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Chad Valley 6 In 1 Childrens Sports Bundle

About the Chad Valley 6 In 1 Childrens Sports Bundle

This colourful sports bundle includes an archery set with target, 2 rackets with ball and badminton shuttlecock, ring toss, bowing set, frisbee and cricket set. It's a fun way to introduce sports to little ones and to get everyone playing together. 6 kinds of sport games included. For indoor and outdoor use. Size H26.2, W60, D14.2cm. Weight 1.2kg. For ages 3 years and over. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. This toy does not provide protection.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley 6 In 1 Childrens Sports Bundle Reviews

5/5   'This set is great value for money. My three and shall year old loves it and because there are some many different games he doesn't get bored. The only down side is the balls which aren't at all bouncy so no good for tennis and they sent fairly easily. They're still usable though'

4/5  Greggers 'The children enjoyed all the games played so far.'

4/5  K 'Good price does the job kids love it!'

5/5  Stardust 'Great fun, perfect for my 3 year old son and older friends.'

5/5  Big Nanna 'Lots of fun for the summer'

4/5  Malters 'This bundle provides lots of fun and is really good value'

1/5  Jas 'Bought these to entertain 4-8 year olds at a christening. They are very flimsy and light and by the end of two hours with little play the skittles were dinged as they were so thin and the rest of the toys were not the quality I expected for 30 pound - glad I bought in sale at half price or I would have been devastated. Definitely would not recommend.'

4/5  Ni 'The children enjoyed the selection of activities that this bundle had, they had lots of fun and I would recommend'

5/5  Sam 'Grandchildren Boy 9, girl 3 and baby 6 months this was a good all rounder for them all to have fun. Lightweight items for the baby but sturdy enough for the older ones.'

4/5  Mike 'This is a little flimsy, but for a toddler it is safe, and my little boy has had a lot of fun with it.'

5/5  S 'Keeps my little boy happy outside and loves every game'

5/5  Sam 'Since i brought this product it's been absolutely great for the kids and myself to use! Tons of fun!, I orriginally brought it for the BBQ I had arranged for my family but as soon as I got it home the kids haven't stopped using it... You would think they get tired of it after a few days but they're still sweating it in the garden, also it's great value for money! Couldn't doubt it one bit.'

5/5  Nikonman 'Excellent value and great fun.'

5/5  Mjr 'Great value fun outdoor play set keep niece and nephew happy for hours age 6 and 8 highly reccomend this.'

3/5  Angela 'Thought was good value for money and that grandchildren would like it and all was fine until we got the frisbee out grandson started crying when we noticed his fingers were bleeding checked frisbee and there was jagged edges on it Would reccomend rest of equipment it was all fine but would bin the frisbee'

4/5  Gaz 'Good kit for younger kids plenty of options to keep everyone happy'

1/5  V 'We brought this for a weekend away with 3 family's with 4 children Under 5. Basically everything broke it was such poor quality. Very disappointed'

3/5  J 'Fun activity for the garden, sale price £14.99 fair price to pay not full price £29.99'

4/5  Wolfy 'This is great for little ones (as recommended) so be aware that you can't use it for slogging 6's (cricket) or/and rough play :)'

5/5  Minnie01 'Our 8 year old was delighted with this birthday present and we had lots of fun playing with the games both indoors and outdoors.'

5/5  Happy Mum 'A great outside toy lots for everyone'

5/5  Kirsty 'We bought this for our little boys 4th Birthday, the hoopla set has been a favourite and the tennis, badminton, bowling and archery have been a great laugh to. The cricket is great but the stumps blow over as they are only made from a light plastic, doesn't really effect the use aslong as it's in a sheltered spot. The Frisby is also made from a flimsy plastic so that bent on the first use. Overall fantastic product for a fantastic price :)'

4/5  SM 'This set looked good on website as it includes quite a few different things. My boys have had it only for a week and already frisbee is broken at 3 different places. It's been used as a frisbee should, just in garden with no hitting on hard surface. Everything else seems to be ok so far but other items haven't been played with lots. Hopefully, rest of the stuff will be sturdier than frisbee.'

2/5  Cindy 'Had to shorten string on bow before children could use it, after which the arrows were able to fly but never stuck on the target board. The arrows were weak and bent almost immediately. The mesh on the bats came out after first use, the skittles were so thin they would not stand up. The frisbie was fine. The rings to throw on the cross were also ok but the kids found it boring. The only part of the bundle even worth anything was the cricket bat. It was all made in cheap plastic.'

