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Chad Valley Giant Inflatable Football

About the Chad Valley Giant Inflatable Football

Produced using solid sturdy material, this Giant Inflatable Football from Chad Valley is appropriate for ball games whether in the garden, sandy beaches or in the pool. What's more, at 79cm measurement it's easy to locate and better yet easier to make contact with!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 1666728
EAN/SKU: 1666728
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Chad Valley Giant Inflatable Football Reviews

5/5   'I was expecting to get a small blow up ball for the swimming pool. I didn't look at the size on the description and WOW it is massive so for the price it's a bargain and has given us a lot of fun. (Especially watching my son trying to squeeze it through the doors haha)'

5/5  El 'Purchased for my 2 and half year old. Bigger than expected. Lots of fun to be had, excellent value for money.'

5/5  Lori 'Very happy with this bought in the sale comes in a box fits nicely in my suitcase for my holidays'

5/5  Flaws 'It's huge. Prepare your lungs.'

4/5  Impressed 'This is ideal for the summer for playing in the garden. Kids love it'

5/5  Gina 'Got this in the cleanse the kids love it'

5/5  Romford 'Excellent value great fun'

5/5  Belle 'Much bigger than i thought. Great fun for the kids in the garden.'

4/5  Lindseyjemma 'I didnt check the measurements before buying this and assumed it was beach ball sized, its atleast double that but the kids think its hilarious'

4/5  Dawn123 'Giant sized inflatable fòotball great fun'

4/5  Katie 'The ball looks fab in my sons room and it would be grate for in garden in the summer or in a paddle Pool or on the beech'

5/5  Linds3 'Brilliant price and children have plenty of fun with it'

5/5  Berny 'Great for kids to.enjoy playing together'

5/5  Ally 'Bought it in sales and put it away for holiday can’t complain for £2'

5/5  Rash 'Fantastic present at fab price'

5/5  AWatts 'Kids love it.Ball bigger than kids ;-) Really good fun with it but is very big so some trouble with storage .'

5/5  Bug 'Great item! Easy to pump up and hours of fun! Crazy football son loved it in the garden to throw around :-)'

5/5  Tom 'Great fun. Easy to inflate and enjoyed by all. It’s as expected, potentially more Giant than expected.'

5/5  Janey 'This was very inexpensive in the sale but was geat fun. Not great quality but fine for price.'

5/5  Vanessa 'It’s huge, like really huge. My son is over the moon :)'

4/5  Sophia110 'My nephew loved it and it was perfect for the heatwave we had so big and fun'

5/5  Ajmc06 'We purchased this blow up football for our grandsons to have on the trampoline well it is bigger than them but such fun has been had by all, really was a great buy for the grandchildren and has stayed up over the weeks. It is very light weight considering the size so its a kick it softly ball otherwise the wind carries it away but all part of the fun. Great buy all round.'

5/5  Zany 'The children absolutely love playing with this in the garden! Suitable for a wide age range.'

3/5  TQ 'It was fun but burst too quickly which caused much disappointment.'

5/5  Stephanie 'Cheap fun! Kids absolutely loved it!'

5/5  Jules79 'I bought this item for my 2 little boys to play with in the garden in the sunshine and they loved every minute'

5/5  Prezza 'I got this inflatable football for my friend’s son as the World Cup was on. It’s a fantastic item, and much bigger than the picture portrays. This is one enormous football. It’s perfect for kids to throw around in the garden, which is a great way of keeping them fit, and quiet. You need a foot pump to blow it up, and it does take a while. Well worth it though when fully inflated.'

5/5  Tee 'Great product and fab service!'

5/5  Carol 'My grandson loves this ball hasn’t gone down in the time we’ve had it'

4/5  Soccermom 'Good value for money, we used it for some games at a kids football match. Might last longer if only for one or two children. We bought 2, one was burst after 10 Mins or so the other lasted the whole time but deflated quickly even when blown up again. Get a pump to inflate it with as they are big and takes a while to manually inflate.'

5/5  Builder 'Excellent service, perfect product. Would recommend to anyone.'

4/5  Guttsy 'I am glad I got it from Argos. Best value all round'

5/5  NicolaP 'Fantastic ball for the garden. My son loves it. It's bigger than you think it will be. Brilliant price.'

5/5  Kel 'I don't have anything negative to say. Fantastic customer service fantastic purchase. Will definitely recommend a friend to your kingsheath branch Birmingham.'

