching bunny comforter and a fleece blanket with absolutely charming floppy ears and a tail, she's all ready to visit dream world when it comes time to nap. Beautifully packaged in a crib-style box, this nicely weighted Tiny Treasure doll not only has a hospital wrist tag just like a real baby, but comes with a certificate of birth so your little one can fill it in and personalise this really lovely doll. Size H44cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
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5/5   'This is a very good present for Christmas and good value for money'

4/5   'Lovely doll, bit limited as it’s eyes don’t open but my little girl who’s nearly 6 loves how it’s more like a real baby. I personally find it a bit creepy but she’s happy and that’s the main thing!'

5/5   'Bought for present for my daughter she absolutle love her doll.'

5/5   'I got this doll for my little girls birthday she's names her lily she thinks she's amazing and now she's got a real baby just like her mummy'

5/5   'This doll is beautful, my daughter is obsessed!! Would love to get the outfits for her. It weighs just over 2lbs and is so realistic. My daughter has named her violet.'

5/5   'Beautiful, can't wait to give it to my daughter'

5/5   'Lovely doll well worth the money I have all these dolls really good quality'

5/5   'Lovely dolls worth every penny to see my children having fun in there make beleive world x'

5/5   'Lovely doll, bought for my granddaughter'

5/5   'My little girl loves mothering this baby, its very realistic and a good way to stop her pulling her little sister about, shes spent hours playing, dressing and mothering this life like baby doll'

5/5   'Brought this tiny treasure dolly for my little girl for her Christmas present! I can't wait to see her face on Christmas day!! As it's such a perfect dolly!! Like a real baby , definitely worth the money! Also I got it while on sale too! So a bargain too,!'

5/5   'The tiny treasure baby is gorgeous and my daughter has enjoyed hours of imaginary play with her worth every penny'

5/5   'This baby is so cute, very look alike and just the pink outfir and blanket it comes with make the baby even cuter. This was a good buy for a present'

5/5   'This is the 3rd Tiny Treasured Doll I have purchased for my Grandaughter. She loves them and has hours of fun. Well made dolls. Worth every penny. Thanks'

5/5   'Daughter going to love this for Xmam'

1/5   'Total waste of money.'

5/5   'My daughter (8) has been asking for a reborn doll for a long time. This seemed a great alternative for a much more affordable price. Was worried how she would look in real life but she’s just lovely and smells beautiful too! She feels really good quality and is a good weight. My daughter is so happy with her and loves her!'

5/5   'The doll is absolutely brilliant, the lifelike heartbeat seems so real my little girl was so amazed by it and loves taking her to bed. Really feels and looks lifelike.'

5/5   'My 8 year old daughter loves this baby, she carries her everywhere around the house and puts in a pram to take outside. It's on the expensive side but well made and feels very real. It does smell like a baby and has weight like a baby. The box turns into a bed.'

5/5   'She smells and feels just like a baby, really lovely'

4/5   'It's a lovely newborn baby doll with closed eyes. It smells like baby powder ( much too strong to me ) and you can hear it's heart beat that's quite loud. It could have a bit more hair as when you put it up or put some clips on the little holes in head are visible and it looks a bit bold. That's why I think the price is a bit too high for what you get. Apart from that the doll looks really sweet and despite the weight my 4 years old daughter loves it and plays and sleeps with it every day!'

5/5   'My daughter asked for this baby for her 5th birthday and loves it. The baby has a heartbeat when you hug her close and a lovely smell. Also the weight reminds you of a real baby. Comes in a cardboard bed so fine and handy if you don’t have any cradles etc yet.'

5/5   'My Granddaughter is thrilled with this one we buy all the love to treasure dolls but this one stands out for me'

4/5   'Grand daughter loves it but I thought it was quite expensive eyes don't open . quite realist weight . would only buy for grand daughter'

5/5   'That doll look like a really baby.'

