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Chad Valley Wooden Hammer Bench

About the Chad Valley Wooden Hammer Bench

The Chad Valley Wooden Hammer Bench encourages your most cherished's deftness. Every time they hit the squares through the bench, they can turn it over and enjoy the fun all over again. You can likewise utilise the bench to discuss hues, seeing which shading gets hit through first or which one is the top choice of your little one.

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Chad Valley Wooden Hammer Bench Reviews

5/5   'Good value My son enjoy s playing with it.'

5/5  Andy 'Was a bit smaller than I thought it might be but my 1 year old still enjoyed it and even my 3 year old plays with it'

5/5  Hays 'Great toy, attractive colours, kept my 1 year old very amused. Hammer perfect weight'

5/5  Margaret 'Keeps grandson occupied not too hard to push through with little fingers'

5/5  Flo292 'You get what you pay for with this toy, cheap and cheerful. Very good if you need a stocking filler or buy a lot of toys for childminding etc.'

4/5  MommyJJ 'Brought this for a one year old, he loves it makes me smile and laugh. He has great fun hitting the sticks into the holes that much he cries till you turn the toy over. Great for coordinate and role play.'

4/5  Cat 'This item was bought in the sale, and it is very basic and simple but it's amazing how much fun can be made from this little traditional toy. Bright and chunky blocks which are easy for my toddler to hold and he spends a lot of time hammering in the blocks. A great buy.'

5/5  Pete 'A sturdy simple toy. Good value'

4/5  Esmee 'It's a nice toy, very well made.... I did think it would of been bigger tho.'

5/5  Dexter 'Fab my little girls loves this'

5/5  Samjo 'Granddaughter loves it. Sturdy construction. Only one issue is that the edges are quite high so when banging the pegs in, she sometimes hits her hand on the corners. Would be better if they were a bit rounded'

5/5  Lorz 'Fab little toy smaller than I thought but really fun to play with and the colours and fab my 1yr old loves it'

3/5  Ecr2127 'Good quality but a little disappointed with the size of the toy'

5/5  SEmily2011 'Little one loves it, great fun!'

5/5  Lou 'I bought this as a birthday present for my one year old brother who loves it. My 3 year old nephew didn't waste any time as he started playing too.'

2/5  Gill 'Poor quality. pegs are too loose, they slip through the holes'

5/5  Shell 'Been buying these for years for all my children definatly a must have for every child gives them hours of fun whilst helping to improve there hand/eye co ordination'

5/5  Lily 'She enjoyed banging the colours in'

5/5  Kay 'Brilliant toy, good price :)'

4/5  Tracey 'My grandson loves this . Also becarefull with hammer as he liked hiring us with it lol'

5/5  Fortunes 'She love the hammering part so much . Delight to watch'

5/5  Keeley 'Good little product.'

4/5  Alex88 'Bought for 1 year olds and they seem to like it. Sturdy quality and bright colours. Good for the price we paid.'

2/5  Pattacake 'The pegs are a little different in size and in some cases fall straight through or very easily so doesnt really encourage hammering . ok for hand-eye co-ordination.'

5/5  Phil 'Light and colourful, great value and traditional toy, already a firm favourite with my grandson'

4/5  Cell 'My 1yo loves this, will happily bang away at it for ages. Only downside is she can push all pegs through easily so often does that instead of banging which isn't quite as good for those gross and fine motor skills. Other more expensive ones I have come a cross are better sized so little fingers can't push pegs through. All else is fab though would def buy again.'

5/5  CarlaMc 'These were given to my 1 year old twin boys and they make a beeline for it every morning. It's simple but colourful and very well made. They haven't quite mastered hitting the pegs through with the hammer but they have fun pulling out and then pushing in the pegs which helps with their hand eye co-ordination. Definately recommend this for kids of a similar age'

3/5  Lily 'This is a great little stocking filler for the nephew'

5/5  Soph96 'Good quality'

5/5  CSJ 'Nice little compact toy , my little one enjoys playing with it .'