5/5  Rich79 'Great fun for the kids,lovely choice of games providing hours of fun,great as we bought at half price.'

5/5  Claire926 'We purchased this set for my 8 year old daughters park party that we had - all the items were great fun, and we did not have any trouble with the quality - we found this set to be excellent value for money and thoroughly enjoyed by all.'

4/5  Kd86 'My daughter has had great fun playing with the games. The only issue we had was the arrows were difficult to get to stick. Overall, we love it'

5/5  Rich36 'The 6 in 1 sports bundle entertains my children aged 4 and 2. The cricket set is a fantastic way for children to learn hand/ eye coordination and teamwork. The frisbee is actually very good and spins nicely for the older children. Having many different activities in one pack allows the children to change the game according to their level of interest. The price per game is excellent value hence the 5 star rating.'

4/5  Sarah J S 'Pleased with item. Great price brought while on offer. I have 4 children aged 4, 9, 9, 11. All children enjoyed this multi activity'

3/5  Chelsey 'Cheaper made than I thought'

5/5  Vera 'I bought this to keep my grandchildren aged 2 and 4 occupied. I removed the bow and arrow as I didn't think they could handle it, but the rest kept them busy for ages, The skittles soon developed dints, but everything else survived.'

4/5  H 'Excellent value.keeps the kids entertained for hours with multiply sport activities.not the most robustly made but for the money an excellent buy! would highly recommend'

5/5  Evans 'Good product'

4/5  Sarah 'Lots to do for the money but the bow string became too loose to use after a couple of days cricket set needs to be set up on solid ground as falls over on grass'

3/5  Sarac 'This is a fun product - something for everyone at my son's 4th birthday party. The bow and arrows were the most popular. One of the arrows did snap after being pointed at a hard surface (wooden fence), but they have had quite a lot of use. Overall, a good selection of toys for a kids party.'

4/5  Mike 'Although the skittles are a little too light and the bowstring needs the slack taking-up ( and the arrow suction cups don't stick to the target very well -the arrows may be a bit too heavy), overall this set is good fun and very good value at the sale price. Bought for care home residents.'

4/5  Poo 'My 4 year old boy is over the moon with this set, keeps him and his friend entertained for a good while. Purchased this at half price so good value for money.'

5/5  Titch 'My wee boy love this thank you'

5/5  Rocket 'Good feedback from parents'

5/5  RTam20 'Amazing product with so much inside for the kids to do! It's quality is amazing and the price is even better! Theirs enough games for kids to play together with their friends and includes a variety so theirs no chance of getting bored! Would and already have recommended to a bunch of people and some have already purchased too!'

4/5  Moomar54 'I bought this for a 12 year old but would really be better suited to 5-10 age group. Never the less we have had a lot of fun with the set. Only exception was the frisbee which chipped and then split the first time it was used.'

1/5  Oliver 'Very poor quality flimsy material throughout. The archery element is particularly disappointing ; even for a toy. None of the items are suitable for outside use in even in the slightest breeze . I am surprised that a company such as Argus would stock such a poor item. I suspect nobody in the Argus management has ever seen this item in use ,at least I hope no one has actually seen this and went ahead and took the decision to offer it to the public.'

5/5  Laura 'Bought this for my nephew for his 3rd birthday he absolute my loved it and it gave us a chance to bond and play together. Includes a good variety of toys and good quality. Great price!'

4/5  J S 'Very happy with games, kept children entertained'

3/5  Slim 'It's ideal for go on holiday with so it keeps them occupied'

1/5  Mrs Mouse 'I am very disappointed with this product, I have 5 boys of 4 of which I bought this for the bow did not work until one of them realised the elastic was not tight enough so the adapted this themselves!!!!. Only then all arrows snapped...... Then frisbee shattered....... Tennis rackets started to come apart so all in all it is actually 3 part set Unhappy kids and mum to say the least.'

5/5  Rose1994 'Brilliant item bought for kids to play at a wedding. Brilliant value.'

5/5  Debs57 'Another brilliant product, something for all ages and genders, hours of fun due mainly to choice of games no time to get bored of the same toy because of the ability to swap them around.'

4/5  Danni 'I got this in sale wouldn't pay full price. Great for garden park activities. Got 3 boys 4 5 and 7 keeps them entertained for ages.'

