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Chad Valley Childrens Boxing Set

About the Chad Valley Childrens Boxing Set

Does your little one long to be the next Rocky Balboa? Then look no further than the Chad Valley children's boxing set. They can practise their left hook with the boxing gloves and punching bag. Not only will they be having fun but it's a great form of exercise for youngsters. Includes punch bag on stand, gloves and pump air needle. Size H120, W18.2, D67cm. Minimal assembly. For ages 3 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Childrens Boxing Set Reviews

5/5   'Got this for my grandson he absolutely loves it'

2/5  Bertie 'BOX means ALOT of foot play....here you MUST keep your foot on the base ALL time to hold it...also get to tighten the nuts every 10 minutes...poor design...just a little bit a fun..'

4/5  Nats86 'Great value for money as I bought it at half price. Gloves a little on the small side . My son loves it'

5/5  Smiles1992 'Brought in the sale for my son's birthday, it was one of his fav presents on the day, him and his friends enjoyed having ago, even his dad tried! purchased another for my son's friends birthday!'

4/5  Sabz 'Ìts brill for young kids but not for older. Supplied with gloves. Only draw bsck is the punchball loosens after a while which is fairly easy to refit.'

5/5  Sian 'Very good can adjust height which was perfect as my 5 year old is on the small side! He absolutely loves this'

5/5  Charlenec5 'My son loves this product, so easy to set up and great fun, I've even had a go myself'

4/5  Titch 'Brought to save for Christmas so I'm hoping he likes it should do its hitting something so he should do he's only 4 so he will enjoy it'

5/5  Paige 'My son loves it as it keeps him active at the same time and it's fun for teenagers to and was easy to assemble. The best part is you can change the height suitable for any child'

4/5  Nanny 'My grandchildren, had fun, going through their training whilst watching the boxing on the Olympics, so it may be a toy, but it does encourage exercise, and maybe future Olympians.'

5/5  Lw4b 'I think this boxing set is fantastic easy to put together kids are loving it and full of giggles while playing with it and it's adjustable height ment all my children could join in the fun'

5/5  DJR 'Good quality product and a no problem collection service.'

4/5  Abi 'Got this for my 7 (nearly 8) year old son,easy to out together but after a while it comes loose, that is the only issue, but worth the money and my son, and every one else loves it'

4/5  Em86 'The only downside are the size of the gloves. My nephew has large hands so had to buy bigger gloves.'

5/5  Chady 'Bought for grandson's 5th birthday and he's having loads of fun. Robust and very good quality item.'

4/5  Katie 'I bought this for my 6 year old son he loves it has played for hours with it. The only fault my husband said is the base could be a bit heavier. If it wasn't for that I would give it 5 stars. I asked my son how many stars it should get and he says 5. Really happy with this purchase.'

5/5  Horseshoe 'Ordered my product online, was ready for collection within minutes. The staff were friendly and polite, very speedy service. Thank you Argos'

5/5  Diana 'Books clothes'

4/5  Eyes 'Bought for my sons 7th birthday and he loved it, so did all his younger cousins great value for the money'

4/5  Az 'Needed something for my 4yr old son to wear him out abit while having fun as he is very hyper but he hasn't shown much interest which may be because he is young. Hoping he will get into it in time. :/ My 8yr old daughter enjoys it and practices her marital arts with it. It must be stood on at all times whilst in use otherwise it it topples and has hit the kids in the face a few times! I still would recommend as its a good idea for kids that like abit of boxing! :)'

3/5  Lou 'Great fun to start with but the ball bag split being used by 10 year olds. Terrible quality'

4/5  Reenu 'Good product'

4/5  Kirst 'Brought this for my daughter as she does martial arts and she loves it! It can be a little unstable if they aren't standing on the board properly!'

3/5  Raine 'My grandson loved this'

5/5  Anternator 'My 5 year old loves this'

5/5  Shellbie 'Brought this for my 5 year old he loved it. Great for getting rid of pent up energy .'

3/5  Ladybuyer 'I bought this for my son who is 7. He loves it and thinks it's great fun. It's good excersise. It's great because you can put it in doors and can move it around easily. My only criticism would be that the gloves are to small. My 7 year only could hardly get his hands in them they made in a strange way. I just bought a universal pair which works well. I liked this one as it others I've seen you have to either hand up or fill with sand or water but I wanted it for the playroom'

2/5  Mookie 'Not pleased with it so took it back do not think it would hold up too long'

4/5  Andrew 'It ok for the price'

5/5  Mollie 'Got this for a 5year old boy, he played with it constantly, every time he walked past it he had to play. Recommended for any 5year old boy.'

5/5  Jo 'Bought this for my 6 year old nephew, it was a massive hit both he and his 8 year old sister didn't stop playing with it all xmas!'

1/5  Sarah4Palace 'I got this for my son who has ADHD for Christmas. After a few minutes and probably only about 10 punches the base board broke leaving the product unusable. Luckily, my hubby has been able to make a wooden base board instead so it is stronger but really it's not fit for purpose as it is for any child over about 3 years old. Disappointed.'