4/5   'My 6yr old had this for Christmas & she is very cute & feels just like a real baby to hold, all the tiny treasures dolls & items are very well made & pretty, my only bad point is the dolls hair, it just isn’t up to standard with the rest of tiny treasures lovely collections & looks very “unreal”'

5/5   'My daughter was very happy with her Christmas present - she loves it! She likes the new born smell and weight of her.'

4/5   'This was a Christmas gift, expensive doll and the heart beat is stupidly loud so won't be used very often. Love the feel and weight, like a new born baby... plus eyes are closed so no worries about "bad dreams" due to other dolls having eyes that are open. My daughter absolutely loves it... BUT it is very expensive for what you get.'

5/5   'My 4 year old daughter loved this doll smells like a real baby, loving it has a heart beat feels floppy like a real baby'

4/5   'My daughter had asked for this baby as she wanted a baby with closed eyes and that looked 'real life' It's a lovely doll, lots of 'real life' features but I think it's quite expensive for a doll that doesn't actually do much but if you are lucky enough to get the 3 for 2 offer, it (obviously) makes it better value. The baby smells just like a newborn which is a nice added touch.'

5/5   'Granddaughter loved it , looks like a real baby'

5/5   'Gorgeous life like baby with supersoft bady and features. My 4 yr old and 7 yr olds love them.'

4/5   'Soft body baby doll , great size and clothes set included. Hair on the dolls head , packaging can be used as the dolls cot. Great buy'

5/5   'Bought for my 7year old daughter, she received the open eyed version last year and loved it. This doll is truly beautiful, lovely realistic, delicate features, smells like talc, and has a lovely weight to it. I think the hair is even softer than its predecessor, and the beating heart is very sweet. My little girl goes to bed with her baby every night, and loves her to bits!. She loves showing it off to all her friends and family too!.'

5/5   'Great quality. A little more expensive that the regular dolls but daughter loves it. Heart beat is a great addition'

4/5   'It is a lovely doll I would recommend it but the only downside of this doll is the sound of the heart beat it does not sound great'

5/5   'First when i saw the price i was a bit shocked but my Niece really wanted this and im so glad i got it as she hasn't stopped playing with it, so defiantly worth the money.'

5/5   'We have a few of these dolls my daughter loves them and there's plenty of separate things to biy for them..outfits and moses baskets ect which are all great quality and fit these dolls perfect'

5/5   'My daughter loves this doll. Definitely worth the money'

5/5   'Do not let the baby get wet as this has a sound box at the back of the doll for a real life heart beat sound'

5/5   'My Granddaughter absolutely loved her baby doll. I am sure she will be playing with it for a very long time.'

1/5   'Very costly for what it is. Not much to it nd not worth the money'

5/5   'Great quality! Good price for life like doll! Lovely dolls range, always use this brand for my kids'

5/5   'My daughter is very pleased with this, her second realistic baby. I’m very impressed with the quality- so is my daughter. She can’t explain why each of her dolls look like twins but are a year apart.'

4/5   'One of her favourite Christmas presents over all .. I'm not sure that the breathing part of the doll is working as expected as it only makes a sound when hugging doll ..so need to look in to this ..'

5/5   'This is a truly beautiful doll with realistic features, It smells like a new baby and has a soft touch face, hands and feet. My daughter loves this doll she picks her up delicately as she has a weighted body and head. Also if you give her tummy a squeeze you can then hear her heartbeat. I would definitely recommend this doll a must for any little one that loves role play.'

5/5   'My daughter loves her baby very much she takes it everywhere with her money well spent'

5/5   'Really lovely doll! It looks and smells like a real baby. It has a nice weight to it which also makes it feel like the real thing! The heart beat is a nice feature but is a little loud, but a bit of sellotape over the speaker does the job!'

4/5   'My granddaughter is loving this dolly'

4/5   'Very cute doll, a bit smaller than what I was expecting.'

5/5   'Perfect Christmas present'

5/5   'It is a really good size my granddaughter will have hours of fun with this doll as iam sure I will to, I will highly recommend it for any child thank you argos'

5/5   'Lovely little doll for my daughter I can't wait to give her it'

5/5   'Lovely little doll for children. Beautiful quality and easy to handle and dress. Bought this as my oldest grand daughter has a reborn and my youngest wanted one to. This dolly is very like the reborns but also safe for younger children.'

