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chad valley pull along caterpillar

About the Chad Valley Pull Along Caterpillar

Keep your most cherished amused with the Chad Valley Pull Along Caterpillar. This vibrantly hued critter plays sixteen (16) songs and features four (4) flashing lights, so as your little one pulls him along on their latest expedition they're sure to be entertained as he wobbles from side to side. To activate the songs, simply press his neck and melodies will play and lights will flash.

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Chad Valley Pull Along Caterpillar Reviews

4/5   'Brought this for my daughter for Christmas as my uncle sent her some money. She seems to like it. Plays music and lights up. Very quick delivery as I brought it Christmas Eve and arrived by half 6.'

4/5  Flo 'Great toy for the money, my wee man loves the flashing lights'

4/5  LoopyLoo 'Don’t know how long it will last but for the price it is great.'

4/5  Smudge 'Ideal for tiny fingers and curious minds.'

5/5  Tia 'Amazing little boy loved it when crawling and now walks around with it playing its songs'

4/5  Shayanne 'Recommend to anyone. This will help your baby with there physically skills, it’s also really good to keep the baby busy while you’re doing there food. promote active play.'

5/5  Amy 'We absolutely love this toy and i feel lile its encouraging my son to learn to crawl.'

5/5  Shashank 'My little one really likes the toy .It has a sweet sound and is quite strong for a toy with such price.'

5/5  Fiestagal 'Cute lil caterpillar. My granddaughter will love this .'

5/5  Bruno 'Brilliant toy for my great grandaughter'

5/5  Chitty1 'Very impressed with this product - would highly recommend. Great price too.'

4/5  Nanny 'My 1 year old grandson likes listening to the songs, but the string is too short to pull along while walking'

4/5  Teg 'This product is smaller than expected when I ordered but baby enjoys playing with it. Bright colours and easy to use'

5/5  Fern 'Excellent toy came in great condition my little boy loves it would definitley recommend'

5/5  Adele 'My niece is constantly playing and pulling it along'

5/5  Jacqui 'Bought it for my great niece to encourage fun and walking, and she loves it. Its fun and functional. Thank you.'

5/5  Gay 'Recommend this to people who have young babies'

5/5  Izabel 'Pull along Caterpillar was just perfect for our grandson he took it for a walk all around the house. Kept him amused for ages.'

5/5  Trace 'A lovely birthday present for a friend's little one, she's loves it'

5/5  DD 'Bought for 1 year old who loves it - dances to music and lights'

5/5  Happybaby 'Lights up, selection of tunes brightly coloured pull along string our 5month likes to cat h hold of'

5/5  Amgtutor 'My 9 month old granddaughter loves this toy. She is fascinated with the sounds and lights. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Is 'I got this for my.13.month old.she played with it for 20 mins and after that it bored her.it has 1 button to press for the songs and lights and the string is too short personally.'

3/5  Maz 'Gifted this to my nephew for his birthday and he loved it. Perfect for young children'

5/5  Liqourice 'Bought for a Xmas present plenty of colours light up and lots of nursery rhymes great value for money'

5/5  Smee 'Bought for 12mth old Granddaughter she loves it'

5/5  Nanna 'Great fun would recommend'

5/5  Lil 'Will definitely buy again for another child Colourful learning toy Help with child for walking Good alround educational toy'

5/5  Debbie 'Love Argos. Quality service.'

5/5  Sue 'Lovely little present'

5/5  Scarlett 'I bought this for my 1 year old grandson. He absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Cosmic 'Attached cord to short in relation to child's height.'

3/5  Hunter 'I was a little disappointed with this product I expected something more my baby is not interested in it iver.'

3/5  Kelly 'Not that fun and exciting for my little boy. Unfortunately got bored with it quite quickly. It's not that sterdy to pull'

3/5  Bethemmx 'My daughter loves playing with this'

5/5  Donna 'A fabulous present for bossy kids. It’s dragged, pulled andtold where it’s going with no answering back !! Hours of fun !!!'

5/5  Linnie 'Pull along was a fab birthday present.'

4/5  Shelly 'Great toy for small children'

5/5  Gillybean 'Great toy, my little boy loves it. Nice bright colours and a cheeky little face. It's very well made. I would definitely recommend this.'

5/5  Loo 'My little boy loves it'

5/5  Barbara 'My great granddaughter loves this it plays lots of different tunes'

5/5  DizzyDee 'Great Toy, lights up and musical so it’s a great sensory activity too. Also fairly priced, my baby loves it'

5/5  Shells01 'I need to put some batteries in it, but it looks like a greta toy for my little boy.'

4/5  Lou 'Its a Christmas present so have only taken it out packaging to see product but an fully satisfied with what ive seen. I'd deffo reccomend a friend to purchase the product.'

5/5  Bujo 'Great for my little kid , entertaining'

5/5  Rainbooboo 'Mt little boy loves crawling after it, lots of different songs'

4/5  Annie 'Bought as a gift, so was pleased when it arrived in a nice box, looks fun and simple to use'

4/5  Lizzyw1 'Very colorful and easy to pull along'

5/5  Mel 'Can’t wait to see my nephew little face Xmas day he’s going to love this'

5/5  Hotwheels 'Bright colours flashing lights great for baby'

5/5  AmandaJ 'I bought this having taken into consideration the age rating, but it was too baby-ish for my 10 month old granddaughter. I guess the age rating is because of the pull-along string. It would be fine for a younger baby, say 6 months old - it wiggles and the music is jingly.'

