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Chad Valley 5 Piece Boxing Set

About the Chad Valley 5 Piece Boxing Set

This Chad Valley kids' boxing set is sure to be sensational success and result in you being the champion in the eyes of kids. Develop stamina with the skipping rope and exhaust little ones who have an abundance of energy with the punch sack and boxing gloves. A great way to keep your most cherished happy, healthy and active.

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Chad Valley 5 Piece Boxing Set Reviews

4/5   'My son loves his punch bag'

5/5  Jacks 'Grandsons on enjoys it so exercising without knowing and time away from electronic games can't be a bad thing'

5/5  Valk511 'Bought as a Christmas present and grandson loves it'

1/5  Buck 'Officially the worst thing I have ever bought. It's that bad I was embarrassed giving it to my 5 year old nephew who asked for it. The "head guard" is literally a piece of red paper, the gloves look like a pair of rolled up socks & no room for a childs hand. The so called punch bag is a thin piece of plastic that has no stuffing and isn't even padded out. The skipping rope is terrible and the plastic bag it comes in is classed as the 5th piece. AVOID THIS like the plague. 50p is too expensive.'

3/5  Melissa 'Was abit small and flimsy'

4/5  Titch 'Great set ideal for young kids with lots energy.'

3/5  Shaz 'My 6yr old son loves it, value for money, not sure where to hang the punching bag though.'

5/5  Riqqy 'Amazing quality. The process to collect was fast and simple. Definitely would recommend to a friend'

4/5  Ami 'Brought this for my 6 year girl at christmas she loves it and it's such good fun, gloves are a good size but I personally think the punching bag itself could be a bit bigger, also the skipping rope for her age is to small.'

5/5  Sue 'Ideally priced and awesome with all the things you need for training little boxers.'

5/5  Jay 'My son loves his new boxing set very happy with my purchase'

5/5  Kristle 'My little boy is over the moon with this he's a bit full on an he love this lol'

5/5  Burnwell 'Amazing just amazing'

5/5  Kayleigh 'Little boy loved it for christmas'

5/5  Drambuiequeen 'Great little gift recommend for say age 3 to 7. Not bad for the money and loved by the 3 year old boy we bought it for... his bigger brother aged 7 played with it too! All came in a useful bag for storage.'

5/5  Amysmi21 'Great fun for my little man he enjoys having a play to go to let of steam shall we say, also enjoys playing with it along side friends Recommend'

4/5  Jai 'Good value for money keeps them amused and looks the part.'

4/5  Cottonbotton 'My four-year-old wanted to be like his big brother and a set of boxing gloves. I saw this cute little set with everything included it’s great value for money. The gloves are perfect for small hands and the punchbag is also nice and small. It does come with a small hat but that feels quite cheap and it’s just made from very thin material. Lovely little gift for Christmas I’m hoping he enjoys it'

5/5  Sarahx 'Cute for little kids in training'

5/5  Abbie123 'Bought this my son as a Christmas present as he loves to play fight and its a good way to take his frustration out of it instead of his parents'

5/5  Al 'Not actually as big as thought but will see whether it gets used when son opens at Xmas.'

5/5  Catherine 'Liked how compact the packaging is and also nice light weight to product'

4/5  Sammikirk 'This item is well worth the money the head guard is not of good quality but my 2 year old granddaughter has had hours of fun with the gloves and punch bag'

5/5  Tish 'Really happy with this purchase My nephew love it his 4'

5/5  Franxcx 'A great idea for toddlers'

1/5  Kimmie 'Poor quality and no good for my 3 year old and would be even less use for anyone older'

4/5  Xxlexamussxx 'This product was a bit small and the hat is a bit pointless. But for the price, I guess it was ok.'

3/5  Col 'Nephew liked his little set. Wouldn't suit much older than a 3-4 year old. I found the bag everything comes in, when filled with old rags, makes a slightly bigger and better punch bag than the one with the kit.'

