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chad valley tennis, badminton and volleyball set

About the Chad Valley Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball Set

The Chad Valley Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball Set is a solution to boredom. Get kids get active in a fun way with this incredible great valued, easy to set up, three (3) in one (1) set. Hours of endless play to be had for your most cherished.

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Chad Valley Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball Set Reviews

5/5   'This set just keeps on giving us the best of fun in the garden as it has so many different activities to it. Fantastic value would recommend it for all ages.'

5/5  Tree 'As this was on offer I decided that as a family it would be fantastic to get us all involved for outdoor play. Great for price paid, ideal for summer holidays. So would recommend.'

5/5  Em 'Purchased for an adults garden party.perfect size and in use all afternoon. On special offer.excellent Bought separately beach balls etc'

5/5  Ggg 'Its lovely entertainer for my kids (5 and 7 years old)'

5/5  Bluelagoon 'Absolutely brilliant for the garden, hours of fun with the range of kit inside the box, kids loved it and we have made memories, as with any game involving swinging a bat a decent amount of space is needed to fully enjoy it. Top days play involving adults too'

5/5  Dani 'This product was definitely worth the money, good quality product and the whole family had great fun with it'

3/5  Lintow 'Easy to assemble and disassemble by 2 people. The tennis raquets are a little flimsy. But on the whole a good buy .'

4/5  Counsellornanny 'Bought it for the grandchildren which gets them Outside and away from screens. It also helps them to learn ball skills which may lead to a love of sport and will keep them healthy and occupied. The set is aimed at children so is not top quality but better they wreck this set whilst learning then they can maybe go onto better quality bats etc.'

3/5  EdT 'The kids enjoy plating badminton when the net is up, but the legs are really flimsy plastic which bend with even moderate tension on the guy ropes.'

4/5  Lesley 'Everything well made and managed to survive a family BBQ, except the ball that the dog ate!! Basically what you would expect/want from a net and racquet set.'

5/5  Nanny 'Easy and quick to fit the net together, the rackets are just the right size for the grandchildren to play with and also for the adults. Lots of fun for the summer holiday.s'

5/5  Kelz 'We love the chad valley tennis, badminton and volleyball set, it is great fun for the whole family, easy to set and pack away so can used for holidays aswell'

4/5  Ace 'So if you have young kids and want to introduce them to tennis, this is a great little starter net. Also equipped with basic racquets, a ball and a shuttlecock if you want to raise it for badminton.'

3/5  CSprag 'Loads of hours of fun for the whole family. Disappointed with how brittle the poles are as the bottom of them snapped when being blown over by a slight breeze. Lots of electrical tape used to strengthen. Definately need a reasonably sized garden as net is a good size.'

5/5  Gill80 'Great for kids of all ages and you can alter height of net . Great value for money a must for summer holidays'

1/5  Shez 'Was cheep quality would not recommend I have to return mine as it had missing parts and was broken , it's very flimsy and net falls over'

3/5  Grandma 'The bats , balls and shuttle cocks are OK the poles for the net too flimsy I broke one on the first attempt of putting it up'

5/5  Tricky 'Great product , loads of fun , easy to set up'

5/5  Claire 'Value for money. My kids love it.'

5/5  Katebbbbbb 'Excellent value multi games garden set. Value for money. Two people needed to put up net. Fun for children 5yrs up. Ideal fun to keep everyone happy , adults included'

3/5  Edward052 'Good fun but cheap quality. Posts bend'

3/5  Nic17 'Great item & easy to set up however poles abit flimsy when up! String used to hold it down didn’t work like in picture, I had to tie these higher up onto my fence panels!'

3/5  Jayne62 'Not to happy with the item the poles kept falling down the pegs to keep the net up kept coming out Grandchildren disappointed ☹️'

5/5  Marie 'Patient had fun A fantastic group activity for all ages not too strenuous not too light told hold we even played indoor We are at dementia unit and it was ideal Thank you so much'

3/5  Lisa2112 'Won’t stay up. Net falls over and very cheap'

3/5  Donk 'Do set up away from everything, dont let the stay wires get caugjt as poles ar flimsy plastic and easily break....'

1/5  Boss1 'Our 2 granddaughters enjoyed playing badminton until it snapped in 24 hours! Quality was poor and design. It didn't fit as the spike was too small for the pole and it cracked.'

4/5  Emma 'In all a very good product, fun for adults and kids.'

3/5  4argos 'Not the greatest of quality. Feel to bits after an hour. Would spend a bit more money for better quality set if u want to use it more than once.'

2/5  Amaira 'My son and nephew have a lot of fun with this but unfortunately parts of it started to break after the first use. the plastic legs are not very strong and start to bend, and the bottom has started to break. not sturdy at all.'

3/5  DKL 'Sweat sweat sweat sweat'

1/5  Gemma 'Not a great product unfortunately. Usually am so impressed with the chad valley products but not this one. It was flimsy and broke after 15mins of my children playing with it. A real disappointing shame..'

