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Chad Valley Red Pop Up Adventure Play Tunnel

About the Chad Valley Red Pop Up Adventure Play Tunnel

Suitable for solo or multi child play, this super quick and easy assemble Chad Valley Red Pop Up Adventure Play Tunnel provides hours of entertainment for your most cherished with the additional bonus that it effortlessly folds away for easy compact storage. There's lots of great fun to be had with the Chad Valley Pop Up Adventure Play Tunnel.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3899218
EAN/SKU: 3899218
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Chad Valley Red Pop Up Adventure Play Tunnel Reviews

5/5   'Great item, different colours and shapes are stimulating for little ones and great fun. Reduced to clear, brilliant price and fab item.'

5/5  Roo 'Great tunnel. Daughter loves the 3 peep holes on the side and the netting. Many hours of enjoyment. Bought this along with a tent. Great quality'

5/5  David 'Hi my son and my dog love it. We all have a lots of fun wirh it'

5/5  Bridgey 'Absolutely ideal for my Grandson who is 15 months and but loves crawling underneath chairs and tables. Can crawl through without bumping his head now and has been having loads of fun using it'

5/5  Becca 'This was for my grand daughter for Christmas and she loves it, she had just started crawling and it gave her chance to explore!'

5/5  Aimee 'Worth buying Harry has hours of fun, I brought this with the ball pit'

3/5  Ali 'Quality is fine but it is pretty small.'

5/5  Muzungu 'Our little one loves this, it's easy to store, it's bright and colourful, will work indoors and outdoors (and with the netting and holes) won't get too hot outdoors in the summer! and simply looks great. All around a great toy for little ones to enjoy.'

5/5  Nick 'Springs open and can be compacted down again for easy storage. Nice and colourful with different textures, 3 little windows and side netting panel, 2 year old loves crawling through it or standing it vertically as a tower.'

5/5  NH 'Perfect size. Just long and tall enough for a toddler! Good price too.'

5/5  Jimmers 'My grand child loves her tunnel so easy to pop up and play'

5/5  Mangarama 'We attached this tube to the little tent and it works amazingly. Our son and his friends love going through it and finding each other at the other end. Easy to fold together and tie the little strings on the sides so it becomes a ring he can play with too. Good buy.'

5/5  Cc 'Not to big and nicely made'

5/5  Milly 'Fun for toddler to play with'

5/5  Lou 'Great activity tunnel. Our 11 month old grand-daughter loves playing in it. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  MrNeaves 'This was a great product for the price - and the kids love it! It’s sumple to both erect and put away, and will provide hours of enjoyment.'

4/5  Neily 'We brought this for our baby as he is crawling everywhere and loves crawling in between our legs, under chairs, etc. So a tunnel, that has mesh and holes on the sides was ideal for him to go through safely and for us to see him. He loves it, would recommend it for your child if they are a little adventurer'

5/5  Ben 'Easy to store and set up, all ways a toy the kids look for at home to play with.'

5/5  Lulu 'Great size. Perfect for small rooms but equally as good to use outside'

4/5  Kim 'Excellent tunnel. Easy to fold and put away. Good for toddlers'

5/5  Charlotte 'Children loved it and was amazing quality'

5/5  Fifi 'My 19 month grandson loves it'

5/5  Jobo 'Good value for money, my toddler loves it.'

3/5  Linzi 'It's alot smaller than I thought but my son still likes it.'

5/5  Nina 'Easy to store as it collapses. Wasn't initial sure about the size but Ive used it with 1.5 year old who love it. Even a very (VERY) slim adult could squeeze through. Colour/Pattern is a slight variation of what you get but still a good product'

4/5  Suzie 'Excellent for a one year old and small 4 year old good value'

5/5  BookMum 'My 14-month-old son enjoys playing with this. Hard to tell from the product photo, but one side is blue mesh netting, so easy to see inside the tunnel. Folds up small. We use it inside our flat for active play and can take out to the garden on nice days, too.'

5/5  JMR65 'Great toy. This is a brilliant first tunnel, purchased for a first birthday. It is made of cloth rather than plastic and has see-through panels so it is not dark inside like some others on the market. Easy to put away.'