5/5  TT 'This ball is bigger than it looks , great fun on a sunny afternoon in the garden , with children and grown ups all kicking and bouncing it and it's still up waiting for the next time !...luckily we had a compressor to blow it up as I don't know if you could blow it without assistance from a pump of some sort ? Good fun, good ball and good price .'

5/5  Mariluz 'Great Fun for the granddaughters just needs to be used in a open space'

5/5  Susanj 'I buy this football every time I have a kids party. It’s brilliant fun for indoors but not so much for the outdoors as it pops easily. I would highly recommend for use at a kids indoor party as they absolutely love it. In fact I would buy 2 to stop the arguing!!'

5/5  Devizes66 'Bought this football for my Granddaughter to play with, great fun absolutely love it'

5/5  JS 'A great bit of fun. I’ve bought quite a few of these over the years. Always goes down well.'

4/5  Madninjaskillz 'Good product the kids loved it, but it is really big, like really big, unless you have a football pitch for a garden maybe go for a smaller size..'

3/5  Maztergee 'I bought 4 of these in total, 2 last year and 2 for our family picnic this year, they are great fun, but the shape once blown up isn't that round at all, but that doesn't effect the fun. It takes a very long time to pump up via a foot pump so electric pump recommended. The material is weak usually by the end of the day they get punctured from being jumped on or going in a bush.. but overall fun.'

5/5  Marie 'Massive and easy to use. I have not reinflated yet but value for money.'

5/5  Shaz 'Got this ball for a promotion at work. It was great so much fun.'

5/5  Teecy 'Lots of fun'

5/5  Kezza 'Fun giant football'

3/5  Nanna 'Carefully with young one in excitement to catch ball they roll right over it so watch their necks Had fun but hard to use if it windy outside'

5/5  Nicola79 'A fun and exciting toy for all the family. This brought lots of smiles and laughter with my son and niece, and is great for sunny days outside.'

5/5  Wetfeet 'Great fun at my son's birthday party - took a while to inflate though!'

5/5  Centrep 'It's really big. Don't be fooled by the child holding it, it's massive. So happy with purchase, my children love it'

5/5  Arch 'A product that all the family enjoys. However it gets punctured very easily.'

5/5  Lane 'My grandchildren think its great funlane'

4/5  Tinikikistar 'Great for outdoors very big and soft'

5/5  RasaGin 'A kid really enjoys it, fun and good quality'

5/5  Daddy Aadil 'Loads of fun and super big. Recommend a pump to blow it up!'

5/5  Me 'Fun ball for my football mad son'

5/5  Binky 'May have been cold outside but this garden inflatable football soon had us warmed up - really great for little ones as they could not miss it !'


5/5  Missjade 'Lots of fun and easy to pump with electric pump, can also be fun in pool.'

5/5  8burge2 'We bought this for a children's party, it did the trick, it was sturdy enough for 12 children bouncing on it plus the adults! The only tricky thing is blowing it up!'

5/5  Razzel 'I buy these every year for the garden great for in the pool or on the trampoline great price and hours of fun great for all ages and very strong'

5/5  Tammy 'Took this to Wales with us kids had lots of fun on the beach'

5/5  Bendogly 'Great fun in the garden for all ages from 2 to 82 would recommend this item.'

4/5  Ana 'Lots of fun'

4/5  Becca 'Easy to use and great fun for the kids, all ages can appreciate the fun and can be used pretty much anywhere'

5/5  Jess 'My daughter loves it the biggest one we could find around great quality'

1/5  MrsSummers 'Was great to play with to begin with, after half an hour playing in the garden with it it had a puncture'

3/5  Gdbgb 'Rips very easy'

3/5  Rm 'This ball is huge, luckily I had an electric pump. Once it was inflated it was difficult to get it outside to play with as its wider than our doors. Squeezed it through. My 8 year old loved it. It is so much fun but with shrubs and hedges it didn't last long. We covered rips with sellotape! Seemed to work fine for a while. It lasted 2 days...it probably was worth the money for the laughs!'

5/5  TD 'This was used as part of the Euro 2016 incentive for our company, this went down really well especially in a call centre. Thank you.'

4/5  Domino 'My grandchildren have had hours of fun playing with this inflatable football. Excellent value for money would recomend'

4/5  Sartez 'It's great for kids to have some to do together'

4/5  Ioana 'Is OK but after 4 day get broken'

4/5  Whealyo 'Excellent for keeping the children entertained in the garden, but a bit tricky to inflate. Bigger than what I expected but a really fun garden toy, would defiantly recommend.'

