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Chad Valley 3ft Push Hockey Game Table Top

About the Chad Valley 3ft Push Hockey Game Table Top

Chad Valley 3ft Push Hockey Game Table Top is a really fun game to play for little ones or the whole family. Take turns to face off against each other and see who can be the champion! Very sturdy and easy to construct you can even use the accessories to see if you can come up with your own game variations!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7456255
EAN/SKU: 7456255
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Chad Valley 3ft Push Hockey Game Table Top Reviews

5/5   'My kids are very happy with this product'

4/5  Shanzo 'Easy to put together and defiently the right size had a lot of fun with my kids playing this'

5/5  Jules 'My 5 year old grandson loved this ....so did the older family members. Great fun for all the family.'

5/5  CB 'This was really good fun, it is a great height for the kids to play and kept them entertained for ages.'

5/5  Hellsbells 'Brilliant game such family fun was had'

5/5  Mary 'Very nice easy to assemble. My son 7 years old he love it'

4/5  Helen 'I brought this toy as a present for my nephews - aged 2, 4 & 5 years old. It is really good, I liked the fact the actual disc can be recharged so that it hovers across the table. But the one issue I found was the table itself...the legs just weren't sturdy enough and kept coming off. It is much better to not use the legs and position the table itself on the floor, or onto another table.'

5/5  Mazza 'Grandson loved this gift hours of fun-'

5/5  Noni 'Great fun, bought for 10yr old Grandson for Xmas. Was used a lot on a New year family gathering with loads of kids. Re-chargeable air puck is good, takes about 50 mins to recharge, basic pucks are included to keep game going. Good for child and adult interaction.. lots of fast fun and skills, I would recommend this game.'

5/5  Sonia 'Fab product love the fact you don't need batteries as the puck has a charger, hours of fun for all the family,'

5/5  Mumof3 'Best £'s I've spent on a shared item for the kids! It was the centre of attention at a recent Christmas party even the adults got in on the action! Loved by all! Brilliant for the price!'

5/5  Vic 'Most impressed with thus purchase, my twin boys move it especially when playing with the electric hovering puck!'

5/5  Nannyplum 'I bought this for family fun at Christmas & it didn’t disappoint. 7 years to 66 all enjoyed playing.'

5/5  Agnese 'Very interesting for kids.'

5/5  Tonia 'I like that the puck floats instead board'

5/5  KT02 'Present for 5 year old grandson - loves it as do family. Great value for money , better than expected .'

5/5  Nerake 'Children and adults can play with this.'

5/5  Jaye 'Excellent quality product and very sturdy. The grandchildren had great fun playing with it on Christmas day. I could hear lots of laughter from the children and adults when they played with it as well..'

2/5  Private 'The table is does not blow air, just the puck. The legs are wobbly and overall a little disappointing.'

4/5  Seb25 'My 5 year old loves it and it is a decent quality table but the first one we had was broken, so a bit of a rigmarole to collect it, check at home and find it damaged, go back to the store exchange etc so I’d recommend you check product before you take it home as customer services were very unhelpful almost to the point of being sarcastic.'

1/5  Burton 'The base board is just a flat piece of card/mdf? Only the puck has a fan in it. Not what we wanted. Disappointed.'

5/5  LOLY 'Ideal gift for 6year old child'

5/5  Moog 'Good gift for kids and adults alike, could do with a bit more stability but good price and easy to set up.'

5/5  Debbie 'This product is great.the puck comes with a usb charger so its the Puck not the table that has the air power. My 6yr and 8 yr boys love it'

4/5  ACA 'My seven year old loves this game. Fairly cheap looking/feel to the product but does the job perfectly and the floating puck seems to be very durable.'

5/5  Lyndsey 'Great product easy to set up'

5/5  Debs 'My 7 year old grandson absolutely loved it, whole family can play. Excellent value for money'

4/5  N77BRX 'Overall this is great fun, easy to setup and the puck providing the fan ensures it's easy to recharge and reuse. Can sometimes be a little tricky to score but that just increases the skill required. Would definitely recommend.'

3/5  Scoobie 'Not used it yet but I’m sure my kids will love it it looks great'

4/5  Trish 'It was value for money and was bigger than what some were for more money'

5/5  Wills 'Not put this together yet as Christmas present for my two grandsons. Very sturdy though and know they’ll enjoy having loads of fun playing'

4/5  Lucky03 'Sturdy, simple assembly and good fun.'

5/5  Lauren 'Very good for the money'

5/5  Shopper60 'All ages are playing it'

5/5  Peter 'Nice and compact whilst being easy to set up. What I really like is that the disc is rechargeable so it eliminates the need for any batteries.'

5/5  Dawny 'Brilliant for a birthday present'

5/5  Savlin 'Excellent. Was enjoyed by all ages 7 9 12 and 19. Was a big hit.'

