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Chad Valley 5 Piece Scooter Accessory Set - Blue

About the Chad Valley 5 Piece Scooter Accessory Set - Blue

The Chad Valley 5 Piece Scooter Accessory Set - Blue is intended to embellish your most cherished's bicycle or scooter, and has all the right bits and bits for customisation. It incorporates a 35cl water bottle, a tinkle bell, a wing mirror and a helpful wicker container. Everything arrives an see through back that doubles up as a handy knapsack.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 2482530
EAN/SKU: 2482530
Availability: Unknown
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Chad Valley 5 Piece Scooter Accessory Set - Blue Reviews

5/5   'Great value and my boys loves it'

4/5  Jackier 'Does exactly what it says on the tin'

5/5  Smiler 'Great gift, great price, grandchildren love them.'

4/5  Kitty 'The scooter set looks good as a party gift. Worth the money.'

5/5  Katie 'Great quality items included with the accessory pack. Everything you need for a scooter or a bike'

4/5  Unknown 'Just an inexpensive add-on for child's scooter for summer fun. Good value for price paid,'

5/5  Tessa 'Great value for money'

4/5  Donna 'Great accessory pack for a little ones bike or scooter! Great price in the sale!'

4/5  Vp 'It looks good, and you get the necessities in one which is great. However this doesn't fit a children's scooter, well the one we have anyways. The bell and the mirror just can't be tightened enough to the bars for them to be used. But the little one enjoys the basket and he loved the bottle. The bag is kinda redundant to us but maybe for when he's older.'

3/5  Mum 'It's very good value for money and the quality is not too bad.'

4/5  JCR 'Bought on a very good offer price, would not pay full price. Full of accessories for your child’s scooter or bike and cost less than just the basket would elsewhere.'

5/5  Sr 'It made a really really great gift and a really happy recipient!;)'

5/5  Umar 'It was amazing and nice'

5/5  Maryk 'Grandchildren loved this and was well worth the money'

4/5  Claire 'Thidbid a gift for my son. I ha any yet governor to him but it looks fab and exactly what I wanted. Good value for money too!'

5/5  Balloon 'Purchased in the sale, brilliant set for the price I paid'

5/5  Max 'This product is a great value for money.'

5/5  Chrissie 'Perfect my son loves it'

5/5  CHAUDHARY 'Bought it in Sale and a good purchase'

5/5  Lola 'A really nice 5piece scooter accessory set for a brilliant price, the kids love it. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's child has a scooter. Makes going to the park much more fun now that my boys have their own bottles attached to their scooters and baskets aswell.'

5/5  Woo 'It comes with a bottle to attach so she has a drink with her thats needed. A basket to keep her handsfree a bell and even a mirror everything she needs for a girl on the go.'

5/5  Joanna 'All OK for that price'

5/5  Teejenny 'Great little pack great deal when on sale. Great little pack for my 3 nephews put away for xmas for them great little thing gonna be helpful.'

5/5  Jacinthe 'So happy with this pack. We used it on my sons bike. He is so happy as am i with the price'

4/5  Maisie 'My 6 year old loved the bell and mirror on his scooter. We didnt use the basket or bottle but they would be fine on a young child's bike.'

5/5  Mo 'Bought this for grandsons bike, was very good. Got for a bargain price.'

5/5  Sam 'My nephew got a micro scooter for Christmas and for the bargain this was, it came with the essentials and he loves it!'

3/5  Kama1983 'Mirror came scratched but even if it wasn't it would be difficult to see anything through it.Bottle holder does not stay on the frame - plastic cable ties will always slide down on a smooth metal frame.There's an option to screw it to the frame but we didn't have holes in the frame and didn't want to drill in metal.Bottle itself is fine, easy to use.Basket is fine as well but a bit in the way of hands placed on the handle bar.Bell is fine but it doesn't fit on scooters with a thick handle bar.'

5/5  Harveysmummy13 'Great product & a bargain fit my boys scooter no problem'

4/5  Happy 'Grandson was very happy with his drinks bottle, bell and mirror fitted very well on his thomas bike , the basket was handy for putting his snacks in'

4/5  Neonlee2002 'Good value and is a nice accessory for scooter or bike. The mirror is blurry so not clear.'

5/5  MelissaLou92 'My cousins little boy absolutely loved this set I brought him as a gift! He won’t leave the house without it!! He hasn’t got a push bike yet but fits well on his scooter!!'

