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chad valley tiny treasures baby changing bag

About the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Baby Changing Bag

The Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Baby Changing Bag is a charming accessory especially designed to look fantastic for realistic life like baby role playing with a Tiny Treasures baby doll. Set includes all the must have essentials to care your new baby; changing mat, soft baby hairbrush, dummy, bib, bottle and nappy.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 5287770
EAN/SKU: 5287770
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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Baby Changing Bag Reviews

3/5   'Got it to go with the doll and was on sale but not worth full price!'

5/5  Kitty 'Got for money for kids'

4/5  PoodleMummy 'This is a good supplement to the Tiny Treasures doll. Unfortunately the brush bristles were bent and the dummy has to be twisted into doll’s mouth which wasn’t easy. I’m not sure my five year old granddaughter will manage to do it herself.'

5/5  Mandy 'Bought this to go with the doll, good value.'

2/5  Jilly 'The bag is quite flimsy and the contents are basic, my Grandaughter loved it but dont think it will last long.'

5/5  Chloe 'Good little bag nice colours'

5/5  Emma 'My three year old daughter absolutely loves this little changing bag great quality and good value for money'

5/5  Tara 'Good and ever better value as I got them in the sale'

5/5  Tasha 'Great sevice, fantastic product. Very fast on line. Very easy to do. Love the dolls baby changing bag. Lots of bits inside the bag. All she needs for her baby doll. Very well made. My wee girl loves the baby bag and is very happy with it . Made her smile on her birthday.'

5/5  Cella 'My little girls loves this little set for her tiny treasures doll'

5/5  Claire 'Very good quality daughter loves it ,'

5/5  Fancypants 'My daughter absolutely loved this for her Tiny Treasures doll. It was well worth the money and luckily got it at sale price.'

5/5  Lost70 'My Granddaughter Olivia Loved it as she said it was smarter than her other bag. she was very happy with it>>>'

4/5  Toni 'My 3 year old was very pleased to receive this as part of a birthday present. She loves putting it on her baby pram & keeping all her dollies nappies/bottles in there. A really nice little addition to her pretend play collection'

5/5  Chelle29 'Perfect little changing bad for a little buggy . My daughter plays with her dolls every day . This is great & made well .'

5/5  Mumof2 'Daughter loves her tiny treasures and was really pleased with this bag and all the accessories inside it, it is big enough for her to put lots of bits in to take for a day out'

5/5  Amykins 'Perfect for budding parents, it is a good size to fit in plenty of accessories and necessities without being too big and bulky for a 3 year old to carry - fits her very well and she loves having a bag for her baby's things. It seems to be good quality and has lasted with play so far, comes with folding changing mat tucked inside the bag which is a nice realistic touch. Nice materials to touch'

5/5  Emma 'This itam is amazing i will have a very happy little girl on her birthdday'

5/5  Kirst 'Really nice have accessories for the doll good quality'

5/5  Giga 'Girls very happy with their changing bags for the Chad Valley dolls.'

5/5  Wends 'It's a great thing for kids xxx'

5/5  Jem 'My niece absolutely loved this!!'

1/5  Wendy 'Unfortunately we returned this item. Bought only for the dummy but it didn't fit in the tiny treasure dolls mouth and daughter was gutted!'

5/5  Mazza92 'Absolutely perfect. Bought for my neice and she loves it.'

5/5  Ri1te 'Good quality, good price, my daughter loves this bag, takes it every where with her babies.'

5/5  Rox 'Great value good quality'

5/5  TinTan94 'Excellent gift with all my daughters baby gifts'

5/5  Medusa59 'Neat little bag for tiny treasure doll'

5/5  Spandy 'My girl who is 2 loves this! She's loves pretending to change her dolls nappies.'

5/5  JA 'If you have the dolls you have to have the accessories'

5/5  Granny 'Product looks good and 3 year old loved it as well as her dolls pram.'

1/5  Jill 'Bought this as a gift for my goddaughter’s birthday. However the quality was so poor that I returned it immediately. It looked so cheap, would have been embarrassed to give it to her.'