5/5   'Very similar to a reborn but costs a lot less. My little girl loves this'

4/5   'Cute doll but not much with it for the price. I’ve soon better with more accessories for the same price.'

2/5   'I purchased this for my 4 year old she loves carrying her baby around with her everywhere ♥️'

5/5   'My daughter has been desperate to get this for Christmas, so will obviously have to wait , but she already has the tiny treasure twins and tiny treasure singular girl doll and loves them so I will expect the same response to those as she will with this one .'

5/5   'My daughter loves her new baby , very sweet'

5/5   'My daughter is 5 got this for a present. She loves the doll. Me as a parent am happy with it and think it is money well spent.'

5/5   'My daughter is going to be in love with this new tiny treasures doll as she has got them all and does treasure every one of them, can't wait to see her face on Xmas morning xx'

5/5   'Excellent price and quality'

5/5   'Looks great cant wait to see my daughters face on christmas day'

5/5   'Have bought this for my granddaughter I'm sure she will love it'

4/5   'Can’t wait to see my daughters face on her birthday. Doll loves so real it’s perfect'

5/5   'Lovely doll my niece is going to be thrilled.'

4/5   'This doll is cute and so life like. I would definitely recommend this doll.'

5/5   'Purchased for my 8 year old niece’s birthday; she loved until she removed the hat, and I must admit I wasn’t impressed either. The hair is thin/messy - you can actually see the scalp. If you do opt to purchase I’d suggest you keep the hat on!'

3/5   'Wow so real looking what is says about it is spot on going to have a happy child when is opened for Christmas we want to get more to as very good doll'

5/5   'Looks so real and feels so soft!'

4/5   'My 8 year old daughter loves it'

5/5   'My girl love the doll. It's soft and looks like a real baby.'

5/5   '6 year old loves this plays with it all the time and loves taking care of her'

5/5   'My child never puts her down she is adorable Great buy definitely recommend'

5/5   'My daughter wanted a reborn doll but as I found these extremely expensive, I was looking for a cheaper alternative. This doll is perfect. Smell and feels like a reborn and the heart beat feature just adds to the magic'

5/5   'These dolls are fab my little girl loves playing with them'

5/5   'This is a realistic newborn, the doll smells like a new baby and is weighted to feel like one. The box turns into a crib with straps which has brought my 8 year old daughter hours of fun. The doll may be a bit heavy for younger children to enjoy. It comes fully clothed with a blanket and a comfortor. This doll doesn't open it eyes. It has a heartbeat that can be felt when cuddled. A lovely doll that will be cherished for the foreseeable future.'

5/5   'Lovely doll, it looks very life like and has lovely hair. It creates hours of fun for the children. The pink accessories are lovely too and fit nicely.'

5/5   'This is a lovely baby doll with sweet little facial features . She looks realistic. Nicely dressed and comes in a cot. Well worth the money.'

5/5   'This is beautiful little doll. She's a good weight, has rooted eyelashes & soft looking hair. Her clothes are adorable & she has a cute little face. She is for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas, so she hasn't been seen yet & is still in her box. I am very confident though that my little girl will love her very much, she has been admiring her in the Argos catalogue for weeks. I also like the idea that she is soft bodied & has a heartbeat when hugged. I bought the body carrier with her too.'

5/5   'My daughter loves her new doll. My only complaint is the doll is flimsy and not worth the price.'

3/5   'I brought this adorable baby for my 5 year old daughters birthday and she absolutely loves cuddling her baby and hearing her heart beat, it’s so sweet!'

2/5   'Bought for my 8 year old daughters birthday, she’s like a real baby my daughter loves her'

5/5   'I have bought 7my little treasure dolls for my daughter and for my foster chilren they love them and have given them many nights of warmth and comfort kept them from being lonely and given an opportunity to have a friend .Thanyou Argos for stocking them and i look forward to your three for two next event which will enable me to buy many more of there accesoties . Thanks again AThompson.'

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