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Chad Valley Football and Cones Set

About the Chad Valley Football and Cones Set

The Chad Valley Football and Cones Set is ideal for honing football aptitudes. Set up the cones in the garden or take them over to the recreation center to work on aspiring aptitudes. Alternate to see who can get past the cones the quickest without thumping them down.

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Chad Valley Football and Cones Set Reviews

5/5   'Very good price.Bought this for couple kids for Christmas presents and they love it. They can't wait for summer to play more in the garden with it.'

4/5  Sharon 'Bought for my 2 year old son who is football mad , great size ball set for younger children not to hard for them to kick ! Great fun !'

3/5  Brum19 'Got it in sale - not worth paying full price! Fun for small toddlers. Goal net should be included.'

5/5  ClairaBelle 'Bought this as a present for a 3 yr old that loves football. He loves it. Seems good quality and fit for purpose.'

5/5  Mickey 'Excellent , Christmas present loved by a 4 year old'

5/5  Rainie 'My Grandson loves football (he's not 3 yet) his coordination dripping the ball around these cones is brilliant. A nice size soft ball so no damage to my plants with his powerful kick.'

1/5  Janey 'This was super inexpensive in the sale but too flimsy. Cones cracked so returned.'

5/5  Cornwall 'My football mad son loves this! Fab price!'

5/5  ZR 'Would recommend to anyone with young kids'

5/5  Waynee 'We bought this product along wirh several others for the Radio borders charity for children at Christmas, fantastic price and a very good product. Would highly recommend'

5/5  DPC 'Simple but endless fun. A ball and can new to dribble round. Go e are the days of nicking a few cones from road works when no ones looking. Also make a pair of goals without using up valuable jumpers.'

5/5  Vic 'Really nice little set and really soft ball.'

4/5  Matt 'My 5 yo loved it, prefers knocking the cones over rather than going around them though :-)'

5/5  Purplenelly 'My son loved this present.'

5/5  Brocks 'Great value for money, bought for a 3 year old is great'

5/5  Nanny 'My grandson loves to kick footballs about so whilst the weather is bad it gives him chance to practice dribbling inside without causing any damage'

4/5  Frank 'For Christmas my little baby brother loved it, great fun'

5/5  MrsM 'Brought this for my nephews 2nd birthday. Was perfect for him. The ball is soft enough for him to kick about inside without damaging anything. Highly recommend for under 5s.'

5/5  RobG 'I wanted cheap cones for goalposts to take down the park and these do the job. The ball is a bit rubbish though!'

3/5  City 'This was an ok set thought it would be slightly bigger football. This isn't suitable for more than a 3 yr old as its a very small set.'

5/5  Kay 'Great fun durable perfect'

5/5  Wend 'Grandsons love it lots of fun and at a cheap sale price! Well worth buying!'

5/5  Oliver 'Ready to use straight away'

5/5  Wavejumper 'Bought these to help train our Sprollie for search and find games, the ball as expected was burst within 20 seconds but that's not a surprise with his teeth.. The cones have done what we wanted, they are a good quality plastic which has stood up to him biting them'

4/5  Caz 'Bought to use as an introduction to agility training for our puppy. Perfect for what we need.'

5/5  DAFTY 'I actually bought this for my very active puppy! He loves football and we use the cones to teach him control when teaching him close walking. I am sure any child would enjoy it too! Small and compact, but very practical and fun.'

5/5  LAB 'Bought for my grandson who’s 3. They live in a different county. So I ordered online for my daughter’s local store and she collected. So easy.'

5/5  Nestas 'Couldn’t fault this, as a stocking filler. The cone’s will take a beating. Tougher than I thought for the price. The ball is a wee bit soft, but ideal for younger players.'

4/5  Melons 'I bought this for my little boy who loves football! He's 3 and I think the cones are too small for him, the material is extremely flimsy and probably easily breakable! Good for the price though.'

5/5  Anabelle 'This set is ideal for taking to the park or to the beach.. 4 cones. Which are fab and good quality... Suitable for youngsters.. We took them on days out during the summer.. Defanatly got our money's worth x'

5/5  LITTLEFIZZAL 'Good gift for a 3 year old'

3/5  Clare 'Ok a bit small but does the job'

5/5  Chloe 'My children love it'

5/5  Majid 'It's perfectly fine for almost all different hazards and playing ball I use this to teach new driver as obstacles'

4/5  Mamma 'The ball is on the small side and isn't pumped up that's the cons and the pros great for in the house and outside and small spaces'

1/5  TonyT 'The height of the cones is shown as 30cm but this is wrong - they are only 18cms high. I've contacted Customer Services to point this out but the website is still showing the wrong height.'

1/5  Sarah 'I bought these for my son and all of the cones (2 packs) we broken and neither of the balls were blown up properly, I didn't get round to returning them, they just went straight in the bin'

5/5  Katie 'Great little present for a birthday for children who are football mad'

4/5  Helen1235 'Item as explained. Ball a little deflated but fine for young ones. Great for kids to learn basic ball skills'

3/5  Samk 'You get what you pay for. Ok for very small kids.'

4/5  Jess 'Smaller than I thought but perfect for the garden. Comes with a very soft ball I would associate with small children. My son is 8 and enjoys practicing his football skills around these cones.'

