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Chad Valley Water Inflatables Swim Set

About the Chad Valley Water Inflatables Swim Set

Prepare for some occasion fun with the Chad Valley Inflatables Swim Set. Whether at the shoreline or in a pool, this set has a phenomenal choice of toys to let the good times roll. Incorporates two fly ski race riders, four creature inflatable toys, two sets of armbands and a fashioner volley ball.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 1526521
EAN/SKU: 1526521
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Chad Valley Water Inflatables Swim Set Reviews

5/5   'Nephews loved them cheap and cheerful! Lovey pool pool toys for hours of fun!! And cheap enough to leave in Cyprus!!'

5/5  Redlynch Granny 'Great product at amazing price. Grandchildren aged 7 and 5 had lots of fun for hours playing with these. Particularly loved the jet skis.'

4/5  Sue From Wales 'Bought these for our grandson to play with age 2 at the beach and was amazed at how much was in the box! Blow up jet ski x2 are a good size and the blow up fish dolphin etc are great bath toys definitely worth the money'

5/5  Booboo 'Good value for money and still loads of room to play in 10 foot pool kids love them'

5/5  Salski 'Bargain price. Kids had lots of fun in the pool with them. Yet to try them in a large swimming pool. But definately worth the price. Don't need the arm bands but the rest is spot on. My boys are 7&9'

5/5  Steff 'I bought this pack on a whim as it was half price. I wasn't expecting much as it was so cheap and just wanted something to keep my little one entertained. But after blowing everything up - everything looked fantastic. Especially the jet skis. My daughter is 4, and very tall for her age but these were a perfect size. They would easily fit the size of a bath tub. The blow up animals were of a decent size too, and the beach ball which is roughly the size of a large basketball.'

4/5  Lil 'Great fun for kids in the pool loved playing with them....lil'

5/5  Mum Of 2 B And 1g 'Bought in the sale, took on holiday. Lots of use. Would really recommend, kids loved them.'

5/5  Rich 'My daughter loves it especially when I make jet ski sounds'

2/5  Kelly 'We purchased this product the jet skis do not float :( the kids were very disappointed and upset they enjoyed the ball and fish'

4/5  Barney 'Good quality,just do not over inflate.'

4/5  Ade 'The kid loved it but unfortunately I had to change it because one of the toys had a small hole in it. But overall really nice for the price'

1/5  MrsSmith 'Never been impressed with Chad valley toys...this purchase is no different. The jet skis are impossible to mount so the kids were just looking at them as they floated in the pool. They played more with the smaller inflatables. Disappointing.'

5/5  Rangel67 'I'd just purchased one of the 10ft Bestway pools, and thought this would be a good to go with it. One of the best buys of the Summer. Kids love throwing the little inflatables about, the youngest (3) likes to wear a pair of the armbands, but the biggest hit are the Jet Skis, big enough for the 4 yr old to actually float on, were as the 9 yr old, loves to bounce up and down on it to create a tidal wave. Bought in the sale, but, would definitely worth the full price as well'

4/5  Bsg 'My son loved the little animals and the armbands were great. The beach ball was fun but the bikes were pretty hard to balance on so he didn't use them. He's only 3 so maybe older kids would like them.'

5/5  Mel 'Fantastic for the price! Kids loved it loads of fun! Thought the inflatables would be small they are massive!!'

5/5  Katie 'Great value'

5/5  Lc 'Bought these when they were half price and what a bargain!!! All the inflatable r good and even the arm bands. My children have so much fun on the jetSki inflatables. They were a lot bigger than I thought they would be. my son who is 8yrs and my daughter that is 3yrs play on these And even us adult have had fun playing on them too he he. We have had these now for 3 week. Would 100% recommend'

5/5  Kerry263 'Could not believe how much was in the box. Perfect for families with more then one child. The jet ski is brilliant but my little girl especially enjoys the inflatable animals, so much they join her in the bath too!! Amazing price for all year fun!'

4/5  Nanny Nana. 'Taking grandchildren on holiday, so this is perfect for them to play with in the pool. The set covers all their ages with something for each of them to play with. Great value for money.'

5/5  Michelle 'Gor £4.99 for all of the above I was expecting poor quality items that wouldn't last too long, but honestly I can't complain about anything! Excellent products and design and they do exactly what they were made for. Fantastic value for money!'

3/5  Sarah 'Seemed fun, however ripped apart from first use. Poor quality'

5/5  Hayley 'Really good for there kids to play with'

1/5  Nic03 'Arm bands are cheap and the jet ski's don't float, when a child gets on they roll on there side due to bad design ! The blow up fishes are the only thing good about the pack, glad I didn't pay full price for this (got in sale) or I would have been really upset.'

