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Chad Valley 3ft Football Game Table Top

About the Chad Valley 3ft Football Game Table Top

Chad Valley 3ft Football Games Table is great fun for kids and adults alike, children will absolutely love it! A lovely size and offers great value for money especially for the amount of enjoyment and hours of fun play.

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Chad Valley 3ft Football Game Table Top Reviews

5/5   'Kids had hours of fun playing with the football table'

5/5  Jammy 'Great looking bright. Fun. Setting ul wasnt hard either. And is good quality. Fun for the kids also adults can play with kids and have fun.'

5/5  Tom 'Great size and design. It did take several of us to set it up, but good and sturdy. Fun to play with friends and family- and fits up to 4 players easily!'

4/5  Avril 'My son got given one for Xmas and after almost putting it together, we found that the holes for the legs were incorrect on one side. It should be 2 holes each end on each side. One side was fine and the other side had 4 half drilled holes (didn't go right through) down one end and none down the other so had to return and replace at our nearest store 20 miles from our home!'

5/5  Terence 'This was given as a gift for a 5 year but I have heard that everyone in the family has enjoyed a few games, including older brothers and the parents.'

4/5  Mandz 'A little messing around putting it all together but once assembled the fun begins. The only short fall really is the is only one football, can easily get misplaced or lost. You can buy the mini footballs online/eBay etc, but just wished it had come with at least 3 as standard. Overall great fun for not much dosh!'

4/5  Vic 'Few screws come lose and could be a bit more sturdy but my twins love playing it and have spent a hours doing so, also great fun as a family!'

4/5  Jinty 'Looks good when completed but really difficult to put together, it took 2 of us 3 hours to put it together. Some bits of material are not very sturdy. Our daughter enjoyed playing with it so that's the main thing!'

5/5  Lyndsey 'Pros: Substantial and colourful gift for my grandson. Excellent value for money. Con: takes a bit of effort to set up'

5/5  Nanny 'This is a little old for my grandson but as he loved playing with one at a Church coffee morning it seemed like a worthwhile buy. I was right as he loves it and so does his daddy!'

5/5  Stumos 'Christmas present for my son Good value and good size Easy to assemble'

4/5  Sud 'This was excellent for my grandson who is mad on football. Enjoyed playing it very much but the legs were not sturdy enough once fitted so my son in law had to use better screws'

1/5  Gimmick 'This football table came with no players and no balls. It was for my grandsons Xmas so very disappointed.'

5/5  GirlCrosby 'Bargain Christmas pressie for my 5 year old. He hasn’t stopped playing it. Not amazing quality (some of the fittings needed glueing in place and some of the edges are a bit rough) but looks great and an absolute bargain for under £20. But allow time to build it. It comes flat packed and has to be built from scratch!'

5/5  JC 'Was a bit fiddly to assemble.Took about 45 mins'

5/5  Tommy 'The kids love this simplified game and I do too lol. Better fun than all their electronic gizmos.'

5/5  Winnie 'Great quality for price. Hours of family enjoyment to be had'

5/5  Natasha 'This games table is great value for money. It took a bit of time to put it all together but turned out to be a very successful gift for a six year old boy! Lots of fun to be had with this product! Highly recommended'

5/5  Chappers 'Bought for my nephew.. and he loves it highly recommend.. good quality and a fun game'

5/5  Lauren 'My little boy loves it. Perfect size.'

5/5  Saiema 'The footstand not very steady so removed and put on the floor easier.'

5/5  Ali 'Looks great and highly entertaining. Good for the price'

3/5  Sandy 'The handles grip keeps getting off. The nails to fasten them need to be sturdy'

5/5  Olumuyiwa 'Excellent buy i waz contemplating on what to get my son for the xmas then i came across this and it fulfil my buy, i recommend it to who wana make ur children happy'

2/5  JAG 'My 4 year old managed to break one of the steel rods the players are fixed onto within 2 days of having this! Instructions for set up were very poor also!'

3/5  Joy 'Do NOT buy. Pieces missing, one leg broken - my Son had to glue and pin as this was a Christmas gift for my grandson we could not return as we felt it was unfair to not let him have his gift. It took a ridiculous amount of time to build and I mean build, not put together. We do not expect it will last very long, very flimsy. VERY DISAPOINTED.'