5/5  Lola 'Great for the money. Grandkids love it. Easy to set up'

5/5  Shaz 'Easy to play and with the money'

5/5  JM 'Really happy with it. Our boys love it. Didn't add the legs as I found it easier without. Definitely recommend it. The fan powered Puck is great too.'

5/5  Caz 'Easy set up kids in my setting loved it'

3/5  Michael 'Easy set up and electric puck good.... Very poor quality during manufacturing won’t last long. Worth under 20'

1/5  Mark 'Great Idea but awful quality made from MDF and paper. Lasted 3 days and fell apart literally.'

5/5  Helper 'Love this item very sturdy and can be put anywhere floor or table no batteries needed is a bonus my 4 year old grandson loves it'

5/5  Pauline 'Good value for money. Puck has usb charger and floats really well. Enjoyed by all the family from 3 years old to 82 years old. Wish it had legs though as a little low.'

5/5  Annalise 'Great little air hockey table for everyone. My son and husband had a blast Christmas day playing this for hours! Great fun for all ages.'

3/5  Jack 'Reasonably pleased with the product although I had to return the first one as it had no holes in the frame for the legs to be attached. Grandson is 3 and enjoys it.'

4/5  Jay 'Very pleased with this push hockey game. The puck needed charging up to play 'air hockey’, but whilst waiting for this to happen we were able to play a version of the game using the plastic disc pucks provided. Once charged it felt just like arcade air hockey, all be it on a smaller scale. From seven years old to sixty odd years old, great fun was had by all, and it certainly stood up to some very vigorous play.'

5/5  Callis192 'Really nice same as the picture'

5/5  Kd13 'Christmas gift for my son. Easy to put together and Great fun to play. Sturdy piece of equipment but still light in weight for my 5 year old to move around.'

3/5  Titchk 'Bought this for my grandaughter who loves playing it, the only draw back is when the battery runs out and needs recharging, would have been great if it had come with 2 rechargable units.'

4/5  Mike 'Nice Size table but the legs are not very strong so becomes wobbly.'

5/5  Clare 'Its great boys love it'

5/5  Lyraa 'Bought this as no more room in sons bedroom to fit a stand up version. We’ve had great family time playing this during the Christmas holidays.'

1/5  Cantina 'Collected from Leatherhead store after ordering on line. This store is not my nearest but the table top version was the only one available In a wide area and was for my young grandchildren to play at Christmas When I opened the box, one of the wooden struts underneath was broken and the instructions were ripped, indicating that this item had been returned to the store by a previous customer and had not been checked by the store. Very disappointing.'

5/5  Sebbest 'Looks solid but it's been just use a couple of days so can't said too much. My little boy very happy with.'

4/5  Kiki 'Got it has Xmas gift for my nephew and he loves it.'

5/5  Sioux 'Well worth the £29.99 paid for it. Bought for two boisterous grandsons of 8 & 9 years old & they are very happy with it'

5/5  Tara 'I purchased this item as a Christmas present for my 9 yearold cousin, he was absolutely besotted with it. Instead of playing video games all the time he’s playing this more instead and enjoying every second of it. I’ve never seen him more excited about a present and would recommend it to anyone. It is a completely reasonable size and very easy to set up, it is also very easy to store. All in all I would say I would recommend this product to my friends or any one else too!'

5/5  Sam 'Have fond childhood memories of my own of this manufacturer's products and this didn't disappoint. Very sturdy, stood up to hectic play sessions. Much prefer the puck being powered rather than the table (by fan and air jets), which was very quickly recharged. All the family had great fun playing the game. Very happy.'

5/5  Ka32 'The best thing is that the puck that provides the air, not the table. It 'hovers' well and is really easy to charge up using a USB cable into a phone charger. (The cable comes with it) When we first used it it lasted around an hour on almost continuous use. We did not feel the little legs were needed as it sits on a tabletop perfectly without them. I suppose it depends on how tall the people are who want to play! The whole table is sturdy and good quality. Definitely recommend.. Nephew loves it!'

5/5  Roxy 'Great gift for Christmas fun'

5/5  TaniaK 'A Christmas present for my 10 year old daughter but has been enjoyed by all, grandparents included, great fun! Light enough to lift on a table to play or out of the way when not in use.'

5/5  Random 'Great product for the price & good to have the air puck. 5 year old loves it!'

4/5  Cmortiss16 'Only thing I would add is that you only get 1 puck and you have to charge it before you can use it, and you have to charge it for up to a hour before you can use it.'

5/5  Katty 'We like that it’s the pick that floats with air rather than air coming up through the board of the arena. Sturdy and legs not needed if not wanted'

5/5  Tom29 'Looks great fun. Haven’t opened it yet as it’s for Christmas but I’m sure they Will love it'

5/5  Jaypet 'My grandson loved this. We all played it. Great fun. Sturdy, easy to.put together.'

4/5  Micks 'Nice air hockey set, at a low, but fair value cost. Easy to put together, puck lasts a good while when charged, and the kids really enjoy it.'