5/5  John89 'Bought this as a Christmas gift for my nephew for Christmas,he loves it,would recommend it as a gift,bargain price too'

1/5  Catb32 'Awful product. My 8 year old punched it once and it broke immediately. Needless to say I got my money back. Don't waste your time!'

5/5  Sathya 'I bought this for my 6 year old kid and she enjoyed it a lot. Product is very robust and it works great....'

5/5  Astra 'Great boxing set for the little man in your life'

1/5  Mandy 'Unfortunately this toy broke on Boxing Day and will need to be returned'

5/5  Ecloud83 'I bought this item as a gift and I'm more than happy with it. It has brought hours of fun for my little one.'

5/5  Katie 'My 4 year old son simply loves this, is a great idea and the gloves are a good idea to.'

4/5  Guy 'Good fun for my kid'

5/5  Kylie27 'Bought this for my 7 year old son and I gotta say it's money well spent it keeps him occupied and it's good value for money, very happy mam'

4/5  Mumtaz 'The adjustable height makes it easy for different age groups of children to enjoy this game. being plastic base isn't ideal for the slightly stronger kids.'

5/5  Auds 'My 6 year old niece has great fun with this toy but the only fault was it did,nt come with any gloves'

4/5  Sharon 'Bought this for my daughter who is 5 and it has been a worthwhile investment. She started a karate mma class and this is something she can practice on in between her weekly class. It's lots of fun I've even had a go myself without gloves but I wouldn't recommend adults using it too often or hitting it too hard. It's very well made, a great price and my daughter loves it and I'd definitely recommend to other parents.'

3/5  Jasmine 'I think this product is overall good. my son enjoys playing with it & is very good for when he eas his friends around to play .'

5/5  Amie 'My 5 year old boy love it so so much he played with his friends all day and the all had so much fun. Thanks'

5/5  Lisaloo 'This was a birthday present for my 8 year old son and he absolutely loves it would defiantly recommend'

5/5  Gill 'I bought this product for my sons sixth birthday. Its just the right height for him and suprisingly robust. Great value for the money.'

5/5  Chrissybin 'I bought this for my grandson he absolutely loves i, worth buying.'

2/5  Shelly 'This broke after 1day at the base of the stand and the pole of ball so partner had to remove the plastic stand and replace with a wooden plank so my son could carry on playing with it, works a treat now but very flimsy before the d.i.y fix up (but suppose for the price I can't moan) the gloves are very small to proberly fit a 2-3 year old comfy but defo not a 6 year old! Had to buy him new gloves to use this!'

1/5  DAZ 'Bought this for my three year old , had it for 2 days very light use and the base snapped off the bottom . In the local tip right now ....'

5/5  Tess 'I bought this for my 8 year old son because I couldn't find anything that appeared to be age appropriate apart from this. I was not disappointed, the adjustable height means he can move it to where he wants it and it is a really sturdy item. My only disappointment is that the gloves are a little too small for him ...... but you can't please all the people all the time!'

5/5  Loopy11 'This product is great value for money My son really enjoys this, he spends a lot of time playing with this'

4/5  Kcb2011 'First kit had two left handed gloves so we took it back and it was immediately swapped. Good condition my little boy loved this!'

4/5  Claire 'Brought this for my sons 3rd birthday and he loves it. It's excellent for the price.'

5/5  Dani10 'Bought this for my nephew for his 3rd Birthday, he absolutely loves it! Good product at great value!'

4/5  Grannie 599 'Grandson loved his 3rd birthday present'

4/5  Sare '6 year old daughter brought this set with her christmas money, easy to put together, adjustable height and appears quite sturdy, only issue I have is the pole regularly needs tightening at the base/stand but its quick and easy to do! She's had lots of fun with dad and it's great exercise for her too!'

4/5  Zainlow 'Lovely toy did its purpose as a present my son loved it and the price was super.'

5/5  Gege1985 'I am really impressed with this product. It is sturdy and has taken a lot of hits from my little boy who had it as a Christmas present. It was really quick and easy to assemble and was being played with within five minutes of removing it from the box. My only bug with it is the gloves that come with it. I feel they could of been of better quality and are a bit on the small size. Other than that both me and my son are really happy with this product.'

5/5  Gd31 'Bought my 6 year old daughter this for christmas and she loves it, her dad enjoys playing with it too.'

5/5  Happy 'This is really good for kids up to 6 years old. Easy to set up and to use. Great buy'

5/5  Sharon 'I bought this for my grandson who's seven and he's never stopped playing with it the only bad thing were the gloves were a bit tight but I didn't check the age of the toy'

4/5  Lyn1 'My 6 year old loves this.Stand is a good height and the punch bag seems to be hard wearing. Gloves are not brilliant but adequate.'

1/5  Becky 'My son was excited to receive this , after one punch the plastic at the bott broke and it wouldn't stand up straight after that'

5/5  LYNDSEY C 'Great little kit for keeping my 4 year old fit , had to return 1st one as punch bag wouldn't screw on , but quickly got exchange'

5/5  Ivetae 'My 5 years old love it! It's really good quality !'