4/5  Wess 'My children were delighted with this for Christmas haven’t stopped playing with it.'

4/5  Coto 'A bit long to assemble but a great product'

4/5  Mumof8 'My son loved this, he played with it for hours but was short lived as it kept falling apart, and that's the pieces that were already built. After gluing all the broken pieces back together it was more sturdy. My son likes it so that's all that matters but I am not impressed'

4/5  OliveOyl 'Just a very few tweaks would make this 5 stars - e.g. Screws holding the scoring slides were difficult to put in because they were not pointed . The plastic bushes on the rods needed gluing in to be firm enough and the foot pads were loose and got thrown out in the packaging as the were not identified. All this said these are minor things and it gets 5 stars for fun and entertainment for the whole family!'

4/5  Bibs 'After initiial set up (make sure to get figures in correct directions) - the only fault was the orange caps at the end of the playing sticks kept popping off whilst using so are gluing these on, otherwise. very sturdy and grandchildren as well as grand/parents thought great!'

5/5  Rayson1977 'My son loves this very sturdy hours of fun'

5/5  Caro 'Took a while to set up but lovely toy'

5/5  Evie 'Nice table but take a while to build ( hubby wasn’t happy on Xmas morning) overall nice toy to keep 6&8 year old busy'

5/5  Willi 'Great fun for all the kids young & old'

5/5  Abdul 'Amazing product, compact and great for the kids.'

5/5  Joann3 'Fantastic football table for the young football fan. Hours of endless fun'

5/5  Mary 'A sturdy, easy to set up item. Lots of fun with this'

3/5  MotherOf5boys 'The design of the table is great, nice vibrant colours &the materials used for the actual table are good quality,very sturdy, however the smaller parts to finish off the build of the table are plastic so the fit is poor,resulting in them coming loose quickly, they pop off and can get annoying during a game. My boys are 5,6,8 & 9,the table was enjoyed by every one of them so I would say it’s a great product for siblings of different ages.Nice to have a toy powered by children and not batteries!'

2/5  Locket81 'Unfortunately, this product is very poor. It is sturdy enough for a few enjoyable games but then pieces start to come away and fall off. Putting the product together was a nightmare, screws would not screw into holes, the plastic casing around the goal area came off and I had to glue it back on. The legs are very unstable, after a few games, one of the legs fell off. Such a shame as with some improvement, this could be a great toy!'

3/5  Lupa 'We've had great fun playing table footie, and it has kept my young boys occupied and engaged. The table was time-consuming but fairly easy to assemble, but don't forget to put on the bumper pads (not mentioned in the written instructions). The table itself is sturdy, but the metal bars are quite flimsy: we managed to snap one within a couple of days. I've mended it for now, but I don't expect the others will last long.'

2/5  Gareth 'A few of the main issues are - It was a bit challenging to put together, one row of the players were fixed to the pole the wrong way round. The instructions and picture on the box/website show a different order for the players/poles. The feet of the table have become very wobbly after only a few games and cannot be tightened. My daughters enjoy playing with this, however based on the table I received I would not recommend this product.'

4/5  SueN 'This was mainly for our 5 year old but all the family are enjoying it. It was quite easy to put together, as long as you follow the instructions the football table will turn out as it should do. It is a great design, looks really good with vibrant coloured decals, the only small issues were the decal at the side was peeling off and we had to glue it back down and the plastic hole protectors keep coming apart. It seems quite sturdy, handling the kids ok so far. Great fun for all the family!'

3/5  Caz 'It was challenging to put together and didn't look the same as the picture. In the picture the goalie was not on his own bar, but there were 2 other players on the bar. Some of the little screws holding the players onto the bars have fallen out and the score bar is very flimsy.'

2/5  Dips 'This product has great potential. While it has lasted my son and I loved playing with it. Sadly it is quickly falling apart, at first the screws started to come lose so I kept putting them back, then the legs broke and I figured we could keep it without the legs but more and more pieces keep breaking and I am afraid I will have to return it. We have had this for 2 weeks and played with it about 5 times, it started breaking 10 mins in. The quality is poor.'