4/5  Lucyx 'Obviously the quality isn't fantastic, but it's good enough & for the price it's brilliant! My little boy loves that his scooter has lots of accessories now.'

5/5  Vidur 'Bought them as return gifts for my son’s birthday party. Kids loved it. Excellent value for money even for full price.'

5/5  Tina 'It would be better on a bike than a scooter but my 6 year old nephew loves it'

5/5  Princesshooly 'My little girl absolutely loves this set, although it says it's for a scooter I've attached to her bike and it's perfect.'

5/5  LChaman 'Wouldn't pay full price but as a bargain price id say it's a great little extra present for my son's birthday and sure he will be very very happy with it'

5/5  Lr75 'My little boy loves this, and his mummy was very happy with the price. Great little addition to his scooter when he's goin on an adventure.'

5/5  Susan17 'Good value for money was in sale grandson loved it apart from basket he is using it to keep small toys in'

4/5  Honey 'I bought this for my daughter she loved it .'

5/5  Maxine 'Brilliant brought 2 one fir his scooter and one for his bike'

5/5  Lmca 'Great scooter pack and I got it for a great price.'

5/5  Daybreak 'Excellent product, great value for the price. Reusable water bottle is very handy. Fits nicely in the backpack. Bought some as spare Birthday presents!'

5/5  Love2Travel 'Haven’t used yet but looks great, bought on offer wouldn’t have paid full price'

5/5  Peacelover 'Good purchase, bought for my son and he was over the moon, thanks Argos.'

5/5  Mary29 'Lovely item and a great price!'

5/5  Jen81 'Brilliant little bag with accessories for a scooter,brought on sale ready for my friends little boy as part of his Christmas present'

5/5  Lia 'My two year boy like very much basket and ring bell.Bottle its good to.Its perfekt set for first Bike and scooter to.Thanks Argos once again!'

5/5  Annie 'Excellent price...nice gift!'

5/5  Jessy 'Really good and useful product'

5/5  Haze 'Great little bike or scooter set excellent gift for little ones'

5/5  Wondering 'My granddaughter got a bike for her birthday this fits perfect she loves shopping and her teddy fit in the basket along with her sweets'

5/5  Jim 'My grandson loves it. Put on he's scooter.'

2/5  JDBUK 'While you get quite a few items the quality is average. But more annoyingly the bell and mirror does not fit around the scooters pipes/bars/handles. The basket keeps falling off as well. We used cable ties to put them on in the end but I can't see them lasting long. Given I got this on offer it's okay but if I had paid full price I would have returned.'

4/5  Laura 'My son absolutely loves this set. He thinks he's a postman now with the basket! The bell was a bit loose but we've padded it out to fit more securely. The rest was easy to attach to tge bike .The price was amazing too!'

5/5  Lucy 'Perfect for my sons balance bike'

5/5  PPD21 'Good bargain price. I bought it as a gift for a boy & he liked all the accessories.'

5/5  Keirra02 'This was bought for a gift I liked the way it can fit on his bike or scooter and has mirror brill drinking bottle and a bag to store his things..Looks well made.'

4/5  Angie 'My son had fun attaching the items to various toys'

4/5  Angie 'It says it's for the scooter but my daughter put it on her bike'

5/5  Ana 'Great and handy accessories for a kid bike/scooter. Fair quality.'

5/5  SamH 'I had purchased the blue set and was impressed, so I was pleased to find the pink accessories too. The only difference (apart from colour) is that this has handlebar streamers and the blue set has a mirror. Both have a nice retro feel. The bell, basket and water bottle are all in bright colours. Adaptable fittings for most scooters. Useful clear backpack too.'

5/5  Becky 'Fab little Extra to go with sons bithsay presents especially at a sale price'

4/5  Gavbridge1973 'A good selection for young girls. The basket is only suitable for thin stems, and the tassles only for wide holes in rubber handgrips, but these are small qualms for a good value and fun piece of kit'

4/5  MrsE 'My grand daughter was delighted with this gift. The tassels were very easy to fit. The basket was a good size. Also included are a bell and a drinks bottle. It was very easy to reserve and collect.'

5/5  Jadee37 'Great accessories for scooter and good value for money'

5/5  Jacko 'Brightens up a scooter.'