4/5  Kiwi 'My 19mth old son loves this. Didn't take long to pick up on the concept of hammering and loves to get rid of a bit of energy banging the pegs through. Wood has become a little dented but it does get hit with full force. Made well, lovely bright colours. Priced appropriately.'

5/5  Crafty Katy 'Beautiful well made toy just right for little hands great for colours and counting and just having fun.'

5/5  Minnie Mouse 'It's a fun game to play'

5/5  Dallandra 'My grandson loves hitting the table etc and this set is just made for him. Very sturdy. Great'

4/5  Jay 'Bought for my young grandson as a present but I'm sure he will love it'

5/5  Duncan 'Great traditional gift at a good price.'

5/5  L 'My 18montb old son loves this. It's a simple toy but great quality and a brilliant price'

5/5  Lins 'My one year old loves it, as does the two and a half years as its new! Good for them to learn to hit and aide coordination'

4/5  CA 'I bought this for my 1 yr old but even my 8 yr old has enjoyed playing with it. The bench is well built and really light making it easy for little hands to turn over'

5/5  Jow Jow 'My baby boy loves this toy'

3/5  Gordon 'Gets my grandsons fingers working great'

5/5  Absandme 'Great toy, got it in early for xmas.'

5/5  Auds 'Bought this for my grandsons 1st birthday, it is good quality but not sure who enjoyed it more between him and his dad, maybe a throwback to his own childhood as I bought one of these when he was a baby the quality doesn't seem to have changed definately worth a buy,'

5/5  VB 'Both my daughter (13months) and my niece (2 1/2) love this toy. Colourful, strong and well made. Great value.'

5/5  Bob2331 'Fab for babies and even the bigger kids although be warned, the hammer hurts when your smacked in the head'

4/5  BettyB 'This product looks good and is good quality. I found the pegs to be quite hard for the little ones to push through, they sort of get a little stuck half way through. But overall good'

5/5  Gee 'The Chad Valley Wooden Hammer Bench is still as good for small children as it was 50 years ago'

5/5  Linsey 'I've bought this for my sons 1st birthday so havent opened it yet but he uses a similar one at his nursery and really enjoys the noises when he bangs the blocks and it has really helped develop his hand eye coordination. Looking forward to seeing him enjoy it at home.'

4/5  Oskydosk 'I bought this for my new grandson to put away ready for Christmas my sons had one of these and the elder one played with it endlessly. This is a bit smaller by I am sure my grandson will love it'

4/5  Sam2812 'I love wooden toys their alot more dirable my son loves this toy to loves the sound it makes when he hita it'

5/5  Zitouna 'My 14 months old daughter sit for hours playing with it she is so facinated by it and is cheap'

5/5  Johnmc1977 'Excellent toy my wee boy loves it'

5/5  Shan 'Was quite shocked with this, got it as a last resort for my 1 year old niece as I ran out of ideas and she loved it!!'

5/5  Anna 'Bought for a 18 month old little girl. The colours are lovely and bright and the pegs pop down easily enough without sliding out when you turn it over. My daughter just can't see why she needs a hammer when she's perfectly adept at pushing them through with her fingers, she is slowly starting to get the point though! Would recommend and good price I thought.'

5/5  Dotey 'My son loved this soon as i have to him hes not once stopped playing with it unlike other new toys he gets'

5/5  Senorbadger 'Brought for my nephew who loves to bash things, It's holding up well and no real signs of wear even after a proper good beating. Happy with quality and price and that'll give everyone some peace for 5 mins...'

5/5  Den 'Great traditional wooden toy'

3/5  Gaurav 'Good learning toy for toddlers... would be nice if some musical things can be added.'

3/5  Lollipop09 'Fun activity for hand eye coordination.'

4/5  Susan?? 'Good quality but smaller than we expected. However, 2 year old loves it!!'

5/5  Sarah65 'Very good toy, very good price'

4/5  Meme81 'Bought this for my 1 year old as he loves toys that you hit. It really surprised me how sturdy and well made it is for the price and keeps him entertained for ages. I'm really pleased with it.'

