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Chad Valley 3ft Football Games Table

About the Chad Valley 3ft Football Games Table

Chad Valley 3ft Football Games Table is the perfect size for kids to play with the friends and see who can be top of the league! You'll be amazed at how sharp the reaction of kids become after only a few games of play. They'll get so kid they'll likely beat the adults before long!

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Chad Valley 3ft Football Games Table Reviews

5/5   'We were impressed with the versatility and ease to be able to adapt the table for other games. A very good purchase will provide hours of fun for him and his friends.'

5/5  JD1977 'My 6 year old was over the moon to see this set up on Christmas morning. It took a long time to assemble and instructions unclear but we got there eventually. It is a great toy to have on the house for children and adults alike. I would recommend this to anyone who has young children.'

2/5  Emma 'I know this was one of the cheaper tables and I was taking a risk getting it. We got this for our son for Christmas and the quality was terrible. Some of the boards were scuffed and splitting. Some of the poles were bent and it was difficult and it took a long time to assemble. We needed to use super glue for some parts. If it wasn't Christmas eve we would have brought it back. After a few alterations my son is able to play with it so if your lucky to get a good quality one it will be ok.'

2/5  Heathville 'Unfortunately we had to return this as the holes at one side were not present . This was not good as it was opened by my son on Christmas Day and he wanted to play with it. Returned and got money back Also each individual piece needs connecting together. Very tedious.'

4/5  Winwal 'This was a big hit at Christmas between all children. great excitement and such fun. All became very competitive. Ideal for the younger (5-8) children.'

5/5  April 'Was Christmas gift for our 4 year old grandson. Good size and quality. Easy to put together but took about 3 hrs for one person.'

5/5  Leet 'My grandson loves the football table, it is a sturdy consruction easy to use and not too big. I ordered it online and it was in my local Sainsbury's the next morning ready to collect.'

4/5  Irax 'It's cool for me. son is very happy'

5/5  Terry 'Good fun for all ages'

4/5  Yogi 'Design could have been improved by fold-away provisions. Otherwise a good one for hours of enjoyment.'

4/5  Rowr 'Took about 1 hour to put together thought more could be done a factory to save time.'

5/5  DaveH 'Got this as a Xmas present for our 6yo grandson - he absolutely loves it. It’s very well made - all the pre-drilled holes are where they should be and its quite straightforward to assemble. One tip I would give is make sure you insert the metal rods in the correct order - every alternate rod should have a small pre-drilled hole to take the screw for the plastic handles otherwise all the handles end up on the same side.'

5/5  Silver 'We bought this as a Christmas gift for our 5 year old grandson. Pleasantly surprised at size and quality. Easy to put together and it’s already had several games played on it. Would recommend it.'

5/5  Karl 'It was a bit of a pain to put together but when it's done it brings endless hour's of fun. Bought as a present for my 8 year old son and he's absolutely made up with it. Good quality and an absolute bargain, very happy and would definitely recommend.'

3/5  DS 'My son loves the table football in fairness but instructions on assembly were not great. I had to glue the supporting part underneath the table top as the 'playing pitch’ part was bowed and therefore not flat. Most importantly though, the number 4 on the blue scoring total was missing completely.'

5/5  Youngmum 'Took a while to set up and get everything perfect but looks good and my son loves it'

5/5  SadSam17 'Very sturdy, bit fiddly to set up, but good.'

4/5  Lindylou 'Grandson is extremely happy with this and plays on it for hours. Highly recommend.'

5/5  Yo 'Grandson made up with this item had hours of fun'

5/5  Aj 'My great nephews is only 3 years of age easy to assemble and fun to play with'

1/5  Eugene 'I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying this as the instructions and tool which come with it are woeful.The thing takes ages to build and I felt like taking it to the local municipal dump halfway through,my advice is buy a table you don’t have to build yourself.'

5/5  Reid 'My great grandson loves it'

4/5  Mumofboys 'Great product, quality as expected at this price but so fiddly to assemble, tests your patience! Kids love it though, great design on the sides.'