1/5  Shiefam 'A hook was missing to hold the net on so we had to make our own rather than trek all of the way back for a replacement. The product looked like it had already been returned by someone else and put back on the shelf for someone else to buy without checking if the product was damaged. Also really flimsy waste of money, invest in a more costly product.'

2/5  Tennisset 'The reason to why it is so cheap is because every time a ball hits the net, the tire thing falls apart and you have to set it up again. It was fun but only lasted 2 days.... waste of money! dont do it!'

4/5  Jen 'Its great fun the only problem is trying to get the poles rite. but my children love it'

3/5  Emz 'Bought this as the weather is getting warmer. It’s volleyball, tennis, badminton all in one. To find some parts missing. Shuttlecocks and volly ball. Returned and got a refund.'

5/5  Evo 'Great product. Kids loved it. So did the big kids'

5/5  Doublebobble 'Great product to have a fun with kids outside .'

1/5  Kimmy 'Although my grandson has great fun with the badminton.The quality of the frame is flimsy.The yellow tennis rackets broke after 3 games.'

5/5  Millmoll 'Bought for our grandchildren to play with in the garden in summer. This was bought when there was a 'special offer' on and considering there are a number of games you can play with this set, I feel it's very good value. It has still to be used but I can't see any problems setting everything up and I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions to it from the grandchildren.'

5/5  Vonny01 'I bought this for my daughter and her family who went camping with friends. It was great for the adults and kids alike. I got it on offer which was even better.'

4/5  Pedro 'Very much appreciated by Grandchildren.'

4/5  Isie 'Fabulous set,poles could do with being a bit thicker to make it steardier'

4/5  Natmeister 'This set is easy and quick to assemble. It appears to be pretty sturdy as we have just left it set up in the garden day and night with no issues. We bought it really to play badminton but all the other extras are really worth having too. The warm summer has ensured lots of outside time and this set has proved to be great fun.'

5/5  Chris 'We used this item down the beech and found it easy to set up, and the kids the played with it for ages, would recommend it to anyone'

3/5  Neen 'So many good points like the volleyball ball and tennis balls are great and lightweight so wee ones gain confidence at playing the game. The actual net itself is not great as no matter how tight you make the ropes at the side my son knocked one of plastic poles and it snapped. Both poles are taped together already.. Everything else is good fun .'

4/5  Alexc 'My kids and I love this, the only downfall is the poles are a tad flimsy'

4/5  Debbie 'Enjoyed by everyone Appropriate for all ages'

5/5  Mummy23 'We love this my kids spend hours playing'

4/5  Pops 'Great for our Granddaughters when they visit'

5/5  Samsukatmat 'Cheap and cheerful Badminton set. Not great quality but it wasn’t expensive. We are having great fun with this set.'

4/5  AMc 'This is great fun. And really good value for money. However the posts are a bit flimsy. We've had hours of fun with it.'

5/5  PJG 'My first initial thoughts on seeing this was it was going to be cheap and easily broken but to my amazement it’s still going strong after 4 weeks tennis bats rubbish but all the rest is good considering the next one up price wise was nearly double the amount it’s great and my son is 13 snd his brothers and dad All grown men are enjoying it also'

5/5  Rena 'It is a fabulous toy with good price'

5/5  Emsj 'Bought it for my 5 year old she loves it, great equipment however the net poles sometimes bend so need to make sure it’s tight'

4/5  Minniemouse 'A great little set, all a bit flimsy but for the price its great.'

5/5  Vanessa 'Great entertainment for my children! They love it!'

5/5  Stricko79 'Tried this over bank holiday weekend and it was fab so much fun was had! Great purchase!!!'

5/5  Bob 'Such a simple design and so easy to put up, the kids were able to enjoy it within 5 minutes of opening. It also gave me the chance to join in the fun and also ghet the kids off their computers for a change. Great value product.'

5/5  Geo 'Would definitely recommend it for fun in the garden when the sun comes out'

4/5  Tunts 'We’ve had lots of fun with this!! It stays up well and the kids love playing games, especially badminton! Great value for money.'

4/5  321 'My children have absolutely loved playing for hours in the garden with this. It's quite flimsy so not sure how long it would last. Glad I purchased in the sale or I would have probably been quite disappointed. All in all great fun though. With super fast delivery too.'

5/5  Dalton 'This has more than enough games all in one box to keep the children happily playing in the garden for ages'

5/5  Fayjoe 'Great fun for a good price (bought in sale)'

5/5  Andy 'As it says on the title. THIS IS A TOY Set, so nobody should expect a pro quality. Yes it is flimsy (hence 3 stars only for quality) but you can still enjoy it playing in the park or garden with your kids. You will need minimum 2 people to put it up. It's great fun and for the price I think it's worth it.'