5/5  Mrs Nijjer 'I brought this item as part of my grandson's birthday present. I wanted something he could share with his little sister and have fun outdoors.'

5/5  Snowyholidays 'This is a great set to keep the kids entertained all summer. A nice variety of games to introduce new skills to toddlers.'

5/5  Shan 'Bought for a 6 year old and he loves it'

5/5  Anita 'My six year old daughter and her friend loves the toys. These can be placed back into the box for easy storage. Toys are colourful and the kids love them. I would recommend them as suitable garden toys for children.'

4/5  Nannie001 'Was very pleased with this 6 in 1 Children's Sports Bundle. At first I thought some of the items were a bit on the small side, but after using them with three children aged 4, 5 and 6 years, realized they we're just right. Also very light to carry to our local park where much fun was had and kept the children entertained for a very long time.'

5/5  Chantelle 'Good product keeps my son entertained for a long time.'

5/5  Flo 'This is a great product for keeping children entertained, as lots of different games to play. Used it both in the garden at home and taken it with us on days out to the park with friends and family.'

5/5  Ross 'With this boxes off games is good for a nice sunny day in garden my 3 year old loves it something she can play by her self or with us just wish the plastic was a bit thicker on some of the things'

1/5  E 'It's cheap and tacky'

5/5  Mrs H 'I bought this set for my 6 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. The set is all great quality apart from the cross bow set which is rather flimsy. All that being said i still would of bought the set for they rest of the games as they are great family fun. A must buy for those lovely summer days to come.'

5/5  Muss 'I was happy with the price as well as got in an offer. Kids are really happy .'

5/5  Sam 'The games can be played with both inside & outside, they are safe for my little one to play with on his own, plenty of variety'

4/5  Lynne 'Kids had great fun with this. I brought it half price at £14.99 which I thought was a good price. I wouldn't pay full price for it. £29.99 would be way too expensive'

4/5  Ellie 'Great for keeping the kids (and big kids) busy. Very good value. Quality isn't brilliant but does the job.'

4/5  J1Harvey 'Wasn't sure whether to purchase looking at other reviews so expectations weren't high, however I was pleasantly surprised. Products were better quality than imagined, although design flaws in some things. We tightened the bow by wrapping string around top and bottom few times and works fine this way, but target is useless. Also put cricket stump legs in upside down so it stands up better. Sadly my little boy isn't too into this at the mo as coordination is tricky but hopefully use more soon.'

5/5  Maz 'Good product as my grandchildren had choice of games to play. Got in in sale great bargain'

5/5  Jet 'Most of activities can be played indoor and out. My only criticism is the arrows for now n arrow don't stick on the score disc. Had lots of fun'

3/5  Abi 'Was very happy with the product but would of been disappointed with it if I paid full price ( bought the product when it was half price)'

4/5  Lucy86 'The kids really enjoyed it, one of the Skittles is already broken but the rest seems ok.'

5/5  Haris 'Great for outdoors for all ages. There is something for every kid at home even they are 30 year + ;)'

5/5  Granny 'I think this product is great value for money and has good variety.'

5/5  Fluffy29 'Love these items very good price had a good mixture of activities. I bought these for my grandchildren who range from 2yrs - 9yrs and are a mixture of both girls and boys they all had great fun with them the boys preferred the big and arrows and the hoopla but the all played together.'

5/5  NorthernNorwich 'Bought these a few weeks ago to keep my children entertained. Used indoors for a rainy day and in summer will use them outside. I would recommend'

5/5  Hevs03 'Good selection of sports equipment for my childminded children to play with, we have a patio and a lawn so the equipment can be used on both. The children have had hours of fun with this so far this year even though the weather hasn't been brilliant.'

5/5  Smiling Cowboy 'Great value for money, ideal for a 4 year old to learn and have fun with the rest of the family. Great way of introducing new activities.'

3/5  Looby 57 'Bought this product for my 3yr old granddaughter she was happy with it at first but it kept falling down I think if it was weighted with sand or something it would have been a great toy for outdoors'

1/5  AD 'These toys are not very good quality for kids. I bought these for my 6 year old twins and day 1 most of them broke. The only good toy on the box was the ring toss.'

5/5  Nightbert 'Good cheap box of games for the kids to play with'

5/5  Spudalious 'I bought this for my 3 year old nephew and he loves it, his big brother (5 year old) loves it too. Much to the 3 year old discuss! Would recommend for the garden or great for taking to picnics etc.'

