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Chad Valley Wooden 3 Storey Dolls House - Pink

About the Chad Valley Wooden 3 Storey Dolls House - Pink

The wonderful Chad Valley Wooden 3 Storey Dolls House will be loved for well in to your little ones future. Fantastically stylishly adorned with rear garden panel, your most cherished will have the capacity to put the characters around the house, playing out various storylines and going whether their imagination takes them. With two inhabitants occupying three stories generously furnished and a garden to meander in this is one welcoming doll house!

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Chad Valley Wooden 3 Storey Dolls House - Pink Reviews

5/5   'My granddaughter loves playing with this, very strong and robust'

5/5  Kirk 'The doll house is alot bigger than thot so good value for money my little girl cant stop playing with it. Brilliant value for money'

3/5  Sarah 'The front of the house looks lovely and nice and sturdy. Came with furniture which I didn’t expect but does not open at the front as suggested in the pictures. Very easy to build.'

5/5  Frankie 'Wasn’t happy how you don’t get any figures for it as had to shop somewere else :('

5/5  Leanne 'This is easy to put together, the instructions are simple to read and follow. Once it's up it's very sturdy and looks lovely. I like the fact that the roof is on hinges and can't come off, less chance of any accidents. My little girl loves it.'

5/5  Hayl 'Would most definitely recommend this product as a first little dolls house'

3/5  Mark 'House is pretty and fairly sturdy. Took a bit of time to build. 1st purchase had damaged house front, but quickly replaced by helpful store staff. Overall good value purchase, let down by flimsy door hinges.'

4/5  Jtan 'Building the house was a bit fiddly but looked OK on completion.'

5/5  Grapevine 'The house looks very pretty and my granddaughter loves it. Worth all the effort required to build and set it up. Needs two people to screw it all together.'

5/5  Nursing 'Brought for my 3 year old, it completely made her Christmas, she played with nothing else!'

5/5  Granny60 'Beautiful Dolls House lovely finish inside and outside coloured Pink which is very pretty, well made and sturdy bought as a gift for my Granddaughter who just looks it and spends hours playing with it.'

5/5  Mack 'Bought for my 2 year old granddaughter. She loves it and plays for hours. It is just the right size, is very pretty and really sturdy. Really good value and would definitely recommend'

5/5  Sal 'Assembled nicely although instructions picture could be a little clearer. My little girl loved it, seems sturdy and looks pretty'

5/5  Emily 'Beautiful dolls house easy instructions to follow took a while to build due to small screws but worth it hasn’t been left alone since great fun kept my daughter amused for hours'

5/5  Roxie 'Was a reasonable price for the size of it and was very easy to assemble.'

4/5  KekkieB 'My little girl loves it! It’s a great little house for the price and it’s a really pretty design. Easy enough to assemble. Few dents & paint smudges here and there though so the finish isn’t brilliant in some places.'

5/5  Marie 'A lovely wooden dolls house. Beautifully painted and it is sturdy. A decent sized hoise too, so pleased with this as a present for my daughter.'

5/5  Emma 'Hours of imaginative play'

5/5  Happylittleone 'We bought this doll house for our daughter and it is perfect. It’s a good size and nice finish. Would prefer the screws not showing but the house itself has a lovely finish and our daughter loves it! Great value for money and would highly recommend to anyone!'

5/5  Tessg 'Love the dolls house'

5/5  Natt 'It’s for Christmas but looks good so far'

5/5  Donna 'Lovely dolls house. Great quality.'

5/5  Mumof6 'I bought this for my granddaughter. It's really good quality and durable. The colours are lovely and bright. Good value.'

5/5  Sweetpea 'This is a very pretty and sturdy doll house bought for a three year old. Offers lots of opportunities for imaginative play.'

5/5  Hazle 'Really good,sturdy house. Bought this for a 3 year old. Putting it together wasn’t easy and the stairs fall down a lot while being played with but for the money it’s excellent value'

4/5  Tony 'Overall good quality product, little one spends time with it, very happy'

5/5  Fairy19 'I am giving it to my little 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas so as yet I cannot give an opinion of the dolls house until I see her on the 25th December. Once she has played with everything for a few days I shall then be able to give an account of the dolls house. It looks lovely from the picture on the box.'

5/5  Jo 'Fantastic quielty and we got the people to are daughter loved it for her birthday'

5/5  Zoe 'Recently bought as a Christmas present but looks fantastic well worth the money.'

5/5  Lorri 'Perfectly pretty for my little girl, hours of fun and a great price too'

5/5  Midi 'Beautiful first dolls house bought for my niece for her Xmas great quality and value for money would highly recommend'

5/5  Chahat 'Loved it and it's perfect for my daughter to play in her room'

5/5  Rach 'Good imaginative play, keeps all the children occupied...(aged 2-9) good quality, decent size....much better than the plastic alternatives.'