5/5  Mark44 'What a great little product! Packaged well, and so easy to set up in literally a matter of minutes! Kids couldn't wait to get started and I had trouble getting them off It! Once you charge up the puc, which is really quick, it lasts for ages! Very sturdy and well made you can play on the floor or on a table. Nothing more to say apart from do not hesitate, great product which will keep the kids (and you) entertained for hours! Highly recommended.'

4/5  Zoe 'Good family game, everyone is enjoying it. We haven't put the short legs on the game, we are happy with it on the floor and for storage. Prefer to use air puck over plastic pucks as the air puck glides much better, would have preferred a usb for puck charger instead of batteries. The puck is a little tricky to retrieve after you opponent has scored but not a big problem. Overall a great compact size game for all ages.'

5/5  Hulfan 'My 6 year old daughter is delighted. Assembly was easy (10 mins) and requires a small philips screwdriver. It comes with 2 plastic pucks to use whilst the power puck is on charge (30-40 mins). The power puck is great, really gives the feel of playing on a proper air hockey table and has so far withstood several hours of tough competitive play from all generations of the family. The table is fairly sturdy but light enough for my daughter to carry around and small enough to keep in her bedroom.'

4/5  Annie 'The table is a good size. Very sturdy. It comes with 2 pucks and a hover Puck. The hover Puck is the best one to use as it glides across the table with ease and comes with a sound effect. The children have had hours of fun and easy to keep scores with the number dials on each players side.'

4/5  Rootester 'Great game for my kids. Pros: The air propelled puc works well The disc pucs work well whilst air puc is charging Keeps my kids entertained for more than 5 minutes! A good size Nice score keeping Cons: Shame you have to charge the puc (with a charger they provide) but I had to charge up my rechargeable batteries first before putting them into the charger provided to then charge the puc, bit of a faff so I need to buy normal batteries.'

5/5  FireflyBedfordshire 'Great game the boys love playing very well made'

4/5  ClaireL 'We all really enjoyed playing this over Christmas, all of us becoming very competitvie! Only downside was that the air puck stopped working after a few days but we made a call to Customer Services and we were able to pop into store for an exchange. We haven't had chance yet to open up the new hockey game but looking forward to an air hockey tournament again soon!'

4/5  Beck 'The table is just what I wanted but it is not very strong or sturdy so as it is being used on a kids club I don't think it is going to last very long.'

4/5  User 'Easy to setup and fun to play by 4 to 44 year olds'

4/5  Dawn 'This is a decent size for what it is, works well and was a big hit!'

5/5  Panic 'I was really pleased with the quality of this product. The puck has a small motor which provides the air to enable it to glide smoothly across the table. Much better that the the small tables with holes which produce the air flow. A very good size table too which makes it a really good game to play/'

5/5  Rene 'I bought this for my grandson age 8 for Christmas. You can charge the Puck so it floats just like arcade games. Good size table top or on floor. Sturdy quality. We all had fun playing tournaments young to old. Good value.'

5/5  Donny52 'Bigger then I expected it to be, my grandson loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it. Highly recommended'

5/5  Jo 'My kids love this! Especially when playing with power puck as its great fast game!'

4/5  Rossy 'Bought as a gift for my grandson who likes it. Not tried it myself so 4 stars.'

5/5  Jayne 'My children absolutely love this!! Fantastic value for money and brings hours of fun'

5/5  Doll 'Took more time to put together than getting the fun started.'

4/5  Delev 'The rechargable air puck got broken after the first 5 hours play. Would not charge anymore.'

5/5  Mina 'It puts me back t o hoildays'

5/5  Green1 'Delivered as specified.Fun for all ages.Support the middle if possible as enthusiastic young children try to lean on it and it is not too strong'

5/5  Mothergoose 'Bought for grandson Christmas present. He loved it, but being 5 year old he kept leaning on it, and his little sister kept sitting on it. Don't think it will last very long, but fingers crossed he will get lots of fun with it.'

4/5  Birdie 'This table has been a great success'

5/5  Blackjack 'Let kids play first as u won't get off it lol so much fun'

5/5  Tinnies 'Great fun for the kids. on opening they played for hours.'

4/5  Destiny 'My daughter really loves this and has played with it none stop since xmas . Very easy to set up, you just screw the legs on Nice and sturdy Recommend'

4/5  Bessie 'I have bought this for my grandson for his birthday when he will be 6. I have only given it 4 stars as it hasn't been used yet.'

4/5  Pjd6633 'Bought this for grandsons. Whole family play it. Great fun.'

5/5  Vj 'Looks like air hockey but no air involved. Surface could be smoother. Legs are not straight'

3/5  Nanamon 'Got this for my granddaughters aged 6 and 4. They absolutely loved it and play on it as often as they can. Even Jeffrey the kitten loves it and plays on it too!! Perfect game for lots of fun.'

5/5  Nono 'Easy to set up, no batteries or mains power needed. It is was a great purchase for all the family to enjoy'

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