3/5  Gemlou 'It's ok as a bag to put things in but it's cheap looking'

5/5  Abi 'This changing bag is brilliant, It has a changing mat, bottle, and nappy in. It's big enough to put some dolls clothes in as well. I have a very happy 9year old with her Tiny Treasures doll, and accessories'

5/5  Les 'Bought my daughter tiny treasures dolls for xmas, accessories and clothing great value, and good quality, loving the unicorn outfit as she love unicorns also,'

5/5  MrsT 'Beautiful, soft material. Gorgeous colour palette. Lovely little accessories inside. Easy to open/close for little fingers, nothing too fiddly.'

4/5  Grandma 'My grandaughter will love it.'

2/5  Vicky 'See through clear package. Looked cheap and nasty. The product also looked like no care was given when it was packaged. This was a present that I had to replace wrap. Looked like it was opened as a result.'

4/5  Nannydeb 'Nice quality and design. I'm sure my Grand Daughter will be pleased with it on Christmas Day. I think it is slightly over priced for what is included. There could of been more than 1 nappy.'

5/5  Adele 'Tiny treasure changing bag is great my daughter loves it'

4/5  Shelbie 'Brought for my daughter to go with her doll. All the bits inside are perfect. One down note would be the bag itself it very thin and flimsy for the price'

4/5  Wrinks 'Contents were as described making role play of a little mummy more realistic'

5/5  Kirki 'Looks fabulous and great it has a zip so the contents doesnt fall out ... better than the changing bag my daughter has at the minute and looks like it can fit a lot in'

5/5  Ree 'I bought this for my granddaughter to go with the doll I bought her she will love it'

5/5  Loz 'My daughter loves it it's just u would buy for a real baby'

5/5  Lea 'My daughter bought this with her birthday money to go with the tiny treasures doll she was very happy with it'

5/5  Mamma 'Lovely item hours of fun'

5/5  Shirelle 'Daughter loves this changing bag and its accessories'

5/5  Nat 'Brilliant quality great little selection of bits inside'

4/5  Ams 'I bought it for me and it is really good however the bottle cracks easily and the dummy brakes easily but I would still highly recommend it'

5/5  Lol 'A good sized bag so you can pack it full of other bits!! The dummy was the bonus for my daughter as you can't get this separately and doesn't with the doll. Comes with everything a new Tiny Treasures baby would need.'

5/5  Cutiext 'My daughter wanted this item for her tiny treasures doll it comes with accessories for the doll and my daughter is very pleased with it overall and the price ment she was able to purchase with her pocket money'

2/5  Ken 'We purchased this product for our dolly mad granddaughter, but we did not even bother to open it, so little for so much, why oh why do toy manufacturers over price their toys.'

5/5  Sarah 'Daughter is obsessed with baby dollies and this is great for her, she loves putting it over the dolls pram handles, just like mummy! A good price too.'

5/5  Alig 'Good quality product with so many accessories to make every little girl happy. Good description and excellent value gift.'

5/5  Rochelle 'Daughter enjoys role playing and this has provided her with all the things she needs to take care of her dolls including a bag'

4/5  Laura 'Bought as part of daughters 3rd birthday present to go with the doll in the same range - she loves it. I think it’s a little overpriced for what it is! Could do with a couple more nappies, although I’m sure most kids are like mine and like to use up all the real nappies on their dolls! Nice little brush and bib, milk bottle and a dummy that requires a certain degree of force to get it to stay in the dolls mouth! Daughters happy with it'

4/5  Janolivia 'This was a super buy for my granddaughter, she loves to play mummy with her dolly and the items in the bag had everything to change and feed her little dollies.'

2/5  Gramps 'Ought for my granddaughters 4th birthday as she loves playing with her baby dolls, she was totally underwhelmed by it.'

5/5  Aimee 'Bought as a Christmas present for my 8 year old along with the tiny treasures baby. She loves it!'

5/5  Colinda 'Bought for granddaughter for her birthday and thought it looked just like the one her auntie had for her real baby. Good value more expensive elsewhere.'

5/5  KP 'I bought this bag to go with my daughters twin pushchair which she received for her 5th birthday, she loves it and spends ages putting things in it for her 'babies!’'

5/5  Donna 'Bought to accompany my daughter's tiny treasures doll. Good price for what you get.'

5/5  Abdul 'Fantastic product for the price. My daughter is loving it.'

5/5  Pip 'Bought this for my daughter for her 8th birthday.She absolutely loved it and all it's contents.'