4/5  Mariezza 'Bought for my son as a stocking filler. He's quite pleased with the cones, the ball was flat tho'

4/5  C 'My brother loves them and is always practicing'

5/5  Lushlau 'This little footy item is great fun for indoors, good fun at a low price and useful to keep little ones entertained if it's cold outside. Soft ball so no damage indoors can be caused. Lovely low budget item'

3/5  Cher29 'The ball is smaller than I thought it would be but ok for playing with in the house'

5/5  Sandwalks 'Great purchase for my 7 year old to practice his skills and soft enough to be used inside as well.'

5/5  Arty1 'I got these for my grandaughter as she is playing football in school so she could practice her ball skills but when they came they were too young realy it was a small ball with light weight cones , I should have read the description better when i purchased them, but I gave them away to some one younger who had great fun with them even if it was only for putting the cones on his baby brothers head when he walked past.'

5/5  Kirsty 'Great little set for the price'

4/5  Sharon 'Great value for money as I brought it in the sale, ideal for young children whom love football. Brilliant for child to practise dribbling around cones.'

5/5  Sophia 'Great value. Brought these for a stocking filler for my daughter. She lived them.'

5/5  Charlie12 'Perfect for a football loving little boy.'

5/5  Carl 'I bought this for my son who is 2 years old and he loves it. The ball is really safe to play indoors with or outside and he loves kicking the ball around the cones.'

4/5  Spendee 'Bought in sale for the garden. My grandson loves doing obstical courses so the cones will be great. However the cones are small and the ball needs a blow up but a good set for the price.'

4/5  Jadeylaid 'This was a great product the little football was probably not the best for an older 4yr old but the cones were great the even had little holes on the corners to peg them down great little product'

5/5  Jade 'Perfect for our sports day event!'

5/5  Gallilinda 'The ball is a good size for a youngster & my grandson loved it & spent hours playing with it on the campsite. He's 5 years old & enjoyed fixing the cones around the site - as goal markers or just for fun! His dad was impressed that the ball goes where you kick it - unlike many light weight balls. The cones are not very robust but still lasted the week out. Good value for money.'

4/5  NicNac 'Slightly smaller than expected but good quality'

4/5  Ana 'Good purchase'

5/5  Hayley 'Great value football and cones. Lots of games and fun with this set. Many ways to use them. Great football fun.'

3/5  Gdbgb 'Its ok but for the price they could add more two ball would be good'

5/5  PW 'Cones were exactly what I needed at a good price'

2/5  Dinkydoo 'The ball was lacking air and the cones easily broke which was a shame as my 3 year old is football mad.'

5/5  V13 'Bought this for my granddaughters along with inflatable goal set they use them for obstacle games they love them'

5/5  Jo 'Good for a bit of fun. Can make goal posts with them also or use cones for rounders etc.'

4/5  Jules 'Great little gift for my nephew he's been practicing his dribbling. The ball is a little soft but he enjoys it although he can't kick it very far. Brilliant for marking out and dribbling round cones.'

5/5  Mumofthree 'Very happy got it for my 2 year old birthday loves it'

1/5  Mimi 'Not good. Very small, flimsy and cheap looking. Would not recommend'

4/5  Mum2boys 'Good value for the price, the ball is a bit smaller than I expected.'

5/5  Coco 'Very good to play many different games with it. As football , traffic cones , hide de stone under it and someone has to guess where it is , play in the sand pit and etc .'

4/5  Jeni 'Does what it says on The tin, my boy loves the ball x'

4/5  Grandma 'The grandson will love these at christmas'

4/5  Lisa 'Fab and fast service! Love the same day delivery! X'

5/5  Netty Bee 'Bought for my little girl who loves football. Now she can practice her skills without getting pushed about by her brothers! Bargain too. Would recommend it for the younger kids as the ball is quite small.'

5/5  Claire 'Bought these for my son as he is just learning football, great for indoor or outdoor use'

5/5  Charlie's Mum 'Great for your little ones that love football small and great to play even ideas img as it fits in your house so they never get bored x'

5/5  Paul 'That said, they were certainly a satisfactory product if I'd used it as intended.'

2/5  Mrs M 'I bought this product because of it's low price but really should have gone for something more expensive and sturdy. The cones are hard plastic but break very easily if struck with a ball at any force. The product comes with a ball but my 7 year old used a harder ball thus breaking the cones. If used properly these are worth the money and would be best for younger children.'

4/5  Jules 'Cones were smaller than expected, but good for the price'

5/5  Cherie 'Grandson loves it he is football mad he can play in house with the goals and ball as ball is nice and light'

3/5  Spindle 'This product is very basic, but for small children learning football skills it will be sufficient. My grandson had fun using it.'

5/5  Pip 'Brilliant product, bought 1 for my son and two for nephews, and saved in the 3 for 2. Small ball, suitable for indoors. Son has really enjoyed using it.'

5/5  Shazzer 'I bought this set for friends boy's birthday,I've been told that he was very happy and has endless fun playing with it. Really pleased with the purchase.'

5/5  Pinkk 'Bought this set for my 4 year old son who recently started football lessons so he could practice at home. I think it's excellent value for money and the ball isn't too hard so he can play indoors.'

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