5/5  Kj 'Brillrant idea to burn out kids they love it'

4/5  Swanston50 'Bought three of these balls for a tenner. Have had them in the past and all punctured in short space of time. However the fun that my son and friends have with them outweighs this. He took the ball onto the trampoline and they played for hours. It takes up a lot of room in our small flat tho but he does not want to deflate and inflate every time he uses it. For inflating he uses a balloon pump otherwise you need a very strong pair of lungs and a lot of air! A good, fun product.'

5/5  Linzo 'Good fun to play outside with for all ages can play'

2/5  Nicole9191 'Takes a long time to blow up yourself without pump but was a lot bigger than I thought Great for beach not great for pool'

5/5  Digs 'I needed an inflatable football for a present for my grandson to play with in a swimming pool.I searched your website,saw the item,bought it,reserved it and my husband picked it up.wonderful,quick service.'

5/5  SmithDub 'Excellent product, does exactly what you expect of it. Also when deflated about half way it worked as a seat for a child to sit on like a bean bag. Two products for the price of one!'

5/5  Smid 'Ideal Fun sized ball for Kid's of all Ages, Including Adult's! If your Kid's are at the age they can walk this will keep them Amused and Healthy, It's Big (4Ft) but easy to move around, Ideal for the Garden, Barbeque's, Play Park's or the Beach.'

4/5  Stu 'Good price and kids had fun with it'

4/5  Curly 'My 2 boys 12 and 8 have really enjoyed playing with the ball. For the price and the fun they have had its been well worth the money.'

4/5  Jonny 'This is a big blow up football. If you need a big blow up football then get this. As big blow up footballs go then this is a big blow up one with football strongly in it's theme. So in conclusion this big blow up football is big, needs blowing up and is football related. Please also note to be used outside if you value your TV.'

5/5  Wendy 'This ball is great for family fun xx'

5/5  Sandy25 'Easy to blow up. Kids had a great time playing with it in the park and on the beach. Just watch for windy days -the kids have to run a little harder to catch but plenty of giggles.'

5/5  Adsmum 'My kids love it, was bigger than I had expected which was a nice surprise and the kids were amazed. It is basically just a large blow up ball but it keeps them amused for a good hour or two at a time'

5/5  Happy Mum 'This was great for my son's pool party. Ten 12 year olds playing water volley ball with this for a good half hour. Robust and fun. I thought because of the low price it would be one use only but I was pleased with the quality.'

2/5  Darby1canardly 'But developed a serious leak after only a few hours play so not able to recommend purchase.'

3/5  Fivers 'Hi get blow up football tuff'

5/5  C.j34 'I would recommend this, my children love it... Great fun for adults too'

2/5  Kezkidz 'Took 15-20 mins to i flat with electric pump then after 15 minutes had a tear in plastic as hit wall... Thought it would be a bit better plastic'

5/5  Itfcfan 'Took it to ipswich inflatable away day and ended up on the pitch! Took 40 minutes to blow up but its worth it for the entertainment'

4/5  Melley 'Great product, lots of fun'

5/5  Shel 'Was bought for my grandson he loves it'

5/5  Linda 'Got this for my grandkids to play with, 5,3 and 2 year old, they had great fun. excellent value for money.'

1/5  Allendown 'It popped on the first day!'

1/5  Louise50 'This is such a fun toy when you blow it up - it's really big and our kids (8,6 and 4) thought it was the coolest thing! However, within less than AN HOUR of indoor play it burst. We patched it up with a puncture repair kit as we had friends coming over - after about 20 minutes of garden play it was well and truly burst again. Dreadful quality, a waste of money - even at 4 euro or whatever it was.'

5/5  Nannyi 'Bought two of these in the summer, great fun, 1st one went down after a few days, other one is still in the garden being blown around everywhere and is still up , even after strong winds, will be buying two more for next summer, great buy.'

4/5  Hettyjetty 'For the cost of a nice coffee this product was well worth buying for a family get together to entertain small children for ages, but if older children get hold of it (and by this I mean adults too) it won't last as long!'

5/5  Fun Kids 'You need a heavy duty pump to inflate this,or it's a lost w/end ! That said it's great fun,strong with 10 kid's (big+small) playing with it,lasted 6days,and then I stuck a patch on For pure fun and laughter well worth it.'

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