5/5  Claire 'I’ve bought two lots of this bag, one for my daughters doll and one for my niece. Both love them, the bottle, bib and dummy are a nice extra for play. Good value and good quality.'

3/5  Suzan 'Granddaughter really pleased with this bag I only gave 3 stars because of the price'

4/5  Rachel 'Lovely little bag goes perfectly with the doll'

4/5  Jowl 'It was ok but didnt no it was a bit smaller when had it but its ok to start'

4/5  J86 'Bought as a birthday gift for 6 year old girl. She was over the moon with it and fitted in nicely with her new doll and pram bought by her parents. Good basic essential items and bag is big enough to hold other items she needs to look after her 'baby' I.e spare outfit with room to spare'

5/5  Ted 'My little girl loves this bad and plays all the time with it'

4/5  Ellie 'I really liked the bag and accessories, best assortment out there. Bag is a little smaller than expected, but daughter loves it. Nice change from pink!'

5/5  Eryn 'Such a sweet little bag for my daughter and her dolls! She absolutely loves it!!'

5/5  Jules 'Daughter loves this for her dolls . It's a good size too'

5/5  RW 'My little girl loves this changing bag - just the right size for her to carry around (she is 18 months) and pretend to change her baby.'

4/5  Michelle 'It was smaller than I thought but good quality for a little girl to play with'

5/5  Kat 'This was what my granddaughter wanted for Christmas as an accessory for the twin baby dolls that she got. I was very impressed with the amount of items that came in the bag. There is everything that a little girl needs when playing at being a mummy to her babies!'

5/5  Nicola 'Had to buy pink changing bag as unfortunately doesn’t come in blue but my daughter still loves it for her baby boy'

4/5  Sara 'Lovely changing bag contents not much bit poor'

5/5  Bobbi23 'Bought for my granddaughter to go with her tiny treasure baby, Charlie, she has named him, loves the little bag and the accessories, especially the baby hair brush.'

5/5  Momo 'Granddaughter loves it can be like Mum with her baby bag.'

5/5  Tammy 'Fantastic little bag with everything a girl needs for her doll My daughter is 8 and really likes her new baby bag'

4/5  Tterb 'Great value and quality. my niece can take it everywhere where she takes her pram as it is of good size and weight for a child also. fits a nice amount of things in too.'

4/5  Martine 'Cheapest of the range I could find . But probably the best value for money.'

5/5  Holly 'Worth the money & comes with the right amount of accessories'

5/5  Kasey 'Bought for my 6 year old daughter who already has the tiny treasures doll. She loves the accessories and really made her feel like a 'mummy' with a changing bag and mat and all the accessories a baby would need'

5/5  Tjjpem 'Small but fits loads in,daughter loves it very much.'

5/5  Arora 'This was a lovely little gift to go with baby Annabelle. Reasonably priced and quick delivery.'

5/5  Stacie 'This was a fastci product that my young daughter loves to play with. She happily plays with her dolls and teddies. It's become part of her regular role play. I would highly recommend this and the price I paid was very reasonable'

5/5  Kerry 'Lovely little bag full of useful things for little ones to use with their dolls'

5/5  Boo 'My order from Argos was what they advertise, fast delivery very efficient.'

5/5  NANA 'Just what i was looking for thank you'

5/5  Ruth 'Little girl will love it with her doll x'

4/5  Juls 'Lovely little bag to carry all the little bits that she takes for her dolls'

4/5  Wig 'I tried getting this item last Christmas when I baught the girl and boy doll for my daughter I was really pleased I was able to get it now my daughter loves it'

2/5  Chell1 'Not worth the money not good quality'

3/5  Angelsteps 'The dummy was hard to get into the dolls mouth, we have the little treasures pink doll. small but you can get a lot of things in we can get nappies, clothing extra dummies bottles they fit in nice. I like this lil bag and my children love using it , makes them feel more like a parent lol'

5/5  Kell 'Fantastic value for money, will complete and childs doll and pram set up. Worth the money paid to see a happy face Xmas day.'

5/5  Nikky 'Absolutely lovely. After I had pre ordered it I read some of the online negative reviews and was a bit dubious, but it's a lovely product. I'm really pleased with it.'

3/5  Claire 'Looks better on the picture, not very big for the price'

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