5/5  Chris 'I bought this set for my Grandsons birthday. It was fantastic indoor and outdoors, I'm very pleased with this purchase,.'

5/5  Flipper 'This product is really good fun for all the family'

4/5  Emz 'Fantastic value for money at sale price, so glad I purchased this product for my 7yr old daughter as she loves all the games included.'

1/5  Yellowhammer 'I bought this for my grandchildren & even they were disappointed, it felt cheap & none of it up to the challenge. The skittles were difficult to stand up, & because they were so light weight the slightest breeze blew them over, the archery arrows would not stick to the target which frustrated my grandson. The rest of the games were pretty much the same.'

4/5  Happy Las 'I got this for my daughters birthday party to use the hoops and bowls game as party games. It is all plastic and I am not sure how long it will last but it has lots to keep my 3 children amused for a while and the price was very good! And they think it's great which is what really matters.'

5/5  Rosie 'Excellent outdoor play set for kids ! Love playing all the games with my 3year old. Great fun :)'

2/5  Evie40 'Not great. Paid half price for this. If I'd paid full I'd have returned. Very flimsy. Disappointed'

5/5  Sarah 'This is a great buy to keep the kids entertained and at a cheap price.'

3/5  Rita 'Some pieces good and will last a while but few pieces broken on first day'

5/5  Weejill54 'I bought this for our Great nephew's fifth birthday and he loves it. He takes the archery set everywhere . He is so happy with all the games. Best purchase ever.'

5/5  Grandpa 'Good product enjoyed by the boys and approved by their mother.'

5/5  Sian 'Excellent value for money, keeps the kids entertained for ages.'

5/5  ColYn 'Great value for money, grandchildren loved all the games. Overall pleased with the product.'

1/5  Trueblue 'This is an extremely cheap set and most of it went in the bin, even for the 1/2 price I paid. The plastic on the skittles is so thin I pushed in on the plastic just taking one out of the box. The moulding is so poor they don't stand up and even if they did the air movement from just walking past is enough to blow them over. The bow and arrows didn't work at all, no tension in the string. The cricket set is worse than the skittles. Only the two bats and ball are worth keeping. Absolute rubbish.'

2/5  Anita 'A bit tacky glad i only paid half price'

4/5  Jo 'Had hours of fun in the garden with all the family'

4/5  LG 'I bought this when it was half price and don't think it's worth the full price. The children had fun playing all the different games. The skittles were a bit light and easily blown over which did get frustrating, they loved the quoits, cricket, and tennis and all easily packed away and good to play on beach, garden, park or take to holiday homes.'

1/5  Penny69 'I bought this sports bundle at half the normal price, but it wasn't even worth that. I'm certainly glad I didn't pay full price. Everything is flimsy and unsteady and the string on the bow just hung like a limp lettuce. My grand daughter got a few hours enjoyment one afternoon, then it was boxed up and will probably never see the light of day again, until it goes to a charity shop or the bin. Very disappointing.'

4/5  Faffmeister 'Bought this for my 4.5yr old daughter and it has been a huge hit. The plastic isn't very strong and unfortunately one of the cricket balls got squashed the first time my daughter played with it and got thrown in the bin. The skittles are very light and don't stay up if it's windy, but for the price, we will have hours of fun with this games bundle over the summer. Whether it lasts until next year, we shall have to see!'

1/5  Karen 'All products in this pack except ring toss are very poor quality. Bought for 4 year old twins. Frisby broke the 2nd day used when it landed on the patio instead of grass, bowling skittles are extremely light weight and blow over with the slightest wind - they have a seam on the bottom and barely stand up without a breeze, not suitable for outdoors. Likewise with cricket set - not suitable for outdoors due to weight. the archery set is too difficult to use due to lack of tension in the bow.'

3/5  Mark H 'I would recommend the set but just beware of the cricket set as this is cheap and flimsy. The kids played cricket and on the very first hit the ball dentet, shortly after the cricket bat also split at the bottom. Our kids are only 4 and 3 so its not as if they were hitting the ball or bat hard. The arrows don't stick to the target board either but the kids have hours of fun firing the arrows. The other items within the set are very good though, and the kids love the bowling and hoop toss.'

4/5  Suz22 'I paid 50% of the RRP for this product and glad I hadn't paid full price. For the reduced price the product is worth the money. Good selection of games and equipment, bought to keep the grandchildren ages 3&5 happy at the caravan however they were not occupied by the games for long.'

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