4/5  Chows 'Initially I did have an issue with a slight tear in the boxing bag but this was resolved in a stress and hassle free way with and replaced. The set is excellent as I bought it for a 5 year old. He loved the complete set including the skipping rope. I think it's great and an enjoyable way to get kids into sports. I like how all the equipment can be put into one bag.'

4/5  Kelsey 'Good value for money.'

5/5  Unicorn 'Head wear could be a bit better but for a child it’s perfect'

5/5  Mam123 'Head guard ripped as got it out of bag gloves are out of shape no good waste of money'

1/5  Sam 'Fab little set of kit for any up and coming future champion xx'

4/5  Cece 'Bought this for my 7 year old, he absolutely loves it, good quality and comes in a really good bag to pack it in too!'

5/5  JLouise 'Haven’t opened yet as it’s for my sons birthday in August but looks great, can’t wait for him to use it :)'

5/5  Gem 'Good item, the punch bag is a bit soft but still ok for my 4 year old'

4/5  Kay 'Fairly small perfect for little ones though my son loves it'

3/5  Tee 'It ripped after a few punches from a 3 yr old'

2/5  Dun 'Was great size for my nephew also great for the price'

5/5  Sakhtar 'It was worth the money spent, quality wasn’t poor, but not great either'

4/5  Liv 'My son loves to mess around with his dad and copy him. So it’s perfect for him. He is 3 and although he only uses it when supervised it suits us to a tee'

3/5  Bar 'My son really enjoyed using this set. Great starter set. Ideal for 3-7 year olds.'

4/5  Chef 'My daughter loved playing with it. so much fun'

3/5  Sw 'The picture in the catalogue at my branch was different to what I received it posed as a ruck sack but you receive a pull string bag. Still my son loves it!'

5/5  Asiaxo 'My son loves his boxing set we have so much fun playing with it'

4/5  Jac 'Nephew loves this so much he’s always playing with it'

5/5  KingRoh 'Great for exercising little one'

5/5  Abuela 'This was a present for my three year old grandson all ok except the head guard is a piece of paper could have had better protection but it is a game after all gloves fitted well'

5/5  Nannyspain 'Excellent very pleased'

4/5  Andrew 'To small for even a practical use by a child.'

5/5  Chez 'My son loves the boxing set. The "head guard" is flimsy fabric which is fine as reflects the price but not what it looked like in the picture. Good set though'

1/5  Abz 'The photograph attached to it is very misleading. The head guard is made of plastic polythene like a plastic bag. Not at all like what’s in the picture where it looks like a proper padded head guard. It’s more like a paper party hat. I did not get the square bag either in my package. The gloves do not fit properly either. The only thing I liked was the punching bag. Thoroughly disappointed and dissatisfied. Not worth the money and quite misleading to be honest'

5/5  Fyasmin 'Sadly went to pick this item up and when opened up found it was nothing like the photo. The colours were different, the bag was different and it looked so cheaply made. My child hated the set so I returned it.'

1/5  Loziboo 'Perfect for both my children 3 and 5'

2/5  Neverendinglove 'Brought as a late Christmas present for our 2 1/2 year old tomboy Granddaughter... was worth the 5 stars just to see the look on her face as she was punching the living daylights out of this bag!!!'

5/5  Abc 'Brill for the kids brought it for my 3 year old son loves it'

5/5  Leigh75 'After a few punches the bottom exploded balls.all over my grandson is only 7'

5/5  Ema 'Bought for my daughter for boxing lessons at school wouldn't recommend how did make fantastic toy to play with at home'

3/5  Tracyc 'This is ok for a bit of fun and nothing serious thought it would of been better quality but ok for fun'

3/5  Buckas 'Got this as like to do some sparring with uncle'

4/5  Loubyjosh 'This product is ok kids loved it only downside is the headguard looks good on picture but it's really flimsy everything else is fine'

5/5  Bex 'The product in the picture is not the same as you sell gloves are black not red the hat isn't a hat it's a flimsy piece of material where as in the picture it's a protective helmet very disappointed with this purchase'

4/5  Jode 'It's an Xmas presant for my son and it looks great my son will love it'

1/5  HPAZ 'Very small but you get what you pay for'

1/5  Becka 'I bought this as a Christmas present for my son I know he will love it'

5/5  Alis79 'My son is doing great woth his left and right and with his feet'

1/5  Natasha 'Wasnt what i expected a bit too little for my little boy thoight it was going to be like a proper punching bag'

5/5  Doris 'I think it would suit Barbie and Ken rather than 3 years old boy. This toy is very small, my son is not bothered playing with it.'