5/5  Gill 'This is just great for any room in the house, my grand son will love this and have hours of fun with it.'

5/5  Mags 'Expected to open up the box and out would pop the football table. Size of box we knew we would have to put the legs on-how wrong can you be. Had to assemble most of it. Very nice ,and Grandson loved it, when it finally was complete.'

5/5  Mamamia7 'Fab little table football set. Took me a while (...3 hours!) to build but it was more to do with needing another person to hold things whilst screws were inserted. Comes with easy to follow picture instructions. Sturdy table, well worth the money.'

5/5  Mel 'Bought this for my 8 year son's birthday, he's not stopped playing, really good quality and really easy to put together. Excellent value for money'

5/5  Sam 'My little boy was very happy with this football table! Great quality and worth the money! Defiantly recommend.'

3/5  Kerry 'There were screws missing, some poles were bent. I didn't return as it was a very late birthday present for my nephew and it was almost together when we found the screws were missing. Imagine telling a 6 year old, that his present had to be taken apart to return it!!'

5/5  Dawn 'Fab purchase. It was larger and far sturdier than i expected it to be. Well worth the money.'

1/5  Far 'The game is so poor in quality i am disapointed this time'

2/5  Heagemum 'This product looks fantastic on the box, but it is very flimsy and the instructions to build it, not at all clear. It's a good job it's for young children , because anyone with any weight behind them, could easily cause it to fall apart. Not value for money at all.'

1/5  Tia 'This was bought as a Christmas present for my grandson when we opened it there was a piece missing which meant he couldn’t play with it Christmas Day When I returned it the customer service was poor I was made to feel as though we had done something to it When we did get to put it up it’s so poorly made the wood was coming apart'

1/5  SOL 'It basically starting falling apart as soon as we put it together! Some parts also did not fit... Need to ask for a refund'

4/5  SONIA 'We all had so much fun playing this. Bought for my 5 year old grandson and he was so excited. We'd recently been on a day out and came across the full sized version and he stood on a stool so that he could play it so when he got this he jumped for joy. He'said till loving it now a week or more after Christmas. It could be better made, some of the rubbers and grommets keep coming loose but I suppose they could be superglued.'

5/5  Carole 'Our 6 yr old grandson is very happy with this tab!e, he says it looks like a big one and spends a lot of time playing on it. It took a while to assemble and had to take it apart again at one point as the players were facing the wrong way! Only negative is that it wobbles a little if the players are too exuberant!'

4/5  Sunil 'I felt it's not good as the quality is not good.'

5/5  HappyMum03 'Fantastic value for money. It took an hour and a half to build but we’ll worth it!'

4/5  Grandad 'Takes a while to build and is a bit fiddly but for the money i would say its worth every penny . Kids who can normally destroy things in minutes are still playing roughly with this and it is standing up to the pounding rather well.'

4/5  David 'Bought this as a Christmas present for our 5 year old grandson. So far, both sets of grandparents, parents and older 9 year old brother have had just as much fun as he has had! Very reasonably priced.'

5/5  Abc123 'Got this at christmas for my grandson he loves it but all the family had great fun playing with it is a good present for any time ,also good value for money,.'

5/5  Con1 'Grandson loves this game he's 5 and plays with his sister. It's quite sturdy and was easy to fit together.'

4/5  Grandma 'I havnt seen it constructed yet it was for my grandson for Christmas but he loved it on opening'

4/5  Gran 'Took 2 hours to assemble. Once assembled 6 year old grandson was delighted'

5/5  Anon 'Very sturdy table my grandchildren love it, lots of screws and bits to fit so make sure you read the instructions'

2/5  Clare 'The table was hard to put together and the pictures are peeling off the frame. The instructions are really hard to follow.'

1/5  Lilac 'I got it for my son it looked nice but was hard to assembled after i finished I realised that some handles and 2 footballs missing. returned and got refund'

5/5  Dean22 'Great buy kids love it although it’s not as sturdy as it could be but all the more great price and keeps the little ones occupied'

2/5  Grandpa 'When opened up on xmas day parts of it were damaged. It had been damaged before being put in the box as the the box was perfect.'