5/5  Paula B 'Sturdy and great for energetic boys ( age 7 ) Really good value .'

5/5  Rachel 'Excellent in all aspects as reviewed only problem is the inside of the gloves didnt leave much room for a comfortable fit for little hands ages 5 and 7, the interior of the glove was quite rough, but they use their own boxing gloves on the punch ball and they are over the moon'

5/5  Ns28 'I got this for my 3 yr old and he love it'

5/5  Creamhorn 'Tried to buy this last year as a Christmas gift for our Grandson, but they sold out really quickl,y but I was on the ball and managed to get one this year (and at the same price as the previous year) its a great little punch bag sturdy and very bouncy ,for the price it is well made and has given a 5yr old lots of fun not to mention excersice'

4/5  Clarissa 'Out of all my sons Xmas presents, large and small this was a firm favourite. Yes the screw does need tightened now and again but for the price I think it's an excellent purchase.'

5/5  Samo 'This product was easy to put together and use. Ideal for my 5 year old son.'

1/5  L47 '5 year old punched it twice and broke it! Would suggest Argos review and increase the quality of this item and increase the price to cover. The base is weak and hollow and cannot take the strain of the rod bending.'

5/5  Groucho 'Easy enough to assemble. Obviously needs to be sturdy and so it has proved to be. The 5 year old recipient loves it.'

5/5  Susan 'Purchased this boxing set for a gift for my 4 year old grandson. Aftrer scouring on line, found the price was half compared to all other sets listed on ebay. Bought the set on line and picked up the next day. Service as always was brilliant and swift. This boxing set was made by a well known toy maker so was surprised at such a fantastic low price. It was well packaged , easily assembled, sturdy and very good quality. Has given my grandson hours of fun'

4/5  Otter 'I bought this because i didn't want to spend loads on a big, heavy, proper free standing punch bag, so i got this instead. It is lightweight so you can move it about no problem (eg. taking it upstairs). I would expect it to be great for children... but i'm not one, so the gloves don't fit big hands, nor will it stand up to big punches nor can you move around it which isn't that a big deal given it a kids toy.'

4/5  Clifford 'Good for a 5 years old'

4/5  Frulie 'Really good fun product - boxing gloves are a little small but still good quality. Great fun for the kids and a good way to use up energy'

1/5  Poppy 'Bought this for my 5 year old grandson. He played with it twice and it split at the base. Poor quality for Chad Valley. Took it back and got refund. Very disappointed.'

4/5  Burgess 'Grandsons love it. Good value at a great price.'

5/5  Manning 'Ideal present for any little boy, easy to set up and fun to use'

5/5  Stu 'Brought this for my nephew and he loves it!'

1/5  Sleeplessinwigan 'Broke very easily - my slim 4 year old snapped the pole holding the ball just by punching it. Unfortunately couldn't find receipt so now in the bin.'

4/5  Chris 'Renewed my faith in chad valley after some poor purchases. This is great. Sturdy, and fun. My boy loves it, and wants to become a champion.'

5/5  Russell 'What a great buy, bought it for my 5 year old son and he loves it. Well worth the money and easy t assemble .'

4/5  Pams Ideal 'Son loves this was boxing his dad and thought this was ideal gift as part of birthday. Loves the idea of real boxing gloves and burns off lots of energy at the same time.'

1/5  Seatleon100 'Ball would not keep inflated, quite flimsy'

4/5  DHR 'Good little toy....hours of fun!'

1/5  Erica 'Bought this as a gift for my nephew, however, there was no thread in the tube to screw the boxing ball to the top. Very disappointed 5 year old stood around for a while excited to be told he couldn't play because it was faulty.'

5/5  V.b 'Bought this for my grandson and he absolutely loves it. He loves being able to hit the punchball and then duck away from it...great fun!'

1/5  Linda 'Grandson is only 6 and just had it over a week and the bar snapped off at bottom he cant hit it that hard so shouldnt have done that'

5/5  Bought for my 9 year old after reading all the reviews and cannot recommend this enough its absolutely brilliant and he has not stopped boxing since. What you waiting for, buy it 'Very good value for money'

5/5  Nephew ( age 6) loved this, cheap & cheerful, great exercise & a lot of fun !! 'Sandra'

4/5  I bought this item for my eight year old nephew, I was concerned it would be too small for him but it was adjustable and was perfect for his height. 'Danny'

4/5  I bought this for my 4 year old son I am we'll pleased top purchase and good price thanks argos 'Sarah'

5/5  Ray 'Bought this for my grandson for his 4 birthday, he loves it ,its very sturdy, and good value for the money'

5/5  Pete 'Really dissapointed in this product, my son is only 4 and hit it a couple of times and its bent, the attachment at the bottom constantly comes lose. I think Argos are great but this product is off poor quality.'

1/5  0 'Punching bag faulty and keeps deflating.'

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