5/5  LAN 'Not sure what I was expecting with this set, but I was very disappointed with the overall quality of the product. Although the child it is intended for will be happy, I'm not so pleased.'

2/5  Katemum32 'Most young lads go through a boisterous stage and want to be a wrestler or boxer, my son is no exception! We got him this a bday present for his 6th birthday with the rule that it is only played with during allocated time with a grown up. He respects this and absolutely loves it!!!'

1/5  Lc 'Awful quality, nothing like picture. Very disappointed.'

2/5  Shah 'Does not look anything like the pics, worth zero stars if I could give it! Gloves are ridiculous, the head guard is just a cut out cloth. Should have gone back for a refund!!!!'

5/5  Craig 'Good lil kit good price'

5/5  Nikki 'Great fun for my 3 year old son he loves it. Keeps them active and burns of energy. Great for kids who like boxing at a young age.'

1/5  Eve81 'It's perfect for my 3 year old son. small and easy to store away after use Good quality for the price'

1/5  Nici 'I bought this for my 4 year old niece and she loved it. Just the right size for her. The older children tried playing with it but I would say it's more for 3-4 year olds. The head gear is just a flimsy cloth. Great that it comes in a little bag to keep it all tidy.'

5/5  Katyow 'Great 1st boxing set purchased for my 2 year old, gloves are a bit big but where Meant for older but don’t think would do over around 5 years old! Enough fun to be had for price'

4/5  Sarah 'This is great value for money and helps my little ones release any tensions or stress .'

5/5  Dawn 'Smaller than what i thought but good all the same'

4/5  Cj15aav 'This boxing set shows pictures that made me want to buy the product however on receiving it, the bag shown isn’t what you get and neither is the helmet. The helmet is simply a piece of fabric (literally like paper) that is way too big for any child to wear. I wouldn’t recommend the product !'

3/5  Paigee 'Bought for a friends son and the head gear ripped in moments, the gloves are non fitting. The boxing bag and rope are good tho.'

5/5  Chch14 'Think this was more suited to a younger child, my son is 8 and the gloves fit but the bag is far too small and light.'

3/5  Jaffa 'It a grest gift think i will get another one and put it away for xmas'

1/5  Ann 'Bought it for my wee nephew.it burst after two day of him playing with it.'

3/5  Bubbly 'My boys loved it but when we opened both sets one had gloves for both hands n second one did had both gloves but for same hand my other son was disappointed.so you guys need to check before hand it over.than you'

4/5  Emma 'Great for the price, but it’s not what I expected! Cloth head guard and bag.....'

5/5  Beth 'I bought this for my four year old son. Once opened he put the gloves on and punched it once then it split open! May look the part but that’s all'

2/5  Emily 'My Boy absoutley loved this for his 4th birthday, non stop boxing and having so much fun'

4/5  Shani 'Not worth the price paid.'

3/5  Fluffy 'I bought two sets of boxing gloves and punch bags for two of my grandsons who are 2 and 4 and they are having loads of fun with them. I would recommend this item for anyone wanting interaction with play for the children they will love them .'

1/5  Lynnie 'Do buy this for your child if its the one thing they want, my cousin was historical with happiness when he opened if for his birthday its fab & a very good price defiantly would recommended to family and friends.'

5/5  Maureen 'Not recombined for children over 3'

2/5  Sophi 'My son loves this , he has so much fun playing with it'

5/5  Rammy 'Excellent value for money bought for my nephew'

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