4/5  Kat 'Lovely quality dolls house - looks great when finished but my husband had difficulty putting ours together as not all the fixings went to together quite as it should. Quite large when complete but not too deep so easy to store up against a wall.'

4/5  Lou 'Bought for my 5 year old she loves it spends hours playing'

5/5  Ani 'The Dollhouse is good imaginative toy. Some furniture and figures are included. Simple to follow instructions, but not for people with big hands, as it has a lot of tiny bits. My husband was complaining a lot while putting it together. Overall good quality, good price and great fun.'

5/5  Natalie 'An all round lovely item. Only thing I would have liked was if the roof was hinged instead of held with wooden dowels.'

5/5  Tina 'This was gift for granddaughter & my son built it it was easy. The quality was excellent very pleased with my purchase'

5/5  Paul59 'My granddaughter screamed when she opened her dolls house for her 3 rd birthday loved it !!!'

5/5  Willo 'Dead easy instructions, step by step picture by picture, but I needed a magnifying glass for the tiny screws, thinner fingers would've helped too, but follow the sequence and it comes together easily enough. Some parts don't attach, like the stairs, but it's down to the child to decide what goes where, all 3 of my Grand-Daughters happily played together with it, good quality product too, solid and compact, very pleased.'

4/5  Granddad 'A nicely designed product. A bit short of furniture, so we had to buy the accessories pack as well.'

3/5  Jayne 'Was fairly easy to assemble, with all parts numbered to help with the numbered instructions. However the two roof pieces were numbered differently, but were actually the same piece, where as they should have been different (so one piece did not have the 4 screw fixings as shown, and had to be modified). However the product was very pleasing to the almost 3 year old, and I was pleased it included some basic furniture, and two dolls to add to the play experience.'

5/5  Aqv 'This doll's house is sturdy, pretty and a great price. Our granddaughter is loving it and the furniture and figures that go with it. It's a big plus over other houses on the market that these accessories are included. No problems assembling it, though a little fiddly, BUT the sets of stairs are both the same length, so don't cope with the floor-to-ceiling height differences on the two floors. Checked in another box (thank you, Argos) and they are all the same. Would still recommend.'

5/5  Roberto 'My kids enjoyed this so much we are thinking of buying another so they can be neighbours'

5/5  Chelsea 'I got this for my little girls 3rd birthday. She loves it and loves to imaginary play.'

5/5  Hana 'Value for money and the perfect gift for my little girl..'

4/5  Shell 'Bought for my 4yr old to cheer her up when she was poorly. It’s pretty on the outside so she was excited to open it up and look inside but it’s a pain because it opens from the back and the dolls and accessories that come with it are a bit poor and very plain and so she didn’t really know what things were,the stairs fall constantly which annoys her and so she loses interest very quickly..Asda had a much better one for roughly the same amount but wasn’t in stock hence me settling for this one.'

3/5  LN 'We got this for our niece for her third birthday and she loves it! It’s beautiful. The only down side is that the back panel drops down on hinges to open up the back to allow play, but this means the child needs to sit or stand on the back board itself so I’m unsure if this will survive too long. Also the stairs are right behind the front door so when the stairs are in the correct position the door doesn’t open. Other than those small annoyances it is perfect!'

5/5  Andi 'Really impressive wooden dolls house. I bought this for my son's birthday and it is really good value for money - I was pleasantly surprised! Lovely and bright and hard wearing. He's enjoyed playing with it lots.'

4/5  Ula 'My nice loves the doll house. It's well made.'

5/5  Granny 'My daughter loves it plays all day with it good quality product worth every single penny thanks Argos'

5/5  Sbash 'Absolutely love this dolls house,it us my grand daughters first dolls house and she loves it, it is extremely sturdy and putting it together was really easy, I would recommend two people do this together, I have ordered more furniture for it and I know my granddaughter will enjoy this for years to come.'

5/5  Rabz 'It was a nice size house and easy to assemble. Lovely overall quality.'

5/5  Malwina 'As I was building up this doll house I found that one piece of roof could be attach to the second with some small brackets or something, so kinds wont be taking if off completely, but otherwise worth money'

5/5  Naz 'Really cute doll house ! Worth the price'

5/5  Gee 'This is brilliant gives your child hours of imaginative play and you get to see your child's excitement as they play with the accessories provided! No second thought needed with this product! :)'

5/5  MummaOf2 'Bought for my little girls 4th Birthday and she hasn’t stopped playing with it! It’s so lovely to see where her imagination takes her whilst playing with this! It already comes with 2 characters and some wooden furniture but my little one likes to add in all sorts of different toys! (Mainly LOL dolls!) Overall fantastic buy, really good sized dolls house and very good value for money. Would definitely recommend!'

5/5  MrsK 'Got this for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and it is by far the best thing we have every bought her. She absolutely loves playing with it. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Tara 'Great price for the house and everything included. Easy to put together 20 minute job all screws are in a labelled guide. Only down fall are the 2 sets of stairs that come with the house you have to balance them however they end up falling ALL THE TIME and also when you try to open the door you can't as the stairs are in the way.'