4/5  JasminR 'Brought for my little girl she love it and has lots of fun !'

5/5  Mel 'Really good and solid toy. Kids will enjoy a lot'

5/5  Al 'Allround good fun.'

5/5  LittleBigRainbow 'I remember having one of these when I was younger and I had to buy one for my daughter. She plays with it everyday and really enjoys it. It is good value for money and well made.'

4/5  Katy 'This product is really good and helps my grandson with his hand eye coordination.'

5/5  Angela24 'I like how the woiden sticks can stay in it to prevent them from getting lost and the quality is very good. My baby loves playing with it and so do my older children.'

5/5  C2108 'Brought the hammer bench for my nephew birthday and he loves it. My daughter has also got same one which she has had for 2 years now and still plays with it. It is very well built and has been drop thrown and banged a lot but still in perfect condition. If you want one that's going to last this is it.'

5/5  Grandma 'Small and colourful. lightweight enough not to do any damage but fun to hammer.'

4/5  WephySol 'Good toy, great to develop motor skills. Blocks come lose and fall out so must supervise play and smaller than expected.'

3/5  Rocksteady 'Not very happy as the wooden posts fall out without the child even having to hit them with the hammer'

4/5  Sammy 'Cheap cheerfull learning toy'

4/5  Holly15 'Great learning for my son. Still a little tiny for him but he loves the colours'

5/5  Mommaof3 'Perfect for little learners.. My 1 year old loves it and can spend hours playin with it! Helps with colours and hand to eye coordination! Good price aswell.'

5/5  Spike 'The best thing about this bench is that the pegs stay in the holes, you just turn it up the other way and its ready to be hammered again.'

5/5  Kellyboy 'Bought for 16 month old daughter and she loves it. Very simple to use but hours of fun achieved'

3/5  Karen39 'My son loves this, however at 20 months old he can use his finger instead of hammer to push the posts in. They should be a better fit.'

5/5  Mags 'Great toy for young kids,,,tough, hardwaring, cheap'

3/5  MDG 'Could do better'

5/5  Pip 'This is like the toy our family had 40 years ago. Now my baby niece is enjoying the same fun. It is attractive with its bright primary colours. There is also educational value from developing motor control: gripping the hammer, hand/eye coordination, pushing and pulling. It is very well made and should last long enough to pass on to other children. The price was very good. I am very pleased with the purchase and would certainly buy another for friends' children.'

4/5  Mark 'It's a classic toy, nice and colourful, and my son instantly understood what to do with it. It is on the small side, but is perfectly alright for a little person. My only criticism is that the pegs are not necessarily held in place tightly enough, with the result that they sometimes need to be inserted in different holes to compensate.'

4/5  Ann10 'Lovely bright colours just right size for 2 years old little hands'

5/5  Shara 'Baby finds it really fun'

4/5  Harry's Mum 'Not expensive and works well'

5/5  Les 'My littel gril loved this toy'

4/5  Heather28 'Thought it would have been slightly larger but my one year old loves it anyway'

5/5  Dua 'My little one loved it at first instance.attractive colours and good material.'

4/5  Dondizzle 'Lovely little item , even better bought on the 3 for 2 offer. My daughter is one and likes to push the pegs with her fingers :)'

2/5  Bear 'I bought this for my son, its absolutely tiny! I wouldn't have bought it if I had realised how small it was.'

5/5  Rach29 'I got this for my niece for her 2nd birthday she loved it and increased her strength in her arms and hands. She uses it all the time. I would recommend it for anyone who has a child aged2+. Great product would buy again.'

5/5  Muggymoo 'This is a great toy for our one year old Grandson as he loves to bang things! He can also be encouraged to choose which pegs to hammer as well as to learn the colours. Great for development of hand - eye coordination.'

4/5  Lil_lisa87 'My Little boy loves this toy he like the banging of it and the colours'

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