5/5  Thumper 'I don't need to right even thing was perfect thanks will love to shop again'

5/5  Mcconvta 'Best Christmas present, kept the boys entertained for hours. Very sturdy and well produced product. Took a little while to assemble but the finished product was well worth it. Would definitely recommend this football game.'

3/5  Bunkerbill 'Not the best Christmas present for my grandson. Very disappointed as it would not fit together properly. Taking it back for exchange this week. Will then review again.'

4/5  Joe 'I bought this toy as a Christmas present. It is well made but requires a fair bit of construction. Some of the screws supplied were unsuitable and had to be replaced. The metal tubes holding the players had burrs at the end and required filing down. The work was not difficult but if you don't have the tools it would a problem.'

5/5  Max 'Great for first time buying. For 9 and 10yr olds.'

3/5  Pam 'Purchased this for my grandchildren of age 6 & 4. Attractive table for small children, especially for height, but not worth full price. Comes in small parts and I expected the top to be whole. The instructions are not good and although saw feedback about footballers facing the wrong way, my son, who is very good at putting together games, still managed to do this. He was so fed up with it, he left it like it on the day!! The children still had fun but prob better right way round.'

5/5  Lisa 'Hard to set up but done it in the end'

5/5  Oli225 'For me, a little poor quality of the product compared to the price. fairly easy to place, so I recommend it for everyone. great fun for both children and adults'

4/5  Nani 'My 5yr old grandson is thrilled with his football games table.'

5/5  Chippiex 'Bought as Xmas present so not taken out of box but looks impressive'

5/5  Tracy 'Bought this for my grandson for Christmas as he's football mad. He'll absolutely love it. Would recommend'

2/5  DaveL 'Pretty poor quality, flimsy and breakable. If youre looking for a table football then pay some extra than £55 or don’t bother'

5/5  Wendy 'Good size table fits great in sons bedroom. Nice and sturdy -simple to put together. Good quality item. Love the fun design'

5/5  Gaz 'Great football table for the little ones'

4/5  Matt6791 'Not a bad table for its size, bigger kids may need a chair. It was fairly easy to set-up in around an hour (make sure you have your own screwdriver handy though). It does say you get 4 footballs, but I only got 2. The kids love it and keep going back for more.'

5/5  Su51e 'This games table is flat packed. It took 1 adult 1 hour to put together. Pay particular attention to the way the mini football players should face when setting up to avoid getting it wrong. 1 little washer was missing but we had spares at home from previous flat pack projects so this wasn't an issue for us. A few light scratches to the finish of this product but my little boy has not noticed and it does not affect play. All in all a good product. We have had lots of play out of it. Happy son.'

5/5  Paula 'Wow! This football table is amazing for the kids. Smaller than the normal footy table but still perfect for even adults to use with the little ones. Took about 5 mins to set up and off we were, playing for about 2 hours straight! Seriously recommend this for anyone with little ones addicted to football'

5/5  Mummyov5 'Great table, very easy too build up and sturdy. Fab for kids of all ages for hours of fun. It does take up abit of space but description does state size. Fab for kids to play any time of day and comes with 4 balls. I put (3 in cupboard incase kids loose 1 lol) i would defo reccomend this item.'

5/5  Bobbyjock 'I'm very happy with this football table. My 5yr old son is even happier! He loves it! It comes flat packed and there are lots of screws. You will need a good screwdriver and at least an hour to put it all together. So it's not the sturdiest product, but it hasn't' been designed to be (it's been designed to a price, and this has been done well), it looks the part and is great fun to play on, and look at the price! I think it's excellent value for money. Recommended!'

5/5  Kiki 'Kids enjoying it in their free time'

5/5  Tra 'The grandkids loved this football table would highly recommend to anyone'

4/5  Deancook 'It really is a good toy. The ONLY problem is that if adults wish to play with children, they have to kneel down or sit on a stool! It is sturdy when built, I would advise having another person around when building it, just for a bit of support (Moral and Physical!!!)'