5/5  Sc 'Kids have enjoyed playing with the ski jets over the summer holidays fab items'

4/5  D 'Great price and fun'

5/5  Lex 'The set was perfect for a group of children swimming. We had lots of fun on the Jet Ski's doing races and motor noises! Excellent value for money.'

5/5  Scruffyk 'Bought this for my kids at the price paid I really didn't expect much. I was very surprised at the amount in the box for such a good price,quality is good well it's stood up to being played with by my boys. Very satisfied,great price,good quality and most important happy kids.'

5/5  Scatty85 'These inflatables are great. We ordered them and got an extra one in the box. They didn't last that long in our pool but that was only because my dalmation dogs both decided to play with them and popped them all. However had this not happend I rekon they would have lasted a while. My kids loved them and so did I.'

5/5  Amy 'These are brilliant!! My son and his cousin spend ages on them they love climbing on and the falling off the them! Bigger that I thought considering how reasonable the price is! The little animals are cute and fun for them to chase and try to get. Very happy with this purchase! Defiantly recommend'

1/5  Kamila 'Pictures definitely do not reflect the true quality of this product, you can not use it for the purpose you buy it.'

1/5  K 'Got these to take away on holiday every item had a hole in so we're not good. 2 upset kiddies'

5/5  Gully 'Brought these for my nieces who loved them so much altho they just blown up n using in the house lol she even sleeps with the fish!! Looking forward to using them on beach in summer can't wait they are excellent value n jet skis are quite big hope they are as good in the sea as expecting'

5/5  Momma 'Great price! My kids loved it on holiday'

3/5  Loopylainie 'Really happy with our product but it was meant to have a beach ball in it but it wasn't there. I never returned it as the kids had already opened it up n blew them up in the car So didn't bother, but apart from the missing object we are very happy with it .'

5/5  Katyia 'I got these for £6.99 for the entire set! My 2.5yr old thinks there fabulous as does my husband! ha, Great quality they havent burst as yet & they've been on holiday & come back. They do come with repair patches which is a great touch. I highly recommend even at the full price.'

5/5  Chelsie 'Fantastic for the price! My two and four year old had plenty of fun with these items! Great sizes too.'

4/5  Niki 'Bought these for my 2 year old's suitcase when we go abroad to a hotel with a childrens pool. They all inflate well, are fun to play with and should keep her amused. I won't feel too bad if they get punctured and don't make it home with us at that price either, excellent value'

5/5  Kirstie24 'Got this little set for the kids and it is fab can't fault it esp getting it at half price defo worth the buy well pleased'

5/5  Clifford 'Great item lot of fun well made.'

5/5  Lizzy 'I got this when it was on half price but would of payed full.my son evan plays with this in the living room. grate value for money.'

5/5  Cheryl 'Had to buy a second set as all my grandchildren enjoyed playing with the toys especially the jet ski in the paddling pool obviously due to size only suitable for smaller children'

5/5  Suedoddy 'Product must have for keeping the children entertained in the pool. Bought this product for my grandchildren to use in the swimming pool at the holiday park whilst on holiday we all enjoyed hour's of fun.'

5/5  Charlotte 'My children loved these such fun in the pool'

5/5  Manda 'Great fun and value for money'

5/5  Grandmaaj 'GREAT .. Bought these inflatables after seeing them in the half price sale... Had wanted to get them a while ago ( full price) but thought they would be so small and a waste of money , i didn't bother... Wow how wrong I was. They are quite big and sturdy and 2 of them + 2 pairs armbands and some little inflatable animals for the pool..and half price as well ,, I have to say at full price they are well worth it, I don't think anyone will be disappointed with these .i know I deffo wasn't !!!'

4/5  Bob46 'Easy to inflate the only thing I would like to say is the jet ski will not stay upright on the water'

5/5  Charlie 'Bought at half price much better than expected the sit on inflatables are a great size and there is lots more in the box. Has entertained the kids every time they go in the pool!!'

4/5  BlondieNatalie 'My sons love all of it and I got it in the sale so even better'

5/5  Granny N 'Loads of fun for 6 & 8 year old.'

5/5  Steph25 'My kids loved this inflatable pack had plenty of fun in the pool with them'

4/5  Carly 'Good for small kids, but it's hard for kids to stay on them'

4/5  Taz 'Bought for kids cant go wrong with price bought for not yet used save for holidays'

5/5  Cheryl 'Great items at great price,my son was a little disappointed the beach ball was missing but cant complain at what else is in the box excellent value and a must for your hols :)'

5/5  Carly2528 'Was really surprised when purchased this item as to be honest it didn't look great. But when opened the box and pulled contents out I was very happy with product and is a bargain for all that you get in it! My kids love it and have had hours of fun on the wet jets just a shame I couldn't get one for me :( but overall a great product!'

