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Chad Valley Snowboard

About the Chad Valley Snowboard

Nothing energizes kids more than fun in the snow. In the event that your most cherished has aced the sledge, what about attempting the Chad Valley Snowboard for even more incredible open air fun! It's a perfect tenderfoot item for little ones not quite prepared to scale the mountains yet.

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Chad Valley Snowboard Reviews

4/5   'This snowboard was bought for my 7yr old son. He had loads of fun with it in the recent snow. It comes fully assembled and is relatively easy to adjust the straps - a younger child may need some assistance. The quality does match the cost in that I didn’t expect fantastic as it’s a relatively cheap toy. It exceeded my expectations, however, in its durability - it is still intact after some heavy use! Overall, a good product at a realistic cost.'

2/5  Joe 'This item should be more clearly marked as a children’s item. The foot straps are so small even my 5&8 year old children’s snow boots won’t fit inside. Needs to be clearer on the item description about this.'

2/5  MrG 'Straps go through the board and through the bottom. They tend to dig in to the snow and sop it going anywhere. Fundamental design fault :('

4/5  Mam 'Bought for my son and daughter for Christmas. They look very sturdy and are a very good size. Just need the snow now'

4/5  Radd 'Absolutely radical dude . Can,t wait to cut some shapes and hang ten on the half pipe. Where is the snow ?'

3/5  Gpm74 'Not a bad introduction to boarding but don’t expect much. The inserts on the base come out easily and get clogged with snow'

5/5  Kat 'Fab my son had loads of fun on it'

5/5  Liz04 'Easy to use for beginners and fun also. Very light and good quality.'

5/5  Ali 'My 11 year old son loved this. It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. I would highly recommend it, my son took it out everytime it snowed and soon got the hang of it. Great item.'

5/5  Tracy 'Bought this after the last heavy snow fall for my 11 and 15 year old son's. It's a great size for teenagers and adults but you do need the slope to be already flattened by a sledge first, otherwise the board just sinks. It's very well made and for the price an absolute bargain .'

5/5  Paulamia 'Good and fun safe ..'

5/5  Eggy 'Much bigger than expected but a bonus as my 16 yr old could also use it.'

5/5  TeamGallium 'Excellent product , easy to use and great fun for the kids , just wish we had more snow , more frequently to play with.'

4/5  Jeff 'Managed to get this in the sale, so was more than worth the money! My son had hours of fun in the snow, the board was extremely durable and is packed away awaiting our next snow storm!'

5/5  Heidi 'At the ripe old age of 26, you’d think I’d let the kids have a go? Wrong! They couldn’t get a look in! This beast from the east was certainly entertainment enough with two of these in tow! Works a treat and a bargain at half the price! Would thoroughly recommend!'

5/5  Ted 'Got this half price the day before it snowed, awesome product for a 8 year old boy'

5/5  Mumofboys 'Got this in the sale and it is fab. Can't wait for the snow to return next year for our son to use it! Sturdy enough for atleast a primary aged child but sales assistant said one of the 18 year old members of staff bought one and used it recently in the snow and had no problems on it either!'

4/5  Sue 'Good quality and excellent fun for my teenage son. The straps could have supported foot a little better, by including an ankle support, however for the price you can't really complain. The board looks well constructed for basic boarding fun.'

4/5  Pickle 'My boys 11 and 9 years had so much fun with these snowboards this winter. They slide easily and seem to be very sturdy. One fault I would say is that the foot straps come out the bottom of the board and prevents it from sliding. To remedy this we glued them in once we worked out which way each boy rode the board and this worked fine.'

4/5  Izyboo 'Bought for my daughters, we missed the snow in the end but they enjoy standing in it so far! Board seems strong enough for kids but the foot holders do occasionally pop out. Bit of gorilla glue kept them in place.'

5/5  Vicki 'The snowboard is great, my son loved using it. It’s durability is excellent & withstood plenty of uses in the snow.'

3/5  Mrstj 'Good, sturdy, durable plastic. Loads of fun. Good novelty as opposed to a traditional sledge. The only downfall was the feet straps. They were very stiff to adjust. But once we sorted them they were fine but had to leave them as they are now due to the stiffness. So now we just slip our feet in. Good for kids and adults.'

4/5  Karen 'My son really enjoyed this snowboard, he is 8. Took a while to get his balance. Looked really cool on it but didn’t glide as well as a sledge but defiantly worth the money.'

4/5  Jess 'This was good value at the reduced price. My 8 year old was very happy with it.'

5/5  Jan 'Bought this for my Grandaughter..Half price what more can I say...brilliant'

4/5  Littlepix11 'Great little board. Lots of fun had by the kids and big kids, my husband had great fun. Built well and strong. Would buy another in future'

4/5  Artemisia 'It is way better then I thought it would be - perfect for a starter board - to learn with but also very durable, for years of good fun.'

5/5  Fi 'Fantastic fun for kids and adults and great price'

5/5  Tegan 'Good fun. We all love it great fun for a great price'

5/5  Goldie 'Fantastic item but personally I wouldn't of paid the full price for it as don't think its worth it. I would definitely recommend it tho'

5/5  Jude 'Reading previous reviews saying it wasn't suitable for a goofy foot , I was a bit dubious about ordering one, but collected it and it was set up for my goofy footed son so was perfect . He and his friends had great fun in the recent snow . Even better was half price ! The footholders were adjustable too . My son is 9 so perfect age for a bit of snowboarding.'