5/5  Della 'As a single mom I set it up myself . Very easy and my 4 boys love it .'

3/5  Caledonia 'Too many small parts tiny washers etc etc very awkward to put together too small an opening to retrieve ball should be small net to catch ball maybe'

4/5  Jenny 'Bought as a gift for my nephew and he loves it!'

3/5  Lillypops 'Bought this for my 4yr old grandson for Christmas. Opened the box started to put together only to realise both goalkeepers were missing. Returned to argos for an exchange. Got a another to find some screws and other small bits and bobs were missing !! Managed to finally put it together by using own screws.'

1/5  CovBoyz 'I bought this for my son, we opened it on Christmas Day, only to find that there were parts missing. I returned it on Boxing Day for a refund.'

5/5  Gerry 'I find it very easy to use.'

5/5  Annemarie 'Very good and a good size for my grand children to play with'

5/5  Kabkab 'Good quality and excellent value'

4/5  Ladyrose 'Purchased for xmas to give to my grandsons look sturdy enough took hubby a whike to put together will know after xmas'

5/5  Th60931 'Very sturdy'

5/5  Cally 'Great product, delivered on time, my 6 year old nephew loves it!'

5/5  Dave 'My 6 yr old son loves this football table'

1/5  TonyM 'This item was not complete so had to be returned'

5/5  Lindylou1 'Gave this to our Granddaughter for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. Ticks all the boxes and looks great. Not too large and cumbersome either. Excellent value for money.'

5/5  Yorksue61 'My grandson was eager to play on this it was easy to play with not so easy setting it up but with a bit of patience and determination we go it done'

4/5  The Queen Of Reviews 'A very popular table by the looks of it, & had to drive quite far to get it. The Luton Store I purchased it from gave me a box which had already been opened and re-sealed (always a bit of a concern for missing parts). When I got home we discovered that it wasn't the colours according to the picture on the website it was red! My son & daughter really enjoy it, but my 4 year old boy tends to lean on the bars a bit too much when playing and a few have bowed a little. But still works ok.'

5/5  D 'Got this for my 8 yr old this Christmas - he absolutely loved it! Even my teenager spent half the day playing on it with him. Great present at a great price!'

5/5  Don Kings Hair 'Excellent quality product for the price paid, easy to assemble and not too big that it takes over bedroom size. Argos sells small footy balls similar to ones with product if they get lost too! Good buy!!'

5/5  Naomi 'Kids love it'

5/5  Jamaica16 'I brought this for my 7 year old grandson that's fanatic over football and he loved it but found it hard getting to grips on playing it. It is rather sturdy provided you don't get really rough with it. We are so glad we put it together before Christmas otherwise we would have had a frustrated Grandson being as it took about 2hrs to put together and bear in mind you door widths because when it's fully made you have to allow for the bars sticking out'

1/5  Steve 'Very poor quality and not very sturdy. Two of the handles fell off on the first day.'

4/5  Frizzypie 'Was a bit tricky to set it up, but worth the effort as we got a lot of fun, not just for the young ones but adults too.'

4/5  Tricia 'Good little game and fairly sturdy for adults to join in with as well as children. It is exciting and leads to lots of laughter. Grandson aged 6 had lots of fun playing with his Dad and Grandparents.'

4/5  NowupNorth 'Surprised to see it in so many pieces but was put together by two people okay. First time however they assembled it with the players facing the wrong way and it had to be partially dismantled and re-assembled, but that was an oversight on their part I guess. Our grandson loves it. Worth the effort.'

5/5  Blossom 'Fast track service at Argos excellent. Product great value for money - you did have to assemble this but not too difficult.'

5/5  Coaly 'Kids enjoyed but build quality not great. Part of goal fell off after 1 game, metal rods a little easy to bend and stiff some are stiff.'

3/5  Natalie 'My son loves football so was the perfect present and great price'

5/5  Mj 'Ideal height for a 5 year old'

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