5/5  Rolls 'I was very disappointed in this volleyball set bought it for my grandchildrn ages 5yrs 8yrs and was rubbish the net was not strong enough so kept clapsing and the pegs didn't stay in'

1/5  Musa 'It is good love to c in my garden kids are happy'

4/5  Monty286 'This is a brilliant product which my grandchildren have so enjoyed. Only criticism is that the net legs are plastic rather than aluminium but still do the job. Great value and can definitely recommend.'

5/5  Elvis 'Brought this for my son in the summer and he absolutely loves playing with it. Great bit of kit with the three sports you can play giving hours of fun to our children and I have to say us also.'

5/5  Susieb 'Bought these for my grandkids. Having so much fun with them. Really helping their coordination and skills..'

5/5  Neiste200 'Flimsy bendy poles not worth money.'

1/5  Angela 'Bought this for a garden party for daughters birthday and they loved it'

5/5  Natz 'Good fun for all. Yes isn't really well made but is fun to play glad I bought it'

4/5  Diane 'Would have preferred sturdier poles for the net as they bend quite easily when pushing into the ground'

4/5  Briggsv 'Great value for money. Kids love it they have had hours of fun.'

5/5  Maz 'Great fun, looks great and reasonably sturdy.'

4/5  Kiki 'Great value although remember for this price the rackets are plastic. I mainly bought for the net as already own good rackets. Overall good value'

4/5  Jules 'Arrived on time, sadly the net supports only lasted an hour before they broke. The posts are extremely fragile and flimsy and not up to the job.'

2/5  Alasdair 'Bought for my 3year old grandson and 2year old granddaughter. Daddy set the net up. Not the sturdiest of poles and pegs but eventually fixed.grandchildren bit young, but after tuition from mummy and daddy, who loved it! They had lots of fun.. Also great fun without the net as tennis racquets and ball, badminton racquet and shuttlecocks and a ball for throw around.'

4/5  Dotty 'For the price we paid was great easy to assemble, kids love it keep them entertained during summer happy kids equal happy mummy'

4/5  Shazc4 'Used some weights to keep this upright but was great fun and great value for what you get!'

5/5  10GreyLady 'There is a variety of games, great fun so no getting bored, you can swap and change easy. As a family we have a lot of fun.'

5/5  Brownarny 'We love all the games that come with this set but the net/poles that come with it are not really up to the job. The poles are too flimsy and the pegs do not go far enough into the ground to hold it firm. We have enjoyed using the badminton set and tennis set though (without the net as the poles split).'

3/5  Kingnutteruk 'The poles are all plastic and broke very quickly and the wrackets have already started to break as well it was very cheap so didn't expect much but just buy a half decent set with metal poles'

3/5  Joan70 'Not the best quality but completely acceptable.A good range of ball games to be enjoyed in the garden.Simple to assemble .'

4/5  Jedski 'Chad Valley things are always a hit with my children. The product was cheap but the badminton net great fun and works perfectly well so it was worth it just for that.'

3/5  Kells4 'Well worth the money , keeps the kids entertained in the garden and keeps them sporty at the same time would recommend to anyone'

5/5  JamesK 'First box had net clip missing. Second one, the net ties have frayed and pulled apart so probably trying another or getting refund. Not fit for the purpose.'

2/5  Kk 'Just right for the money I paid kids loved it easy to put together'

5/5  Charliebod 'Love the idea of an adjustable height net and that is great. Cord provided as guy ropes is too slippery and cheap to hold the net up securely. Think I might try it in 2 parasol type stands instead.'

5/5  QPRSUPERHOOPS 'Fantastic value, children loved it, well packaged'

4/5  Luce 11 'Really really disappointed as we were setting this up as a surprise on Easter Sunday for the children and both legs broke no force used just such bad quality. My children were so sad as did not get chance to use it'

5/5  Tina 'Off I went very enthusiastically to Argos to collect this.. it's flimsy plastic and did even make it into the ground. The bats and balls are fine but the net and poles really are useless.'

1/5  Kaz 'Great purchase for the kids'

2/5  GypsyHug 'This is a fun product for the kids (mine are aged 5yrs & 7yrs) but the net uses plastic plugs which snapped and broke when putting up. I didn't have the receipt so couldn't return. The kids enjoyed playing with the rackets and balls/shuttlecock. The shuttlecocks are a bit heavy for the rackets so do not hit properly easier to use a real one.'

5/5  Jenjen 'Got this in a sale, the blue poles are very flimsy and broke within minutes, only reason I didn't return as everything else that came with it was good quality, I'll just attach the netting to wooden post.'

2/5  RF 'This product is amazing and will not disappoint you. Bought this over 2 weeks ago and it has been used every day since it was purchased. It is a three in one tennis, badminton and volleyball, so there is something to do for anyone. This is one of the best outdoor toys that I have purchased and it will keep your children occupied for hours. Very easy to assemble! Very enjoyable for the whole family! I would recommend this to anybody thinking of purchasing it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5'

2/5  Gem 'Must have two people to put up the badminton court... Fantastic value for money'

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