5/5  Johnas 'This was bought at the request of my 20 year old son during the recent 'beast of the east’ snow storms. He wanted to give snowboarding a try at our locals hills. He said it was amazing!! The board itself is solid. It will last a long,long time. A lot more robust than sledges which never seem to last more than 1 outing. Can’t believe the quality for the price. Did get a few strange looks walking through town in the snow after buying it....'

5/5  Kathrine 'Really good value for money, and very robust. My daughters (9 and 13) had loads of fun on the recent snow days. Only flaw in design are the bindings, difficult to adjust but if set before you go out in cold they stay put'

5/5  Michael 'Half price bargain. Bought after the snow went, for next year. Seems solid and quality, will see in 12 months.'

4/5  Sam 'My 6 year old loves it. I am not sure if it is the best quality. However, it looks sturdy. Worth the price.'

4/5  Grannie 'Reserve and purchase was all very quick. Board was great fun for the Grandsons in our rare period of snow!'

5/5  Stacey 'This boards foot straps drag underneath in the snow as their not secured properly and poke through. . Its impossible to board on it! Waist of money.'

1/5  HHPar 'Make sure that the feet straps are tight or they snag in the sow and bend'

4/5  Jules 'Arrived quickly and great fun (for the one day of snow we had!)'

4/5  Saree 'Great item not flimsy at all.kids loved them and at 8 mastered them quite quickly. Great bargin !! Would recommend.'

5/5  DieDante 'Purchased two of these, one seems ok but the other had twisted and bent rubber footstraps meaning the underside just dug into the snow.'

4/5  Caroline 'I love these, they are a good size and of very good thick plastic material, so even adults can have a go. Just got to wait for more snow now!'

5/5  Jimmy 'Great for the children 10 years plus. Not good for adults and believe me I tried'

4/5  Clarebear 'Had alot of fun on this when the beast hit....'

4/5  Emma 'The snowboard is bigger than expected and is great fun in the snow, so much more fun than a sledge! My 9 year old and 7 year old love theirs and the adults love a shot too! Highly recommended.'

4/5  Mazzy 'Good item, the straps are difficult to adjust. A child definitely couldn't do it. My only complaint is the straps.'

5/5  Mummyfunny 'Great for the price very robust. hasnt been used yet cos no snow but anticipate lots of fun. it may be used as a cool shelf yet if doesnt snow at all. only issue i have is when i collected it packaging was torn and it was a gift but still happy with the size and quality for my 11yr old'

3/5  Maxydbaby 'This snow board is the same price as many sledges and will give your child a lot of fun and a great first try at snow boarding. My boys loved it at the Highlands. If you can afford to get a delta sledge they are also very good fun . Best to buy both as with snow boarding you do fall off a lot at first . So when one of the boys got a bit fed up they would swap and have some easy fun in the snow sledging. Best £25 spent for both items.'

4/5  Spannah 'Bought this as a present, it is very hard wearing and the kids love taking it down the slopes.'

5/5  The Wee Fella 'You can change it from regular to goofy no bother.5year old will love this.'

5/5  Hughie 'Good fun ..son has enjoyed it..'

4/5  Kim 'I was a bit weary about buying this for my 13 year old son, as being made by Chadd Valley, I thought it would be a bit flimsy and more for a toddler/small child, however, it is tough, sturdy and well worth the money. He has had great fun and will continue to do so. Thoroughly recommended :)'

4/5  John 'After constantly relieving the straps of snow on the underside i finally took it home and glued the straps to the board to stop it dragging through the snow, problem solved. other problem was my son wears size 4 and his feet hung over the the back of the board cos straps wouldn't retract enough to take his boots. my son however loved it and its definitely one step closer to the real thing. would i buy again ? yes but would like to see the next model to see how they have improved it'

5/5  Sarah 'Bought during recent massive snowfall.. used on a local hillside with friends - brilliant days laughs! :) Says not recommended for use by people over 50kg, but most of my friends and I are all 21year olds that are 70+ and so it stood up well! :)'

3/5  Welly 'Had several attempts at getting this to go, with people of various heights and weights, in different kinds of snow, but the bottom of the foot straps protruded from below, which acted as brakes in the snow and stopped it from sliding properly. Managed to get a few very slow, stop-and-start runs out of it, but it didn't do what it promised, even as a toy. Kids lost all interest. Took it back.'

5/5  Alex 'Only used for an hour.. Straps snapped off returned and same happened with replacement Not worth the money flimsy.'

1/5  Miss A 'Waste of money we had the snow but still never moved stick with what u no works. Biggest waste of money. My son was very disappointed and I then had to spend more money on a sledge.'

1/5  Mogsev 'Bought this for my two boys, ages 10 and 12. Got it at the beginning of the week when I saw we may get snow. The older boy's School was closed and he had a day of fun on this snowboard. He has had snowboarding lessons and said its nothing like a snowboard but didn't stop him having fun on it. Reasonable price too.'

1/5  Claire 'I brought this for my son who is 14 and wasnt sure if it would be strong enough for his weight, height etc. However, he has spent the last 5 days on it non stop and to quote him "Rad ride dude!"'

4/5  Christopher 'Very good quality. Strong adjustable feet holders - handles great in the snow.'

5/5  Lola K 'We got two of these one for each of our nephews, they made great Christmas gifts, good starting board for children before getting them on the real thing. Would recommend.'

5/5  CC 'Excellent value! Was very pleasantly surprised by the strength of the plastic and how big it is. Boys age 7 and 10 cannot wait to try it out!'

5/5  Windy 'Very strong and sturdy would suit older child due to the size, can't wait for the snow now to see how it performs. over all appearance and make, very good.'

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