5/5  Boo 'I actually brought this for my cat and not for a child! I chose this as it is a good size and has a mesh side. My cat is not disappointed, with added scrunched paper, he likes to sit in this to keep cool in summer and enjoys playing with his toys in too, perfect for all year round.'

5/5  Mrsq15 'My 1 year old loves this tunnel he goes through it no problems loves looking through one end while I sit at the other playing peekaboo. Strong material well made would definitely recommend'

5/5  Vix 'I bought this for a first birthday present couldn’t keep her out of it. I was so pleased that she liked it :) and the colours are inviting too'

5/5  Trishat 'I needed to post to my niece so it was perfect light and small . Her kids love it simple but really that’s what children that age enjoy .'

5/5  Dylanfan 'Bought as a present for my grand-daughter and she loves it! It’s lightweight, but tough nylon material and brightly coloured with “peek through” holes. Great value for money and lots of play guaranteed!'

4/5  MrMrsP 'Great fun for small children - and medium sized dogs (our dog has also had fun running through it!).'

4/5  Sammmmie 'A tube open at both ends. It's a tunnel. I'm not sure what makes a good or a bad tunnel but as tunnels go I'm fairly satisfied it hits the mark.'

4/5  Znjt022 'Purchased this small children's tunnel for the garden but actually works just as well inside. It folds up to be small for storage and is nice and robust. It isn't very long or big but my daughter loves it.'

5/5  SAMer93 'Great tunnel seems good quality. Flat for storage and provided lots of fun so far.'

4/5  12345abcde 'Great little tunnel which we are using with a baby new to crawling. We like that it doesn’t take up too much room and easily folds back down.'

5/5  Carol 'Lots of fun.. my granddaughter loves crawling through amd hiding'

5/5  Emilysn 'We bought this just as an extra thing to play around & through in the garden'

5/5  Jackie 'My kids love it and it easily folds away'

4/5  Wendy 'I brought Two for my twins first birthday and they absolutely love them'

5/5  Mikysss 'I am very happy with my purchase. The size of the tunnel is great for my little 1 year old baby. And fits perfect in a flat,also great that you can make it small as it goes flat ... perfect price perfect size ! Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Hayley 'Stores away nicely and 1 year old has great fun'

4/5  Melon31 'Very fun, colourful play tunnel. Great for my 18 month old twins. Folds away easily. Good value for money. The only slight criticism is that it doesn’t come with a bag to put it in when collapsed but it wouldn’t put me off buying another.'

5/5  Pavot 'My Grandchildren loved this. The 3yr old went in one end & the 1yr old the other they thought it was hilarious when they both got into the middle. Well worth the money. Argos is so easy to shop with ordered on line then went to collect.'

5/5  Momo 'It's a fantastic tunnel. My boy loves it! the mesh part is a nice touch as it makes it less scary for the younger ones. My 18 month old is constantly bringing it to me to open'

4/5  Val 'My friends boy loved crawling through the tunnel, sitting in it, ideal to take on holiday with you as it folds up flat too and weighs hardly anything'

3/5  Appleggcustard 'Bought for 1 yr old grandson very flimsy he just about fits in it.'

5/5  Bagsy 'Safe and colourful, this is good value for money. Excellent service in store pickup.'

5/5  Mummymoo 'Bought for 2 year old to go with a play tent and he absolutely loves it. Lots of fun to be had peeping through the holes and the netting. Shorter than others I have seen but ideal for little one as small enough to play with indoors as well as outdoors.'

5/5  Kelly29t 'Very good and easy to store.'

5/5  Shawnanna 'Bought 2 of these for my 2 grandsons. They are colourful and bright and fold up compactly for storage in limited space. Endless fun indoors or out. An excellent cheap and cheerful gift.'

4/5  Sam 'My son really likes it. He gets a lot of exercise from it'

5/5  Soph 'Good quality nice size would recommend'

5/5  Emily 'My 8 month old son loves it crawls in and out and is light enough for him to push around and play with great quality material too'

5/5  Business 'My son loves it, great product and price.'

5/5  Kitty 'Both my 1 year old and my 2 year old really like it! It folds up flat so easy to store.'

5/5  Mims 'Very pleased with my time. Vibrant colours and great quality'

5/5  T1e9an 'The tunnel Is great quality and folds away nicely. It matches a ball pool which you can separately. It’s helpful that the top half is see through because when a child hasn’t been in one before they can still see out the top half before getting to the end.'

