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Chad Valley Crazy Golf Set

About the Chad Valley Crazy Golf Set

This Chad Valley Crazy Golf Set is a fun way for children to delight themselves. Accompanied by two clubs, four balls, three entryways and three distinct hindrances that can be set up wherever and however your children need, inside or out for quite a long time of insane fun. Additionally it's an extraordinary approach to enhance deftness. Play a round of crazy golf and practice putting abilities, and also cooperation aptitudes. There's perpetual fun to be had, in addition to you can play this amusing game inside and outside.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 1624887
EAN/SKU: 1624887
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Chad Valley Crazy Golf Set Reviews

5/5   'My grandson loves playing this little crazy golf. He's only 2 years old but he's brilliant at it. Watch out Tiger !!!'

5/5  Lisa 'Great for little hands'

5/5  Rose 'I bought it for my Grandson for his Birthday next week'

3/5  Marilyn 'This was a good buy but one part of it had been damaged. I would recommend to a friend but I would recommend checking it over firstly before buying it or leaving store.'

5/5  Jakey 'Grandson loves playing with this'

3/5  Heatherp 'Was fun but fragile however you get what you pay for'

3/5  MumOf3 'It's ok. For the price it's acceptable.'

2/5  Jayceemonk 'Very poor quality. I bought two sets for my grandchildren, but after a days fun with it, bits started to come apart and easily broken. could probably have got something similar for less money…was going for the Chad Valley name.'

2/5  Les 'They kepted falling apart'

4/5  CG 'Bought 2 sets at great price for my nephew. Bright and lots of fun!'

2/5  Be12 'The set isn't made for heavy handed children. Looked good but the clubs came apart really quickly.'

4/5  Tasha 'Bought as a birthday present, great small boy for boy or girl!'

4/5  Jubjub 'Good garden game for the kids and great for a day in the park.'

5/5  Dee 'Maybe make it with 3/4 clubs to stop arguements when you have 3 kids.'

4/5  Wendyann 'Kids loved it. The golf clubs arnt that good. But I knew to expect this from reviews. They had so much fun playing.'

3/5  Freckles 'The product needed stickers attaching (use box pictures) one of the golf clubs broke within a day. Lucky for us we also had some other sturdier clubs to use as well. Great idea to use inside or outside kids loved playing with it (aged 2 and 8)'

4/5  Piggyback 'Nice little golf set'

5/5  Magda 'It is good value for money'

5/5  Stargate 'Found yours was the best value for money - some I looked at only had the clubs and balls and were about the same price.'

1/5  Nanny 'Broke same day'

3/5  Laura 'Plenty of bits and pieces to put into a mini course. decent enough quality for what you pay'

1/5  Grandma 'Within 15 minutes my 5 year old grandson had broken the head off the driver in the set. I took advantage of 2 for £15.00 and collected the second set the next day and exactly the same thing happened.'

1/5  Kashif 'Very poor quality. got broken on the first day'

1/5  Brian 'The different target elements are fun, if a little complicated for toddlers, and the number of contents seemed good value but both clubs have broken after one or two uses, the design and combination of plastics is flawed. I would not recommend'

3/5  Heather 'The clubs needed to be flatter and less real-time shaped as you're hitting a hollow plastic Ball! The kids only played with it for 5 minutes but I'm sure when the weather gets better and we can take it out in the garden it will get better use. For what I paid it's fine but no excitement alarms here unfortunately.'

1/5  Hirtshy 'First time grandson. Played with stick it broke.'

5/5  Lisa 'My 1 year old son loves playing with this as he has a few golf items so was a great extender set for him.'

1/5  Larry The Dwarf 'One of the golf clubs snapped while I tried to put it together, the second one broke within minutes of use. Complete tat, rubbish, waste of money.'

4/5  James 'Good little play set. Trying to get my 3 year old daughters into golf and they loved it'

4/5  Supernan 'Bought for my 3yr old grandson. A little assembly of parts required which was easy. Played in the garden for hours, also used in the house when weather not good.'

3/5  Nat 'It's ok for the price unfortunately the clubs did break after first use so had to tape them back together....definitely get what u pay for.'

1/5  Bulgysx 'This product was cheap plastic and most of it broken within 15 minutes. I suppose you get what you pay for. Purchased for a toddler he is very good with toys but this one had snapped in several places just by being picked up. Very flimsy. Have since purchased a different one and little one is having great fun playing.'

5/5  Josa 'Fabulous item bought this for my son and have had a few as gifts aswell.'

5/5  Loi 'Great fun for my boys'

1/5  Ezzie 'Bought on the monday the top of the club had broken off by the wednesday as if it wasnt attached properly it comes in pieces not very good quality'

4/5  Sue From Talke 'Kids love it great fun'

3/5  Lindsay 'Lasted 10 mins before a club snapped guess you get Wat you pay for'

5/5  Grandpa 'Can be used indoors or out and by all ages from about 4 up. Takes up little space when not in use. Very useful to have around when the grandchildren visit.'

5/5  Vic15 'Bought as a gift for a childs birthday party gift. I looks great & have purchased another for a future party. I can't comment on quality as I personally haven't played with it.'

1/5  Jock 'Broke first time put it together'

5/5  Stan 'Bought this product for the grandchildren, indoor and out has already provided plenty of fun. Excellent product would recommend it.'

4/5  Amy 'For the price it's great, my 2 yr old loves playing golf in the garden.'

2/5  Bb 'Nephew broke it within ten mins playing with it, by leaning on it. Great fun and good little play as my nephew proper into golf.'

