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Chad Valley Twin Soccer Goal Set

About the Chad Valley Twin Soccer Goal Set

The Chad Valley Twin Soccer Goal Set is exactly what the next star of the Premier League needs to kick off their career the right way. Hone the football skills of little ones as they work on eye-foot coordination striking the ball into the net. As they get more seasoned and move further away, the goals can be combined to make one bigger goal. So much fun!

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5/5   'Bought for little grandson he loves it. Definitely recommend buying a ball as the one that comes with it is very small and more like a small beach ball . Would recommend.'

5/5   'Quality product, ideal for getting the kids outside having fun and developing some early soccer skills. My Grandson and his little friends are really enjoying playing with them.'

4/5   'I have had no problems with the goals so far.'

1/5   'Was so flimsy and barely stood still long enough to even get dirty. I returned it as soon as it was made. My son was totally disappointed'

5/5   'Fairly simple to put together but wouldn't want to dismantle to often. Handy for younger kids and then as older can change to 1 large net.'

1/5   'Was easy to put together apart from trying to get the net on which was a struggle. Collapsed when my son kicked ball hard at it and now cant untangle the net to or back together. Also found the bars bent easily when trying to change from one goal to two'

4/5   'Smaller than expected'

5/5   'My grandson loves his new football nets and quality is amazing for the price'

5/5   'Perfect for my nephew! Now the summer came and he can enjoy playing football in the garden!'

5/5   'So easy to put together definitely needed the hooks to put in to the ground Argos was a godsend as I had purchased 2 lots off Amazon and both were faulty one happy child'

4/5   'The football net is simple to set up, and is the perfect size for all ages!'

2/5   'The goals are quite flimsy so wont last long. Not really value for money. You get what you pay for.'

5/5   'I bought these for my two sons to play with in the garden. They were easy enough to set up and boys have had lots of fun with them. They are small but perfect size for a game in the garden. Great price for what they are'

5/5   'My son loves his new goals and like that we have the option to make it one big goal or two smaller ones. Easy to assembly and feels sturdy.'

5/5   'Bought for a 5 year old as his first goal set. The design enables you to have either two goals or one larger one. Really easy to assemble too.'

5/5   'Delivered within hours of placing order ...'

5/5   'These are excellent value, you have the option to build as two smaller nets or one large net. We chose to build as one large net as our son is 5. The smaller nets would be suited to younger children. Overall a great product, quick and simple to build, can be secured to ground with pins and sand supplied, makes the net more sturdy to receive the ball.'

1/5   'Very flimsy net, not worth the money'

3/5   'Easy to assemble and my daughter had great fun playing football with her friend however her friend stood on the pole as she was in the goal area and the tube that hold the poles together shattered.. so lasted a day.. not very strong and the pegs dont really hold the goal posts down. Fixed with some duct tape and my daughter is still have fun with them lol.. flimsy but not expensive so cant complain really.'

5/5   'Good value for money'

4/5   'The goal is extremely flimsy the first time we used it it fell apart several times that was using a small plastic ball kicked by 6-8 yr olds.'

5/5   'The goals are a great size and if good quality.Make sure you bring out all three nets to judge which ones are to be used for small goals as the instructions aren't very clear on that.They are quite sturdy when assembled.'

4/5   'This was easy to put together simple instructions provided and little supports for the ground. I couldn't inflate the ball as no pump was provided and the ball appears very small too. This product is good for small children'

3/5   'Kids loved it but it wasn't very secure'

5/5   'I got them for my 3 year old greanson for his birthday and he has great fun football in the garden.'

5/5   'Could not keep the adult off to let the kids have a go! Only down point is that they provide a ball which need to be inflated.'

1/5   'The pic pipe is too thin and broke after my 7 year old kicked a ball into it and also the ball the give you is too small and goes thru the net.. Not worth buying.'

1/5   'Rubbish product cheap plastic not suitable for children of any age was returned the same day it was purchased'

5/5   'Good item and price also'

4/5   'Is nice for little kids'

5/5   'I bought these nets for my 3 yr old grandsons birthday and he loves them. Great buy., hes having so much fun with them.'

3/5   'I agree with some of the other reviewers that getting the net onto the plastic frame was rather fiddly. In the end, I gave up and attached it with string. The goals are made of a sturdy but lightweight plastic and will need firmly attached to the grass. They are a great size for my two and five year olds and have been keeping them entertained.'

5/5   'My 6 year sin is very happy. He lives it.'

4/5   'Easy to assemble the frame but attaching the net was a challenge. Used cable ties to make it secure.'

