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Chad Valley Inflatable Boxing Set

About the Chad Valley Inflatable Boxing Set

The Chad Valley Inflatable Boxing Set is anything but difficult to inflate and gives hours of dynamic fun. It's brisk and simple to set up and obviously in light of the fact that it's inflatable, it's super easy to store and takes up minimal space.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Inflatable Boxing Set Reviews

5/5   'Perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Any age really. My 4 year old nephew loved it'

5/5  Jonas 'Very suitable for a secret Santa gift'

5/5  Emily 'My little brother loved this present'

5/5  Abs 'Great present, he loved it'

5/5  Cariad 'My nephew turned 4 and he loved this so much! Keeps him entertained for hours'

5/5  AG 'Bought it for my Nephews birthday and he loves it. Seen him play with it for hours on end.'

5/5  Cj15aav 'This product was super fun for both the kids and adults. Would definitely recommend! The only negative aspect was that the bottom was tricky to fill with water but we managed in the end.'

3/5  Murphy 'Cant give review on its use because when opened the box it seems bit flimsy, wouldn't think it would stand up to much rough treatment so will be returning..'

5/5  Valrob 'Grandsons love it and easily inflated'

5/5  Saz165 'Kids love it and so do visitors too.fun for all ages'

5/5  Laura 'Brilliant product. Worried it would be too babyish for my 7 year old but it’s not, so much fun, even my 10 year old loves it! As do all the adults! Fab buy and great price!'

5/5  Jcol 'Great for all my kids'

5/5  Seila 'Good presents for my sons friends'

4/5  Littlel 'Great fun and such a laugh without all the cuts a bruises.'

2/5  Gillian 'When blew up its great fun even for a family not just kids but every morning I need to blow it up and it annoying'

5/5  Dougie 'Bought for my son to play with and he loves it. Water goes into the base and keeps it sturdy so it brings itself back up after hitting.'

5/5  Sam29 'Bought for part of 3 year old birthday present great fun and good for working of energy'

5/5  Charles9316 '3 year old has tempers witch is why we bought this but turned out to be a godsend he plays with it for hours with his cousins and my partner. (Although he thinks he’s the hulk with the gloves on)'

5/5  Angel 'Grandson insisted on inflating it, he's 3, so took awhile, and found it fun! He's enjoyed punching it and sitting on it.'

4/5  MumMichelle 'Bought this for my 3 year old for a bit of fun but it is a bit bigger than I thought. The gloves are inflatable too. Not weight down so you have to fill with water so i think it's more for outside than in.'

4/5  Vern 'Great fun for the kids but make sure you’ve got a pump or you’ll pass out trying to blow it out'

3/5  Bbb 'As described. Difficult filling it up though'

5/5  DavidStar 'I got this for my son for Xmas and he loves it, great play perfect for gift, as described, this was the best present he loved it kept hitting daddy with the glove but we had a great laugh. The little things count'

5/5  Shol 'This is a great way to get the kids moving & having fun at the same time.'

5/5  Steve 'Great fun toy for any little one with lots of energy to burn off. Simple enough to set up and use.'

5/5  Cjsnanny27 'My grandson had a bunch of excess energy so I purchased this to give him something to focus on IT WORKED we now have fun and it’s keeping him healthy WIN WIN'

4/5  Marley 'My son totally loves this. Would recommend it for any kid. Really well made'

4/5  Krista 'Fun for all the family takes ages to blow up'

3/5  Roxy 'It would have been more fun if it could stand up, you could put a suction cup at the bottom so it could stick to the floor and stand uo'

5/5  Hayley 'Got this for my son of 5, took about 15 minutes to set up and away he was, he plays with it every day, and my daughter of 13 comes into his playroom every night and has a go too!!. The gloves are fun, although they don't use them to punch the punch bag, but each other, as they don't hurt. I've even played this with him, and its a lot of fun! Great present for Christmas/Birthday party. Will be getting another one, for his next birthday party too!'

5/5  Hellbells01 'Bought as a stocking filler for my little boy for Christmas so Havant opened it yet looks fun tho bought on 2 for 15 pounds offer'

4/5  MrsC 'A little young for the age I wanted but a good product.'

4/5  Kbj90 'Took a little while to inflate all but lots of fun for little one after and great way to burn some energy off'

4/5  Michelle 'Havnt used yet as it is a Xmas present but for the price you can't go wrong'

4/5  Anti 'Great gift for an active 3 year old. Would have been better if it came with a pump to inflate it all!'

5/5  Pixiepoo 'Great item, it was larger than expected but my nephew loves then he's spent hours in the garden.'

5/5  Mamto3boys 'Excellent toy so much fun would recommend it'

5/5  Rdee 'Great fun bought for my little one. Very good quality and easy to use.'