5/5  Dizzy 'Bought these for my granddaughters and They have had hours of fun . Great for imagination'

4/5  Bialy 'Good price and somehow, I recommend it'

4/5  Ash 'My little girl and boy have loads of fun playing with this house. It looks great and is fairly strong. It is a bit hard to put together as some of screws are so small.'

5/5  Mick 'Kids love this have a good time'

5/5  Cadyn 'Got this for my 3 year old niece.. she loved it and plays with it all the time. Took me about a hour to put together some of small parts were tricky'

5/5  Mand 'Easy to put together. My neice said best present every. Excellent value for money'

4/5  Al 'Great dolls house. My 3 year old loves it !'

5/5  Ryan 'This was so straightforward and easy to put together best instructions ever. My five-year-old niece loved it was able to varnish the dolls to give them a ethnic colour.'

5/5  MP 'There are quality issues with some of the covering on the walls peeling off during assembly. This issue has been highlighted by other customers but the manufacturer has not addressed the issue. The product is okay for a child to play with and product assembly takes about an hour. I would look at others before considering this product. The price is competitive but at the expense of quality.'

5/5  Dezzy 'My 4 year old niece loves it. Had to go online and buy more dolls for it and some animals. Quality is fantastic and looks so nice.'

5/5  KIN 'Matches exactly what we were looking for, in terms of size, functionality and price. The quality is good, but struggled with putting the last part in. Children are loving it, very useful for small rooms as it doesn't need a large space, also can be moved easily. Definitely I recommend it.'

3/5  Cazzieann 'My granddaughter loves this dolls house. It looks pretty and she plays for hours with it. I am not good with flat pack construction but this was simple. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Once built its sturdy and can take the rough and tumble of a toddler. Very good value for money and compares strongly to more expensive houses.'

4/5  Goddaughter 'Good for the money goddaughter loves it would recommend it'

5/5  Nilesh 'Good for 3-4 year old one. But it takes time to assemble it.'

5/5  Spursgirl 'Easy to put together My little one loves it she uses her imagination all the time when playing with it. Its very cute. Ideal gift'

5/5  Hoops 'Very good value for money. My little girl loved it'

5/5  Cpg 'Fantastic. Ticks all the boxes'

5/5  Mariusz31 'Good toy for little girl.'

5/5  Teen 'Excellent quality for small hands and encourage role play with sibling'

5/5  Ela 'Excellent product for a very good price'

5/5  Keykey 'My little girl loves it she hasn’t stopped playing with it'

5/5  Dolly 'It was easy to make Well my husband fixed it Lovely girly pink colour Perfect size Price is excellent and worth paying for'

5/5  Pedro 'The dolls house is very good quality it ticks all the boxes, it's made very well it is also made of wood and its solid the features of the inside and outside of the house is beautifully made my granddaughter loves it thank you argos.'

5/5  Unhappy 'After about 20 minutes with my three year old playing with the dolls house,the edging started peeling away. It looks great but is very poor quality'

5/5  Froggy 'I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a lovely dolls house for a toddler. It’s colourful and cute. It comes with a little furniture to start your child off. I can’t actually say anything bad about it. Our 3 year old little girl loves it.'

5/5  Nan 'Perfect toy for young children. Impressed with the quality and all the additional furniture - our granddaughter loved it.'

5/5  747 'It's a great buy. My girls love it. It's easy to put together and on your own.'

5/5  Riss 'This is an amazing product my daughter was extremely excited as this was a perfect size for her and came with loads of accessories that she could roll play with'

2/5  Maria 'It is much better if the doll house comes out with full furniture for more enjoyment of kids not problem if it cost more at least we dont have to worry of buying the furniture individually... thanks'

5/5  Sue 'This was easy to put together, my 8 year old granddaughter has hours of fun with this, I would recommend to all'

5/5  SSanchez 'My daughter loves this, having revived it from Santa. The design was clever and I particularly liked the way that all the pieces were in order for assembly. Made things a lot easier. Some of the screws are tiny and a struggle on the eyes. Bit of extra fun to paint the furniture. Stairs seem to be a step short but maybe need to fit some carpets.'

5/5  KatieW 'It didn’t take long to assemble. Very good value for money especially as it comes with basic furniture and two people. Our 6 year old loves it. Very pleased with this buy!'

5/5  Anna 'This is a great toy for the price. Looks amazing and not cheap at all. My daughter is in love with it.'

3/5  Char 'The dolls house was easy to assemble but some of the screws were missing. The magnet for the door at the back was very hard to put on, resulting in a small hole. It looks good from the front and my granddaughter liked putting the furniture in the rooms.'

5/5  Richy 'Bought this doll house for my nieces and they absolutely love play with it.'

4/5  Shona 'Little loves this house!spends hours playing with it.easy to assemble and seems sturdy'

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