5/5   'Perfect for using inside the house and outside, easy to build and pack up. Perfect for any age, lots of fun! My cousins have also got one now.'

4/5   'I bought this product for my 3 year old nephew as a Christmas present so don't know what the quality is like but it looks easy to set up with instructions clearly shown on the packaging.'

5/5   'A lovely item, which my grandsons absolutely love. It promotes sharing and ensures regular outdoor activity.'

5/5   'The product is definitely worth the money we paid for it. All the family gets some fun out of it.'

3/5   'Bought this for my sons 6th birthday and hes hardly played with it it was awkward to put it all together and its very light and quiet flimsy too'

5/5   'If ur kids loves footba then this is the perfect gift'

4/5   'My grandsons of 6 and 3 love these. They fit well on an average size lawn. However they are a bit flimsy and can come apart if hit by the ball and the fixers to the ground come out easily.'

3/5   'Very flimsy but works great. You get what you pay for . All we could afford at the time . Does the job for my little girl'

5/5   'My grandson loves his football nets he got for his 2nd birthday great value for money recommend this to anyone who loves football'

5/5   'Keeps son entertained bit fiddly to put nets on but would recommend'

2/5   'The poles were quite flimsy but all in all quite a good product but wouldnt recommended for older children as isnt very strong.'

5/5   'Super buy. Love that it comes with attachments to make it into a full size one for my older grandchildren as well as the smaller version for my 3 year old grandaughter. Hours of fun and very sturdy. Downside - used extra tape to secure net onto posts as the amount/type supplied did not hold it.'

3/5   'This is great for my 6 year old son. We have used the goal as one big one and not 2 small ones. Its hard to stick the poles together and the netting is fiddly. But other than that its a great product.'

4/5   'Great fun but very flimsy at the slightest knock it falls apart , my grandson loved it as hes only 5 yrs old But soon got fed up with putting it together again , will not be stored over winter after summer if it lasts it will go in bin'

5/5   'Granddaughter started to play football so purchased the goals she was over the moon with them value for money worth buying as it keeps them occupied'

5/5   'Easy to set up, I didnt bother doing to separate goals just built the one large goal, quick & easy & son loves it!'

5/5   'Good value, only for my toddler. But he loves the goals and being able to make 2 small ones means his nana can have one at her house and we have one at home.'

4/5   'Easily to assemble, abit sturdy but its ok with the pegs on.. son loves it.'

3/5   'This product can either be one larger goal or 2 small goals (suitable for toddler age) it's also quite flimsy plastic so only for use for smaller children with soft balls. I think I'll buy a metal one as it came apart when my son used a normal football.'

5/5   'Lovely present grandson loved it love Argos'

4/5   'Good fun easy too use good value'

5/5   'Very good for young kids'

3/5   'The dimensions are vague it makes 2 x small nets at 3ft wide x 29" high or 1 large net 6ft wide x 5ft high.So for any kids over about 5 years old you really need to buy 2 of these nets..'

5/5   'Great value hours of fun in the back we love it'

4/5   'My 4 year old boy loves this soccer goal set, he spent hours outside with his sister playing football. I will say though, it is rather flimsy, as my son leant on it and it twisted and buckled under him and he is only small. Apart from that it is great fun for young children. One happy mum here.'

1/5   'As the title suggests, this item is not fit for purpose. I'm more than competent to assemble and sporting goods are like second nature. Initially attracted by the bargain price but not a bargain if you can't use it! The frame construction is best described as adequate but the net is next to useless as does not fit the frame and constructed of a thread like material.'

5/5   'Son loves it it can be 2 small goals or 1 large 1 my son opted for the 1 large one and is currently trying to talk his dad into buying him another'

1/5   'Absolute rubbish, give the money to charity instead. One weighted piece was missing. I set up 1 small goal for a boy 2 & girl 5, the net was HUGE & hung over frame, the frame was so flimsy the big goal wouldn't last 2mins with older children. The children played with it for a few minutes but the net kept getting in the way and they were tripping over it so they gave up! I would expect more from Chad Valley, certainly better quality. Argos were great and refunded no problem.'

5/5   'Good quality not clear from description but can be made into 2 small goal or 1 large. Ideal as one large for 3 year old son. Some poles are weighted some it more sturdy than it look. Good value for money'

5/5   'I have bought 2 of these for both my grandchildren and they love it. Would recommend'

5/5   'Bought this for my little boy. I put it straight up into the large goal. Easy to build. Didnt bother with the ball. You can tell without blowing it up its small. We use my boys paw patrol one. Well worth the buy'

5/5   'Reserve and pay in store is a brilliant option!!'