4/5  Jul 'Have you ever been gifted a music toy that was so loud that you had to hide it from your children the very same night they received it? this toy is different. Chad Valley caterpillar chimes all children greatest hits but it doesn't make your ears bleed. the volume is very reasonable and vivid colors attract child's attention. this toy will keep your child busy and it's not one of those that he would lose any interest in only after a couple of days. highly recommended!'

5/5  Saida 'Nice little toy, little one loves it'

5/5  Georgia 'My baby sat and laughed whilst playing with this toy good value for money'

4/5  Cathy 'I bought this for my grandaughter she loves it and wont stop playing with it vibrant colours and fantastic value for money worth a buy'

5/5  Debz 'I gave this item 5 stars and would recommend it. It's bright and colourful, easy to pull along and the melodies are lovely and the lights flash to the music .'

5/5  Dannii 'My little girl love it she's 7 months old and pull/plays with it, love the colours and the flashing. The songs are great good for a little sing song. Highly recommended!!!'

5/5  Nicole 'My cousin loves this his eyes light up every time it's on'

5/5  Pauline 'Bought for granddaughters 1st Birthday. She loves it. Very into her musical toys at the moment.'

5/5  Monty 'My little boy loves it would recommend to Friends thank you'

5/5  Eijo 'I was finding it hard to get a particular type of you for a gift for a one year old. I wanted something educational, musical and fun, this item ticks all the boxes. FAB'

5/5  Amaani 'Catipiillar plays 16 songs and has four flashing lights. As you pull it along he wobbles from side to side and when neck is pressed it will play melodies and light up. Great value and great entertainment for the little one'

5/5  Jess 'My little girl loves this you never leaves it alone best thing I've ever brought for her.'

5/5  Ana 'My 1 year old isn’t interested in this at all. The light isn’t very bright and the rope is far too short to be pulled along, I have attached an extra piece of rope to aid pulling along. Good rhymes tho :)'

3/5  Sarah 'Value for money my son loves it!'

5/5  Katrina 'Nothing overly exciting but does fjash and make sounds so good you for my one year old.'

5/5  Casey 'Well made, good price.'

5/5  Tina 'Really basic, I'd rather have spent a bit more and got a better toy looking back.'

2/5  Emerald 'Bought this toy for my greatgrandson,he was absolutely besotted from the moment he saw it and it has become his favourite toy,going everywhere with him. The toy was well made and looked exactly as was shown and delivery was swift and reliable.I would recommend both the toy and store to anyone'

5/5  Ben 'Even I can’t drag this along on its feet. Constantly on its side. Baby likes the songs but not a practical toy'

2/5  Dinogran 'Kept my granddaughter occupied for hours .would recommend it the child likes music.'

4/5  Gb 'Well made, good value.'

5/5  Titch 'I let my son play it on his own it’s easy enough for them to do'

5/5  Icecream12 'My little boy loves pulling this around and listening to all the different songs it plays! Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Barbatthebungalow 'Bought this on fast track delivery for a ten-month-old visitor. He immediately liked it and apparently he now loves it. It plays catchy little tunes. Good value for money!'

5/5  Loulou 'Great little toy!! xx'

5/5  Menchie 'It was a good simple toy for a one year old girl. She was kept entertained by it. She had to sit down to play with it. Can’t really pull it around coz the string is too short. However it is still a good toy for a small child.'

4/5  Louisa 'My one year old granddaughter love this cute caterpillar, with songs and phrases'

4/5  Hannah 'For the price and quality..it's a great little toy for my little one. Lights up and plays songs. Good product.'

5/5  Loz 'My daughter loves it and it is fab quality'

5/5  MustangPEK 'Good value baby toy, lights and sounds and pull along keeps baby amused. Loses a star for no batteries being included! You would expect batteries with baby/kids toys.'

4/5  Gab 'Great value for money'

5/5  George 'Bought this musical caterpillar for my 18 month old daughter and initially she did find it entertaining. It plays a variety of children's songs which she could dance too with accompanying flashing lights. The tunes are too short and there is no way of selecting which tune to play so you need to continously press the button and wait for the tune to be selected. The pull along string is also to short so she found it difficult to keep the caterpillar up right.'

3/5  Dibdob 'Grandson loves this toy very good fun'

5/5  Laura 'My little boy loves this toy, he loves having a dance to the music it plays and being able to pull it along with him'

5/5  Sabsy 'Biught for my friends son. He likes it'

5/5  Mom 'Very practical toy for our kids'

5/5  Claire 'My little boy loves it he loves pull along toys'

5/5  Denise 'Bought for granddaughter as she likes her music'

5/5  Anna 'Was brought as a Christmas present, my 9 mth old loves it.'

5/5  Gee 'My little girl loves this item. She easily knows how to play the tunes and how to change to a different one. String is very short so not easy to pull along. Lovely colourful lights when the caterpillar plays the tunes. Great toy for toddlers.'

4/5  Bird 'The little boy loved it for christmas'

5/5  Clare 'Lovely toy.'

5/5  Sansi 'This was bought for an 11 month old boy and his mam says he loves it, there no insructions on how to turn it off though, hence the 4 stars, we tugged the string and it stopped not sure if thats what you do or it was just ending anyway to be honest. It's lovely and bright, has nice smooth contours its s lovely little toy, im glad i bought it.'

4/5  Ellie 'This you Is lovely great item'

5/5  Adnan 'Bought for my baby she like it a lot.'

5/5  AJohnson 'This toy is brilliant the lights and sounds encourage little one to move around pulling this along behind them. Very entertaining for a long time.'

5/5  Issaybon 'Still only a baby but not long before he can appreciate his caterpillar and hopefully enjoy looks fun'

5/5  Sian 'My kids love playing with the worm and dragging him around'

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