5/5  Alymoorf 'Great value at full price made even better by a special offer. With two of most things, perfect summer fun for 2 grandsons aged 2 and 4. Not the easiest to inflate but worth persevering for the fun to follow!'

3/5  Colin222 'This was good fun for my 5 year old but not so good for younger ones,my 3 year old got very frustrated as you can not sit on the jet skies without them turning over unless you put your feet on the floor to steady them,or someone holds them all the time,not bad value at half price but would not pay full price for them.'

5/5  Liam Mcgroarty 'My son really loves them thank you very much.'

5/5  Luc 'Excellent really good value even at full price!!'

5/5  SophieinEssex 'Great product! Really good value for money. My three year old loves playing on his jetskii! Great little animals and overall just brilliant!'

5/5  Jackngeorgesmom 'Brill little collection of inflatable toys especially the jet ski my 2 boys 2 and 6 love them!'

4/5  Chelle270983 'Lots of fun was had by the children easy to inflate but requires a lot of puff'

5/5  Rissa94 'Great product for great price my daughter loves it!'

4/5  Sam1989 'Brilliant little inflatables the kids love them in the pool great value for money'

5/5  Me 'My grandchildren r very happy with it.many hours of fun x'

4/5  Pauline76 'Admittedly we bought this set in the sale, but it was great value for money. We're using it in our garden pool and our 18 month old particularly loves the inflatable animals'

4/5  Maria 'My children have a lot of fun with them, although the jet skis don't stand alone unless you hold them... But they are using their imagination!!'

5/5  Missymatrix 'Really cannot knock these. For the price this is awesome, Jet ski's are decent size and the little inflatables are cute. Will be buying another set for in the grandparents :-)'

5/5  KT81 'Brought two sets one for our niece and another for our daughters. Great value as I brought half price. Our nieces loved them great size for them (aged 2 and 3). Our eldest is a little big being 9 years old but that didn't stop her trying to balance on the ski's. Great fun for water babies.'

4/5  Mags. 'My family loved this product and thought it good fun.'

5/5  Sayhitorosie 'You could pay more than this for just the arm bands so excellent value for money. Cant wait to go on holiday to use all of this.'

5/5  Kerry90 'My two boys loved these a lot. A family at our local pool had them and one of my boys was trying to steal them so had to buy them some on the way home. They were so loved and such good price we purchased two packs. :)'

5/5  Pfcstu 'Great Fun for the Grandchildren'

4/5  BA 'Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the animals. The jet skis are a little wobbly for toddlers though. The handles are too soft. Bought as a present for friends children. Decent value for money.'

5/5  Mumoftwins 'Was looking for toys for the swimming pool for my twins, so these were great as there was 2 of everything. Such a great price too.'

2/5  P 'We bought this set to take on holiday. The only items in the set that would stay pumped up for more than an hour were the arm bands. The rest deflated rapidly every time we blew them up, leaving my son with no pool toys. We threw the set away when we came home. Very disappointing.'

5/5  Gem 'I was so impressed I bought 3 for my nephews and nieces'

1/5  Ema 'I thought my kids would have a great time on these inflatable jet ski's but unfortunately they didn't stand alone unless someone holds them.'

5/5  Pat 'This product was amazing fun for my grandchildren whilst on holiday. They had hours of fun with the all the inflatables.'

5/5  4kids 'Bought these for my 4 year old son and he loves them played for hours'

5/5  Crusher 'Great little set this and for a great price too well worth the money.'

1/5  Bob 'Broke with in two days.poor quality'

4/5  Grandpa 'Great for the pool ,small children need to be held on the jetskis but older kids will love em!'

5/5  Flower 'My granddaughter loved these for her new paddling pool. Hope we have lots of sunshine so she carry on enjoying.'

4/5  Breenie 'I would recommend this product the kids are having great fun with them in the pool they were great value when they were on offer but I would not buy them at full price ...'

1/5  Pen 'Took back for a refund as kids unable to balance on them'

2/5  Blackie 'Item was returned as description didn't give a age specific and my son was to big'

1/5  Bennetts1207 'Isn't what I thought it would be very flimsy and children can't even sit on it without falling off coz it isn't sturdy enough glad the product was half price when I bought it because I wouldn't of paid £20 for it'

4/5  SDM475 'Bought half price so excellent value. The small animal inflatables great for my 10 month old whilst my three year old has fun with the ride on. Good size too. Well worth the money.'

4/5  Loublou 'Lots for the money but don't expect kids to be able to balance on jets alone, very tricky!'

5/5  Jojo 'Bought at half price and to be honest looking at the box i thought it wasn't going to be up to much but the jet skis are nearly the size of a bath so very good size, theres 2 of the which saves fighting, 2 sets of armbands and then the beach ball and 4 animals, def worth the price and my daughter loves them, greatr for the summer days keeping them entertained =0'

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