4/5  Rach 'Christmas gift children love it very sturdy for the price. Little bit tricky to put together'

3/5  Beck 'The table came in a lot of pieces and it had to be put together which I didn't realise it would be in so many pieces so it took about 2 hours to put together and the children were getting impatient as they wanted to play.'

2/5  Annie 'I put this together on Christmas day for my 5 year old son. He was so excited! Sadly the thread fixings that the bolts screw into on the legs don't stay attached, so all the legs fell off almost straight away. Really poor quality. I would return it, but my son loves playing with it without the legs and I can't see how a replacement would be any better. Steer clear!!'

5/5  Juleski 'A real winner this Christmas with the kids and adults alike. Pretty simple to put together and fairly strong when dad has a crack at it. Would definitely recommend. Enjoy and get the kids off digital games for a bit too :)'

4/5  V 'Good size for little ones. Easy to assemble and fairly robust.'

5/5  GB 'Bit fiddly getting the players in the right order. But once all in very good. 3 and 5 year olds love it. You can really whollap the ball in if you get it right!'

4/5  Anonymous 'Order and delivery to nearby store very efficient. Item appears well made. Took little while to set up and one piece needs fixing but overall good purchase.'

4/5  Woo 'Perfect gift, great service, well done Argos ☺'

4/5  Mummyone 'Design could be a little sturdier but my teenage boys get carried away & it seems to cope ok. My husband set it up so it must of been easy enough to do! Having no legs means we can just tip it on its side & tuck it away rather than having it sat constantly in middle of living room.'

5/5  Tery0491 'It was little bit difficult to assemlbeassemble. However it's worth it. Great value for great price'

3/5  Saint 'Was great idea for keeping kids busy with activities to do. The items legs went after a days use. And screws com lose on handles.'

3/5  Omar 'It is an ok product and to be fair I wasn't expecting greatness since it is Chad Valley. I had the nuisance of taking the original back because one screw would not tighten. Argos customer relations as always was brilliant and they gave me a new one. Kids love it which is the main thing but I don't expect this to have a long life. For example, my 4 year old was pulling off the rubber seals that sit on the pole ends. Also, 2 screws provided for the scoring dice holders weren't long enough.'

1/5  LeKing1997 'I decided to buy one of the pricier table top football games in the Argos catalogue to invest in a bit more quality. It turned out to be a big disappointment. Difficult to assemble. Machined holes did not match the poles. One of the player's head kept falling off and side walls started to flake off. All this on day one!'

4/5  OJohnK 'This is a sturdy enough basic table football game. It requires a table, as it doesn't have long legs, but this makes it more stable when in use. You need to build it yourself from flat pack, which is fairly straightforward, but takes a while.'

5/5  Tuma 'My children love's it.very nice game'

4/5  Dan 'Don't sneeze whilst playing or will jog the board.'

5/5  Sican 'I wanted a gift I could see the boys play with. Tho did just that. Excellent'

5/5  Andyafc 'Great sturdy game for kids lots of fun good price'

5/5  Andy 'My grandson loves this item bought for his birthday'

5/5  Yvonne 'Bought for a 9 year old but the whole family are enjoying playing the football game. Good size and sturdy piece of kit.'

5/5  Lynray7 'Bought this as a joint xmas present for my grandchildren. They all loved it (ages 2-10) and had great fun. Really solid unit. Can't fault it.'

4/5  Shoreleaf 'For the price this is a good table but it will not last that long. The assembly instructions and method are a joke. Best way is to assemble the two ends to the side and then slide in the pith and secure with the fourth side.'

5/5  DS 'This is not a top quality product. It has been designed to be cheap. But it is really good. M 8-year-old has been playing non-stop for a week and it has not broken yet,'

4/5  JohnR 'This was given to a nephew as a birthday present and will take a real pasting. It seems to be coping so far. It was slightly more complicated to put together than expected and the non-playing end of the spindles lose their rubber tips quite regularly. Overall, a really good present.'

5/5  Mb 'My son loves it'

5/5  Margaret 'I bought this for my grandsons birthday and he loves it, especially when he scores a goal.'