5/5  Raquel 'Great fun to be had with this. isn't as long as I expected but then I didn't check the size but perfect for my 1 year old. Very colourful and mesh area is great for checking on them. folds away easy.'

5/5  Mac 'Kiddies just loved it'

5/5  Racerdeb 'This is a wonderful amusement for my grandson who loves to chase balls through the tunnel. I love the way that it folds up easily for space saving when not in use. Very easy to open - just undo the Velcro and it instantly pops up ready for immediate use. Great colours and design too. I love it and highly recommend it.'

5/5  Fidan 'My twins seem to enjoy playing with the tunnel good quality'

5/5  Jade 'Bought this for my nice she abosolutly loves it'

5/5  Susiebell 'Great product, bought for grandson one year old, he loves it great size for him and mesh panels so you can see him through it'

5/5  Lalogo 'Perfect for my 1 year old. Just the right size Great that it matches the ballpit as well.'

5/5  Sophie 'All 3 of our children play for hours with this and the quality is exceptional for the money really nice looking too'

5/5  LauraJT 'This is one of the best things Iv bought my little boy he plays with it in loads of different ways, hiding his toys posting things through the holes in the side it's great and he loves it!! And it's fun for us aswell :)'

5/5  Wookie 'Our 18month old twins just love it.'

5/5  43840 'My grandson loved it rolling a ball through was good fun'

5/5  BargainHunter 'Looks ok for the reduced price. It has holes that my toddler will love peeping through unlike some others that don't. Haven't used it yet at the time they wanted me to leave a review'

3/5  Simmers2912 'Ideal as it goes flat when not in use, great price & entertains little one'

4/5  Granny 'This tunnel is easy to put up and put down. It is strong but lightweight My grandson loves it and it was worth every penny'

5/5  Jermaine 'I bought this for my 16 months old son and he definitely loves it. It was a good purchase.'

4/5  Del 'Good to help a child crawl but limited headroom'

4/5  Net 'Great product'

5/5  KatieB30 'Very Good Product'

5/5  Ashleigh91 'Cool pop up tunnel folds back up great aswell I like how it has see through mesh so your little one can see out and you can see them, nice bright colours aswell great for play time'

5/5  Pjc 'This goes great with the play tent. Keeps the grandchildren amused for ages.'

5/5  Moomoomama 'Fantastic fun for toddlers :)'

5/5  Korosh 'Very good I recommend it'

5/5  Nanahilda 'Bought this to go with a play tent for my grandson he loves hiding in the tunnel'

5/5  Shiree 'Great size, good for my son who is 9 months and loves to crawl through it. Nice size and easy to fold away.'

4/5  Andy 'Bought for my grandson . looks good depends on how well it stands up to use.'

4/5  Porter 'It occupied him for hours'

5/5  Pookie 'Bought this for the garden for my grandchildren of 2 ys, Evie loves using it but Freddie's not interested, also my 4mth old puppy loves it!!! Maybe when they're a bit older they will use it more'

5/5  Smith22 'Genuinely considering it's just a tube... One of the best things I have ever bought my 1 yr old baby. She loves it, more than all of her other toys. Cheap and on offer frequently. Really good.'

5/5  BT 'Keeps my grand son amused along with the ball pit'

5/5  Rose 'Great for the price, great use for indoor and outdoor use. My child loves it.'

4/5  Savanna 'Very good value and my daughter loves it made a great present. And so easy to put and take down.'

5/5  SnT 'Great value for money, easy to store and the kids love it!'

5/5  Beci 'Love the tunnel so decent for price too'

5/5  Ashleyh 'My son is 1 and loves this tunnel. Goes threw it all day and keeps him amused. Indoor and outdoors'

5/5  Bigboy1123 'Bought this on promotion came with the tent free, still holds its shap,e kids love it bargain.'

5/5  Dave 'Great wee fold away tunnel with to loops to keep it closed and stored easily'

5/5  Angela 'Does just exactly what it should. The 3 peek a boo holes as we call them encouraged our little one through the first few times, now she has plenty of fun chasing the dog through.'

5/5  Pack 'Kid plays a lot with this, some exacting game like they are thinking , they play like hide and seek, some Thor games'

4/5  Chrissie 'My son loves going through his tunnel'

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