4/5  Sam 'Perfect for the kids to practice. Bit hard to fill with water from tap'

5/5  Nanny 'Brilliant price to pay , much bigger then says on all the inflatables I paid for . I would recommend this product to every one . And give Argos a100/100 % of product.'

4/5  Julz 99 'My boys love this & it has stayed up really well considering the knocks it taking! Well worth the money:)'

4/5  Pz 'Lots of fun'

5/5  Vicky 'Brought 2 of these 1 for my grandson age 4 and 1 for my nephew age 7 .. He is autistic and gets very annoyed at times so told him when he is annoyed with something or someone to go and give it a few punches and this is working great for him .. both boys love this product . And at £15 For the 2 what a bargain thank you Argos'

4/5  Chloe&Lucys Mum 'My kids really enjoy playing with their Boxing set, gives them lots of fun, excercise and is really cheap. Would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Steven 'Bought this item to keep my nephew busy for a few hours during a spot of decorating, little did I realise he was a wannabe boxer the punchbag has now been relegated to the cupboard and instead my body is his punching bag. This item is good fun and needed little to no set up at all a definite must plus it helps keep him active.'

1/5  Emmiloo 'The helmet isn't a helmet as per the picture it's a piece of fabric had to take it back anyway as the bag was leaking sand before my son even hit it otherwise would've been a fun toy for the price'

5/5  T.Adams 'I bought the boxing set for a little boy which he loves, the parents are also a fans and it is easy to put away and store, Thanks Argos'

5/5  Manic Mum 'I bought this for my 3 year old to burn some energy hehe he loves it'

5/5  Ash 'Good would recommend to a friend family'

4/5  Amy 'This was for my daughter. Turns out its what she needed to get rid of all frustrations.'

5/5  Kb 'Bought it for my 5 year old boy he can't stop playing with it reminds him of the boxing on the wii he was over the moon fantastic buy'

5/5  Cazza22 'Good for the price'

5/5  Jenny 'Bought for my 4yr old he was made up with this item recommend for little ones'

5/5  H 'My friends little boy loves the punch bag I brought him, keeps him good for a while'

4/5  Steven 'My 5yr old nephew had great fun with his dad and friends at his birthday barbecue, the competition was fierce ha ha ha.'

5/5  Sid 'Cheap and cheerful but the kids love it'

1/5  MrsSummers 'Could get the punch bag part to inflate properly. Suspect small puncture but despite all attempts couldn't find it'

5/5  Shaz40 'Bought this for my daughters birthday,she loved it. Hours of endless fun for us all. Well worth the money. Would highly recommend this product.'

5/5  Angel 'My kids loved it and had hours of fun with there friends'

5/5  Michelle 'I purchased this as a present and they loved it so much I went back to purchase another for my children. Easy set up, great fun, well priced, definitely recommend'

5/5  Becka26 'I brought this for my daughter to play with in the garden and it's amazing she loves it as do everyone who visits and plays with it. Definitely worth every penny I would highly recommend this for children or adults lol :-)'

2/5  Laura 'The gloves are fantastic and children would have hours of fun with them, however if you're buying this for the punch bag, don't bother, doesn't stand up and water leaks everywhere! Took back for a refund, seems to be a common fault they said!'

4/5  Bigbird 'This toy help you keep fit as well as hour of fun to play with'

5/5  Lsavery 'Bought this for my daughter and her friends to play with, but it's become fun for all of us. Putting the gloves on makes you look like a Wii Video Game character, and from that point on it all gets a bit silly. Quality is fine, although one glove has a slow leak (goes down slightly over the course of a week) but apart from that the set seems to be ok. Just remember to fill the base with water so that is doesn't float away.'

4/5  Mandyt 'Great fun for the kids!'

4/5  Nicki 'Lots of fun!'

4/5  Lealou 'Bought this for my 7 year old son and his younger brother plays with it more but it great for my 7 year old wen he's feeling angry!!'

5/5  Bernie 'This product is so much fun my son loves it'

4/5  Caty97 'Fun set- keeps them active. Be ware that it does not come with a pump.'

4/5  Amy 'The product was good overall as it os fit for purpose, however the gloves are to big and its just not ideal. The glove sive needs to be decreased. Overall however was good for price.'

5/5  Ashy 'I bought this for my boyfriends brother as it was his birthday. He absolutely loves it! His cousins have been round and playing it too.'

4/5  Jenny 'Great buy, bought for my three year old grandson, he loves it, has lots of fun with it, good quality, good size, worth the money.'

5/5  LorP 'Brought this for my 7yr old nephew. Very funny seeing huge gloves coming from tiny arms. He uses this is in the garden. It's great fun and it keeps him occupied for hours. Well worth the money'

5/5  Tra 'Grandson loves it onlyndraw back takes age ti blown up needs airbed pump'

1/5  Offaly1975 'This item bursted within an hourof playing. The children were disappointed.'

5/5  Nat 'Great fun and easy to inflate'

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