5/5  Landshark 'Good fun but can't see it lasting. Golf club broke on 2nd day due to being in 2 pieces.'

4/5  Tony 'Great for the price. Kids enjoyed it.'

5/5  Cody10 'Fantastic for hours of fun. My nephew loves it.'

4/5  Grah 'This an ideal game for a 2 ,6 & 8 year olds to play.'

4/5  Grannym 'This set is pretty sturdy and easy to put together. Young children will have lots of fun with it. I bought for my 9 and 5 year old grandchildren. Unfortunately we have not used it as I think it may be too babyish for them. Think I am past the return by date so will gift it to someone with toddlers who will enjoy it more. I love the click and collect from Argos. Very fast and excellent service from the staff at our Nuneaton store.'

1/5  Nanna 'Bought for 3 year old grand-daughter but head of golf club broke off after one week.'

4/5  SamC14 'This was brought for a 3 year old as a present and he loves it, great fun to use indoors or outdoors.'

5/5  Sam 'Great outdoor toy. Great price. Happy with my purchase my 2 children love playing in the garden with it. Only down side sun isn't provided :) definatly recommend.'

5/5  Aitch 'Bought two for grand children one English one Finish .... They loved them ... Great toys & great value for money .... Braintree staff were as helpful as can be as well ... THANK YOU'

4/5  Rachel5 'My little boys love this aged 4 and nearly 2, 4 year old broke the half circle bit but it's still playable. Not bad for money.'

4/5  Springer 'The product is good for active children who soon become bored'

5/5  Gaynor 'Great quality would recommend.grandson loves it great:-)'

1/5  Nick 'One of the clubs broke in about 5mins. Not good and wouldn't reccomend.'

5/5  Billy 'We purchased these crazy golf kits for the wee boys next to try and stop them hitting their golf balls to hard and high. They used to hit their golf balls so hard that they came over our fence and our 10 month old puppy got them and chewed them to bits. We were so worried that he would swallow them that is why we bought the crazy golf kits. It has worked better than we hoped. The boys do not loose their golf balls and our puppy goes not get their golf alls to chew. We are all very happy.'

5/5  Louise 'Fantastic my grandson loves his golf set plays hours. Even been to temple newsam golf course with his daddy and played with the set.'

1/5  Unhappy Grandad 'Bought this for my grandson broke when I was putting it together very poor quality won't be buying Chad valley again'

3/5  Al 'Children like it but quality not that great. Can't really complain for the price, but perhaps better to spend a little more and get something a bit more robust. Some flaps were so loose I threw them away and the 3 year old accidentally snapped the end off one club by playing with it in the sand pit, but that can happen. Overall it is ok.'

4/5  MickeyDrip 'Kids had a good time playing golf with this kept them busy for a while.'

4/5  LeonChamp79 'This product might not be the best quality, but does the job fine & is worth the money! My kids have been having loads of fun!!'

5/5  Hamza 'We did enjoy it me and my son'

1/5  Godfather 'The putter broke while assembling.'

1/5  Golfer 'This toy was broken within 30 minutes of play by the children. Very poor quality and would definitely not recommend purchase'

1/5  Disappointed Mum 'Son was bought this for Xmas and loves golf so right up his street. Within an hour one club head had snapped off for. The stick. The other went the day after so I may as well throw it in the bin but he will be too upset. Extremely disappointing especially as Ill now have to buy a new, similar set out of my own pocket. I really would not bother.'

5/5  Andrea 'Value for money lots of fun.'

1/5  Annoyed Customer 'I know this was van the sale bought it for my God sons 3rd birthday .. He was so happy with it but within 30 minutes it was broken completely snapped ...so utterly upset My advice don't waste your money on it !'

5/5  Sindy 'Bought this for my 3 year old grandson - he loved it!. We had hours of fun both indoors and outdoors.'

1/5  Shedevil666 'My 3yr old nephew opened his present, was thrilled with it. With in five minutes one of the golf clubs had broke. Where the handle join the bottom part is very weak, one missed ball and a small collision with the grass is all it took to bend it. The obstacles were flimsy and the ball not heavy enough to have kind of control over. Disappointed as chad valley products are usually quite reliable and well received by the kids. Not this one.'

1/5  Disapointed Mum 'I brought this for my three year old, how is very helpful and what'd to help put the pieces together which she broke trying to the bottom of the golf club to the handle. This product is made cheaply and for the age range it is trying to capture is not strong enough.'

1/5  Sarah 'Two of these purchased amongst other games/toys for my 6 year old's birthday party. We set everything up on the lawn, each golf club lasted approx 1 to 2 swings before the bottom part flew off leaving a child with the remainder of the club still in their hand. No way of reattaching to be functional, a complete waste of money.'

1/5  Ig 'Unfortunately the four clubs (in the two sets that were purchased as part of an offer) were so poorly designed that three were broken within minutes! Unless the company can remodel the design of the club heads (very poor quality plastic) I suspect this would happen again - so we got a refund instead of risking a replacement!'

1/5  Soosie 'My children were so excited by this product, we spent ages setting it all up (no instructions, and whilst simple, did need to keep referring to image to guess where stickers went). All set up, ready to go. My son took a swing, hit the club off the grass missing the ball entirely, and the head of the club flew off. My other son then tried and the same happened to him. Returned the next day. Won't be buying this product from Chad Valley again.'

1/5  Hc 'Would not recommend! Very disappointed 3year old!'

1/5  Disappointed 'The golf clubs broke on the first use!!'

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