3/5  Kelly 'Low price & ok product just disappointed as the bell cant fit on my daughter's scooter. There are no holes in the handle so can only put tassles through the basket gaps. The drinks bottle managed to fit ok & the basket is on but not much gap between my daughter's hands when riding.'

4/5  Jacqui 'Given as a present to a 5-year old boy. He loved it. Can't comment on durability as it is too soon!'

5/5  Lisa 'Got it in sale great value for money.'

2/5  Dannie 'Waste of money The drinks bottle leaks as the lid doesn't screw on properly, the bell just spins round the handle bar as it's too big. The straps for the basket to attach to the scooter keep coming undone. Wouldn't recommend at all'

4/5  Gill 'Seems a good purchase but as its for my granddaughters birthday in feb it has not been opened.'

5/5  SamH 'I picked this up shortly before Christmas as an extra present and did not expect much for the bargain sale price. However, my nephew is thrilled with the side mirror, bell and drinks bottle for his scooter (fitted with screws or ties, as supplied). I think the basket will end up on my niece’s scooter though!'

5/5  PimmyDemon 'Got this for Christmas present, looks lovely in the pack and worth the value of money.'

2/5  Bella 'The quality is not what I'm expecting.'

5/5  MandOmummy 'My little girl is 2 and she got her first bike and scooter and absolutely loves this little set.'

5/5  Claire 'Great item for great price daughter loved it'

5/5  Amyjanet 'Not used yet, bought 2 for my sons but they will love them! Always trying to hand bags ect on their scooter to carry things. Problem solved. Great price'

5/5  Glsmith94 'Very girly and great accessories for a girls first bike.'

5/5  Lisa 'This is perfect for finishing little touches for bikes or even scooters my daughter loves the streamers and the little basket definitely would recommend very good value for money!'

4/5  Syd 'Bought it to go on kid scooter , really good value for money and did what it was suppose to do . Just about managed to get the bell on , the handle bar diameter was greater than bell bracket , the mirror I did not use both bracket small and no room on handle bar . The bottle also was not used due to being close to kids knee . Overall cheaper than buying the individual basket . Also it is BLUE all others were pink for girls !'

4/5  Paige 'A bit flimsy but looks lovely on my little girls bike'

5/5  Charley 'Wortg it for the basket lol'

5/5  Herbie 'Good value for money and litle girls will love it all .... The bike from the car boot looks like new with all the added extras and our little girl thinks it looks like a million dollars. It was worth every money even though its a bit cheapy looking. Recommended'

5/5  Jen Buying For Girls 'Although this set had all the fun accessories for little girls bike I found the basket to be a bit flimsy. Once basket on bike there was no where to attach the bottle so ended up carrying the bottle in the basket'

3/5  Shumz 'I bought a set that includes a basket and a see throughbag and bell. It looked great the bell is good but the basket didnt stick on to the scooter for vwey long time its not very durable.'

5/5  Kellbell 'Our 4 year old loves it couldn't manage to fit the bell on aswel wasn't any room left but she loves it anyway'

5/5  Lynn62 'I bought this for my granddaughters birthday and shes made up with it. I put the basket on the front the water bottle on the mirror and the bell. The backpack she uses to carry her little figures around. I didn't think it was worth the money when i bought it but it is as there are so many different uses. You could also put these things on a bike.'

5/5  Emmie 'Fitted this to my 4 year olds bike and shes loves it. Couldn't find a set like this for such a resonable price anywhere else.'

5/5  Jess 'Would buy again and recommend'

4/5  Sammy D 'The basket and bottle holder whilst easy to assemble arent of the highest quality. The bell and handle bar streamers appear to be better quality and are certainly the star of this purchase! We attached them to a scooter and they appear to be universal in that regard'

3/5  Clarabell36 'Not the best quality but it done the job and my daughter loved it'

4/5  The Kid 'Excellent value for money'

4/5  Gogo 'Great product for my grandaughter she really loved it'

4/5  CB 'Not bad value for money'

4/5  Sarah 'Great product for the money made my little girls bike she loved the basket and tassels Would definitely reccomend'

5/5  Ang24 'Nice little accessories set for scooter. Great value for money.'

4/5  Kelly79 'It's a good product for kids with scooters'

3/5  Kezzy61 'Little cheap looking but kids like it'

1/5  Lisa 'Cheaply made not impressed at all. Waste of money'

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