5/5  Bal 'My grandsons love this football game its greart'

5/5  Papa P 'Grandson he enjoying playing with it'

5/5  Costel 'Good ANd i am happy with it'

5/5  Nicola 'My son has had great fun with this inexpensive product. It is sturdy and attractive to look at and was easy to assemble.'

5/5  Val 'This was a pressie for my grandson and he absolutely loved it.'

4/5  Mark73 'This takes a bit of putting together, but it is well designed and seems solid. Be aware that the picture on the box has the footballers in the wrong order, but the instructions are correct. We left the legs off to make it easy to score, and place it on a table instead. It is great fun to play, and my children, 3 and 7, love it.'

5/5  Big A 'Kids are loving it'

5/5  Kwaka6 'We bought this for my son for Christmas, I used click and collect which was excellent. My wife put the table together, so the instructions must have been pretty good as I didn't hear any complaints. It is very sturdy, the kids haven't damaged it yet. My son loves it, in fact all the family have had more than one go on it. I honestly can't fault it. The only thing I'm not sure about is the paint job, sometimes less is more. But I would definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Sasha 2007 'It was really cool when we got it together and I played it nearly all day long. Thank you for making it. Alex aged 8'

2/5  Lady K 'Was very disappointed by this, it was near on Impossible to put together due to the holes either being to big or not in the right place, my 6 year old son was so sad on Christmas day due this faulty product'

5/5  Tanya 'My eldest is going to love this, he's really into football so he's going to enjoy this'

5/5  Mahmuda 'This product is amazinng as it has all the features as shown in the picture. Also, itsbeasy to play with and anyone can play with it. Its easy to carry and play anywhere'

4/5  Jenna 'I'm happy with product'

5/5  43852 'I purchased this for my 4yr old grandson who has not stopped playing with it since. He loves it and so does he's Dad and brother. A great buy.'

5/5  Nat 'My kids love this and it was easy to use and set up. It can be hard to store away when not in use but it is a good toy.'

4/5  Vimi 'Good value for money. Easy to assemble and easy to play. Very good entertainment for kids and even adult . Will recommend this product for boys'

5/5  H 'Great fun. Grandson loves it.'

5/5  Debs 'I purchased this for a christmas present for my grandson and he loves it and so do we it is great. would highly recommend'

5/5  Amylou25 'I bought this for a friends some for Christmas and he was chuffed to jugs with it!'

5/5  Suzie2 'Exactly right for a 6 year old and robust enough to stand endless "championship" competitions on birthday party day!'

4/5  Fred 'It certainly made my 6 year old grandson's Christmas. Skills required easily acquired so that he was playing and beating adults!F'

5/5  Fernall Flock 'Ideal first football table for our 3 kids 5,7,9 years old. Lots of fun had by all including Daddy! Portable so can be 'hidden' away or moved to different rooms and put at appropriate height for the human players.'

4/5  Youth Club 'We used this as a temporary solution for our Youth Club. It has seen some use and is still standing!!'

5/5  Ian29 'I would say this is a great gift for a young lad about 5 years old . Me & my son have had hours of fun with it . It's easy & quick to set up & also a pretty strong table . I've told many people it's well worth it's value'

4/5  Maff 'Bought this for my 6 yr old son for a Xmas present. It is just the right size which can be stored under his bed when not in use. Can be played from the floor or put on a table if preferred. Have had lots of play on it. Would recommend.'

4/5  ROZ 'Bought for 7year old so is being well used. Great quality for a really good price. Easy to construct.'

4/5  Amo 'We were really happy with this product. It's big enough so both our boys (10 & 4) can enjoy together - the smaller tables get old quickly - plus daddy & friends had a few games we put it on top of our dining table! We opted for a table without legs (although this one has small feet) so we could store away easier. Some of the tables with legs don't let you remove them - worth thinking about when you need to put away for a while. Overall V happy with this product - shame I can't play that well!'

5/5  Susan 'I bought this football table to replace one that met with an accident and I expected it to be a direct replacement (same brand and catalogue photo) but this one has 3 rods per side rather than the previous 4; and the exterior paintwork is a rather garish red instead of the green shown in the product photo. I was keen to buy it before Christmas or I would have returned it and tried to get a green one! It did give us a lot of fun though!'

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