4/5   'Recipient was overjoyed with his present. His face was a picture. Parents pleased that it will grow with him.'

5/5   'Excellent item'

5/5   'Product is a fairly good size and is great that it can be reassembled from 2 small goals into 1 large goal.'

5/5   'Perfect size for my 4 year old, cool idea that it can be two small goals or one larger goal. Great for small gardens too'

4/5   'Good product my grandson loves it and was easy to assemble..hours of fun in the garden !!!'

3/5   'Expensive for what it is and the plastic tubing is very thin and shattered when the pegs were pushed down to secure the goal. However the design is good as you can either have 2 small or 1 big goal'

5/5   'My son loves having these in the garden he loves kicking his football's in to the goals with his daddy'

3/5   'The ball is too small for the net, the ball goes through the holes in the net.'

5/5   'Excellent value for money and children have lots of fun'

4/5   'Bought this for my 4 year old son, he loves it. It was easy to put together and when used as one large goal it's great. It's not overly strong and has come apart a couple of time when my son is a bit rough with it. But don't regret buying it, for the price it does the Job well. I would definitely recommend.'

4/5   'We bought this goal for my four year old. easy to assemble but i would say it's a bit flimsy if it takes a knock with a ball. used it as one big goal and it's a great size. the netting was a bit tricky to attatch but for the price i think it is worth it.'

5/5   'Both my boys ars now getting into football. These are great to start off with. They also play lots of other games with them. Easy to put together and great quailty for price.'

5/5   'A little fiddly to set up but it's pretty sturdy once done. You can either have 2 small goals or 1 larger one which is what we did. Great value and great fun.'

4/5   'I would recommended the football net to anybody who was a decent size garden. Also, with the material it make it hard to break'

5/5   'Buy the goal to play with mine son Very nice and good to play in the garden. Easy to put together no screw driver needed'

3/5   'The goals are easy to put together. However the nets do not go on properly ( I have used cable ties). Also the ball provided is to small and goes through the nets so you may want to get a larger foam ball'

4/5   'Good quality for the price but dose come apart when moved around'

4/5   'Quality of product needs improvement to give this item top marks'

3/5   'A bit flimsy but the grandkids like it'

4/5   'Bought these for our four year old as starter goals. Bit fiddly to get the nets in but we worked it out. Good price and I would say suitable from age 2 years. We will need to invest in bigger ones but these were good as a first set.'

1/5   'Kept falling apart as I was trying to build it. Very cheap and flimsy hollow material. Not worth the money.'

4/5   'Excellant quality woulddefo recommend'

5/5   'Great little set that can be joined together to make one big goal. Portable too! My son loves...'

5/5   'This is a lovely little set, My Grandson was so excited when he opened the box, and there you have it 2 goal posts and a ball, easy to put together too and it gave him lots of fun. Would be great for that extra Christmas present you are thinking of buying.'

5/5   'Brilliant birthday present for my football mad 6 year old son'

4/5   'Fairly easy to put together but no instructions to put the poles through the net to hold it in place. Also not sure how useful the small goals are. The one goal is the right size for my 4 year old grandson. Only used once so not sure if it's god quality but pleased so far.'

3/5   'The goal can be made up as two small goals or one large one. When making the large one up it is alot flimsier than the two smaller ones. The ball that comes with it is a small inflatable one. You will need a pump for it. I would not recommend this for children over three as rough and tumble play bring the goal down very quickly as there is no real weight to the goal.It is however great fun and my boy loves it.'

5/5   'Lovely and affordable goals for my 5 year old son who has recently found interest in football. I am sure he'll be over the moon!!!!'

5/5   'These are really great made and with stand strong winds when outside very sturdy and definitely worth buying'

5/5   'Brought for my godson. He loves them. Hours of fun to be had'

3/5   'The price was good. Where as my 2 children and lively children this didn't last more then 10 minutes off being put up'

5/5   'Always pleased with argos spend a lot on toys each year for 8 kids never been disappointed'

3/5   'Set up was straight forward, although unravelling the net took a bit of time. Posts are a bit flimsy but works ok. Comes with small football which is fine to use with goals. However, if you use a full size football it will be too heavy and will pull down the goals. Good that you can make either one large goal or 2 small ones. Kids love it.'

5/5   'So happy with this item , bought as a gift didn't realise could be put up as one big goal , friends son loves it hasn't stopped playing with it , worth the money all day long'

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